InBetween, A Harry Potter Fanfiction, End of the Espionage Trilogy

InBetween: a person or thing that is between two extremes, two contrasting conditions, etc.




METAMORPHAGUS POTION- Sandy Wallace case, Department of Mysteries

UNKNOWN POTION- Sandy Wallace case, Department of Mysteries

TIME REVERSAL POTION- Sandy Wallace case, Department of Mysteries

UNKNOWN POTION- Sandy Wallace case, Department of Mysteries

INBETWEEN POTION- Sandy Wallace case, Department of Mysteries



"What do you mean, not safe?" I questioned, trying to sound harsh as the gypsy woman flew around her cottage, closing windows and drawing curtains. I stayed by the door, ready to run if she turned out to be crazy. Finally, she sat at a rickety table and made an impatient noise, beckoning me over. Cautiously, I sat across from her. She leaned across the table, studying me, and then, finally, spoke.

"My name is Sandy Wallace. When I was very young, I started experimenting with potions and the basics of magic. I had dementia, it runs in my family, and I must admit, I was crazy. I made potions of all kinds, most of them made from a random assortment of ingredients. I would sell these potions, and one of them killed someone. I died later in Azkaban. The Ministry seized all of my potions to keep another death from occurring. I think that you accidentally drank one of my potions…but it actually worked." She looked at me, waiting for me to talk as my mind whirled. The first thing out of my mouth was a bitter laugh.

"It was no accident. It was a hate crime. I was on trial for murdering Death Eaters to try to keep Voldemort from winning the war. Normally, I guess I'd be a hero, but instead, since I'm a Muggle and a werewolf," Wallace cringed away, "I was taken to court. A witness for the prosecution who worked for the Ministry too snuck into my hospital room when I was drugged and forced that potion on me. Now…what does it do, and how do I get back? It's urgent." I insisted, standing up and leaning on the table as the woman watched me again, this time with recognition. Instead of answering, she got up and started pushing things around, muttering under her breath. "Hey," I snapped, but she didn't look up. I watched her, pissed off but unsure about what to do about it. Finally, she grabbed a bag and sprinkled what looked like green glitter on her arm then pressed three fingers into it. A second later, there was a knock on the door. The gypsy lady strode hurriedly over and opened it, ushering a old and tall wizard inside. I backed up on instinct as the old man looked at me, his head slightly cocked to the side. He had a long beard that looked like it went to his knees.

"This is-" the woman started, but the man cut her off.

"Jennifer Lillian Quinty." He said gently, inspecting me with shockingly beautiful blue eyes from beneath half moon spectacles. "We know who you are only because we have been watching you ever since you entered the wizarding world and changed the fate of the war. We are on your side." He said calmly, stepping into the room, making me step back to retaliate. He seemed incredibly familiar, but I couldn't place him. He stepped closer, and I bumped into the rickety table, out of space to back away from him.

"Who are you?" I asked flatly, treating him automatically as if he were Kingsley. He sighed, and a flash of grief entered his eyes.

"You have been through so much, and for that, I am sorry. I am Albus Dumbledore." I couldn't help it, I gasped, watching him now no longer with fear, but with curiosity. "There is no need to explain or justify yourself to us, we know all about what has happened. However, we need to tell you deeply important information." He stepped closer yet, until we were both in the light. "This is the inbetween, the realm between life and death. Until now, it has only been for people who are already dead, and have not moved on fully to the land of the dead. However, thanks to Sandy, you have crossed into this realm, although not by choice, if I am correct." My face darkened at his words, but I stopped leaning against the table and crossed my arms, standing up straight. "It is to our understanding that George Eads infiltrated the Healers at St. Mungo's and forced a experimental potion of Sandy's on you in an attempt to assassinate you."

"Yes," I said quieter than I had intended, absentmindedly rubbing the high collar around my neck. I could still remember the feel of his hands around it. It was Dumbledore's turn for his face to darken.

"I know that you are strong, and that the Wizarding World has not been kind to you. However, the longer you stay here, the harder it will be to return you to where you belong. I'm afraid it will be even more difficult with current events happening here."

"Current events?" I asked slowly.

"You may have helped the world of the living by killing Death Eaters, but none of them have crossed over, and neither has Voldemort. They are wreaking havoc here in this Middle Realm." Sandy said coolly, and I suddenly understood her comments about it not being safe here for me.

"Do you know how to send me back?" I asked, and Sandy frowned.

"I'm afraid Sandy will have to work on that. However, it is not safe for you to stay here. You'll have to come with me. Already, someone might have sensed your arrival. Take my arm." He held out his arm to me, but I hesitated. "I will take you to the Order here, where your family is." He elaborated, and I stared at him in shock.

"What?" I whispered, and he looked at me with eyes loaded with pity. For once, it didn't bother me.

"Come," he held out his arm closer to mine, and I slowly hooked my arm through his. He sprinkled more of the glittery green powder on his arm, and pressed a complicated finger pattern into the dust. I blinked, and suddenly, I was standing on a giant mass of roots in front of a massive oak tree. Dumbledore placed his hand upon the trunk and after a second, his hand passed through. Before I could object, he pulled me along, through the trunk into a surprisingly spacious hallway. I could hear footsteps on stairs, and when I looked up, a spiral staircase seemed to ascend upwards for miles. Doors coated the walls. "This is the Order that works in the Middle Realm to protect innocents killed and to maintain the peaceful balance here." Again, he pulled me along, down the corridor and through a shockingly purple doorway that led to a large drawing room. Far in the back of the room was a knot of people at a hearth, talking quietly. As the door closed, one of them looked up.

Hestia Jones looked lovely. Her shoulder length curly brown hair seemed to shine in no light at all. There wasn't a mark on her body, and her face was glowing with health. She looked at me a moment, and her companions looked up, following her gaze. "Jenny?" Asked a familiar voice, and I looked slightly to the right. Fred had stepped around a hook-nosed man with shoulder length black hair to see who was here. "Holy shit, Jenny!" He broke into a jog to cross the room and embraced me. After a second, I returned the hug, filling with emotion. Fred looked better than ever, full of life and laughter. He pulled back to look at me. "How did you die?" He asked me, and I was saved from answering by Dumbledore.

"Jenny isn't here to stay, she's not dead. If everyone would sit down, I'll explain as fast as possible." Instantly, everyone moved towards the long board table, and I let Fred pull me over to a chair and sit me down. "We all know Sandy Wallace. One of her potions was stolen and forced onto Jenny in a hate crime. It actually worked and brought her here." I looked down, but Fred took my hand and squeezed it. "Sandy is working on a cure to send her back, and we need to find how as soon as possible. The longer Jenny stays here, the more difficult it will be to send her back, and to keep her a secret."

"All of the Death Eaters are…angry about your assassinations." Hestia said from across from me, but she was smiling, somehow proud of what I had done.

"Should I go and assist Sandy?" The hook nosed man asked, rising from his seat. He also seemed vaguely familiar.

"Severus, you know that the Death Eaters, if they found out that you hadn't crossed over would come after you." Dumbledore said serenely, but his eyes turned hard. "We cannot risk losing you." He added, his eyes softening, and Severus sat back down, but I still couldn't place him. No one had mentioned him in the Order, like they had with Moody.

"We can't express how sorry we are about what has happened to you." A man with shaggy brown hair spoke up from at the bottom of the table. He too, seemed so familiar.

"Yes, it's cruel, how your path in the wizarding world was so harsh and demanding. We were all rooting for you during your trial." Dedalus said excitedly, twirling his hat in his hands. His words reminded me like a slap to the face. The Wizengamot had been deliberating…

"What was the verdict?" I asked quietly, and Fred got a huge grin on his face.

"You are innocent on all charges, m' lady." He joked, and suddenly, I couldn't stop laughing, full of relief. I was free.

"Oh my god, I'm free. When I wake up, I can go home with Tonks and Lupin. I'm free." I gasped, and I was grinning like an idiot for the first time in almost a year. I kissed Fred on the cheek out of pure joy. I was safe. When I mentioned Lupin, the man with shaggy hair's face filled with sadness for a second before it vanished.

"Yes, the truth prevailed." Dumbledore smiled a little, but his eyes were still worried. "Now that you are safe, I will return to Sandy. We must find a way to send you back." He stood up and left, and as the door closed, my happiness seemed to go with him. I was jerked back to reality as I felt a hand in my hair. Fred was peeking under my hair at where my ear had been. I swatted his hand away and pulled back my hair. He whistled under his breath, his eyes turning sad.

"Like George, then?" He asked, and my hair slipped out of my hands, silently falling back into place to hide the hole.

"Like George." I agreed quietly, and after a moment Hestia stood up and cleared her throat.

"Well, while you are here, you're going to have to know everyone. Shall I give you a tour of the place?" She sounded too cheerful, but I seized the opportunity.

"Oh, yes, please." I said quickly after shooting a glance at Fred. He smiled half-heartedly at me.

"Severus Snape," She gestured to the hook nosed man first, and we exchanged awkward nods. "Sirius Black," she pointed at the shaggy haired man all the way down at the end, and my stomach dropped for a second. "Alice and Frank Longbottom," she pointed to a couple who had been silent this whole time, but they waved warmly to me anyway.

"Where…where are my parents, Hestia?" I asked quietly, and her smile dropped instantly.

"Come on, I'll show you." She stood up, and after an awkward moment of goodbye's, led me from the room and down the large hallway and up at least six flights of stairs and to a rosy pink door. "I'll wait here. Go on in," She opened the door and ushered me inside. The room, like the larger room before, was entirely made of wood, considering we were inside a tree. I could here voices farther in, and when I picked out my dad's laugh, my knees went weak for a second. I followed the room and turned the corner. A man that looked shockingly like Harry was sitting next to my father on a couch facing me, and I recognized the back of my mom's head sitting next to a woman with red hair. My dad looked up, and his cup of tea slipped from his fingers and broke on the wooden floor.