A/N:This is my first Gilmore girls fic. I usually write in the Star Wars section but I felt like branching out and trying something different than normal. I can't promise to update quickly or regularly. I may post a chapter soon after posting another but it won't be a trend. I hope that fellow GG fans enjoy this. This is a Rory and Logan fic but I plan to add in other GG characters here and there, but this will be primarily a Rory and Logan fic.

I was dissatisfied with the way GG left off in terms of Rory and Logan, they seemed to be a very promising couple and I plan to fix that, all without loosing the Rory and Logan charm.

Chapter One: Chance Encounters and Awkward Feelings.

"I heard that every newspaper on the east coast has representatives here this weekend. I have to say that I'm eager to meet a few from the Miami Herold," Jen Arnold said as she walked, a drink in one hand while a pad of paper and pen in another.

"Well we can all use a guide to turning thirty," Rory Gilmore said from beside her.

Jen looked at her then. "What?" she asked confused.

"I'm sorry, you mentioned the Miami Herald and I thought of Dave Barry. You know he wrote the guide to guys and about turning forty and fifty," Rory explained.

"Did he write about turning thirty?" Jen asked.

"It was a joke," Rory dismissed. She should have known better. She had only been working with Jen for a couple of weeks but Jen was such a chatterbox that Rory rarely got any words in. Not too many people got the references she used anyway so she didn't let it bother her. Instead she looked around her, noting a fair few faces she recognized from newspaper columns and people she had met. She mentally listed away who she would talk to in order before she saw someone she didn't think she would see again.

"Oh Look! It's Logan Huntzberger, I didn't think he would be here," Jen said, stirring Rory from her thoughts. She leaned closer. "His family owns a major chunk of the east coasts newspapers and magazines. They're what is called 'old money' and everyone knows it..." she continued.

Rory unconsciously went to tuck her hair behind her ear, forgetting that she had it put up and wore a hat. She remembered the last time she had seen him, when he wanted him to marry him, demanding all or nothing when she said no. She wasn't ready and she knew he wasn't either. When he turned, she ducked and turned quickly, half hoping that he didn't see her and half hoping that he did.

"I heard that this company that he worked for went bust two years ago. He has a lot of influence and if he notices you then its big. He is followed religiously through the media his father doesn't own and sources say that he has yet to settle down, marking him the billionaire playboy. He has a different woman on his arm at every turn. I'm interested in seeing whose on his arm this weekend. Oh God! he's coming over to us," Jen said in a rush, suddenly becoming nervous which was something to behold.

Rory said nothing at first, debating on whether she should flee. She wasn't sure how seeing and talking to Logan would be after the way that they parted. She was sure that there would be some awkwardness. But if she ran after he saw her, she would seem cowardly.

"Hello Ace."

Blast! The choice was taken from her. Rory turned to face him, noting only a few changes in him. "Logan," she greeted, feeling a bit nervous.

"Mr. Huntzberger it is an honor to meet you!" Jen gushed. "If I could get your opinion of a few pieces I'm working on I would greatly appreciate it."

A look of bemusement crossed Logan's features, a look Rory recognized. "It's Logan, Mr. Huntzberger is my father. And sure, if I have some time, I guess I could look at what you've got," he responded.

A look between shock and elation crossed Jen's face. "Oh thank you, you don't know how much this means to me," she gushed.

"Anything for a friend of Rory's," Logan told her as if it were nothing before turning to Rory. "How are you doing, Ace?" he asked, looking at her intently.

"I'm doing fine," Rory responded.

"Look I was hoping that we could talk later, grab a few drinks..." Logan suggested.

"I don't know, I have a lot to do," Rory hesitated.

"I get it. Well if you change your mind, you know how to find me," Logan told her. He looked around. "I'm being summoned, but I'll catch you later," he said and turned to Jen. "Nice meeting you...I'm sorry, I didn't get your name," he said.

"Jen, Jen Arnold from The Hartford Daily," Jen supplied.

"Jen, I'll remember that," Logan said, offering a smile. "Nice seeing you, Ace," he said giving Rory another intent look before walking away.

"Oh my God, Logan Huntzberger just spoke to us. Which means he notice us, you and me. Do you know what this means!" Jen started fanning herself with her hands.

"We dated," Rory told her honestly.

Jen looked at her then in disbelief. "No way! How many dates, there must be a few of them for him to remember you," she asked.

"We were together for three years. He wanted me to marry him but it wasn't the right time," Rory told her. "Do you mind if I checked in upstairs, I'm feeling kinda tired from the trip," she excused herself.

"Only if you can give me the dish later," Jen said, eager to hear all about her relationship with Logan.

"Maybe later," Rory agreed halfheartedly before walking off and leaving the hall.

Lorelai Gilmore was busy directing guests at the Dragonfly Inn and had just finished giving them the run down of the sights in Stars Hallow before walking up to the front desk where Michel was standing around, filling out reservations on the phone with his signature disinterest.

"No, we are all booked up for July...September too. Why don't we consider December," Michel drawled.

"Michel...Michel, woohoo," Lorelai said trying to get Michel's attention.

Michel took the phone away from his ear and covered the receiver with his hand. "What..I am busy," he asked irritated.

"Might I suggest you use a more friendly tone with potential guest," Lorelai told him.

"I would, but every person who calls is an idiot," Michel answered.

"Well the goal here is to not let them know that or else no one would stay here if we are rude to our guests and I know that you wouldn't want that because that means that you don't get paid," Lorelai told him. "And we have some openings in July so you should tell them that," she added.

Michel gave a sigh and returned to the phone. "Looks like we have a weekend in July free after all," he said before Lorelai walked off.

It was then that her cellphone went off. Looking at the caller ID, she answered. "Hey," she said as she pointed to where some decorations for a party should go.

"Your parents are not sending our son to Barcliff Academy," Luke told her strictly.

"Oh boy," Lorelai said. "Well when they learned they would have a grandson they instantly rejoiced to having a Gilmore heir. There's talk of Billy joining my father's firm and that takes an education through well reputed schools," she said.

"They are not Billy's parents, we are and we decide where our son goes to school," Luke told her firmly.

"You can tell them that Friday night at dinner and when they knock you over the head with a candle stick in the conservatory to get you out of the way of their evil plans. You won't have to worry about this fruitless battle," Lorelai told him.

"I don't care how dominating Richard and Emily are, they can't just go making decisions for us," he told her.

"Well maybe you can catch them on a good note since Rory is returning Friday from the conference she's attending. You know how much they love Rory," Lorelai suggested. She straightened a few centerpieces in the dining room and put down a few place settings as she talked.

Just then a loud noise came from the kitchen. "I gotta go, I'll stop by the diner soon," Lorelai said.

"Don't forget that I have to pick April up from the bus station so she can stay with us for the summer," Luke reminded her.

"I'll just have to bring Billy by here during my break just in time for school to get out," Lorelai agreed before hanging up. She sighed before rushing into the kitchen to find Sookie on the floor and being pulled up by one of the kitchen staff, sauce all over the floor from a spilled pot. "Sookie, what happened?" she asked concerned.

"I was reaching for the rosemary and I accidentally knocked down the duck sauce from the stove," Sookie explained.

"Why couldn't you have Fred get it for you? He's tall enough?" Lorelai asked.

"I'm fine," Sookie insisted.

"But, Sweetie, you could have hurt have hurt yourself," Lorelai countered. "And we would have had to file an insurance claim which would mean a call to my father followed by a thorough investigation and interrogation from my father and who could want that? I mean next to that a wrong turn in the middle of no where and a confrontation with inbred cannibals would be more pleasant," she continued.

"Your father isn't that bad," Sookie dismissed.

"Are you sure? Because I could have sworn I saw a swastika somewhere in the attic," Lorelai countered as she and Sookie stood up.

"You know, all these years that I've known you, you have this habit of demonizing your parents, do you ever have anything nice to say about them?" Sookie asked.

Lorelai seemed to stop and think about it for a moment before shaking her head. "Nope, can't think of anything," she said. "You okay? No more accidents?" she asked.

"I'm fine," Sookie insisted.

"Are you sure?" Lorelai asked, still concerned.

"Yes, now go, you have a tea party to organize," Sookie told her, starting to push her out of the kitchen.



Logan had left Rory when he saw one of his father's business associates that he was instructed to talk to. When he was done, he looked for Rory again only to find out that she had left. He had run into fellow Yale alumni Doyle McMaster, the former editor of the Daily News and boyfriend of Paris Geller, one of Rory's best friends. After talking to Doyle, he learned that he and Rory worked for the same paper, he was still involved with Paris, a shocker, considering Paris' aggressive personality. And that they all still roomed together, in a much nicer apartment in Hartford. Not only that, but he and Rory had come to the conference in the same vehicle and that she hadn't left. He left Doyle promising to catch up later and continued to mingle through the crowd. Finally, after talking to everyone who was important, he retreated from the conference hall. The hotel that the conference was being held at had numerous amenities for guests. Logan had stayed here five times before, so he knew the way to the more exclusive spots. He was on his way towards the guest library/reading room after picking up his laptop to work on the undercover piece he was working on about the police force corruption.

He was busy scrolling through his notes on his PDA as he walked and when he looked up he stopped slowly, coming face to face with Rory who was coming from the opposite direction. She was carrying numerous folders and had a laptop case over her shoulder. Deciding to break the ice, he spoke. "Working on a story?" he asked.

She looked relieved and he saw the tension leave her body as she relaxed. "Yes, but you would probably find it boring," she answered.

Logan walked closer, "Try me," he suggested, pocking his PDA.

"I'm supposed to cover growing influences of popular media verses world news and the effects on the way people judge the importance of each," Rory told him.

"Well that's easy, it's a political conspiracy to distract the general public from more serious global happenings. It is far easier for politicians to slip a bill to be passed that would normally be vetoed if the general public knew all the fine print rather than the skimmed surface that is advertised if you throw in a little celebrity drama into the front page story," Logan replied.

"Well, that's just one opinion on the subject," Rory dismissed.

"No it's not. That is exactly what the media does. It has been this way for far longer than people have been noticing," Logan dismissed.

"Can I quote you on that, Huntzberger?" Rory asked.

"I'll give you more than just a quote if you want, but, you have to keep my name out of it," Logan bargained.

Rory gave him an appraising look. "How do I know that you're not red herring me?" she asked.

"I gave you that story on The Life and Death Brigade back at Yale if you recall," Logan pointed out.

"And if I remember correctly, you were the only person to say a coherent word to me the whole time and even then it wasn't much," Rory pointed out.

"You got your story, didn't you?" Logan chuckled.

"You are really willing to give away the whole conspiracy of yours even if it could potentially harm the Huntzberger Group?" Rory asked.

"The Huntzberger Group doesn't have anything to do with the subject, but there are a few business associates who do. And yes, this story could cause some harm to the Huntzberger Group, if you mention my name," Logan answered.

"I can agree to call you my anonymous source if that would help," Rory agreed.

"Excellent, I know the perfect place for the interrogation to take place," Logan agreed with a smile.

The place that Logan suggest that they meet caught Rory off guard. An Applebee's not too far from the hotel was not the type of place that Logan Huntzberger would be seen at. Not the Logan that she knew. She found Logan sitting in a corner booth, writing something down in a notebook. He didn't notice her right away she she stood back at watched him, seeing the how he concentrated on what he was writing. It was funny, she couldn't remember seeing him write before, it was always behind the scenes. It wasn't the only thing that she noticed was different either. He was different. He didn't look like he stepped off the rack of some personal stylist. His hair was a bit longer, by no means an expensive haircut and he didn't seem to put much effort into it. He wasn't wearing designer clothing either. She could have sworn that she saw that shirt at Old Navy two months ago. He still had the same leather jacket she remembered though.

After a minute of observation, Rory walked up to the booth he sat at. "Fancy seeing you here," she said and smiled when he looked up.

"So you showed up, I was beginning to think that you wouldn't. I guess you really want that inside scoop," he said with a laugh at the end as he stood up while she sat, always the gentleman. He closed his notebook before he sat back down.

"I have to say that I never pictured you in Applebee's," Rory began. "I didn't think that you even knew that Applebee's existed."

"I ordered you a soda if that's okay," Logan told her. "I like their burgers," he told her. "Good food, good service and surprisingly reasonable priced," he added.

"Price isn't an issue for you," Rory pointed out.

Logan ignored that observation before he pulled out a thick folder from a bag beside him and handed it over to her. "Everything that you will need is in here," he told her.

Rory leafed through the folder with her fingers, briefly scanning the papers inside. "Wow, this is a lot," she said.

"I had someone fax it over to the hotel from my father's office. What I gave you goes back eighty years and I even included my own notes and some charts for you to go over," Logan explained.

"You did all this in two hours?" Rory asked.

"I've read the information before, all I needed was to glance over it to refresh my memory and I compiled the notes in forty-five minutes, while I made up the charts on my laptop after that," he answered.

"I don't know what to say," Rory admitted.

Logan picked up his glass of tea and took a sip. "You don't have to say anything, Ace, just knock the socks off of your editor. And if he refuses to print certain things, just throw my name in somewhere if you want," he told her.

"I'll be sure to let him know that you helped me out with this article but wish to remain anonymous," Rory chuckled. "So, do you want to discuss whats in this folder?" she asked.

"Maybe after you read whats in it. I'm sure you'll have a list of questions by tomorrow," Logan told her. "I thought that maybe we could order some food and catch up, no strings attached," he suggested.

Rory seemed uncomfortable at first. "I guess, we are at a restaurant anyway," she agreed.

"Rory, I know how we left things, but I'm fine with just sharing a meal together, are you?" Logan asked.

"I guess," Rory agreed.

"So, can we catch up like old friends?" Logan asked.

"We were never friends, Logan," Rory reminded him.

"I remember," Logan acknowledged. "But its been six years since we last seen each other, I'm not the same man I was back then and I'm sure that you changed as well since then," he put in.

"That's probably true," Rory agreed.

"Perhaps we can be friends?" Logan asked, trying to keep the hope he had from his voice.

"I thought you didn't want to be friends?" Rory asked confused.

"I want to be friends now, if that's okay with you?" he said.

"I'd like that," Rory told him with a smile.

"Great!" Logan said. "I think we should toast to a new friendship, I'll order us some drinks," he suggested.

"I'll pay for my own," Rory chimed in.

"It's no problem, I can pick up the check," Logan told her.

"This isn't a date, Logan. Friends don't have to cover the other's bill," Rory pointed out.

Logan was a little relieved to hear this but didn't let it show. He wasn't as rich as he used to be and this trip was already cutting into his budget as it was. "If you insist," he said.

"I do," Rory conformed.

A few drinks later and after finishing their meal, they were still catching up. Logan was evasive about how he spent the past six years but seemed interested in hearing about what she was up to, and they talked about the politics of the press, with Logan giving his insight, not being completely supportive of some of the ways things were run behind the scenes. But as Rory was telling a story about the time she followed Barack Obama's campaign, Logan interrupted her. "You haven't changed much, you're still as beautiful as you were six years ago," he said quietly.

Suddenly Rory became very uncomfortable and she shifted in her seat. She didn't say anything.

Logan came out of his spell and realized the uncomfortable silence he had created. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that, I think it's the alcohol getting to me," he said, feeling uncomfortable himself.

"I don't think this is going to work," Rory told him.

Logan looked confused. "What isn't going to work?" he asked tentatively.

"We can't be friends, Logan, there is just too much history between us," Rory told him.


"Thanks for the notes, I appreciate the insight, really. I'll just go pay my bill and go back to the hotel," she stood up and shouldered her purse and grabbed the folder he gave her before walking away.

"Rory," Logan called back but she had already left.

Rory read half of the things from the folder that Logan had provided for her before she couldn't focus on it anymore. She kept thinking about seeing Logan again and their conversation. It was obvious that he still had feelings for her which made any kind of friendship between them impossible. He told her that he couldn't do a long distance relationship again and that he couldn't be her friend after she rejected his proposal. What was more was that she still had feelings for him too but it had been six years, they were different people now, it just wouldn't work. She saw how it was between her parents and she didn't want to live that way.

She needed to talk to her mother and sort this all out. Her mother would know what to say in this situation. She sat down on the bed and dialed her mother's number. Her mother picked up on the first ring.

"Hey! How's the conference?" Lorelai asked.

"I'm sorry for calling so late," Rory said.

"Hey, it's no problem at all, Kiddo," Lorelai told her. "So, hows the conference, make any friends?" she asked.

"Well, I did have a few interesting conversations with a couple people before I left early. But I'm not sure if I'm going to stay the whole conference," Rory answered.

"Why, what's wrong?" Lorelai asked concerned.

Rory took a deep breadth. "Logan's here," she told her.

"Really? How is that going?" Lorelai asked.

"Really awkward. I haven't considered the possibility of seeing him after we broke up but he's here and he singled me out. He offered to help me with the article I'm working on though," Rory told her.

"That's nice of him. Did you take him up on it?" Lorelai replied.

Rory sighed. "Yes and we had dinner," she answered.

"Was it awkward?" Lorelai asked.

"It was, at first. But then it got easier, until he told me that I was beautiful," Rory told her.

"He did? How did he sound when he said it?" Lorelai asked.

"Like he was still in love with me," Rory told her.

"Really? Was it like in Sweet Home Alabama where Jake pined away for Melanie for years after she left him but she came back, in love with someone else and engaged but needed him to sign the divorce papers so she could get married to this fabulous guy?" Lorelai asked.

"More like George Monroe and Robin Kimble in Life as a House," Rory told her.

"Poor Logan," Lorelai commented.

"He wanted to be friends but I think that if he still has feelings for me that he will only get hurt in the process," Rory confessed.

"It sounds as though he wants you back in his life and he's willing to settle for just friends. He misses you and who can blame him. You got the curse, Kid. Once they have you in their system, its like they're drugged. Getting over you must be a shock to their system," Lorelai told her.

"I can't be friends with Logan. We have history," Rory told her.

"You're a big part of him, Rory. He changed his life for you. Think about how irresponsible and the way he went through one girl after another and then how he completely committed himself to you and started to grow up. I mean, he was really there for you when you needed him to be. Who can not have you in his life after that?"Lorelai pointed out.

"That's true, but.."

"But what?"

"I don't think I can do it," Rory confessed.

"Do you still have feelings for him?" Lorelai asked.

"I don't know, I really did love him despite the way he acted sometimes," Rory told her.

"I don't know what to tell you beside that people do change. I think that you have to think about it before making a decision either way," Lorelai told her.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Someones at the door, Mom, I'll have to call you back," Rory told her.

"I'll be here," Lorelai said before they hung up.

Rory stood up and set her phone aside before answering the door to see Logan at the door. "Logan, I..." she was cut off when he placed his hands on either side of her face and kissed her. All coherent thought leaving her and old feelings bubbling up as they backed up into the room.