Jane's P.O.V

O.M.G! I sat on the bathroom floor with my head leaning against the wall tiles. I cannot believe it! In my hand, lied a pregnancy test. I'd been feeling weird lately and thought hey why not try and see? Sure enough, on the little screen was my future. The test was positive. In nine months, I'll be having a baby! That's right, I'm pregnant! I couldn't be happier! But, how was I going to tell Kevin. I mean, I'm sure he'd be happy, but he just got promoted. He's got the job he always wanted, writing front page for the newspaper instead of weddings, and now he's going to be a dad. I don't want to distract him from his job. And me, what about me? I couldn't be happier, my first child. Maybe, I should call Tess and tell her first. I picked up the phone, I'm not sure why the phone was in the bathroom, Kevin must've left it in there. Oh well. I dialled Tess' number and waited for her to answer. Ring ring ring!

-C'mon Tess answer your phone!

I muttered to myself


Tess, it's Jane I have major news!

Let me guess? Your pregnant?

She giggled as she spoke. She was simply making a joke but little did she know it was the truth.


OMG! It's true! I was just joking but it's true OMG! YOU'RE HAVING A BABY!

Yes I am! Isn't this great?

Yes, I'm going to be an aunt! Have you told Kevin?

No, I mean he just got promoted I don't want to stress him out.

You won't Jane! Kevin is a great guy! He's going to be excited!

I know I know I guess I'm just nervous!

So, what are you having?

I don't know. I just took the pregnancy test.

Well, first things first we're going to go see a doctor!


Yes, of course I'm coming with you, sis!


I'll be there to pick you up in half an hour.

Wait, what? Now? Why?

Beep! Beep! Beep! She hung up on me. I guess I better get ready. It's a good thing Kevin isn't home that way I won't have to tell him until tonight!

Tess' P.O.V.

I cannot believe Jane is having a baby! I'm so excited; I'm going to be an Aunt. I wish I could find someone like Kevin. He loves her so much! Ever since the engagement party fiasco, I surprisingly haven't had any boyfriends. My life hasn't been the same. I've moved closer to Jane, got a good job as a secretary and have been living a great life. I still keep in touch with George, I mean he is my sister's boss it's kind of hard not to. But, there's no romantic spark. After he found out my secrets, he didn't feel anything and I've moved on. I'm glad though that Jane did what she did. Although it was cruel and uncalled for, it's for the better. I'm no longer that immature, party girl. Just, Tess, Jane's younger sister.

I grabbed my keys and headed for the door. I waved hello to the doorman, walking through the door, and made my way to the parking lot. I got inside my car, and drove to Jane's place.

Jane's P.O.V

I heard a honk outside my window. Tess must be here. I'm not too sure where she plans on taking me. I didn't make an appointment with my doctor. I wrote a note for Kevin saying I was out with Tess and then ran out the door. I hopped into Tess' car and strapped on my seatbelt. She squealed.

Ah! I can't believe it! My sister is pregnant!

I know! I'm getting more excited the more I think about it!

The rest of the way there, we talked baby names, outfits and rooms. She suggested the name Lily for a girl and the name Zach for a boy.

I like Lily, Zach not so much, it's not me.

Okay, well what are you thinking then?

I'm not sure, I'll have to talk to Kevin.

We pulled into the Doctor's parking lot. It was packed, which meant we were going to have to wait a while. The time flew by though. Tess and I talked about every little thing I was going to need for this baby. We also talked about how I should tell Kevin and my dad that their wife and daughter was pregnant! Then, the nurse, who was wearing a pink teddy bear ensemble came out.

Jane, the doctor is ready to see you.