Hand of Sorrow

So many dreams were broken and so much was sacrificed

Was it worth the ones we loved and had to leave behind?

So many years have passed, who are the noble and the wise?

Will all our sins be justified?



12:41 p.m.

I gasped. In front of me was a beautiful two story Cape-cod style house. The house had a second story deck off the side of it and a tiny garage too. We were on a cliff, and the sea was quiet below. Bordering the house was a wood that extended all the way to the horizon. It was beautiful. "Oh my god," I gasped again, realizing why we were here, "Is this our house? Is this were we are going to live?" Tonks nodded, a huge smile growing on her face. I turned to Lupin, expecting him to deny it, but I was mistaken. He was smiling too. "Oh my god!" I exclaimed, giving Lupin a strong hug, then Tonks. "It's so beautiful!" I cried, looking back to the house with surprise.

"Come on, you haven't even seen the inside yet!" Tonks said brightly, pulling me up the stairs and inside. The kitchen was small but cozy, light blue in color, with wooden floor and white cabinets. Adjoining that room was the dining room, which had gold walls and a large wooden china cabinet built into the wall. That room then opened up to the living room, which also led to the main hallway downstairs. Tonks and Lupin's master bedroom was beautiful in teal, and Teddy's nursery almost made me cry. Upstairs was a large 'family room' for other uses, a spare bedroom, another bathroom, and my room. As soon as I walked inside, I loved it. Tonks had left it all white for me to splatter paint.

"God, it's so beautiful," I murmured, going out onto the second story deck off of the family room and looking at the view of the sea. I could barely believe that I was finally getting what I had always wanted.

"I'm glad you like it," Tonks said, taking Teddy and leaning against the railing. For a moment, the four of us just stood there in silence, admiring the view.

In the days that followed, Hermione and I splatter painted my room together. We made a day of it, and by the end of it, we were slightly sore and covered head to toe in brightly colored paint. We had even gotten the ceiling. It was basically the first thing we did together after the war, and it was a little emotional. Even though Hermione was staying with the Weasley's after modifying her parent's memories, she promised to visit often.

When the next full moon came, I rediscovered the connection Lupin and I forged at the battle for Hogwarts-the connection that let us hear each others thoughts. With some experimentation, we got Draco connected into it. With practice we could turn it on and off, but it made communicating between us much easier. Draco and I would run off together on those nights, and would spend the nights curled up in each other, occasionally checking in with Lupin. Draco was beautiful as a wolf- his hair was lighter than mine, so he was almost silver. He was also faster than me, but only because he was taller.

Then we went and visited Ollivander. Despite every test that he ran, nothing would help him understand why I could use a wand. Even trying to track down my parents led to no results-my small abilities would always remain a mystery. So, wary of my wand, I rarely used it, especially because if I started using it everyday, Mum and Dad (I loved saying that) would make me go to Hogwarts to learn how to use it properly…and that was the last thing I wanted. I had seen quite enough of Hogwarts. I was avoiding that place like the plague- it was where Brian was killed.

The secret of the Inbetween realm stayed within my family, Draco's, the Weasley's and the Order. I forced myself not to use the mirror as much as I wanted to. I still missed Brian. I missed him a lot. Every time I worked out I thought of him. No matter what, I would always blame myself for his death. On his birthday and the anniversary of his death I would always go back to my original neighborhood, to honor him. He didn't have a grave- he'd been cremated at Hogwarts and his ashes were added to a monument about the war I wouldn't dare mess with. Despite everyone's better judgment, I carried his mirror with me always.

Harry never shared what he had seen in the memories from his parents. He came up to me later and actually hugged me as a thank you. I didn't ask about it, and he didn't offer any explanations. We never spoke of it again.

As the years passed, Ron and Hermione tied the knot, then Harry and Ginny. Despite pressure from Draco's parents, we never married, and he never looked at any other girl. His loyalty to me was astounding, and I tried to be just as loyal back. Lupin and Tonks didn't really care if I married or not, and for that, I was immensely grateful.

Teddy didn't get the werewolf gene (amazingly) and grew up as a normal kid, excluding the Metamorphagus gene. It was cute how he'd always wait with Mum at the back door in the mornings, welcoming Dad and I home. We stayed close even when he went to Hogwarts, and we exchanged letters all the time.

Ironically, I got a job at the Ministry in the Justice Department. My job entailed cataloging evidence for criminal investigations, including memories.

Despite the Malfoy's begging, Draco and I had kids even though we weren't married. We had two, Arwen, the oldest, a girl, and Xavier, a boy.

Draco and I moved to a house back on the sea, where we were both very happy.

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