Chapter 1: My Secret Life

I sighed. It was another ordinary day for me. Get up, get dressed, brush my bothersome long hair, eat something, run to school and get greeted by fans of all kinds, run through boring schoolwork, so on and so on. School was out and I was checking off my mental schedule. Something didn't seem right… Oh right. It was Tuesday. Oh joy…

"What's the matter, Rima?" I looked up to see my pink-haired friend Amu. She was looking down at me. I was sitting under a blossoming sakura tree. It was the second week of 8th grade and already was I getting tired of the daily routine I had to put up with. Thank goodness it was the end of school. I couldn't wait to go home.

"Nothing…" I said, then added sarcastically, "Oh joy, look who's coming."

Nagihiko was running up to us. "Hello, ladies," he said jokingly. "How was your day?"

"Okay, I got detention for spacing out!" Amu droned. "How about you, Nagihiko?"

"Fine, same old, same old," Nagihiko said. "Still the top of the class. What about you, Rima-chan?"

Time to put on the usual thing, I thought. "Amu? Did you hear something?"

Amu rolled her eyes. "Rima, that was Nagihiko."

"Nagihiko? Who's that?" I said.

Nagihiko chuckled. "Very funny, Rima-chan. I'm right here you know." I cringed. Funny. I hated it when he, of all people, used it. It was weird; I was okay with everyone saying it but him.

"Well, I got basketball practice today. Enjoy your day!" Nagihiko ran off to the courts.

"Ja!" Amu waved, then turned to me for my annual scolding. Joy… "Why didn't you wave? That's not nice."

"Amu, stop that. Who do you think you are? My mom?" I coldly retorted, then stood up. "I gotta go. See you tomorrow." I ran off to home. Jeez, I hate Tuesdays! Fujisaki goes and tries to be buddy-buddy with me! I hate it! I do hope there's lots of mail for me. I needed something to take my mind off of things.

As I skidded to a stop in front of her house, I brushed off any unnecessary dirt off my skirt and socks. Then I walked like a civil human to the front door and opened the door. "I'm home!" My voice ran out through the home. I went into the kitchen and found a note:

Dear Rima-chan,

Your father and I are out of the house for the afternoon. We'll be returning a little before dinner. Hope you can make a decent meal!

Just joking, we'll be getting some sushi for tonight.

Loves and kisses,

Mama and Dad

Whoopee! Mom and Dad are out, so no bothering! Hurrah for parent-only outings! I raced up to my room and dumped my bag next to my light brown oak desk with a black swivel chair to sit in. I opened up my bag and looked into its contents. Let's see what today's homework is, I thought. Math, ick, English, okay but I'm not that good, Japanese, Science, ew, and History. Joy, all subjects for homework! I'm lucky there's no homework for PE!

After a long hour of homework, I came to my favorite and only good subject, Japanese. It was my hidden talent which was kept secret to everybody, everybody except for the teacher, but she swore to never tell anyone. I looked at the assignment, a grammar sheet and a simple friendly letter to her. That's gonna be a breeze! I took my pen and started to write as much as I can. Breezing through the grammar, I went on to the letter. I described how almost everything but Japanese was boring and how I needed a new thing in life. Finishing the letter, I put everything neatly away and took my most prized possession after my stuffed bear Kusukusu: my black Apple laptop. It was slick, it was awesome, it was everything I needed for my favorite thing in the whole entire world.

I logged on and clicked on that little internet icon. The page instantly popped up to my homepage, reinet .com. A colorful background of pink and red zigzag stripes was on the screen with green stars and teardrops in the pink. Ahhhh…I love that background. It soothes me from my days of nonsense and boredom. There were white, roundish squares for random stuff: login, links, so on, so forth.

After staring at the beautiful page, I came to my senses. I had to login of course. Pressing the login button, I came to the usual stuff. Here goes:

Username: Rei

Password: kusukusu

Instantly, I got myself in. But this wasn't your ordinary account. Now, before I tell you anything else, let me explain a few things:

Over a year ago, I entered middle school and I suddenly gained more fans then I had back in elementary. Now, I don't know why, but it just did. By the third week, I memorized my personal schedule. It's pretty much my schedule now. By the fifth week, I was sick and tired of 3 things: fans, my daily routine, and, of course, Fujisaki. I wanted to have something new, exciting, and fun. So on a drizzly (if that's even a word) day, I asked my dad how to make your own website.

"Here, let me show you," he said. After a whole load of boring stuff I think might bore the guts out of people (believe me, it did to me, but I had to pay attention), I finally made my own website, the one I was mentioning. I wasn't sure what to put in it, so I just put in a blog, an all about me page, and a chat with Rei page for a starter. Turns out, people liked those, so on New Years, I added the most popular link currently: the Ask Rei section.

And that was how I made the most successful website in Seiyo, of course, I never revealed who I am to my fans. I go by the name Rei. Let me explain. I learned that my name, Rima, was Arabian. Don't even ask. Rima meant antelope. Again, don't ask. Antelope in Japanese was reiyou, thus, the name Rei. Now where was I? Oh yes, the page. I looked at my inbox. (Rei's account was the only one who had an inbox) Guess how much mail I had? Give up? A ton, that's how much I could give you. Okay, let's see… I have several chat requests and a ton of advice-needing letters. First things first, chats. I clicked on the first one.

Rei: Hello there

JayJayGal096: OMG! OMG! I can't believe it! I'm actually talking with THE Rei!

Rei: Calm down, girl. Relax, take a few deep breaths. It helps a lot

JayJayGal096: Thanks a lot, Rei

Rei: You're welcome. G2G, got more chats to do

JayJayGal096: OK

That was OK. I'm used to freaked-out people. School can teach you more than just boring things. Minus Japanese. Okay, next one.

Rei: Hi

CoolGuy09: Hey there, wanna go out?

Rei: NO

CoolGuy09: Why? I'm cool. My username even says so

Rei: First, I don't even know you. Second, I don't know where you live

CoolGuy09: I can tell you

Rei: That'll be violating the privacy policies, mister. Now I'm leaving

CoolGuy09: Wait!

Creep… I hate it when that happens. Okay, one more to go.

Rei: Hello. Can we make this quick? I got a few, okay a LOT, of advice to give.

King101: Okay…

Rei: On second thought, I think I'll leave right now

That was close! If you're wondering why I left, King101 just gives me the creeps. No, I never had a straight conversation with him. I never do with my fans. Okay, time for some advice giving. I clicked on the first one.

Dear Rei,

I got detention today and it's on the same day as my all-girls outing with some of my girlfriends! And it wasn't even anything! Just daydreaming in class! HEEEELLLLLPPPP!


Funny, Amu and I got an all-girls outing with Yaya too. I shook my head on that thought. I had sworn to myself to never question who that might be. Never in my whole life. I started to type up my reply.

Dear Amulet,

Cool down, girl, it's nothing except an hour of sitting at a desk staring at someone's back. OK, now that is boring, but that doesn't mean you should scream. Maybe you should reschedule that all-girl's outing, who knows?


After looking at the other letters, I picked and wrote back to 4 other emails. Rei always writes back to 5 a week. Now that I think about it, I should go blog right about now. I went to my blog page and started writing.

Date: Tuesday; May 11th, 4:42 PM

Mood: Annoyed


Today was another boring day, but it drove me mad. Tuesdays are soooo not my favorite day anymore. You want to know why? NF shows up and tries to be friends with me AGAIN. It happens every Tuesday since November! NF drove me insane since the day I met him! He knows A-chan more than me and he's almost PERFECT! I hate perfect people. They smile too much. I just love it when NF is creeped out. It makes me laugh! Ha! Ha ha! I just pictured his face! Ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry, I think this concludes my daily blog. I gotta go take a breather.

That'll make 'em happy. Swiveling around so I faced my window, I took a few deep breathes. Without the Internet, my life would be so predictable. Thanks to whoever made the Internet. You helped a lot.

Bleep! I turned around. I already got a comment? It was from this kid named BluePinkFlowers. Probably a girl.

BluePinkFlowers commented at: 4:44 PM

Wow, seems like you have a hard life. NF must really be a pain in the neck.

I looked at the comment for a moment, then replied back.

Rei commented at: 4:45 PM

Thanks, whoever you are

Hope you liked it! Thank you for reading my story! (bows) Review!