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Pairings: Misaki/Akihiko, Hiroki/Nowaki, and Shinobu/Miyagi

Summary: Three Neko Ukes waiting to be adopted. Mew.

Notes I: Another Junjou Romantica story! Haha This is just a one-shot that I wanted to do for fun xD – but it's a long one-shot, so it's going to be split up into two chapters? Probably?

Notes II: Rated T to be safe... hopefully some smexiness ensues later.

Notes III: This really is JUST for fun. It's an AU where Neko Ukes have to be adopted by their Seme's lol

"This is stupid." Hiroki hissed from inside the large cage. His brown, large ears, which sat atop his mop of like-colored hair, were pressed down in frustration. His right ear twitched slightly, and the older Neko winced as Misaki pounced by. "I've been here for two months, and the only person I THOUGHT would adopt me by now, hasn't." He grumbled, thinking about Akihiko.

The attractive author had ventured into the store a few times to browse through the Neko's up for adoption. He befriended the writer, and did his best to subtly impress him in the hopes of being adopted… but his hints fell on deaf ears and blind eyes. Akihiko just hadn't been interested; ever since the previous Neko he had an eye on, Takahiro, had gotten adopted earlier in the week – Akihiko had been in a sour mood.

Now, Hiroki found himself depressed, and feeling unwanted. Not only that, but the new arrival of Misaki (who, consequently, was Takahiro's younger brother) and Shinobu, didn't help matters. Both were more or less still classified as kittens, where Hiroki was a bit older. They were adorable, while Hiroki knew he was just seen as… surly.

"Who wants an old Neko?" He grumbled rhetorically to himself. Compared to these naïve kittens bounding with energy, Hiroki new he was nothing special.

Misaki stopped playing for a moment, and tilted his head; his large, dark chocolate cat ears were perked up attentively, while his doe-like green eyes furrowed a bit. "You can't think like that, Hiroki-san. Someone will come along."

"Don't be naïve, brat!" He snapped back with a glowering pout. His long, tail twitched irritably.

Shinobu stalked over and nipped at Hiroki's arm. "Don't yell at him." The golden-brown Neko scolded, glaring at the older Uke. "Just because YOU'VE given up hope, doesn't mean we have."

"Well you both just got here." Hiroki reminded him bitterly. "I've been here for a while. You are also young, cute idiots… so you'll get adopted in no time at all."

The golden-haired Neko smirked teasingly, as his tail twitched while he strolled past Hiroki. "That sounds like jealousy." He teased. "Maybe if you batted your eyes more, or pounced around a bit?"

Hiroki hissed and swatted at Shinobu with his larger hand.

"Shut up!" He snarled, turning and walking away from the younger Neko's. Heading to the corner of their large display cage, Hiroki plopped himself down on the floor, and drew his knees up to his chest. His tail then instinctively wrapped around his legs, providing him with that extra feeling of comfort.

Maybe he was too negative. Maybe he had to start acting a bit friendlier, so someone would adopt him? This was just embarrassing; he was a twenty-eight year old Neko… and he STILL didn't have a Seme? His casual acquaintance, Miyagi, had offered several times to adopt Hiroki himself. But he didn't even want to THINK of having that asshole as his Seme.

But if he was lucky… maybe Akihiko would break down soon, and ad—

Hiroki heard the bell chime of the store ring, and in stepped the man he'd just been thinking about.

Akihiko Usami.

While he wanted to run to the front of their cage, and stare at the attractive man – Hiroki stayed put. He could act aloof; he could draw Akihiko to him, perhaps, by pretending he didn't want his attention.

"Hello Kirowa," Akihiko greeted to the woman at the front. "Any new arrivals?" He asked.

It was a usual question for the gifted author; he was always hoping that perhaps the woman who adopted Takahiro might bring him back, and exchange him. But there was no such luck. Kirowa smiled and nodded, "Welcome back, Usami-sensei." She greeted. "We have two new arrivals this morning. Shinobu, the golden-blond one… and Misaki, the one with the big green eyes…" She paused sweetly.

Akihiko nodded, but didn't seem too interested. Knowing exactly what he was after, Kirowa continued, "And, as it just so happens, Misaki is Takahiro's younger brother."

With the end of that statement – Akihiko spun around, and immediately headed back toward the large cages that housed the Neko Ukes. His lavender eyes were intensely focused as he scanned the cages, looking for the Neko that Kirowa had described. Finally, he spotted a cage, which listed his name amidst two others:


Looking down, Akihiko saw the golden-hair, large ears and gray eyes of the 'Shinobu' that Kirowa had described. He had a sedated look; almost kind of bored. He gave Akihiko a once over with his eyes, before the kitten looked away… clearly unimpressed and uninterested.

Peering further behind the initial, dismissive Neko – Akihiko spotted another kitten pattering around in the middle of the cage. He had lovely chocolate brown hair and large ears, which matched the color of his lively tail. His eyes were a stunning green color, and large in size. In fact, Akihiko wasn't sure he'd seen ANYONE'S eyes that large before. The young Neko was simply captivating. Akihiko couldn't believe this was Takahiro's brother. They looked so different.

He watched bemusedly as Misaki pounced around; entertaining himself with a small bit of balled up newspaper, which he battered around playfully.

"Misaki," Akihiko called in a warm voice. He loved the way it just rolled off his tongue - like he should have been saying the name all along.

The Neko's ears twitched at hearing his name, and slowly he stood; his green orbs taking in the attractive gentlemen in front of his cage curiously. "Y-Yes?" He responded, stopping in front of the cage beside Shinobu and sitting down.

"You're Takahiro's brother?" He asked, tilting his head as he ran his eyes over the Neko.

Misaki sat up properly, almost proudly making a good show of himself. "Yes, Nii-chan means everything to me. When I heard he got adopted, I-I decided to take his place, and make him proud by making someone happy myself." He recited.

That was all Akihiko needed to hear. What a selfless act for a Neko; he wanted to make his brother proud, and make a Seme happy in the process? How could he walk away from such a selfless kitten? This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

"Kirowa," Akihiko called. "I'm going to take this one."

Misaki's eyes widened his surprise, "Nyyyya! ME?"

"Very good, Sensei." She cooed. Opening the cage, she was quick to shoo Shinobu back inside (who attempted to venture past her in the hopes of exploring) – and took Misaki's hand. Leading the young teen out of the cage, she escorted him to the front.

Akihiko was about to follow, when he caught sight of Hiroki, still sitting near the back of the cage… looking completely distraught and heartbroken.

For once, Usami didn't know what to say or do. He thought of Hiroki as a friend – but couldn't bring himself to adopt him as his Neko.

Turning his lavender orbs downward, Akihiko regretfully walked away from the cage – and headed toward the front to sign the release papers and necessary documents for Misaki.

Hiroki watched him go, and his eyes slowly fluttered shut. How did he end up at the bottom of the barrel? He was smart; he loved literature, and DID have a heart (contrary to popular rumor). Yes, Hiroki knew he wasn't the most 'approachable' Neko; yes, he had some temperament issues, which apparently, younger kittens didn't have. He was definitely an independent feline, but… did that mean he was no good?

A physical shadow crossed the cage's view, but Hiroki didn't bother looking up. Tears had already begun to well up in his burgundy-colored eyes as he stared at the floor, and curled his tail a little tighter around himself.

"Such a sad looking Neko…" He heard the customer whisper to himself.

Hiroki winced. Yup. Who in their right mind would want to adopt a sad Neko? This customer was probably just taking pity on him, before heading off to look at more appealing Neko's.

The sound of the cage clicking open caused Hiroki's large ear to shift; curving to point in the direction of the sound.

"Freedom!" He heard Shinobu mewl excitedly as he bounded out of the cage.

Hiroki furrowed his brow; whoever was stupid enough to open the cage would get an earful from Kirowa now that Shinobu had escaped. That damn kitten was always causing some sort of mischief… and he'd only just got here! It was hard for Hiroki to really care, though.

That was, until he felt a warm, large hand gently stroke him on the top of his head - rubbing a rather pleasant spot between Hiroki's cat ears. Looking up tentatively, and a bit startled at the sudden contact, Hiroki gasped to see someone staring right back at him.

He was rather large: not fat, but tall – that much was clear given the amount of room in the cage had suddenly lessened. His hair was black, and his eyes were a brilliant blue color; they were inviting, and held a warmth and sensitivity that Hiroki had never seen.

"What's your name?" The dark-haired young man asked intently.

Hiroki stared at him; still stunned someone had initiated contact with him. "H-Hiroki…" He responded in an awkward, low voice.

"I'm Nowaki." The man smiled, sliding his hand into Hiroki's and pulling him to his feet. "And I'll be your new Seme." He began to drag the older Neko out of the cage.

The male kitten tensed, "W-What? Are you kidding? How old are you?" He hissed, struggling against the stronger pull of his 'new' owner.

"Twenty-five." Nowaki said lightly, pulling Hiroki closer to him as he walked toward the front of the store.

Hiroki fumed, "Baka! You're too young! Adopt a kitten! Are you stupid? Let me go! I don't want to be adopted by you!" He complained as his face heated up in an embarrassing blush. Who did this kid think he was? Why in God's name would this sweet-looking guy want to adopt a difficult, OLDER Neko for?

"Hiro-chan, you're so cute." Nowaki purred, wrapping an arm around his waist as he stood in line behind a silver-haired gentleman… who seemed to be purchasing his own Neko.

Hiroki blushed and scowled, "It's Hiroki!" He corrected childishly.

Shinobu, meanwhile, had scooted nimbly past Nowaki when he opened the cage; he was too captivated by the sullen looking Neko in the back corner to bother paying attention to the other Neko occupying the cage. Heading right toward the front door with an energetic run, Shinobu suddenly found that his 'freedom' wasn't as close as he thought.

Especially after running smack into two long legs.

"Oi, oi," The gentlemen grumbled. Reaching down, he picked Shinobu up beneath his arms, and held the little Neko boy out in front of him. "I can only assume you aren't supposed to be out of your cage. What a disobedient Uke." He muttered, cigarette bobbing between his lips.

Shinobu's gray eyes finally glanced up to the man in front of him, initially with a pout. But when he focused on the male – Shinobu was taken aback.

"…What?" The man asked, skeptically eying a stunned Shinobu as he began to take him back to his open cage.

The golden-haired Neko suddenly reached forward, and wrapped his arms and legs around the man's body. His face buried itself into his neck, and within seconds, Shinobu was purring happily.

"W-What the hell?" The gentlemen grumbled nervously, a small blush touching his cheeks.

But Shinobu ignored him. "What's your name?" He demanded cutely.

"Uh… Miyagi?" He answered, trying to pry the boy's lithe limbs from around his body. "Come on. Get back in your cage."

Shinobu snapped his head up, and bore his fierce, stormy eyes into Miyagi's; wrapping his tail around Miyagi's waist to accompany the grip his legs already had. "You're not going to adopt me?" Shinobu asked. He looked a little hurt, but that was replaced by a spoiled glare. "You're not going to find another Neko better than me, you know. I'm loyal, and clean, and a pure breed." He boasted firmly. "I ran into you on purpose. It was fate."

"You've gotta be kidding me," Miyagi laughed awkwardly, still prying Shinobu off him one limb at a time. "I-I just came in to browse. I see a lot of people coming in-and-out of here, and… I know Hiroki, so… it was just to pop in. I don't want a Neko." He backtracked, rambling a little bit in search of his excuses.

The golden-haired kitten glared, "Miyagi! It's fate! This is density, don't you feel it?" He pressed, biting on the gentleman's finger and hand with his small fangs - nipping at him, and trying to get Miyagi to keep holding him. The bites didn't hurt; in fact, to Miyagi, it just felt like a couple of small pinches.

It was kind of cute.

"No." He grumbled, finally shoving Shinobu off him and back into his cage. The kitten-boy immediately made a run for the door again, but Miyagi was quick to close it. "Damn brat. You'll get adopted soon. Besides, I'm too old to think about adopting a Neko now."

Shinobu's gray eyes shot daggers at Miyagi as he clung to the bars of the cage. "M-Miyagi!" He yelled furiously. "Adopt me!" He pleaded. The Neko winced as he felt tears beginning to sting his eyes; distorting his vision and making everything appear a bit blurry.

Miyagi peered down at the determined, spirited little Neko… and for a moment, felt rather guilty and kind of bad for the kid.

"Sorry." He muttered, turning and walking back out of the store; puffing on his cigarette. "You can do better. Trust me." He encouraged half-heartedly.

The dark-haired gentlemen convinced himself that Shinobu was just a young Neko who was eager to please. In a day or two, he'd forget all about him, and get adopted by someone who actually WANTED a Neko. Miyagi was almost certain that this was for the best, as he slipped out of the Neko Shop, and disappeared.

Shinobu's glare slowly disappeared, and was replaced by a more sullen one - as he slid down the wall of the cage, and sat down. He looked back toward the corner to see that Hiroki was gone; that other customer must have adopted him.

So now he was alone.

Shinobu pouted, and tried to ignore the thoughts of Miyagi that were filling his head… but he couldn't. He was so attracted to him; the way he smelled was so soothing, so alluring. He wasn't really one to show too much affection, and there wasn't a whole lot someone could do that would cause him to purr…

But for some reason, Miyagi sparked something in the golden-haired Neko.

He was sure he could make him happy if given the chance.

"Waaah! Usagi-san! This place is huge! It's so… so… nice!" Misaki swooned in awe as he entered the writer's enormous penthouse apartment.

Akihiko could only smirk, as he closed the door behind them. "Thank you." He shrugged off his coat, and tossed it onto the couch. "It's your home now, so, I'm glad you're impressed."

"Nya… why is there a big bear on the couch?" The brunette Neko asked, stopping curiously in front of the large stuffed animal.

Akihiko grinned as he moved into the kitchen and began to get himself some coffee. "That's Susuki-san. There's a room upstairs full of them. I collect them." He explained lazily - shifting his eyes back to his new Neko more than he probably should have. He just couldn't help it; Misaki was adorable.

Misaki tilted his head, and his tail flipped a bit playfully. Shifting forward, he swatted at the large bear's head a couple of times… before crouching down, and pouncing onto it.

Akihiko actually held back a small chuckle at the sight. It would appear he'd gotten himself a lively kitten.

"Misaki, are you hungry?" He purred, taking a sip of his coffee as he stared at the teen.

The Neko rolled away from the bear (which almost rivaled his size), and stood up, "A-Are YOU hungry, Usagi-san?" He asked eagerly, quickly moving into the kitchen. "I can fix you something! I love to cook!" Misaki began to maneuver around the kitchen and browse through the fridge. It looked so effortless.

"You called me Usagi-san." Akihiko smiled fondly.

Misaki winced, and looked up at the tall author a bit nervously, "Ah… sorry, I-I meant to say… Usami-sensei," He admitted with a blush.

"No. Call me Usagi-san." Akihiko pressed, taking a step forward and wrapping his arms around Misaki's slender torso. "I like it." He whispered huskily into his ear.

The Neko trembled, and hissed, "Baka! Usagi-san! I'm cooking!" He scolded, squirming out of the man's grip – before continuing to move around the kitchen. Akihiko watched him move lustfully; his eyes following each flick of his large ears, each twitch his tail made, or the way his doe-like green eyes were focused and sweet all at the same time.

"I'll take your things upstairs and unpack for you." Usagi offered warmly. "Call me when it's ready." He tossed over his shoulder as he began to take Misaki's things upstairs to his room. The author couldn't help but notice how light hearted and playful he felt inside. He hadn't experienced such a feeling in a long time. Apparently, adopting Misaki as his Neko had been a good investment. He was already feeling better.

After an hour, Usagi wandered back downstairs, to see Misaki placing the last few dishes on the table. "Ah, Usagi-san! You're just in time!" The Neko boy said with a proud smile; tail twitching excitedly behind him.

"It smells delicious." Usagi-san complimented. He didn't realize how hungry he actually WAS until he smelled the heavenly aroma of his Uke's cooking. The meal tasted just as good as it smelled, and by the end of it, both were content and full.

Misaki rounded the table, and cleared the dishes. "I-I was thinking, Usagi-san, that I could help you out. Why don't I take care of the cooking and chores, and-and that way it'll be like paying rent?" He offered.

"Misaki," Usagi-san smirked, "I adopted you. You're my Neko. I don't expect you to pay rent, or provide your services…" He explained; at least, not outside of the bedroom – his perverted mind added in.

The kitten blushed and shrugged, "I don't mind. I want to help out. I just hate feeling useless, and I can take care of myself pretty well, so… I want to pull my own weight."

"How thoughtful." Usagi-san purred seductively.

Misaki's ear twitched and he glanced back toward his Seme, before pouncing off to the kitchen with the remaining dishes. He kept his head down, and began to wash them studiously; something about Akihiko made Misaki's heart flutter, and he wasn't sure why. The way he looked at him was lewd, to say the least… and as much as Misaki forced himself to believe he DIDN'T like it – he kind of did.

"Stupid Usagi." He grumbled to himself.

Just as he was finishing the dishes, his large green orbs flickered up to see Usagi-san already seated on his couch… staring at him with a devilish smirk. "Are you finished the dishes?"

"I-I just did." Misaki responded, drying his hands on the nearest tea towel. "Do you need something?"

Usagi-san let out a small, breathed laugh. "I need some Misaki." He lured. "Come here."

"Baka." The kitten hissed, crossing his arms disobediently. "That doesn't make sense." He scolded Akihiko. "Besides, this is my first night here. So don't try anything funny."

But the author didn't seem too deterred by this little game of cat-and-mouse.

"Fine, stay in the kitchen." Akihiko shrugged carelessly. But something twitched into Misaki's sight – causing the boy to immediately tense. Akihiko held in his hand a small, black wand, which had a fluffy, mouse toy attached to the end. "I guess I'll just play by myself." He sighed.

Misaki's green orbs followed the toy intensely; his head shifted with each movement of the object… and followed Usagi-san's every whim. Shaking his head a few times, Misaki pouted and crossed his arms.

"Don't be stupid. Grow up, Usagi-san." Misaki grumbled, sliding down to sit on the kitchen floor, out of sight.

But he could still hear the quick, erratic movement of the kitten-toy; the small bell on the end jingling every so often, and reminding Misaki of his prey. Unable to resist, the Neko crept silently along the base of the cupboards, around the island, until he was behind the couch adjacent to the one Usagi-san was seated on.

Slowly, the silver-haired gentleman saw two curious, chocolate cat ears perk up from behind the back of the couch… slowly followed by two large, dilated green eyes.

He couldn't help but chuckle as Misaki ducked back down out of sight. What an adorable Neko. He wanted to jump his new Uke right then and there, but Akihiko knew he would have a better chance if he continued to draw the teen to him voluntarily with the cat toy.

As a few minutes passed, Misaki snuck closer and closer toward the couch; keeping his eyes on the toy and stalking it like any other feline would. Usagi-san could barely contain his laughter when he saw Misaki stick his rear up in the air, flipping his tail, as he got ready to pounce. Finally, the boy jumped out and swatted eagerly at the alluring toy. Usagi-san allowed Misaki the chance to bat at it a couple of times, but he did well to let it evade the Neko if he got too close.

Lifting it higher, and slightly behind his head, Usagi-san chuckled as Misaki pounced on top of his lap, and began crawling and reaching all over him in a desperate attempt to get the cat-toy pole. As innocent as Misaki's intentions were, Usagi-san found him getting completely aroused by the energetic kitten fumbling around his lap.

When Misaki caught the cat-toy pole between his hands, he held it close to his chest, and chomped down on the top part – where the fluffy, furry gray-mouse toy was mounted. Usagi-san took this opportunity to shift their positions, and lay Misaki down on his back on the couch, while Akihiko loomed his larger body over him.

The Neko gulped nervously. His cheeks flushed a deep red, and he couldn't help but lower his eyes away from Akihiko's in a bashful attempt to avoid his intense, lavender gaze. The kitten nibbled on the furry toy cutely.

He felt so warm and safe beneath his new Seme.

"Misaki," Usagi-san whispered, his lips brushing against Misaki's soft cheek. "You're so... beautiful." He admitted huskily. Leaning down, he captured the brunette's lips with his own. Misaki was tentative and unsure at first, but as soon as Akihiko's warm tongue lapped at the folds of his soft lips, the Neko couldn't help but moan and give him access to explore his mouth.

When their kiss finally ended, both young men pulled away, and tried to regulate their labored breathing. Misaki could see the lust intensifying behind Usagi-san's eyes.

"U-Uh… Usagi-san?" Misaki stammered quietly. "N-No more. Please?" He requested. Misaki wasn't stupid; he was well aware that his job as a Neko Uke was to please his Seme, provide comfort, and generally support him in his everyday life. But this was going to be his first time. And not only that, but Usagi-san had JUST adopted him. While Misaki was drawn to the author, he was still aware that he didn't really know him too well. "Not tonight," Misaki requested weakly.

Akihiko stared at him blankly, as if it was a serious struggle to make the decision. Internally, Usagi-san WAS debating himself; he didn't HAVE to listen to his Uke's request. He could just take what he wanted. But for some reason, his heart was advising him to actually listen... for once.

"Alright." Usagi-san agreed with a heavy sigh.

Before he knew it, Misaki found a warm, familiar rumbling erupting from his chest. As embarrassed as he felt… he was purring. Craning his neck upward a bit (cat toy forgotten), Misaki nestled his nose into the crook of Akihiko's neck, as his purring grew louder. He could show his gratitude by affection, couldn't he? Misaki had to admit, he liked cuddling, when the moment suited him.

The weight of his Seme shifted from him, and before Misaki knew it, he was being lifted into Akihiko's arms; bridal style. Instinctively, the brunette Neko wrapped his arms around Usagi-san's neck, and wrapped his long tail around the author's waist as he was being carried upstairs.

"Misaki," Usagi-san groaned; his lips and tongue trailing down the soft skin of his Uke's jaw. "I can't restrain myself if you continue to tempt me." He warned.

The kitten frowned, "Baka, Usagi! You've got to have SOME self-control!"

Misaki mewled as he was suddenly tossed onto a large bed, which was steeped in Usagi-san's natural scent. Unable to stop himself, Misaki burrowed into the comfy sheets, and nestled down. He was definitely ready to sleep after a good meal, and a bit of play. But his comfort didn't last too long…

"Nyaaaa…" The Neko whined, as he felt himself jostled a bit from the plush spot he'd managed to bury himself into. That spot, however, was replaced as Usagi-san pulled Misaki against his chest, and spooned the boy - wrapping him in his long, strong arms.

Once he was settled again, Misaki resumed his purring, and nestled closer to the body heat Usagi-san's embrace was providing. He smelled so good, and despite only knowing his new Seme for a couple of hours… Misaki felt safe with him.

"Good night, Misaki." Usagi-san whispered intimately into his large ear.

It twitched a bit as the breath tickled some of his fur, but Misaki just buried himself closer into the crook of Akihiko's neck; his gentle purring lulling them both to sleep…

"Well, this is it." Nowaki smiled as he closed the door behind him.

He'd taken Hiroki to his apartment after he'd finished signing the paperwork to adopt him. Hiroki had been sulking for the duration of their walk home, and ignored Nowaki's friendly attempts to start a conversation.

The Neko took a few steps and looked around, scrutinizing the apartment as much as possible. "Oh."

"What do you think?" The dark-haired young man asked with another eager smile.

Hiroki glared at him, "It's fine. It looks like any other apartment." He grumbled, dismissing the feeling of relief that was bubbling inside him. He finally had a home now.

"Are you hungry, Hiro-chan?" His new Seme asked, already busying himself in the kitchen. "Why don't I make us something to eat, and you can look around… and get settled?" He offered warmly. "The bedroom is just down that hall." He pointed out.

Hiroki scoffed, "I'll sleep on the couch. Like hell I'm sleeping in the same bed as an irresponsible brat." He muttered. He still didn't understand why someone like Nowaki would adopt HIM of all Neko's. While they had only just met, Nowaki's overall demeanor and attitude seemed very generous; he was kind, considerate and seemed to have a rather high tolerance when it came to Hiroki.

He knew he'd already made several, discouraging comments to Nowaki about this new arrangement – but still – Nowaki smiled at him and spoke to him sweetly.

It was confusing and unsettling, to say the least.

Tossing his things near the couch, Hiroki began to browse around the modest apartment. It was very clean, which he had to admit, he liked. It had Nowaki's inviting scent, and was rather brightly lit. Furrowing his brow – Hiroki decided to focus on the negatives, like he always did.

"Don't you have any books around here?" Hiroki growled.

Nowaki glanced back toward Hiroki, "Oh. Sorry Hiro-chan. I'm not really one for reading. I don't really have the time."

"Reading is important, brat." He snapped - his tail flipping irritably. "You should MAKE time. What is it you DO exactly, that causes you to forego reading, hm? Some kind of athletic team, or nightlife ritual?" Hiroki scoffed sarcastically as he continued to wander around the apartment. It was hard to believe that a twenty-five year old would be even remotely responsible yet.

Nowaki kept his eyes focused on his cooking, and tried to ignore the small pang of discouragement he felt in his heart. "Actually, I'm a doctor." He admitted. "Well… soon I'll be a doctor. Pediatrics." Nowaki clarified. "I'm still in residence, and I have another part-time job at a flower shop when I'm not studying or working at the hospital."

Hiroki tensed, and his ears flattened shamefully against his head.

"That's…" He paused, for once caught off guard. "Commendable." He finished in a low, almost inaudible voice.

Now guilt was coursing through his system. Nowaki was going to be a doctor? And he was going to be looking after children, no less? Hiroki couldn't help but think that maybe his new Seme was perfect in every way: so why did it annoy him so much? Was it because his own confidence was so low? Was it because Hiroki didn't feel like he was GOOD enough to be Nowaki's Neko… or anyone's, for that matter?

"Dinner's ready, Hiro-chan." Nowaki announced brightly, setting the meal on the table. "Sorry it's not too special. I need to buy some groceries tomorrow." He explained as they sat down. "Is there anything you'd like me to pick up? What do you like to eat Hiro-chan?"

Hiroki kept his eyes on his plate, too ashamed and too grumpy to look up at Nowaki after his behavior. "Whatever you normally get is fine." He muttered as he began to pick at his food. For some reason he wasn't all that hungry.

This was a big change. He was in a new apartment, with someone he DIDN'T know, and he would remain here. A twenty-five year old brat adopted him; what was this kid even thinking going for a twenty-eight year old Neko?

The more he thought about it, the more irritated and confused Hiroki became. Why couldn't he understand this? What was this kid's motive?

Why hadn't Akihiko just adopted him, like he'd hoped?

What was wrong with him?

When the meal was over, Hiroki was quick to clear the dishes himself and start washing them.

"Oh, Hiro-chan, you don't have to wash up. I can do it." Nowaki smiled pleasantly.

Hiroki kept his eyes focused on the sudsy water before him. "No. You cooked dinner. I'm doing it." He snapped uncomfortably as a blush feathered his cheeks.

But his embarrassment quickly turned to anger when he felt Nowaki wrap his long arms around his waist.

"You're so cute, Hiro-chan," He mused, nestling his nose behind one of Hiroki's large, chestnut colored cat ears.

Before he could stop himself, Hiroki reacted, and spun around with enough force that Nowaki had to take a step back. His surprise turned to utter shock when he felt Hiroki's hand strike against his cheek – defensively clawing him.

"D-Don't grab me like that!" Hiroki hissed; his tail was puffed out and his ears were back. His breathing was quick and labored as he stared at his Seme.

Nowaki, on the other hand, just stood there – gazing at Hiroki was wide, concerned blue eyes. Hiroki waited for his Seme to scold him, or punish him for lashing out. It's what his previous Seme's had done; in fact, Hiroki's behavior was more often than not, the reason he kept getting sent back to the Neko pound.

He was convinced Nowaki would be no different, and realize the mistake he'd made in picking such a temperamental, independent, and territorial Neko.

"Hiro-chan… I'm sorry." Nowaki said gently. Lifting his hand to his cheek, the dark-haired young man touched the irritated red skin that was in a 'rake' swoop from Hiroki's nail. What dumbfounded Hiroki even more, was how Nowaki gave him an understanding, and warmly empathetic, smile. "This has been a big day. I'll let you get settled for the rest of the evening." He nodded. "Good night."

Hiroki watched as Nowaki exited the kitchen, and disappeared down the hall and into his room. Slowly, the Neko released a long breath that he wasn't aware he'd been holding. What was that? Why didn't Nowaki get mad when he lashed out at him? Why did he look at him so sympathetically? Hiroki knew he was being unreasonably difficult, and he knew it.

That familiar pang of guilt swept through his system as he tried to finish the dishes. Nowaki had been nothing but kind to him. And what had Hiroki done? He'd protested someone FINALLY adopting him, he bitched the entire walk home, he criticized Nowaki's lack of literature, he'd made no effort to keep conversation going at dinner, and now… he'd scratched his Seme.

Hiroki lowered his eyes and dried his hands. He was awful. He didn't deserve any of this; no wonder his Seme's kept sending him back to the Neko pound.

'I'm not surprised that bastard didn't adopt me. Akihiko's probably enjoying his playful, happy young Neko right now,' Hiroki thought bitterly.

With the dishes completed, Hiroki walked back through the quiet apartment, and lay down on the couch. He hoped that perhaps he could sleep off all this uncertainty; this mood swing, and this guilt. But it didn't work. Hiroki just tossed and turned on the couch, thinking about how he'd just chased Nowaki out of the comfort of his own apartment. The guy probably wouldn't come out of his room for the rest of the night, in favor of giving Hiroki what he THOUGHT he wanted:


But Hiroki was quick to realize that 'space' wasn't actually what he wanted. He'd been given space for years now; he didn't have a place to call home, and now that he had one… he was rebelling against it? Shouldn't he take advantage of the fact that someone wanted him, even at this age? And that someone was warm, considerate, and sweet?

As his tail twitched and swayed angrily, Hiroki got up from the couch and quietly skulked his way down the hall to Nowaki's room. The door was shut, but there was still a small flood of light coming out from the bottom; he knew the other was still awake. Briefly, the Neko debated knocking, like proper etiquette would have dictated…

However, that idea was promptly tossed aside as Hiroki's pride returned. He opened the door and stepped into the room with his ears pressed down, and his tail twitching. The floor was his visual focus.

Nowaki, on the other hand, looked up when he heard the door open. He was holding a book and reading in bed. He would have liked to think it was because of his own free will… but after Hiroki's comment about the lack of literature in the house, Nowaki felt compelled to prove to his new Uke that he DID, in fact, enjoy reading.

"Hiro-chan?" He addressed him curiously. The Neko looked so embarrassed and so ashamed; Nowaki found it hard to stop himself from gushing over how cute his Hiro-chan was behaving.

Hiroki blushed, and continued to stare at the ground. "Nowaki… I'm cold." He complained in a weak voice.

"Well," The dark-haired young man smiled, "There's room in my bed." He offered, patting the space beside him.

Glancing up for only a second, Hiroki made his way to the free side of the large bed, and slipped in. He lay on his side, facing AWAY from Nowaki because he was far too embarrassed to face him. "Thanks." Hiroki mumbled beneath his breath.

The feline heard the light in the room turn off with a soft 'click' – and it was only a moment afterward that Hiroki felt Nowaki's arms wrap around him again; pulling Hiroki's back flush against his broad chest.

"Is this warmer, Hiro-chan?" Nowaki asked, nuzzling his lips and nose into the soft hair behind Hiroki's adorable cat-ears.

Hiroki blushed even more, but couldn't help snuggling further into the blankets and into Nowaki's embrace. "Yes." He admitted angrily. "Now go to sleep." He ordered.

Even though Hiroki couldn't see Nowaki's face – he could feel his Seme smile into his hair, and tighten his grip around his torso. And just as they both began to drift off to sleep, Nowaki was jostled lightly by the pleasant sound of Hiroki purring…

Contrary to his first statement… Miyagi continued to venture into the Neko Pound to browse through the eager kittens that were waiting to be adopted.

More specifically… Shinobu.

He would pass by and tease the young Neko – who continued to adamantly persist through the bars of his cage that they were 'destined' to be together, and that 'fate' was telling Miyagi to adopt him. For some reason, the professor found it highly amusing.

But each time he felt himself getting drawn into Shinobu's adorable features, his fantasy and his whims… Miyagi would make an awkward joke, and leave the pound to return home. Shinobu seemed to get more and more determined with each passing visit from Miyagi – but the man still refused to budge on the idea that he was 'too old' to adopt, and had 'no use' for a Neko at this time in his life.

Sure, it was kind of mean. Miyagi knew he wasn't doing the kid any favors by visiting him a few times a week, and NOT adopting him. It was a tease – though Miyagi just couldn't help himself. With each passing day, he kept wondering if Shinobu was adopted yet. So, he'd stop in, and reassure himself that the boy-kitten was still there.

On one, particular stormy afternoon, Miyagi ducked into the Neko pound for some temporary cover from the rain. He tousled off the water on his hair, and greeted the owner of the pound, before he began to browse the cages – just like he always did. He stopped at a few new cages; he flirted and teased some of the other Neko's, before he finally reached Shinobu's cage.

He expected to see the teen sitting right at the front bars, flipping his tail in anger with his tan-colored ears pressed down on his head – like he did any other time Miyagi paid attention to any other Neko but himself.

But this time… he was surprised to see Shinobu sitting more toward the middle of the cage; he was away from the door, and was hugging his knees against his chest while his tail was also wrapped around his legs. He couldn't see the boy's face, because he kept it buried… but he seemed sad. His body was lacking its usual defiant spirit, and his tail wasn't even moving.

Clearing his throat, Miyagi awkwardly laughed, "Soooo I come by in the pouring rain to visit, and you can't even greet me?" He mused teasingly. "Maybe I should head back over to those more playful Neko's who showed me all that attention earlier." He baited.

Yet Shinobu didn't move.

Frowning, Miyagi rested a hand on the cage door. "…Shinobu?" He called, a bit more gently this time.

"Don't you see how… cruel this is?" Shinobu whispered. "Haven't you… taunted me enough?"

Miyagi felt a small sting of guilt in his heart as he swallowed, "What are you talking about, Shinobu-chin?" He watched as the golden-haired Neko rested his head on his folded arms; he could at least see Shinobu's face now, but the boy's gray orbs were focused on the ground. It even looked like he was… crying?

"I-I don't know what to do anymore," He choked out in a mewled sob. "I-I don't know how to make you see. I would be so loyal to you, and… I would love you. I TRY to show you that each time you come in…" He explained sadly. "B-But you still don't want me. You leave without a second thought, and-and… I know you don't think about me again for the rest of the day. But… I think about you…" He whispered tearfully, "I-I think about you… all the time…"

The dark-haired professor couldn't bring himself to say anything. He felt so bad. And really, this was the first time he'd seen a 'genuine' glimpse of Shinobu. Any other time he'd come in, the brat acted so proud. He scolded Miyagi for looking at other Neko's, before he would flaunt how purebred he was and how talented he was, and then declare his interest in Miyagi time and time again. It all seemed like such an 'act' – something Shinobu was only doing to try and entice Miyagi into adopting him.

But right now… he was able to see how his teasing visits were affecting the boy.

"Stop coming here." Shinobu sobbed, wrapping his tail more tightly around his legs.

Miyagi's eyes softened toward the Neko, "Shinobu… I'm sorry."

"Just go if you're going." The feline whispered back. The professor opened his mouth to respond, but the golden-haired boy cut him off with a definitive, "Go." Successfully ending the brief conversation.

For some reason, he couldn't pull himself away from the cage. Miyagi stood there - staring through the tiny cage bars toward the upset Uke in the middle. He didn't know what to say. He didn't like seeing Shinobu so sad, and he knew that adopting him would make the boy happy, but… Miyagi just couldn't say those words.

When Shinobu's teary eyes lifted up to see Miyagi STILL standing at his cage, the boy crawled further away – into the more shadowy, back end of the cage – where he curled up into a ball, and put his back to Miyagi.

Knowing that there was nothing he could say or do (besides the obvious) to appease Shinobu, Miyagi reluctantly walked away from the cage. He ignored the Neko's that tried to catch his attention with their playfulness as he walked back out, and into the rain.

He really felt like scum.

Everything Shinobu had said was true. Why DID he keep going back to see Shinobu? Miyagi was adult enough to realize that it would be conceived as a tease; especially since he had admitted several times he had no 'interest' in owning a Neko Uke at this time in his life.

So why then did he keep going back? Why then did the thought of Shinobu slip into his mind more and more with each passing day?

Miyagi drank himself to sleep that night, but not before writing himself a sloppy 'reminder' letter, which he left on his kitchen table.

When he awoke the following morning, with the barest hint of a hangover, Miyagi re-discovered the letter and read it:


Stop being a stubborn asshole. Go adopt Shinobu.
You know you want to, and drinking yourself to death last night is enough proof.
You already think about him more than you should. And you made him cry.
You teased him, and dangled the possibility in front of that poor Neko's face.

Now go make that possibility a reality.

Love, Miyagi

PS … Don't argue with me.


"Shit. I'm crabby when I'm drunk." He muttered, crumpling up the scribbled note. "But Miyagi's an intelligent guy. Maybe I should listen." He gloated to himself. Apparently, though guilt was still raking through his body from what Shinobu had said… his 'self-confidence' was still flittering around as well.

Grabbing his keys, his wallet, and his black overcoat – Miyagi left his apartment, and headed right toward the Neko Pound to do his good-deed for the year.

Unfortunately, it seemed that he arrived a few minutes too late.

Miyagi came to a dead halt when he walked in the door, and saw a dark-haired man in a business suit standing at the counter… with Shinobu standing sadly by his side. The Neko looked devastated, and hung his head low. There was a small chain attached to Shinobu's collar, which Kirowa was holding. Some Seme's requested their Uke's be leashed before taking them out of the store… but it was considered highly unnecessary.

And it infuriated him to see Shinobu with a chain attached to his collar.

"Sorry." Miyagi announced, walking up to the counter and grabbing the attention of the three people already conversing with one another. "But I had a hold on that Neko." He explained, pointing at Shinobu. The boy seemed shocked into silence, though his ears were perked up, now that he was paying attention.

His heartbroken look turned to one of desperation.

It only egged Miyagi on.

"I'm sorry, but I've already claimed him." The other man snarled.

Miyagi shot him a dangerous glare, before he slammed his hand down onto the counter. Beneath it was a wad of cash. Kirowa's eyebrows shot up at the amount of money; it was far more generous than someone tended to pay for a Neko from the pound.

The other customer seemed just as stunned, whereas Shinobu was staring at Miyagi with hopeful, tear-filled eyes. Snatching the paper work from Kirowa, the professor began to quickly fill it out.

"That chain won't be necessary." He grumbled, taking a moment to glance at the older woman – who nodded, and removed the chain link from Shinobu's collar. When he finished, Miyagi handed the papers and the roll of cash to Kirowa, before he moved over to Shinobu. The child still looked incredibly dumbfounded, so, instead of urging him along – Miyagi simply picked him up in his arms, and began to carry him out of the pound.

As soon as they hit the street - Shinobu was wailing and crying. He wrapped his thin arms and legs around Miyagi's waist and shoulders, as he buried his face into the older man's neck. He could even feel the happy, eager thump of Shinobu's tail against his leg and his back as they walked.

He couldn't help but smirk.

"Stop crying, brat," He soothed, holding the small teen closer to him; cradling him under his backside. "I paid for a purebred, high class Neko – which is what you told me you were. I don't want a blubbering, crying one." He teased.

Miyagi heard Shinobu sniffled a few times, before his arms and legs clutched to him even tighter – and his long, sandy colored tail also wrapped around his waist; like he was afraid Miyagi would let him go suddenly.

As he carried his new Uke to his new home…

Miyagi knew he'd made the right choice.

Author's Notes: lol ok so that was all just for fun. I considered ending it here… but, I may just start doing a series of one-shots, featuring these versions of the characters in different home scenarios. Yes? No? That way it's not one, long cohesive story, but you can keep reading about the evolution and development of the Neko's and their new Seme's.