Riley's Remembrances

This is something I've been thinking about for a while now. I've been wanting to give some of my main characters in my longest (and most paid attention to) fanfic some back stories so that we can gain some insight into their pasts before they meet each other. By the way, I already started Toby's back story a long while ago, but never posted it since I mostly hated it. But that's just for people who care to know.

If you haven't ever heard of my other stories than you probably don't need even know what I'm talking about, but that is OK because this is a prequel anyway. And hopefully, it may inspire you to check out my other stories if you like this one. Anyway, please enjoy!

Riley the young Pokémon trainer was currently heading off for Snowpoint City. He was an eager sort, ready to finally challenge the final gym for his seventh badge. He was proud that he was able to make it this far even though he was young and had just started his journey less than a year ago. He was naturally talented when it came to battling and training Pokémon. He attributed these talents solely to his father. If it weren't for him, Riley doubted he'd be the trainer he was today. But he hadn't seen his father for months now, and that hadn't halted his success. So, Riley assumed that somehow his father's teachings and talents had finally rubbed off onto him.

Beside him, Lucario grumbled quietly. Riley was slightly startled from his musings and turned to look down at his Lucario, "I know. I'm tired of this place too."

Riley might have never realized this on his own, but it could be inferred that he was a talented trainer because he had an unusual gift. This gift had puzzled him for years until he found out his father had the same gift. This gift was the ability to discern auras. At first Riley just though he was some freak for having these unusual insights, but with some training from his father, Riley was able to hone his skills and he was now off to find a way to use these skills to better the world. But for now, Riley was just focused on getting badges. He'd have his chance to save the world in due time…

But for now, Riley was feeling mildly lost. These winding caves of Mount Coronet were disorienting. If it weren't for Lucario, Riley doubted he'd be able to get through these seemingly endless mazes. The thirteen year old glanced over at his trusted partner, but his Lucario looked a little distracted.

"Something wrong?"

Lucario growled quietly. A Pokémon was following them. And from what he could tell, it wasn't native to these caves.

"Is it friendly?" Riley asked. Being a human, his aura senses could never be as sharp as his Lucario's.

Lucario nodded but still looked wary.

"Then we'll wait for it to come," Riley went over to a boulder to rest, his curiosity piqued.

Several minutes later, an unusual Pokémon bounded up to them. Her claws were unsheathed, and she had a menacing glare.

But Riley was less afraid of this and more of the implications that surrounded this Pokémon… ones that he had heard about in stories and legends ever since he was a small child.

"Absol…?" Riley breathed, staring back at the creature with awe and fear in his eyes.