I decided to change this a little. Enjoy:

Can you see it?

The look in her eyes?

As she stares at the moon,

shinning lonely in the sky?

Can you see the way she moves?

As if she's unsure?

What's the next step,

she'll have to endure?

Can you hear the way she talks?

As if she's not sure what to say?

She holds back her words,

feeling as if they might betray.

Can you see the way she stares,

blankly into space?

As if she looks hard enough,

all the bad memories will erase?

Look at the way she acts.

Her tears like a display.

All her fears come alive,

And they never go away.

She feels so alone,

no one answers when she calls.

What she needs is a friend,

who will catch her when she falls.

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