Jane's P.O.V

I woke up feeling a little woozy. My back was sore and my feet were swollen. " Kevin!" I whined hoping he'd come rub my feet. When there was no response I called again, louder this time. "KEVINNN! I could really use a foot rub..sweetie." I pouted. When he didn't respond for a second time, I groaned figuring he wasn't home. I stood up slowly, sliding off the bed. I wobbled out to the kitchen, looking around trying to see if Kevin had left a note. Suddenly, I noticed a vase with daisies in it, one that had never been there before. I smiled, walking over to it, my eyes focusing on a little card tied around the vase. I untied the small green ribbon and held the card close to my face so I could read it.

Dear Jane,

I'm out to get more baby stuff. I love you beautiful.

Love, Kevin

I felt tears building up in my eyes. "That is so sweet." I whispered.

Kevin's P.O.V

As I searched the aisle for a "baby bottle heater", I wondered if Jane had gotten the flowers i left. I figured they might keep me on her good side for a while...I hoped anyway. Though I apologized last night, this was all still ridiculous. Why did I buy a microwave if were not gonna use it! I swear the reasonable practical Jane has been swallowed whole by these crazy raging pregnant lady hormones of hers. I spotted another poor sucker, who looked t be about my age, searching frantically down the baby aisle. He looked up at me, and sighed. "Your wife send you here too?" he asked, looking as if he was about to give up. I nodded my head with a small chuckle. " Women." the guy muttered while shaking his head. "You do not wanna mess with a pregnant woman." Another guy who had just came around the corner, joined in. The three of us discussed the outrageous lists our wives had given us, comparing notes for the next hour. "Shoot, Jane's gonna flip." I said before grabbing my buggy. " It was great meeting you guys. Good luck!" I said with a laugh before rushing over to the register.

When I was done at the store, I sped home, hoping that Jane wasn't to angry. I decided that I would tell her that I had to go to a couple different stores to try and find what she was looking for. If she knew that I was trashing pregnant ladies, she'd probably kill me. When I got to the house, I had trouble getting through the door with all the bags I was carrying. But, when I finally did, boy did I have a surprise waiting for me...