From her position in front of the giant windows of the shared bedroom, the light of the full moon washed over her like a cleansing celestial shower. Unconsciously, her hands folded over the flat plain of her stomach. A silent presence came behind her, his own arms snaking around her to cover her folded hands. She leaned into his strong and comforting chest. He rested his chin lightly in her soft golden hair. They stood before the window in silence for a bit, before he ran his hands over her silk and lace clad hips, and rested upon the inward curve of her waist. He loved this dress on her...and wished he could see it on her much more than once, however the memories of the day would be more than enough to last him a life time. He loved the cold, unfamiliar metal wrapped around his finger, the heavy cloth of his rarely worn dress uniform pressing down on his relaxed shoulders. The weight of her small frame leaning into his chest made him smile without realizing it.

"Mrs. Mustang" he mused silently, kissing the curve of her neck

"Yes?" she replied, the smile creeping into her own quiet voice

"Hmmm, shall we go to bed?" he asked, turning her in his arms to face him

1 year later

"God, we make good looking kids" Roy cooed, holding the wrinkly from of his first born child. A boy. A beautiful, raven haired boy. It was unmistakable who the baby's father was. His faced was relaxed in a deep sleep, and his skin smooth and rosey pink.

"Kids? We only have one" Riza explained tiredly

"Come one Riza, we can't just stop at one! We make perfect kids, imagine what a lady killer this little guy will be in 30 years! There has to be more Mustangs to carry on our amazing genes" he explained in a tyrannical speech

Riza rolled her eyes and smiled in argument and contentment at the sight of her husband cradling their first born only a short time after the delivery.

The Amistrian people followed the every growing family through the news releases, the various public appearances and reports. Following their son, William, their first daughter, Annette was born. William, followed closely in his father's footsteps, graduating from the Military Academy second in his class, along with his Maes Hughes' counterpart, Dimitri David. Annette excelled in medical school, following her education in the Alkhestry that saved her mother's life during the well documented Promised Day Battle. Annette married her life long friend, Richard Havoc in a rather surprise and impromptu ceremony after Richard being elected to the Assembly in his father's former riding. Lillian was born a few years after Annette, and if she inherited anything from her parents, it was her father's mischievousness, confidence and the ability to turn the heads of the most impossible people, much like the older Cadet David who visited the House during an Academy Christmas break.

30 years later

He was reaching his 65th birthday in the next coming week, and he didn't quite know how to feel. He was no longer a young man by anyone's stretch of the imagination, nor was he particularly worn down from his now 30 years in his position. His once impeccable black hair was now peppered with grey, he skin was a little more weathered and his bones had a tendency to ache more than they used to. His wrist seemed to have a permanent cramp in it from so much writing and signing, and his back seemed more stooped that normal from so many hours hunched over his desk.

"Roy?" a familiar voice broke him from his thoughts. By instinct he smiled and gladly switched his attention to his almost life time aide.

"Yes my wonderful, perfect wife?" he grinned

Riza rolled her eyes "You're not skipping out early"

He playfully frowned and crossed his arms in mock anger "Slave driver"

"Yes I am" she agreed, handing a file to him "Before you get into that, you have an appointment" she tried nonchalantly

"Oh, I don't remember seeing an appointment on the schedule today"

Riza shrugged "I scheduled it"

Roy narrowed his eyes "Without telling me? Whats going on?"

"Oh nothing bad, I think you'll be quite pleased actually" Riza evaded

"Who is it?" he asked cautiously, hoping it wasn't Knox. He hadn't had a physical in almost 5 months, and he was hoping to avoid it for few more months

"Major David" she answered as if there was nothing wrong with it

Roy twitched

"The same Major David who I found..."

Riza knew exactly how to soothe an agitated Roy. She came up behind him and wrapped her arms around him, placing a small kiss on his cheek

"It would mean a lot to her if you just spoke to him dear" she whispered "and to me" she added with just enough playfulness to get his attention away from the actual issue

"Fine" he grumbled

Riza instantly retracted her arms and walked to the outter corridor, retrieving the nervous Major

He nodded his timid thanks as she smiled softly to him

"Thank you for seeing me Fuhrer Mustang..sir" he saluted

Major David almost visibly shrunk under the hard stare of the Flame Alchemist

"How can I help you Major" he asked tightly "Perhaps the tourist map of my house so you don't get confused while sneaking out" he quipped, adding to the man's discomfort

"Sir, I can assure you, that will never happen again" He stammered, quickly losing ground

"You're damn right it's not" Roy muttered

"Sir, I had a very important...question to ask" He tried desperately to compose himself

"Ask then Major"

"Sir, I want to...ask...I want to propose" he finally sputtered out

Roy answered with his trademark smirk "I appreciate the offer, but I am already married Major"

"Your daughter sir! I mean...not that, if y'know if I offence sir..."

Riza took this as her cue to walk in and save the quickly drowning young man "Roy don't break the poor man" she chided "You know exactly what he meant"

"Can't I have a little fun?" Roy moaned

Dimitri David watched in a bit of an awe the playful banter between the usually stern Major General and the Fuhrer

"So, you want to marry Lillian?" Roy leaned back and grinned evily at the other man



Dimitri relaxed a fraction of a bit "I love her sir"

"Simple as that? You love her" Roy questioned

"Does there need to be anymore?" Dimitri asked a little confused

Roy leaned forward and rested his head on his hands "Young man, I waited almost 20 years to marry the woman I love, and I went through hell and back numerous times and when I finally married her I had a hell of lot more than love for her. I respected her, I had faith in her abilities as something more than the average woman, it wasn't just her looks that turned my head, her entire did. Now, are you telling me that after three years of knowing my daughter, you feel the same way? Lillian is my youngest daughter, and I'm certainly not going to give my consent do someone who just "loves her". Anyone can love someone Mr. David, and I don't just want anyone marrying my daughter"

"Sir, I respect Lillian a great deal, certainly we've not been through all that you and Major General Hawkeye have been through, but I do love her, I want to make a home and a family with her. All I need is your blessing." Dimitri smiled, and familiar cocky smile " Of course sir, I don't exactly need your blessing."

Roy's eyes narrowed, and from her desk, Riza arched an eyebrow a barely contained her smile

"Sir, the fact that I am here asking for your blessing shows just how serious I am about your daughter, I'm more than confident that Lillian would have agreed to elope without your consent sir."

For a long while Roy was silent before he finally leaned back and crossed his arms across his chest

"Of course you have my blessing. I wasn't about to let my daughter go to some pansy ass" he smirked

When the last of the office lights went out, Riza closed the last of her files and Roy stretched his arms above his head, his shoulders popping in agitation at having been hunched over his own paperwork. He looked over to his wife rather blissfully. After 30 years, she still looked as beautiful as ever. Her blonde hair has faded to white gold at her temples, her skin creasing around her eyes, and the smile lines around her mouth just added to her beautiful elegance.

"You're staring Roy" she pointed out with a small smile

"I may be old Mrs. Mustang, but I'm certainly not dead." he replied playfully, getting up from his chair and crossing the short space to gather her in his arms.

She consented most agreeingly to the kiss he placed on her lips. His hands roved to her still narrow waist.

"Hmmm, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever met" he whispered wickedly in her ear "and definitely, the sexiest" he added, a cheeky kiss quickly stolen again.

"Fuhrer Mustang, anyone would think you're a hot blooded teenager" she sighed, allowing herself to meld into his arms.

"Teenager no, hot blooded yes" he answered very seriously with a grin, reaching over to turn out the last lamp in the quiet office.