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A/N – The fact that Darren is now on Glee was just so totally awesome (along with the fact that he's supermegafoxyawesomehot!), I felt the need to express my feelings in a fanfic. I realize that I'm really, really behind on updating my Colors Of The Heart fic, and I probably should have been working on that, but…. Well, you guys know me. I can't resist putting up a new oneshot every now and then. Enjoy!

A Very Potter Story


Blaine had never realized how odd downtown London was.

(There were freaks all over the place.)

There are crazy little red-headed children running all over the place, waving around drumsticks like fairy princess wands. A thin, balding man has been snapping a bazillion year-old camera shut for the last ten minutes. The only one of the group who looks even halfway normal is one of the red-headed kids, who's been munching on a Red Vine. Mmmm, Red Vines…

(But that's not the strange part.)

A few people, hippies most likely, wearing cloaks and pointed that are so 1962, have come up to him, asking for autographs, and shaking his hand. He knows he's pretty damn good at singing, but he didn't realize to what extent his popularity reached. Apparently, he was pretty famous outside of school. Who'd have thought it?

(It's definitely the hair.)

Although he definitely starts feeling the crazy when he hears one little boy muttering something that sounds vaguely like "Harry freakin' Potter", it's nothing compared to the confusion on his face when a man wearing a mysterious brown beard, with a brightly patterned scarf on his shoulder, came up to him, and called him a, quote, "incredibly sexy man". So what if the man was wearing a boss High School Musical t-shirt? Just because he's gay doesn't mean he's desperate.

(The lack of respect in England was astounding.)

A few people, however, have been glaring at him. There's one little girly-boy with hair that is quite obviously bleached blonde, who's been calling him odd names like "MoonShoes Potter" and "StarKid Potter". And then some odd muttering about a night-troll named Herman.

(He wonders if the boy-girl-thing is one of those asylum-escapees.)

He wonders what Kurt would think of all this. They could probably have a big laugh over the terrible fashion sense of those cloaked freaks.

(He can't wait to get back to America.)


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