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Pairings: Misaki/Akihiko, Hiroki/Nowaki, and Shinobu/Miyagi

Summary: Three Neko Ukes waiting to be adopted. Mew.

Notes I: Sorry for the long wait. It's hell trying to update fics amidst working two jobs. Blah.

Notes II: This chapter will be in two parts, so don't worry; I'm not leaving you with an unresolved cliffy. Miyagi may seem a little 'ooc'... but he's drunk. And I had a hankerin' for some drama. So deal with it.

Notes III: This really is JUST for fun. It's an AU where Neko Ukes have to be adopted by their Seme's lol

Miyagi stumbled through the front door of his home, stringing a line of curses behind him. Mumbling to himself as he wandered through his dark apartment, he made his way toward the bedroom, but was stopped dead in his tracks when he came face to face with Shinobu standing in the middle of the hall.

"Oi, Shinobu," He purred as a sloppy grin grew on his lips.

But his young Neko looked less than impressed. "Where were you?" He asked coldly.

"Oooh? I went out drinking with a few staff members." He smirked cockily. "Kamijou-kun didn't want to 'come'… but… I persuaded him." He oozed drunkenly.

Shinobu tensed. "Don't make sexual innuendos like that about another Neko." He snapped. "I'm not stupid. You were supposed to be home almost six hours ago!"

"You know… I was having a perfectly GREAT night until I walked through that door." Miyagi groaned irritably. "You're not my wife. Calm down, it was just a couple of drinks." He growled, heading into the bathroom as he began to take off his already loose tie.

His small golden-brown haired kitten followed after him with an air of determination. "But you promised me! That means something!" He argued desperately. "Instead of coming home to me, y-you go get drunk? I would never do that to you!" He pointed out.

"YOU would never do that to ME, because you're not old enough to get drunk. Besides, they'd never let a Neko drink alone." Miyagi mocked with a laugh. "Pipe down already."

Shinobu clenched his fists together, "Don't tell me to pipe down!" He yelled. "Stop being such a cold hearted prick!"

"Oi, watch your language." Miyagi snapped quickly, pushing past Shinobu roughly and heading back toward the kitchen. Unaffected by the dark room, he opened the fridge and took out another beer. "Shouldn't you be in bed?" He chuckled, cracking open the beer and downing half of it in one gulp. "It's late. Probably past your bedtime, hm?" He teased.

His attitude was only making his young pet angrier – and Miyagi knew it. But for some reason, he was feeling a bit more confrontational tonight. Like he WANTED a fight. It might have been the alcohol talking, or, perhaps he just liked seeing Shinobu getting so upset.

Of course, Miyagi failed to realize how much damage he was actually doing.

"I was WAITING FOR YOU!" Shinobu screamed. "You promised you'd be home! Y-You promised me!"

Miyagi slammed the fridge door closed and threw his half-empty beer can at Shinobu. The young Neko tried to block it, but instead, it hit him in the chest and the remaining beer splattered all over him.

The kitten boy stood there, stunned and dripping wet. "You can't give me one night away! Stop complaining you stupid brat." Miyagi scolded darkly. "I don't need to tell you where I am every second, or justify why I'm late. I went out with my co-workers! That's enough. I adopted you; I saved you from that pound… so show a little respect."

"You… asshole…" Shinobu choked out. Miyagi turned and glared at his young lover, whose shirt was soaked with beer - some droplets even falling from his golden hair and soft ears as he trembled. "You're SUCH an asshole! Y-You promised! And you just forgot!" He yelled; trying so desperately to keep the anger in his voice, but his sadness and vulnerability was leaking through (as it always did).

Miyagi scoffed, approaching Shinobu's small figure. "Yes, I forgot – I forgot how much of a pain in the ass you could be when something doesn't go your way." He snarled drunkenly, pointing at Shinobu. "I'm not keeping you around for your opinion! Just drop it; I'm not going to tell you again."

Turning on his heel, Miyagi stumbled a bit (the alcohol affecting him a bit more than he would have liked to admit) – but caught himself as he started to head back down the hall. He was far more agitated than usual…

So when he felt small hands roughly shove him from behind, Miyagi's temper finally snapped. He landed against the wall with a growl, his head smacking off it lightly. It didn't really hurt – perhaps because he was so drunk he felt oblivious to real pain – but that didn't deter his reaction. Spinning around, the back of Miyagi's hand came crashing back against Shinobu's cheek.

The hit was a direct and strong one – causing the small Neko to stumble back with the sheer force, and fall against the kitchen counter. Shinobu had little time to react to large hands wrap around his arms – and throw him back toward the living room.

"Go sleep on the couch tonight, you brat!" He boomed.

Shinobu tripped as he was thrown, and fell to the ground. Looking back toward his drunken lover, his eyes shone with absolute heartache while his ears were pressed back shamefully against his head.

Miyagi stared at him with a hint of regret for a moment, before his anger surged back, and he turned – disappearing back down his dark hallway toward his own bedroom.

Shinobu began to openly weep now as he awkwardly got himself to stand. He could vaguely taste blood on his lip as he meekly disappeared into the bathroom to look himself over. His cheek was searing now; it felt like it was on fire.

He couldn't believe Miyagi had hit him… and pushed him… and basically, belittled what pride he had left. This wasn't HIS fault! His older owner had broken his promise!

'Not that it was the first time.' He mentally reminded himself.

Miyagi had disappointed Shinobu time and time again. He could be rather insensitive sometimes when it came to the Neko's feelings. They had started living together about two and a half months ago after Miyagi had adopted him. He thought they were making progress, and Miyagi was finally accepting him as his lover, his equal, and his uke.

The boy was so hurt; he felt so betrayed and used. Miyagi's words kept running over in his head:

'I'm not keeping you around for your opinion!'

… What did that mean!

Crying and blubbering to himself, Shinobu tried to get the blood off of his mouth with a damp cloth and inspect his cheek.

'I don't know how to make him love meare we really soul mates?…'He thought.

'It was bad enough a few months ago, when he embarrassed me in bed. But when I tried to go back to the pound, Miyagi stopped me, and told me he wanted me to stayso why this?' He lamented.

Shinobu broke down even more and bolted back down the hall, through the kitchen, and right out the front door.

Miyagi, meanwhile, heard Shinobu crying – and felt a rather deep stab of guilt as he watched his injured, hurt Neko stare up at him. 'It's his own damn fault for making a scene over nothing.' Miyagi told himself as he stormed back down the hallway.

Only a few minutes passed before he heard Shinobu emerge from the bathroom, patter down the hall... and then open and close the front door. Then, there was silence. Normally, the professor might have been a bit more concerned that his Neko just took off without protection, or a clear idea of the neighborhood and layout of the city. But the alcohol was doing a number on his rationale. Miyagi's head was swimming as he stumbled into his private bathroom to take a piss.

What was that kid's problem? So he went out drinking with his friends – why the fuck did it matter? It's not like he did it every night! Just because he had a Neko now didn't mean he had to give up his social life, right? Shinobu, though still considered a 'kitten', could take care of himself, couldn't he?

…Ok, sure, the sexual innuendo he made about that Hiroki-Neko was a bit out of place… there was no need to increase the kid's paranoia or jealousy.

And yes… he didn't have to…

Hit him.

That had been uncalled for. And the more he thought about it – replaying it in his mind – the worse Miyagi felt.

Grumbling, he tripped and wandered back to his bedroom; collapsing on the large bed with a heavy sigh. He'd have to deal with all this tomorrow… he was far too drunk right now. I've never owned a pet before. Jesus, what did he expect? Shinobu shouldn't provoke me like that, though, right?So I promised I'd be home right after schoolwhat was the big deal?

He'll be back...

When Miyagi opened his eyes the next morning, his head was absolutely throbbing. The professor groaned and looked around blearily; "Shino—" He began to call, but his hangover was too intense, and he cut himself off with a painful moan.

"Fuck." He cursed, dragging himself reluctantly out of bed. Damn, he was still in his clothes, and he reeked of alcohol and cigarettes. Heading to the bathroom, he looked at himself in the mirror. He looked like absolute shit… but thank god it was Saturday; he wouldn't have to try and compose himself for work. After brushing his teeth and having a rather long shower, Miyagi popped some aspirin, and dragged his aching bones down the hall and into the kitchen.

But that's when he stopped dead in his tracks.

There, on his dinner table, was a magnificent, diverse… and stone cold… meal. Miyagi furrowed his brow. He hadn't noticed this last night. Then again, the apartment had been dark and dreary when he'd arrived… and he'd been too drunk to really take in any details, besides Shinobu yelling at him.

"Shinobu…" He sighed regretfully.

It was slowly coming back to him…

"Are you going to be late tonight, Miyagi?" Shinobu asked curiously; tail twitching behind him. He seemed a bit anxious about something.

Miyagi adjusted his tie as he stood in front of the mirror. "Would you like me to be late, Shinobu-chin?" He teased. "Or do you have something in mind?"

"I have something in mind." The straightforward kitten told him with a curt nod. "Please come home after work. I… I want to give you something." He admitted, blushing slightly in embarrassment behind his vacant expression. The Neko was always trying to act like he didn't care, or things weren't important. But Miyagi saw right through him.

The older man chuckled, "Well then, I'll have to come right home." He purred, nestling his nose against Shinobu's temple, before placing a kiss there as he passed and headed into the kitchen.

"Promise." Shinobu said firmly, flipping his tail – though he was still blushing from the small token of affection. "I want you to promise."

Miyagi laughed, "Oi, Oi, I promise, I promise." He repeated, shaking his head. "I need to go to work. You can get to school alright by yourself?" He asked. He had enrolled his Neko into a special school (specifically reserved for Nekos only), in order to give the boy something to do while he was at work. "I'd drive you, but—"

"I can get there fine by myself." Shinobu interrupted with a nod. "J-Just make sure you're back." He repeated.

His lover looked down at him affectionately; touched by how determined Shinobu seemed to be. Grasping the teen's arm lightly, Miyagi tugged him toward and placed a kiss on his lips. Shinobu moaned and blushed deeper as he sunk into Miyagi's broad chest. After a few seconds, Shinobu was purring; Miyagi couldn't help but smile… he loved it when a simple kiss from him could get the boy's motor going.

When they parted, both slowly opened their eyes to gaze at the other affectionately. Without another word, Miyagi left with a simple nod to his uke, and headed off to the campus…

Walking over to the dining table, he looked at the cold, neglected food and felt even worse. Shinobu wasn't the greatest cook, but what he had arranged actually looked quite edible. Of course it was ruined now. Frowning, a small envelope caught his eye. Tilting his head, Miyagi reached over, picked it up and opened it:

To my Miyagi,
I hope you know how much I love you. I know you think you're too old,
and I know you worry that I'll grow out of my love for you… but I won't.
This is fate. This is destiny. I will always love you.
Happy Two-Month Anniversary.
Your Shinobu

"Anniversary." Miyagi sighed to himself, feeling ten times guiltier now. He'd completely forgotten… had it really been two months since he'd adopted Shinobu?

And if THAT weren't bad enough… he'd come home drunk, and assaulted his Neko after he promised he'd be home. He hurt Shinobu's body, and undoubtedly his feelings, when he confronted him about his broken promise on this special day.

"Shit." Miyagi cursed to himself. Suddenly he felt extremely ill. Bolting to the bathroom, he quickly threw up in the toilet, hurling any remaining liquid out of his stomach. His head began to throb again as he groaned, and stood up.

Heading back into the kitchen, he got a drink of water, and leaned against the counter – staring at the disregarded dinner.

He had really fucked up this time…

"You're the head of the literature department," Hiroki hissed. "You could at least shower before you come to work. You look like shit."

Miyagi groaned and sat chain smoking at his desk. "Oh Ka-mi-jooou… I fucked up… waaaah." He complained childishly. "Tell me what to do."

"Ah?" Hiroki quirked a suspicious brow, "How am I supposed to help you if I don't know what's wrong, baka." He cursed, shuffling through some books. The older Neko had been working as Miyagi's assistant for a couple weeks now. It was great to have the extra hand, and to his surprise, Hiroki was incredibly knowledgeable about literature.

The dark-haired man sighed, "My Neko. We… had a fight."

"Well, that explains a lot." Hiroki mumbled. "I saw him sitting outside yesterday."

Miyagi sat up in his chair, "What!... Where?"

"In the park, just outside your building." His associate nodded, "I was walking with Nowaki; that brat was just sitting on the swings. He looked almost as bad as you." Hiroki gave Miyagi a disapproving glare. "Please tell me it wasn't YOU who gave him that shiner on his cheek." The older man drew his eyes down shamefully. He still regretted that; he had hoped he hadn't hit Shinobu hard enough to leave a mark, but apparently not. With no response, Hiroki sighed.

"Look, I would love nothing more than to stay OUT of your personal life. Believe me," Kamijou began darkly. "But if you're gonna use that brat as your personal punching bag, you should just end it now, and send him back to the pound." He growled. "Nekos aren't there to be treated like shit. And if you can't take care of one, DON'T adopt one." The elder feline finished defensively.

Miyagi glared at him, "It's not like that! It was a stupid mistake. I was drunk, and he just… pushed my buttons at the wrong time."

"I told you not to drink so much." Hiroki snarled beneath his breath as his long tail twitched and fluffed irritably.

The professor groaned, "Whatever. You didn't even stay long."

"You dragged me out to a BAR without my Seme!" Hiroki snapped. "Of course I didn't stay long. I didn't trust you, and Nowaki was incredibly upset and worried when I got home an hour late."

Miyagi smirked, "Aw, so domesticated you are, Ka~mi~jou. So mature, so fierce and intelligent… maybe I should have adopted yooooou when I had the chance." He complained childishly.

"I'd rather claw my own eyes out." Hiroki snarled, stacking some reference books.

Miyagi arrived home a little early, with the hope that Shinobu might have returned. Unfortunately, the professor was left disappointed; there was still no sign of his Neko.

Hiroki explained to his superior where he'd last seen the sandy-haired Neko whilst out with his own Seme. Miyagi headed over to that neighborhood, and began to search; looking in alleyways, behind restaurants, apartment buildings, in the park, and everywhere else he could think of. Needless to say, the end of day-one was depressing. He hadn't seen or heard from Shinobu, and wasn't able to spot him during his search. Restless and guilty, Miyagi shuffled around his apartment, wondering if he should start making fliers with the Neko's picture on them. Of course, his heart sunk a little more into it's own guilt-lined sand-trap when he realized he didn't HAVE a picture of Shinobu.

'Dammit...' He cursed.

Trying not to let the lack of a photo deter him, Miyagi sat at his computer, and typed up a small description of Shinobu, a contact number, and finally, a small reward if he was found. The boy had left with the collar and tags Miyagi had given him still on, so with any luck, Shinobu could be returned if found by a helpful stranger, or even the authorities. It was unsafe for a registered, owned Neko to be wandering alone at night without their Seme.

Saving the file onto a portable USB, Miyagi resigned himself to waiting around the flat for the rest of the evening. If Shinobu didn't turn up, he would print off some copies of his LOST postings in the morning – and start searching again...

Miyagi seemed grumpier than usual, but also more restless, the next day.

Shinobu hadn't returned. Not only that, but Miyagi hadn't slept more than two hours the entire night. It was strange how alien and isolated his bed felt now. His Neko-kitten had insisted he be permitted to sleep with Miyagi in the bed... and while the older male had rejected the idea at first, now, he wished for nothing else. He actually missed that small, warm body beside his; purring unconsciously as he cuddled against him.

He missed the feeling of Shinobu sweetly breathing into the crook of his neck while he slept. He missed the feeling of Shinobu's soft blonde tail thumping against his leg occasionally while he was dreaming. He missed the feeling of Shinobu sometimes picking and pawing at the bed sheets, and sometimes his t-shirt, when he was attempting to get comfortable before bed.

Miyagi missed it all. And he'd do anything to get things back to normal... up to, and including, swearing to never drink another drop of alcohol in his life.

He dressed and made himself as presentable as possible before heading to the nearest print-store with his 'LOST NEKO' bulletin. He got a few dozen copies, and then headed out to start posting them around his neighborhood, and the surrounding ones. He even stopped back in at the Neko pound, to leave one with the owner. She didn't seem surprised to hear Shinobu had run off; apparently he'd had several 'escape' attempts while residing at the pound.

Miyagi had to inwardly chuckle at the thought: that sandy-haired, big eyed, big eared Neko pouting, trying to clumsily scramble his way to freedom.

The professor's heart sunk a little more as he headed back toward his own neighborhood. What if he never found Shinobu? What if the Neko was gone for good? What if something had happened? What if he was hurt, or sick, or got picked up by ano-

A small weak noise caught Miyagi's attention, stopping him mid-thought as he paused outside a small alleyway. It wasn't very special looking; resting between two apartment buildings, chainlink fence at the back, a few trash cans and a larger dumpster.

Frowning, Miyagi was about to ignore what he thought he heard, ad continue on his way... when he heard the small noise again.

A great sense of foreboding overcame Miyagi.

Suddenly, the neighborhood was too quiet. The skies above were cloudy with the promise of oncoming rain... and there was a stabbing clench in his gut. It was instinct. Something was wrong, he could just feel it. Swallowing uncomfortably, Miyagi began to take some cautious steps into the alley between the apartment buildings. His eyes were focused, trying to locate the source of the pathetic sound... when he saw it.

From behind the large dumpster, limp on the ground, was a familiar, sandy-colored tail. It was barely peeking out from the large, metal object. Miyagi's whole body tensed, and he found himself walking straight toward that lifeless looking tail. Rounding the dumpster, he froze.

It was Shinobu... but not his Shinobu.

No, this Shinobu was miserable looking. His hair, and the fur of his ears was slightly matted and tangled; both dirt and blood spattered across it's natural, golden hue. His ears were flopped down, unresponsive, without their usual perkiness. His clothing was torn and tattered, and he had some scratches and bite-marks on him. Clearly he'd been in some kind of fight... but whether it was with a dog, raccoon, or another cat, Miyagi couldn't be certain.

"S-Shinobu..." Miyagi whispered urgently, bending down to his Neko.

The kitten mewled weakly and uncomfortably as Miyagi scooped him into his strong arms. He cradled Shinobu close, and hurriedly carried him out of the alleyway.

His destination? The vet.

Because as much as it pained Miyagi to be honest... he had to admit to himself that Shinobu did not look good.

And that alone caused his heart to wrench into a feeling he hadn't experienced in years: