Alright everyone this message comes from a really sad place in my heart. I know most of you are probably like, "yay new chapter for the New Year" but that is not what this is. This message is going out to all of my stories that are not finished. I have recently been very busy with college, as I have said in quite a few of my author's notes lately. Well I finally got a whole month and a week to work on my stories. Yay I know but my laptop had fallen off my bed quite a few times during my time at college and all of it finally caught up with it. All of my stories were on my laptop and I should have backed them up on flash drives but I didn't. Now my screen will not work so all of the stories are safe but I have no way of getting to them. I will try to get something out there even if it may be a new story but anything that is already started like my new chapters for: "letters to Jacob", "one more step", and "super girl comes to forks". I know those are all of my really good ones but I WILL be updating "secrets are legends and legends are secrets" because the computer I am using is the computer that has that story all written already. So let us hope that inspiration hits at some point and I can get you guys a new story that you all could enjoy. Hope everyone has a great new year and hope none of you are mad at me. So once again sorry for the author's note again. I hope and pray that all of you will continue to be loyal readers and stay with me till I can get my laptop fixed. It's ridiculous actually, $139.99 just to have a guy come back and reconnect a screen and or put in a new one. Well fingers crossed that I can get a job to get the money for it. Love you all and thanks for your patience.