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Michel Desjardins , the Chief Lector of the House of Live, was having a perfectly humdrum day in the First Nome- that is, until a portal from the obelisk in Central Park opened.

"SIR!" Desjardins' assistant ran into his office. " A portal's opened! We think it's the Kanes!"

"WHAT!" the Chief Lector bellowed, standing so quickly that his chair flipped right over backwards at the thought of the House's numbers 2 and 3 'most wanted' lists (only the gods held the spot above them), "WHERE! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!"

Mel cowered from the effect of his elder's aura of magic. Oh gods, please don't let him have me sent to the 316th nome, please! I know he's already close to sending me there, especially after what happened with poor Zia and those Kane children, and if he found out my secret- "Uh- I in the marke-" he began, but Desjardins shoved him out of the way as he sprinted down the halls of the first nome, praying that it couldn't be true, towards the market place in the center of the House of Live's headquarters.

"WELL?" Desjardins reached the market, where crowds of magicians just stood there, staring at the newcomers, "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? CAPTURE THEM, YOU IDIOTS!" he screamed. "Out of my way," Desjardins began to shove his way through the crowd with an air of importance. "MEL! I THOUGHT YOU SAID IT WAS THE KANES!" Desjardins wasn't very happy- to put it kindly- that he had been summoned from a very important and crucial item he was working on for the good of all (in truth it was his book on how he single handedly put the Kanes and the gods Isis, Horus, Osiris, and Nephthys) just to deal with a group of five teenagers.

The first- obviously the leader, and looked like one of the oldest of the group at about 17- had black hair and sea green eyes and was holding a bronze sword that Desjardins could've sworn wasn't there when he walked in. Next to him was a blonde girl about his age with a knife (the same thing happened with her knife, Desjardins noticed, and the others all held some sort of weapon- two more swords and a bow where drawn- what was with teens these days and carrying weapons around?) , and gray eyes. Beside her was a boy, about 13, with a iron sword. Just in frount of him and another boy about 17 was a girl, about 15, who had very similar features to both the older boys- spiky black hair, but, unlike her cousin, she and her brother - Desjardins guessed that they where also cousins to the 13 year old- had electric blue eyes. Her brother, attempted to step in frount of her, trying to protect his younger sister, but she shoved him back, saying "Jason, stay back, will you? I know you're used to playing 'leader', like back at camp, but I am older than you."

"I don't 'play' leader, Thalia, I am the leader," the boy, Jason, shot back at his sister.

"Thalia, Jason, cut it out, will you? We have a pretty big crisis on our hands here," the blonde hissed.

"Fine," both grumbled and the threesome turned their attention back to the magicians

"I-I-I t-t-t-t- thought it was them, s-s-s-sir, t-t-t-the p-p-portal w-was from n-near the 21st nome," Mel barley was able to stammer in fright.

"Well, you where wrong. I'll deal with you later. Wait for me in my office." Desjardins turned towards the newcomers. "Who are you, exactly, do you know anyone by the names of Sadie, Carter, Julius, or Amos Kane, and HOW DID YOU GET HERE ORDINARY MORTALS CANT I HAD TO CHECK YESTERDAY?"

"Well, to answer your first question, my name is Percy Jackson, we don't know those people, and… well… we aren't exactly ordinary mortals…. But we don't know how we got here." the first boy responded. "This is my friend, Annabeth Chase, and my cousins, Nico di Angelo and Thalia and Jason Grace."

"Thanks for answering for us, Perce," that di Angelo boy hit his shoulder, but he seemed more hurt than his cousin. "OW! When will I remember his invincibility?" He sighed.

"Never, I hope," Thalia chuckled, "It's hilarious to watch you try to fight him, but you end up being the one hurt!"

Wait- did that boy say that his cousin was invincible? How can that be? Desjardins thought, and was about to ask, but- thankfully- some woman in the crowd yelled, "Why are you invincible? No one is invincible!"

"I kinda took a swim in the River Styx." Percy responded sheepishly. A few in the crowd gasped

"What does that mean?" Mel- Why isn't he in my office? Desjardins thought , Note to self: yell at him later- spoke up.

"Well, who here's heard about the gods of Ancient Greece?" Annabeth addressed us.

"We've heard,." Desjardins responded, "they, in another form, what you mortals call today the Roman gods," as he spat out the last bit, electricity began to crackle thorough the market, "who, with much help from the gods, conquered us. They are currently number 4 on our hate list, just below the Kane children, Carter and Sadie, who have been inhabited by the gods Isis and Horus, and the gods themselves are number 1."

"why do you hate your gods?" Nico's brow burrowed in confusion. Why would anyone hate their gods, who could smolder them in a millisecond, he wondered.

"Because they, with the help of their hosts, caused the downfall of Egypt, thus causing us, the House of Life, to go into hiding, and put up with Roman rule for centuries," As soon as Desjardins finished his last word, a bolt of lightning shot through the ceiling and nearly hit him, his fast reflexes saving his life.

"DON'T YOU INSULT MY FAMILY, YOU-" If looks could kill, Desjardins would be dead twice in one minute at the hands of Jason Grace, and would have had to go through some extremely bad names calling if Percy hadn't cut him off.

"JASON!" He shouted over him, "Let's try not to kill anyone…yet."

"fine, but if he insults us one more time….." Jason agreed.

"Yes, then and only then may you kill them."

"What makes you think that you can kill us?" Desjardins laughed, but he was the only one, seeing as everyone else was too scared of these newcomers to do anything but stare.

"Everything." they all responded at the same time. "You see," Percy began, "we have….special…. Powers we inherited from our parents….and have been trained by the best to use them."

"Besides," Annabeth added on, "It is really helpful in battle to have ADHD. And we need to talk really quick, hold on for one second." She and the other four turned together and began to talk in hushed tones. The surrounding magicians where able to make out just a few words: "….tell them?" "NO!" "….. you have a point….." "Ok, so we are going to tell them, but only on a need-to-know basis, agreed?" "Agreed." At this, they turned to face the crowd.

"so….. You all already know the gods exist." Thalia checked. There was quite a bit of murmuring at this, but several kind people who liked children and didn't like seeing them killed or persecuted for their believes nodded to encourage them to continue, and so Thalia Grace did. "Ok, good, well… how would you react if you discovered that you're talking to a group of demigods?" And now all Hades is about to break loose, the five friends braced themselves as they had the same thought.

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