"Psst, George!" whispered Fred, during Defense Against the Dark Arts. It was he and his twin's second year, and Professor Elliott, the new professor, was a total bore. Everyone knows that reading muggle "Haiku" poems wasn't a real way to defend yourself against Lord Voldemort, a.k.a. You-Know-Who. Although, he's not a real threat right now, because of Harry Potter, but we won't get into that now. It's a long story.

"Yeah, Fred?" George was careful to be quiet as he hadn't perfected the charm to block out sounds from others.

"Use a summoning charm to steal Young's wand!"

"Great idea! Accio Mary Young's wand!" whispered George.

"AAAHHHHH!" a scream came from the Slytherin side of the room.

"Goodness, Miss Young, are you- oh my lord Miss Johnston go get Madam Ponfrey!" said Professor Elliott as Mary Young fainted.

"Um, excuse me, Professor Elliott?" came a voice.

"Yes, Miss Bennett?"

"I-I s-saw w-w-who d-did it."


"G-George Weasley."


"Pr-Professor Elliott?"

"What in heaven's name do you want, Fred Weasley?" she screamed.

"It's all m-my fault. I told George to do it. I s-should be the one in detention tonight." Normally, Fred didn't stutter. However, Bernadette Elliott was as bad as a death eater. He had his suspicions, too.

"You just don't want your brother in detention. You had nothing to do with it. Twenty-five points from Gryffindor."

Fred knew there was no point in arguing. So he just left it.

"Listen for the wind. Potter's glasses aren't so cute. What the be e eep." joked a heavy dark arts supporter, Tammy Atkins, a Slytherin.

"Miss Atkins, a Haiku is about nature."

"I don't care what muggles say, this is NOT defense against the dark arts! I never liked it, but STILL! MUDBLOOD STUFF! OMG!"

"Tammy, please contain yourself. See me after class for a few moments. Do not worry, you are most certainly not in trouble."

"Oh, ok, thanks. Love ya! But not in that way." Tammy said, quite awkwardly.

"Y-yes dear."

Tammy Atkins couldn't have blushed any more.