Okay people, so this is my first fanfic. I am putting up one chapter so far so guys can check it out. If you like it, YAY! If not, tell me. I just take it down and go cry somewhere in the fatal position. (jk) but I will understand if you don't.

Just a heads up, something are changed. Edward last name is Masen (his name before he was changed) not Cullen (something about 'Mr. Cullen' that i didn't like). He has brown eyes not green (tell you why later) Alice and Jasper will never get together (sorry AxJ fans) and Emmett is Edward's friend, not brother.

So enough of me, here's the story.

Ps. Because it is the first chapter, nothing will happen yet. Just a heads up. So if you looking for scandal, it's best if you go now because you won't get it yet. Sorry. Okay, here it is. For real this time.

Chapter 1

"Bella, Wake up. You're going to be late for school." I heard my mom called from downstairs. I dragged my excruciatingly tired body out of my extremely comfortable bed. I really hate having to get up every single morning to do the same thing day in and day out. If you ask me, school is overrated.

"I'm up" I called back. I was never really a morning person. I sat on the side of my bed and placed my hands over my head, trying to relieve my headache. I personally like to call it a 'weekend handover'. You don't have to drink to get one. All you have to do is love the weekend and hate to see it come to an end, like me. Which is exactly why I got 'a weekend hangover' every Monday.

I looked around the room for something to wear. I really should wash some of these clothes. I spotted the pair of jeans I bought yesterday and one of my favorite button-up shirts. I grabbed my clothes, along with my other toiletries, and headed to the bathroom to get ready.

As I stood in the shower, I let the hot water beat down on my body. My showers were always longer on Mondays. It gave me time to get ready for the week ahead and it helps me relax my 'always seem to be sore' muscles. When I finally got out, I stared at myself in the mirror, just like every morning. I like to get a good look at myself, to see who I really was. I guess you can say I was sort of a cute girl. Guys are always following me around like lost puppies, but I never saw the attraction. If you ask me, I was just slightly above average looking, but very slightly. I sighed hard and continued with my morning.

"I'm out, mom." I called as I grabbed my bag and walked to my car. The weather was cold and rainy as it always was, but I guess that's what you get when you decide to live in Forks, Washington. I threw my bag in the back before climbing in. It takes forever to get the stupid thing started. I hated this damn car. It was old, it's always braking down-which made keeping it running cost more than it was worth-and on top of all that it was the ugliest thing you will ever set your eyes on. I actually tried to find something uglier, but no such luck.

I pulled in the parking lot of my own personal hell or, as some people would like to call it, Forks High School. It was the only high school in this sad little town, so it's pretty difficult not to know every student here.

As soon as I walked in the building, Jessie came up next to me and fell into step.

"Hi Bella" she said excitedly. She tried so hard to be my friend ever since first grade. I don't know why. But she's really wearing on my nerves.

"Hey Jessica." I replied blankly. That was a mistake because then she began chatting me up about her weekend and this and that; as if I really cared.

I finally shook her off when I said I need to go to my locker. She waved good-bye and left. Thank goodness. Unfortunately, I went from one pest to another. When I got around the corner I saw Mike leaning against my locker. I sighed as I walked towards it. He was the top dog of the sad puppies who followed me around. I turn him down all the time, but he never seems to get the idea that I am not going to and never will date him.

"Good morning, Bella." He cheered with eyes as big as the moon when he saw me.

"Hi Mike." I said in an annoyed voice. I waved my hand signaling for him to move. I really didn't feel like be nice. It was Monday and too early for it.

"How was your weekend?" he asked, as he leaned on the locker next to mine. He again, did not get the hint that I didn't want to be bothered. Maybe I was being too subtle; I've always had a problem with subtleness.

I shrugged in response as I opened the lock on my locker. I didn't feel like giving him anything more. But, Mike being Mike, he stayed in his place.

"Well, maybe we could do something together next weekend. We can turn that shrug into a smile." He gave me a shy smile as I turned to look at him. "You know, like a date." He continued.

I sighed before turning to him. "Mike, look you're really sweet, but…" his eyes glowed with anticipation. He didn't get the 'but' I guess. It was time to be brutal. "But get it through your head. You and I will never happen. I don't know what I have to do for to get that." He stared at me in a disappointed way. "Please go away now." I snapped and he finally walked away. Even with his back turned, I could tell he was totally broken. I felt bad for being so mean. I didn't want to, but that's the only way to get rid of people like him.

I sighed hard and turned to my open-locker. I got what I needed and closed it, jumping slightly at the sight that was hiding behind it.

"Morning, Sunshine!" my peppy best friend Alice cheered. She had a big smile painted on, like any other time. She has been my friend for as long as I could remember. She was always too happy. I don't know how we are so close. We were plenty different. Her being a morning person is just one of many of an incredibly long list of differences.

I put my hand over my heart, as if trying to restart it. "Damn Alice. Were you trying to give me a heart attack or something? I told you to stop sneaking up on me." I reprimanded.

"Sorry, Grumpy." She replied in a teasing tone that said she really wasn't as she hooked arms with mine. "You know, what you said to Mike was pretty harsh". We started walking towards our first period class.

I shrugged. "He wouldn't get the hint any other way. He's totally brain dead." She didn't argue. She knew how annoying he could be. She is there most of the time I tried to get rid of him.

We walk into my favorite part of day. Math class. It was my favorite subject of all time. It was one of the few subjects that I can honestly and proudly say I was good at without much effort. But the subject wasn't the only reason first period was my favorite times of day.

"Morning, ladies." Mr. Masen greeted us with a smile when we walked as he messed with the papers on his desk.

A smile grew on my face. He does that to me. Okay, so I'll admit it, he was the only reason why I come to school each morning. I couldn't help it. If you ask any girl in the junior class, they will all tell you the same thing: he is hot, you know, for a teacher.

"Hi, Mr. Masen." Alice replied politely. Okay, so maybe not every girl. She didn't look at him that way. She just saw him as a teacher, like you're suppose to. But I couldn't get past that perfect smile and those deep brown eyes.

"Good morning, Mr. Masen." My 'hello' was a little more cheerful than hers. I tried not to be so obvious, but sometimes it slips.

"So how was your girl's weekend?" he asked as he leaned against his desk.

"Okay." Alice unhooked our arms and went to her desk.

"Bella?" he smiled at me. I wished he wouldn't do that.

I swallowed my nerves back. "Same, I guess. I went shopping yesterday." I explained.

I quickly went to my seat and sat down. Alice gave me a look. She knew exactly what he did to me. I sank in my seat and covered my face with my hands. "I don't want to hear it." I mumbled through them.

"He's a teacher, Bella." I mouthed the words as she said them. I knew exactly what she would say. She says the same thing every time she 'catches' me.

I took my hands away and looked over at him to see if he heard her. I sat up and leaned into her. "What, you don't think I know that?" I replied in a hushed tone.

"You sure don't act like it." She warned me, and then turned in her seat as the rest of the students came in. I loved her, but sometimes I wish she would shut up. Yeah, he was a cute and a great teacher, but that's just the thing: he's a teacher. It was just a crush and nothing would happen. If it did, it would be a slippery slope for anyone involved.

Class started and I kept my head down the entire time. If I didn't I would start daydreaming again. One time I daydreamed that he called me out of one of my classes. When I got there, he backed me against the lockers and kissed all over me. When I realized it was a daydream, I asked to go get some water. This, of course, was a bad idea because I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure that it wouldn't actually happen. Of course, it didn't because that all it was, a fantasy. It was just a solution for my seemingly non ending boredom. Well, that's what I like to tell myself.

When the dismissal bell rang, I silently rejoiced. I usually like this class and am sad when the bell rings, but when he talks to me around other people I tend to tense up. I'm more than comfortable around him when we're alone. But if there's even one other person in the room I get shy. I don't know why. It just happens.

I gathered my things and Alice and I walked to the door to go to our next class. I was in a hurry to get out, and I would have made it if I didn't hear a voice call me back in.

"Bella" I turned to see Mr. Masen. He was leaning against his desk and signaling for me to come over to him.

'What does he want?' Alice mouthed to me.

I shrugged. I don't know; her guess was just as good as mine. I waved for her to go ahead without me. "I'll catch up."

"Yes." I said as I walked over to him. I wondered if I did something wrong. Maybe he thought I wasn't paying attention to him by having my head down.

He waited until I got closer to speak. "Is everything okay?" he whispered.

I didn't know where that came from. I looked for the answer in the way he asked, but I couldn't find it. I really don't know how to respond to that. I don't understand why he would ask. "Yeah." I said with a questioning tone. "why?"

"You seemed distracted today in class." He noticed? Should I find it weird that he did?

"Oh, sorry about that." I decided not to. He was just being a concern teacher. But he didn't need to know that I was distracted and that he was the reason why. "It was just a headache. Forgot to eat breakfast." I lied. I did have a headache when I woke up, but it disappears when I do eat breakfast, which I did. "I really have to get to my next class. I promise to be more forced tomorrow." I turned and left the room.

"What was that about?" Alice asked when I walked out. She gave me a look as she spoke. I shook my head at her.

"Nothing. He just wanted to know if I was feeling okay." I told her "He can do that. No big deal." I added with a teasing tone. She rolled her eyes as she hooked our arms again and we went to class.

Okay, there was. How was it? Too short? Be brutal please. It was my first and I need to know what to improve.

Okay, so let tell you why he has brown eyes. Because, when I first wrote this, it wasn't Twilight characters, there were my own, but when I started to type it, I wanted as Twilight so I just placed the characters. And the character Edward replaced (who name was Sean, btw) had brown eyes and the main character compared them to puppy dog eyes. And yes, that part is important. If you good comments, you'll find out why, but not until later.