Colonel Riza Hawkeye walked with her usual air of unassuming importance through the dark hall of Central Command Head Quarters. Her arms were laden with various files relating to the multitude of national issues the new Fuhrer now faced. Her heels clicked with each step she took towards the tucked away office of her long standing Commanding Officer.

Despite her 35 years, she still looked as if she'd newly come from the Academy, her long blonde hair was still a radiant gold, her large soft brown eyes were still alert, her figure still held the curves of her teenage years. She reached the double doors of his office, light pouring from the crack beneath it.

She knocked a few times, then entered, knowing he was probably too lost in his work to hear.

She smiled a small smile at his raven black hair falling into his handsome face as he scribbled away. She noticed the long coat customarily worn by the past Fuhrer's was tossed over the couch the new Fuhrer had brought in for when the Colonel wasn't there to ensure he was working. As he'd worn it for as long as he'd worn the uniform, the sleeve of the white work shirt were rolled to his elbows, bearing the scars on his forearms from past battles.

"Sir, it's 10:30" she said gently as she placed the files in their respective places.

His head popped up and glanced to the clock on the wall

"So it is" he was distracted by his shapely Colonel as she turned towards him and picked up the files from his desk. Being permanently assigned to Central, directly under the Fuhrer, she'd taken to wearing the regulation office wear of female officers. A guilty pleasure of his, seeing Hawkeye in the tight fitting skirt, ending at her knees, the simple black heels show casing her long legs.

"Shouldn't you be home?" he asked, hoping to avoid the rest of the reports.

She crossed her arms as her faced turned to an amused smile

"Sir, I took two days off last week, you are now two days behind."

He pulled look of mock hurt

"Even when I'm the Fuhrer, you're still my slave driver" he pouted

She suppressed a giggle, his pout was adorable.

"If you wish sir, you can call it a night"

He leaned back in his wing backed chair, stretching his arms over his head and smiled.

"And leave my subordinate to do my work?"

"It's fine sir" Riza assured, opening and scanning the contents of the file in her hands

Roy got up from his chair, and walked right to his colonel

"Colonel Hawkeye, tell me something"

She looked up from the file "What would you like to hear?"

He crossed his arms across his chest and gazed at her "Why did you stay with me?"

It was a loaded question, he knew that, but he really did want to know

"I made you a promise, and my father always taught me to honour a promise" she answered simply, apparently unfazed by the question

"The promise you made was to watch my back, until I was Fuhrer, I reached that goal 2 months ago, whats making you stay?"

Riza furrowed her brow...why was he asking this?

"I guess...I'm comfortable here sir, I know the people, the city, its...something I haven't known much of" she replied honestly

Roy nodded, turned and sat on the couch.

"Colonel, I won't lie, you've been...invaluable to me, I don't think I could have gotten here without you"

Riza placed the files she held, on his desk and turned to him.

"Thank you sir" she answered with a slight tinge of pink colouring her flawless skin

Roy smiled warmly

"Colonel...I feel inclined to tell you...the Assembly seems to have grown a spine finally, and they sent over several lawyers today...naturally, there are some laws passed by the former government that need to be amended, as well as other constitutional issues"

Riza nodded

"Yes sir, that was expected wasn't it?"

"One thing wasn't. Did you know that a Fuhrer had to be married?"

"Yes sir, but to my knowledge, that particular point of Amestrian constitution isn't well enforced, several former Fuhrer's haven't been married"

"Normally that is the case, but since I signed the agreement with the Assembly to enforce the Amestrian Charter in every aspect, I'm rather stuck between a rock and a hard place"

"Sir, it is not historically abided by, I doubt the Assembly would make you marry, they are reasonable people"

"And they are, but the lawyers reviewed the agreement. I agreed to put the Amestrian government into line, if I didn't, my term would be considered unconstitutional, thus invalid, so, the lawyers provided me with two options, marry, or the Assembly would have to adopt a whole new constitution to amend that marriage requirement"

Riza knew that the Assembly wasn't strong enough to make such a change, but make him marry? That seemed...excessive.

"Then you'll marry?" She asked softly

"I don't have much of a choice"

"Arrangements should be made sir, there are still those in the Assembly who would gladly be rid of another Military leader, the sooner you fulfil the agreement, the safer your position will be"

"I've been thinking about that. But...I can't just marry anyone...I mean, this woman will be stuck with me for a long time"

"Perhaps an old girlfriend sir? You seemed to get a long fine with that Vanessa" Riza offered

"Vanessa? Nah, she had the intelligence of a crow...odd, she did seem to like shiny things, I need a women with some intelligence" Roy countered, sinking deeper into the couch

Riza thought some more, it was quite an interesting puzzle. A wife for Roy Mustang...the one time she thought of it, she assumed he'd end up with some pretty little thing, a "comfort" wife of sorts.

Roy thought himself...he didn't want to marry the first girl off the be honest, every time he pictured a wife, he saw a beautiful woman, she was like the eye of his storm. He gave a casual glance to the woman in front of him.

She didn't look like she aged a day since he first met her. He could tell she was deep in thought, he'd seen that look on her face many times before. If he could find a woman like her...he wasn't surprised that that thought had entered his head. He admired her strength, her calmness and reserve, her elegance and lethality. He was surprised however that she wasn't herself married...he'd seen lesser women find men, and lesser men find their women. He always pictured her ending up with...a man...not some free soul, or what have you, but a man.

"Perhaps sir, you could make a...advantageous marriage" she offered

"Marry rich?" He parroted softly

"Yes sir, it might help solidify your position"

"Colonel Hawkeye, I've met a lot of those types, I vowed I'd never be one. I want a women...I can live with, who...oh you equal"

"Sir, it is the unfortunate nature of our job that we don't make many of those relationships"

"Colonel...Hawkeye...if I'm going to marry as soon as possible, I won't marry looking for love, I'm going to marry someone who I can live with"

"Do you knew someone who fits that description?"

"Why yes I do"

"May I ask who?"

He leaned forward and smirked

"You of course"

Riza was...dumbfounded. Marry...Roy? Her...marry the Fuhrer? She didn't know whether to laugh..or...she didn't know...

"Sir...I..." she stammered "You can't...marry me!"

"And why not? You're perfect, you're intelligent, I know I have your support, your grandfather is the former Fuhrer, and the good one, you have inside information, quite frankly, you are the perfect first lady"

Riza regained her composure and took a steady breath "Fuhrer Mustang, you can't be serious"

"I am, Hawkeye, think about it" he began, springing to his feet and walking up to her, placing his hands on her uniformed shoulders "Its perfect. You're exactly the kind of woman I need behind me, you always have been. I don't think I could put so much trust into another human. Please, Hawkeye, stay with me for just a little while longer"

Riza couldn't ignore the pleading look in his dark eyes. In a rare gesture, she removed his hands and covered them with her own. "If you think it best sir, I will"

Roy noticed the hesitant tone to her agreement.

"Hawkeye, I'm not ordering you to do this. This is completely voluntary, if you don't want to do won't change my opinion or trust in you"

"No sir, you've come to far to open up your back to someone you don't know for the sake of the Assembly, it would be safer for me to...fill this position" Riza stated, her face glazing over into the mask of a dutiful soldier

"Colonel, this...isn't just about the goals...this...hopefully would be for the long run...we'd have to live together...the marriage would have to be made public because of the no-secret the public...we'd have to be married..." Roy tried. Hawkeye would be the perfect first lady, she'd be the perfect person to marry in this situation. But he didn't want her to marry him because of duty...because of some promise she made years ago. He didn't want her to marry him for his convenience...of all women, he couldn't take this freedom from her.

"Sir, I've dedicated my life to reforming my country. We've made it this far, and I won't have some woman off the street ruin it through some Assembly required marriage"

"I won't lie, for something like this, you'd be the perfect candidate. But, you've sacrificed so much...I can't take away your right to a happy life...when you meet the one you're supposed to be with...what are you going to do?"

"Sir, if you'd like to choose someone else..."

"God are the closet person to me...I've taken so much from you...I can't let you agree until you know the magnitude of what being permanently tied to me would be"

"Sir, with all due respect, shut up. I know the risks. As for "the one", people like me...don't have them" She finished that last part weakly.

"I don't think that's true, but...if you agree...I'll be forever in your debt"

"I agree sir"

Over the next few days, lawyers from the Assembly were in and out of Fuhrer Mustang's office, finalizing this and that, updates of this case and that case. The Assembly fully supported his choice of wife once it'd been made public. In fact, he had a rather interesting talk with on MLA, elected for the riding of North Central two months ago, Jean Havoc.

Roy was pretending to work, his mind was miles away...actually, just down the hall by the filing cabinets finding a file on one of the bills he was trying to push through the Assembly.

"Hey there Chief" Havoc greeted cheerfully

"Ahhh, Havoc, hows the new job?"

"Haha, not as good as yours. So the whole Assembly is pretty excited, the new Fuhrer getting married. And to Colonel Hawkeye. To be honest, a lot of them were surprised."

"Surprised? What, did they think I couldn't do it?"

"Not really...they thought you'd marry some old girlfriend, or some girl from a big family. But, I had faith in you Chief, I wasn't at all surprised you'd choose Hawkeye" he laughed, taking a drag from the cigarette that was permanently hung from his mouth

"She's the best choice" Roy stated

"I'll let you in on a secret, WE ALL KNEW THAT!"

The actual wedding was more of casual day of work than what Roy, or Riza for that matter pictured for a wedding. They assumed that the other was really only doing this for in the sense of a marriage of convenience. Neither considered the other to do this out of feelings for the other, nor did the other consider their feelings to be shared by the other. Indeed it was a melancholy affair, it was to two of them, with the newly made Master Sergeant's Furey and Falman as well as MLA Jean Havoc. While the atmosphere in the Fuhrer's office was festive. Being Fuhrer, Roy was a consummate actor, and being a rightly made Colonel, Riza was certainly skilled in emotional deception.

Basically, all that was required to marry them was the signing of a marriage license, and that's what they did.

Before the witnesses made their way to the office, Roy couldn't even read the words before him in a reports.

"Colonel, how can you sit there as if something life altering isn't about to happen?" he exploded

Riza looked up from her own work from her own desk. Indeed she was...apprehensive. She allowed a rational answer formulate

"I don't see it as life altering sir. We may have to live together, but the Fuhrer's house is plenty large enough to accommodate two people without worry of impropriety, the Assembly is perfectly happy, meaning our goals and your position is further protected, I am your wife by title only, so really, all that's happening is I'm moving into the guest room, so you can't slack off at home" She replied

Roy shook his head in amusement. "You're a piece of work Hawkeye, you really are"

That night, Riza had left early to get herself and her belongings situated in her new home. She entered the massive front entry way of the Fuhrer's House, the massive main stair case faced her, he faces of past Fuhrer's looked down on her. She watched as several servants milled about to take her few suit cases up to her rooms. She was already familiar with the layout of the house, thanks to her almost half a year as the personal assistant to Fuhrer King Bradley. Riza took some time to walk around the beautiful house without the watchful eye of Pride watching her.

She happened upon a room that was clearly Fuhrer Mustang's office. She peeked inside, seeing a mess of papers, some with alchemical nonsense, and some with State business. There were ashes of burned paper strewed about on the floor, staining some of the papers.

She continued on. Much of Bradley's belongings had been removed, either destroyed or taken by Mrs. Bradley, whom considering she'd lived with two homunculus', was still a much loved figure within the State.

Riza was still trying to wrap her brain around the notion of her being married to Fuhrer Mustang. She was...his wife...

Roy walked along the streets of Central...he left the long jacket in his office so he could hopefully blend easier with the evening crowds. He contemplated what to do when he got home...he had the woman he had long ago accepted that he always wanted waiting for him.

He headed down the street would lead directly down to the Central HQ compound where the Fuhrer's House was located.

His gaze passed along a newspaper stand with a crusty old man sitting on a stool next to his stand.

The front page of the newspaper featured two very familiar pictures, one was his official State portrait as Fuhrer and along side it was a picture of Hawkeye during the ball her grandfather, the preceding Fuhrer, Fuhrer Grumman held several years ago. He smiled at the memory of her in a beautiful blue evening gown, fitted to her well proportioned body. Her hair had been let down in a golden curtain down her back. He remembered, when Grumman insisted that the gallant young General dance be honoured with a dance from his beautiful granddaughter. He realized, during that dance they shared together, that she was the woman for him. He had come so close to kissing her that night.

They were in a secluded hallway of the Fuhrer's House, leading away from the ballroom. They'd taken a walk together after the dance, meandering their way through the various hallways and corridors. Occasionally talking, but moreover simply walking.

They came upon the hallway that was lined with the portraits of previous Fuhrer's and their families. Roy stopped before one of Fuhrer Honecker and his wife.

"Do you know the story of Fuhrer Honecker?" he asked casually

Riza looked to the picture. Fuhrer Honecker had been a handsome man with tousled blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a tall, muscular body. Standing next to him, with his arm wrapped around her corseted waist was a strikingly beautiful woman. She had large, dark brown eyes, absolutely flawless skin. Her face held a look of elegance determinedness. Her thick, silky brown hair was pulled into a braided bun at the base of her neck. Her right hand was placed lovingly on Honecker's chest. Honecker had her pulled towards him, nestled into him almost. The fondness of the couple emanated from the emotionless paint.

"No sir, I don't believe I have"

So General Mustang began the story of Fuhrer Honecker and his long fought for wife.

"He was an ambitious officer. He came from a high standing family, and there was pressure on him to marry a...suitable woman. During the ball of Fuhrer Braun, he met one of the house hold servants. She was absolutely beautiful. He fell in love with her. His family said no, blah blah, romantic crap. He married her in secret. No one knew for 5 years. She stayed on as a servant, and he became a General, then Fuhrer. When he became Fuhrer, and his family tried to force him into marriage with some girl from a rich family, he announced he'd been married for years. Blah blah blah, more romantic crap. Soon, the country fell in love with her. Because of her, plenty of new labour laws were introduced. They ended up having 6 kids"

Riza stifled a giggle at his completely offhanded telling of Fuhrer Honecker.

"You're a romantic sir" she teased

"Oh, you don't think me romantic?" He whimpered in mock hurt

"Not at all General" she replied with a wine induced giggle

"I am plenty romantic" he protested

To this she laughed

"Let me prove it then"

Any words she had disappeared as Roy held up with a white gloved hand and with the palm of his hand, cupped her cheek. A blossom of pink coloured her soft cheek.

Roy's soft gaze fell over hers. He lowered his face to hers, resting his forehead against hers. His lips so close to hers as he whispered the words he wanted to say to her all night

"Riza Hawkeye, you are the most beautiful woman in the world"

He was so close...his hand had slid down to the nape of her neck, she arched towards him, their lips so close...

"General Mustang!" an eccentric old voice yelled.

They practically jumped apart at the realization that the new Fuhrer Grumman bouncing towards them

"Fuhrer Grumman" Roy acknowledged with a hint of annoyance

"Mustang my boy! come come, you must join us!"

Roy tried to find her again that night...but he didn't see her until Monday at the office, and in the early days of Grumman's administration, the offices of Central HQ were in such a flurry, that he couldn't get her alone for one minute. The moment was lost, and they continued on as normal

Back on the streets of Central, the sun slowly setting, he continued his walk. He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't even notice the gnarled old woman packing up her wares.

"My apologies ma'am"

"Oh my sir" the woman cried as the armful of flowers she'd been holding spilled onto their feet.

The sudden idea struck him...he knew exactly how to win over his wife.

Riza set out a tray of tea in the living room. She couldn't shake the feeling that a homunculus had sat in the chair she sat in now. She shuddered at the uncomfortable thought as she opened the first of the reports that hadn't been reviewed because of the signing. She sipped at the tea as she picked up a report from the Assembly lawyers. The marriage had done its job, and secured Fuhrer Mustang's leadership, fulfilling the agreement and satisfying all aspects of the Amestrian constitution. Among the documents of the file was a name adoption paper, along with a note from the senior lawyer, suggesting that Colonel Hawkeye may want to adopt her husband's name.

Before she could even formulate an answer to such a thing, she felt a presence behind her, she knew the feeling well.

"Good evening sir" she greeted rather formally for a newly wed.

"Colonel, I think we could drop the formalities...we are married" he replied with gentle amusement as he walked to her "I picked this up for you...for a...thank you I guess" He held out a single carnation.

She picked it wordless from his outstretched hand

Roy took her mute response as being unimpressed with such a lame offering

"I never thought you a bouquet I figured you'd..." he stammered

Riza offered an appreciative smile and inhaled the flower's sweet scent

"Thank you sir" she replied, cutting him off "Its beautiful"

Roy exhaled in relief.

She was absolutely beautiful, standing in the sun's final light that filtered in through the bay windows

He desperately wanted to gather her in his arms and kiss her like he wanted to...

"Please, we've known each other too long, call me Roy" he insisted

Riza nodded

"Thank you...Roy" she ventured

"My pleasure...Riza"

They stood before each other rather awkwardly...hoping the other would take the lead.

Riza broke the tension filled silence with a gesture to the reports from the Assembly

"We have some work we didn't get to today...mainly reports from the Assembly, I've read through them already.."

"You want to spend your honeymoon doing work?" Roy asked in disbelief

Riza considered this...any other bride wouldn't...but then again...she was only a bride in title...

"Come, lets take a walk...we should probably discuss our living arrangement" Roy ordered before she could give him a rational answer

It was dark now as the pair strolled through the manicured gardens of the Fuhrer's House. Their strides evenly matched as their footsteps crunched on the gravel"You have your choice of any room in the house, even the master bedroom if you want it" he offered

"A guest room will be fine sir...Roy" Riza assured

"I want you to be as comfortable as possible...hopefully we'll be here for awhile" he replied, turning his sight to the elegant house

"How long do you wish me to stay?"

"Riza, wives are not house guests" he stated

"Forgive me sir...I didn't expect you to want me to stay" she replied quietly

At this, he stopped in his tracks. Riza stopped as well and turned towards him with a quizzical look

Roy looked her square in the face and said

"Riza Hawkeye, you are my wife. This may not be the most conventional marriage, but legally we are married. I'm not going to lie, I always thought and I still think that the man who wins your heart is the luckiest man in this world. You have given up so much, and now you give this up? Of all these years, of everything we've been through, do you really expect me to throw you out as soon as it's convenient?"

He didn't know why he was so angry. All he knew is that he wanted to shake her by the shoulders and yell and scream. How could she possibly sell herself so low?

His eyes were met with her large hazel ones, a single tear sliding down her cheek.

Immediately he closed the distance between them and gently placed his hands on her slightly trembling shoulders

"Riza I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you upset, please don't cry" he implored, his heart sinking in his chest for having made her cry

She let out a small laugh and quickly wiped away the tear

"No sir, I'm fine, its just...I think that may have of the nicest things someone's ever said to me" she smiled, looking downward in embarrassment

"What did I say about formalities?" he chided softly

She let out another laugh and wiped away another tear. Roy looped his arm through hers and led her around the garden once more.

They came to the middle of the garden where a lone bench sat with ivy and branches tangled around the legs.

Roy gestured for them to sit. They'd had a rather nice time if he might say so himself

"You know Hawkeye...I think we'll be alright" he stated, staring up to the starry night sky.

"I hope so" she replied

He glanced sideways to her, she was a picture...she still wore her uniform, her fantastic skirt hugging the curves of her legs, her golden hair bound up in a plain brown clip and her eyes gazing contently to the stars

She felt his gaze and turned to meet it.

She let her mind's eye wander over his long, muscular body. Having foregone the uniform jacket, and the top buttons of his white dress shirt left casually open. His strong chest pushed against the fabric as he stretched his arms over the back of the bench.

"You know Hawkeye, something's been on my mind for you remember the swearing in ball for your grandfather?" He asked softly

A familiar rosy colour bloomed on her cheeks


He leaned towards her and whispered..

"Riza are still the most beautiful women I've ever seen"

Riza's breath was caught in her throat...her heart fluttered in her chest...her senses were on complete overload...his scent filled her lungs and her body begged for him.

He reached round and pulled her towards him. He gently brushed his lips across hers.

The contact send sparks coursing through her, she tilted her chin, deepening the kiss. His restrain broke down further when one hand found the small of her back and pulled her closer.

She felt him pressed against her, every part of her wanted more.

She was driving him absolutely insane.

She broke away

"I think we should head back" she whispered

He walked her to her room, the main guest room right across the hall from the master bedroom.

He leaned down and pressed chaste kiss to her lips.

"Goodnight Riza" he whispered.

"Goodnight" she replied.

He just needed one more kiss...just one more...

He leaned down once more, gently kissing her impossibly soft lips. His arms wrapped around her waist and drew her closer. She dug her fingers into his hair, moaning softly against his lips. Instinct took over as he swept her up in his arms, and carried her to his room. As soon as the door clicked closed behind them, Riza slid from his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him close.

Their lips met in an explosion of passion.

She moaned as his tongue over hers. They fought for supremacy as she skillfully shed her jacket.

Roy's hands discovered her curves he had long wanted, pulling her hips to his, tugging her shirt from the waist of her skirt, he tried at the many buttons, though ultimately choosing to rip it open, buttons bouncing off every wall. His hands explored her soft skin.

"Riza" he moaned against her lips, pushing her to the king sized bed. He trailed kisses down the exposed skin of her chest. She arched her back in response to the sensations of his mouth.

He reached to her left hip and slowly drew down the zipper of her skirt. She reached up and pulled his shirt from him, running her hands down his bare, muscular back.

He pulled away and looked right into her beautiful eyes

"Are you sure?" he whispered

She trailed her hand up his back, across his shoulders and to his cheek. She held him in her hand and returned his intense look. She considered the man before her. She had known him for over 20 years. At first, as a young boy, who came to learn from her father, then as an ambitious young man who believed in a better future of their country. He had been her commanding officer for years now. She dutifully followed this man, sacrificed her youth, incurred injuries and scars. All for him. She regarded him now, several years older, his body too bearing the scars of his own battles, his body on top hers. She realized that of all the men she'd met in her life, he was the only one she would rather be with.

Some how, words did not seem enough right now.

She simply leaned up and kissed him gently.

His mind was completely elated by her answer. He had never wanted a women more than he wanted her. He returned her kiss in a passionate fury. He was fully and utterly addicted to her. The feel of her naked skin, how her body responded to his touch, her foreign familiarity.

He tugged off her skirt, down her long, smooth legs.

His hands roamed all over her body, exploring every inch, from the flawless silken skin, to the years of battle scars.

On her shoulder, he kissed the scar that had been left by a bullet.

On her neck, the faded pink line of the scar from Bradley's sword

All over, he paid tribute to the history of her service.

He returned his mouth to hers. She eagerly accepted.

Some how, during the course of all this, his pants and boots had been removed. His hands and mouth roamed her body, removing her simple black bra, freeing the breasts many a men have admired.

She gasp as his experienced tongue teased her hardened nipples. She gasped in held in pleasure.

She dug her nails into his scarred back

"Roy" she breathed as his fingers hooked into her panties. His fingers teased her mercilessly

"Mmm, lace?" he smiled against her lips.

His fingers teased her opening, delving in and out as his thumb deliciously worked her clit.

He was painfully hard, her writhering and moaning making him only want her more.

He couldn't take it any longer.

He eased himself inside her, her slick wetness accepting her greedily.

She gasped and arched her hips to his, wanting more.

He adopted a slow pace, savouring the moments he had long day dreamed.

She exploded to mind numbing heights no man had ever taken her before. He was right behind her, his warmth filling her.

He grabbed her by the waist and rolled on his back, settling her onto his chest. She regarded him with her soft eyes, brushing a stray hair from his face. She smiled and pressed a kiss to his lips.

Roy smoothed her long blonde hair, holding her face in his hands

"My god Riza...I'm glad you're mine" he smiled with a short laugh

She arched her eye brow

"Yours?"' she teased

He ran his hands down her back, the raised burn scars under the tips of his fingers.

"Didn't we get married today?"

She considered this

"I married the Fuhrer, what begs to be asked is did I marry Roy Mustang or just his title?" she asked softly. It was clear that his answer would define their relationship from that point onwards.

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