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I watched her take her first breath, her first step, and her first word.

I've watched her all her life. Watched, from the shadows at the edge of reality. She was the loveliest child. With her eyes of piercing violet and abounding excitement in life I knew she would be a true heart breaker when she reached womanhood. I always loved the way she smiled; her eyes always sparkled so magically and with so much light. I loved her then and I love her still. I will probably still feel this way long after her mortal death.

It was hard for me when her hardships began. Her feelings of loneliness and sorrow were almost overwhelming. Many mortals would have fallen under the weight of such unhappiness, but she stayed strong. She has always been strong. No one could doubt that. Then she met the child. The little slip of a girl with the pink hair and large garnet eyes. For the first time in so many years she felt that she was loved. That she deserved friendship just like everyone else. I felt her happiness then and I rejoiced. My sweet firefly! How could you have ever doubted your worth?

There was still much pain after that. It was a test of her endurance, of her hope and her trust. And in the end she passed with flying colours. The little girl with light in her laughter had found her destiny, her purpose. Gentle Tomoe Hotaru had become Sailor Saturn. Her burden was still great, but now she had others who could hold her up. Yes. She was now the Senshi of destruction and death. Of the worlds end and utter chaos. But she was also the bringer of rebirth. The guardian of hope and new beginnings. And a child, a child full of the wonder called life.

She carried on fighting her battles, and she won them all. I still watched her then. I feared for her during each struggle and cheered when she and the other soldiers pulled through. I dreamt of the day I would be able to speak to her. To tell her how much I had always cared for, but that day never came to be.

I stopped watching the day I saw her beneath the oak trees, dappled with rays of sunshine. It was a sight to break my heart. She had become the woman I knew she was destined to be. Lithe, graceful and breathtakingly beautiful. But she was held within the embrace of another. A man with unruly brown hair and the deepest blue eyes held her tightly in his arms. Their expression of identical love and wonderment. I knew then that it was never destined to be. The little firefly had found her light and it was not I. So I walked away, never to return.

After all, does the God of Death really deserve love?


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