A/n okey dokey you all as promised this story is a SNL fic with maybe a little drama, but not a whole lot Takes place a little bit after Simba's return but before the 2nd movie. Ok then without further delay here it is and BTW it's all Disney's not mine

Simba and Nala: A Love Story

Ch 1 Simba's Declration

It was a beautiful day in the Pridelands when Nala awoke that morning. She didn't usually wake this early but today was a special day. This was the first day in a long time that Nala awoke totally a peace. There was only one reason for this and his name was Simba. Nala still couldn't believe that Simba was back. Just a few weeks ago everyone thought he was dead. But then by some miracle Nala had found him again. Now everything was well. Scar was dead and Simba had taken his rightful place as King. This last thought filled Nala's heart with pure joy. So the cream colored lioness got up carefully so not to wake her mother, Sarafina, who was sleeping beside her and she set off to find her friend knowing that he'd be up at this hour. Just as she had hoped Nala found Simba at the watering hole. But he wasn't alone. He was speaking with his mother Sarabi. So Nala stayed out of sight so as not to interrupt the mother/son moment. She listened as Sarabi was saying, "I still can't believe it."

"Believe what Mom?" Simba asked with a smile.

"That's you're here standing in front of me. Alive," Sarabi said in awe. Then she embraced her son saying with tears of joy in her amber eyes, "I'm so glad you came back to me my Simba. It's like having a part of Mufasa back."

"I'm just sorry I didn't come back sooner," Simba said returning his mother's nuzzle.

"Oh don't you worry about that my son" Sarabi replied. "That's in the past. Now let discuss your situation."

"What situation?" Simba asked confused.

"Well Simba as you very well know you are King now," Sarabi stated.

"Yes Mom I'm well aware of that," Simba said with a laugh.

"Well, as you know every good King needs and equally good Queen by his side. Have you given any thought as to who that lucky lioness might be?" Sarabi turned and looked at her son who blushed ever so slighty.

"Yes," Simba began smiling. "I have an idea of who she might be."

"Oh please let it be me," Nala thought excitedly.

"Anyone I know?" Sarabi asked although she had a pretty good idea of who that might be.

"Maybe," Simba said casually. Just then the mother and son were joined by some other animals who were getting their morning drink So Sarabi and Simba decided to head back to Priderock. Nala had to sprint out of her hiding spot to prevent them from seeing her deciding to head back to Priderock.


As Nala was running back into the cave she ran right into Sarafina who was getting ready for the morning hunt. "Whoa there honey what's the rush?" Sarafina asked with a smile

"Oh Mom I have news," Nala squealed. "And it's really good news."

"Well, don't keep me in suspense tell me," Sarafina said, smiling at her daughter's excitement. Nala explained what she had over heard Simba and Sarabi talking about. Then Nala added, "Oh I really hope he chooses me."

"Oh honey," Sarafina replied giving her daughter a nuzzle. "I'm sure he will. I've seen the way he looks at you. It's clear to me that he loves you."

"Oh Mom do you really think so?" Nala said hopefully. "Because I really love him."

"So I see," Sarafina replied smiling. "Don't worry honey he'll ask but don't let on that you know. Let Simba tell you when he's ready."

"I will Mom thank you," Nala said giving her mother a lick. She then ran off to find Simba hopeful that he would tell her some good news.


Nala was still searching for Simba when she saw Zazu flying over head. "Have you seen Simba Zazu?" the young lioness called to the blue bird.

"Yes he's doing his morning rounds," the hornbill replied. "I think he was heading for the area near the Outlands."

"Okay thanks Zazu," Nala replied running off in that direction. As luck would have it Nala found the golden King walking back towards Priderock. "Hey!" Nala called running up to Simba. "I was looking for you."

"Hey Nala," Simba greeted giving Nala a quick nuzzle. "I've been looking for you too."

"Really?" Nala asked trying not to sound to excited. "What for?"

"I wanted to talk to you," Simba replied looking at Nala his amber eyes sparkling.

"About what?" Nala asked innocently her blue eyes looking into Simba's eyes.

"About us," Simba said leaning close to Nala so that their noses were touching. "More importantly about our future."

"Oh what about it?" Nala asked giving Simba's nose a lick, which made Simba blush. "You're so cute," Nala said, with a laugh.

"Not as cute as you," Simba replied nuzzling her laughing. This nuzzling quickly resulted in a wrestling match between the young lions. Nala ran ahead of Simba who quickly caught up with her a jumped on her in an atempt to pin her. But Nala, as usual quickly turned it around and pinned Simba to the ground, "Pinned Ya," she said with a giggle. When Simba just layed there smiling Nala said to him, "Aren't you going to order me to get up?"

"Nah I like this view just fine," Simba said smiling as he gazed into Nala's deep blue eyes. The golden lion then lifted his head and gave Nala's cheek a lick. "I love you Nala," Simba whispered. The he stopped suddenly a little surpirsed that he had just said that, and looked at Nala who was just staring at him. "What did you say?" the cream lioness whispered not believing her ears.

"I said I love you," Simba repeated. The he looked at a Nala again who had gotten off of him and was still staring at him. "Nal' are you okay?" Simba asked, concerned. "Say something please."

Nala said the only thing she could say, "I love you too Simba." She was crying by now but these were tears of pure joy. This is what she had been dreaming about ever since she had found Simba. Her love was proclaiming his love for her. Nala couldn't believe she could be this lucky. The joy was overwheling her. Nala then pounced on Simba the two of them rolling on the ground laughing and nuzzling for what seemed like ages. Then Simba stopped and stood trying to catch his breath. "Nala there's something I want to ask you."

"What is it my love?" Nala asked also catching her breath.

"Well I wanted to ask..." Simba began but he was interupted by Zazu who came swooping in from above, "Oh Sire thank goodness I found you!" the hornbill cried franticaly. "There's big trouble that needs attending to."

"What is it Zazu?" Simba asked giving the bird his full attention.

"There's a fight that threating to erupt at Priderock. I'm afraid Zira and her followers and causing quite a commotion," Zazu explained quickly. "I'm afraid they'll be a riot if you don't do something."

"Zira what's wrong with you?" Simba muttered to himself. Then he turned to Nala and said, "I'm sorry my darling I must attend to this."

"I understand," Nala said. After reciving a nuzzle from Simba Nala watched as he made a beeline for Priderock. "Stupid Zira ruins everyhting," Nala thought angerily. "I wish Simba would just banish her and get it over with. She was Scar's mate after all." With these thoughts Nala decided to head back to Priderock to see if she could help.

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