Man, I'm just cranking these out like crazy, huh? XD

Decided to try something different this time. I wanted to have a little, eh... dirty scene. Ehehe. And well, Sebby and Ciel don't really fit that. So I decided to play around with Alois, who has a filthy (sexy) mouth. I can imagine him saying the most obscene things during sex.

older!Alois x Claude smut for smut's sake.

x - x - x - x - x

"Ungh, fuck yeah." Blond hair whipped into the demon's face as Alois threw his head back, gnawing on his pale pink lip. His fingers gripped the headboard tightly, nails digging into the wood. Behind him, his butler slammed repeatedly into his perfect ass that swallowed him deeply with every thrust. "Shit, Claude. Fuck me harder!"

Claude paused just long enough to nip the young man's ear and whisper, "Yes, Your Highness," before pounding into him again. He clamped his hands on Alois' hips, pulling him in with every swift motion, filling the room with a sickeningly erotic chorus of skin smacking against skin.

Alois licked his lips, lapping away the saliva that had trailed out of his open mouth. His body shuddered as the demon jabbed a spot inside him that sent fire through his veins. "Fuck me, Claude!" he practically screamed. "Fuck me!"

Growling, the demon sank his teeth into the tender junction between shoulder and neck, ramming himself into his master as he sloppily sampled the boy's tainted blood.

"Yes, yes, YES!" Alois called out to the ceiling, the whole bed shaking violently. "Oh god shit yes, Claude, fuck the cum out of me!" He writhed and arched and squirmed as the knot in his stomach tightened. The pressure and heat built up until he couldn't stand it anymore, and he exploded in a sticky mess all over himself and the headboard, even managing to splatter some on his chin. He clenched tightly around his butler's erection, which soon also succumbed to the throes of pleasure. Alois tossed his head like a wild stallion, his cry like that of an otherworldly creature, when Claude came inside him.

"Did His Highness enjoy himself?" the butler growled sensually.

Alois smirked and lay on his back like a lavish prince, shameless about his cum-streaked body and sex-bruised hips. "Go make tea," he ordered, a devilish glint in his eye.

x - x - x - x - x

Well, there you have it. XD Alois is a slut.

His new nickname is Trololo, btw. You won't believe me, but I had "Trololo" on repeat the entire time I was writing this.