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Age 727

The planet Vegeta was a reddish planet that was circled by two small moons. It was the home planet of the powerful Saiyan race, who were the enforcers of the Planet Trade Organization.

In one of the many maternity wards found on the planet, two Saiyan doctors were discussing about the latest batch of newborns. Most of the infants were of average strengths; however one of them grabbed their attention.

"Have you seen the readings from Mizu's kid?" asked the tall doctor to his shorter assistant.

"She's got a fighting power level of 10, but her brain waves are amazing. Have you seen her?"

The taller doctor nodded, "It's as if she seems fully self-aware. What name did they give her?"

"Cinna," read the assistant from a chart.

The taller doctor nodded absentmindedly, "Gather all available data on her, so we can present it to King Vegeta."

Age 736

In the gloomy throne room of Planet Vegeta, the king sat on his throne, wearing his royal armor and red cape, he was mildly listening to a formal report given to him by his science adviser.

"So the daughter of Mizu does posses telepathic abilities?" Asked the King somewhat bored.

"Correct sir. All testing done shows that what she lacks in strength she makes up for being able to read her opponents mind."

"Where is she currently?"

"As per your orders, we've sent her to our distant outpost in the southeastern sector, away from Freeza's territory."

"Good," the King sat up from his throne and walked towards an adjacent room. The adviser followed close behind. Standing at the threshold, the King observed his young son, who at the moment was sparring with a royal trainer. King Vegeta watched quietly for a few moments before speaking again.

"Who else knows about her abilities?"

"Aside from you sir, only myself and her bodyguard Shalot," the adviser answered. The King nodded in his approval. "Have you also destroyed all records concerning Cinna?"

"Yes, all digital and physical records have been destroyed," the adviser lowered his head. "We've also disposed of the doctors who first discovered her abilities."

Nodding again, the King stepped away from the training room and went back to his throne. Once there, the King let out an exasperated sigh.

"I know you originally questioned my motives Daikonno," the King addressed his adviser. "But I couldn't let Freeza know about her."

"I understand," started the adviser before he was cut-off by the King.

"I had to send Tarble away under the pretense of his weak ability," the King looked out a window into the night sky. "If I handed him over to Freeza, he would have been eaten alive. Unfortunately for Vegeta he can't be that lucky."

The King shifted his gaze back to the training room, his face openly bitter. The adviser stood by quietly, not wanting to interrupt.

"We've served Freeza for so long, and he is now demanding my son to be put under his command. The prince of all Saiyan's to be made a slave for him," the King clenched his fists. "I have no choice but to give in to his demands. As strong as we are, we're no match for Freeza."

He smirked, "However my son does have my pride. So I know he can withstand Freeza long enough until we can rescue him, and overthrow Freeza. On that day, we will take our rightful place as rulers of the galaxy."

Daikonno stood quietly; already aware of the troubles the King was currently having, hearing the rumors of Freeza's demands. The King looked at his adviser again, his face taking on the normal frown it usually held.

"If there's nothing else I would ask you to leave me be," the king dismissing him with a simple wave of his hand. The adviser simply bowed and walked out of the throne room.

Age 754

In the darkness of space, a lone space pod was traveling towards the southern galaxy. Inside the space pod, the last Saiyan woman was in a deep sleep. Her name was Cinna, and she had been on the run for the last 17 years of her life.

After the destruction of Planet Vegeta, Shalot had moved her from their outpost to a more isolated planet. He did not believe the story of an asteroid destroying their home world, and knew Freeza was behind the genocide. When Cinna turned 15, she was told the truth about why she was forced to flee from her home world, away from her family. She understood about the power she possessed and how dangerous it would have been had Freeza had gotten a hold of her.

However there isolation was broken two years later, when a contingent of Freeza's forces discovered them. Her guard held them off long enough for her to get away. The last memory she had of him was watching behind the glass of her space pod as he was cut down by the beams of Freeza's men, helpless as the pod took off into space.

As per Shalot's instructions, she set-off towards the East Galaxy as that was beyond Freeza's influence. For the next few years, Cinna struggled to stay alive in the foreign galaxy. She would routinely ally herself with space pirates on raiding parties to get needed supplies or currency to trade with. Other times she would go off on her own, raiding primitive worlds. She would still look over her shoulder, still paranoid that Freeza's forces will invade the galaxy and take over as he had done with the northern galaxy.

Cinna survived over 10 years living as a nomad; until one day she heard word from some pirates of a few surviving Saiyans founding a new Planet Vegeta. Curiosity got the best of her and decided to travel to the southern galaxy to see if she could reconnect with her remaining brethren.

The space pod had reached orbital distance from the planet and was preparing to enter the atmosphere, when it woke up its passenger. She awoke to observe the blue planet, before everything turned red as the pod began its descent. After a few minutes the pod broke through and touched down on a barren strip of land. Its door opened, Cinna stepped out and stretched out her body taking in the blue skies of the planet.

Cinna stood at 5'7"; her body was toned and slightly pale, but not overly muscular making her a quick fighter. It also helped that she taped down her bosoms so it would not slow her down in combat. Her face was round, but she maintained a perpetual scowl to keep others away. The wind blew through her black hair, which was kept at shoulder length and was tied in a simple pony tail to keep it out of the way during fights. Her attire consisted of standard Saiyan armor that was gold and black, while wearing black shorts, and a white muscle shirt underneath the armor. She had her tail wrapped around her waist. Her deep purple eyes looked over the terrain not finding anything of interest.

"Pretty desolate," she spoke to herself, her voice feminine with an edge to it. Cinna pressed the button on the scouter she wore and tried finding other Saiyans. The device took moments to find two strong ki levels; they were three hundred miles northwest of where she landed. She took to the air and went in that direction.

As Cinna flew over the terrain, the surface changed from a desert, to a forest, and then to a demolished city. Seeing the destruction of the buildings, she wondered what kind of battle this place saw, and how many of her people were left alive. Her old guard said that Prince Vegeta was sent to work for Freeza some time before their planet's destruction. She had wondered if Freeza killed him off afterward.

Cinna snapped out of her thoughts as she came close to the source of the ki levels. She was coming up to a castle overlooking a cliff. At the entrance she saw two figures that appeared to be waiting for her. Flipping in mid-air she landed on her feet and quickly sized up the Saiyains.

One was around her height, with a muscular frame and heavily tanned skin. His hair was spiky as it sat on a round face that looked haggard, and sported a mustache. This person also wore green armor, black shorts, and a white cape. The most distinguishing feature were the eyes, or more correctly his right dark eye, as the left eye was permanently closed and had a vertical scar running along it.

The other was taller, with a less tanned body, but was very muscular. His face was angular and looked young. He also had long black hair that had a few spikes. Unlike the shorter Saiyan, he only wore red flowing pants that were held up with a gold waist band, and had gold jewelry adorning his body. The main piece appeared to be a golden band that was around his forehead. The taller one's eyes were also black, but they look devoid of emotion. Normally that would have raised a red flag, however her eyes traveled back to broad shoulders and naked chest, appreciating the muscles he had.

'He looks like he's in his late teens. I wonder if he found a mate yet,' she thought to herself before mentally shaking herself to stay focused. Deciding to break the ice, she spoke up.

"So this is the new Planet Vegeta?"

"Yes," answered the older man. "I'm Paragus, and this is my son Broly."

"I'm Cinna, daughter of Mizu," she replied with a slight bow.

"I remember Mizu, he was a strong warrior. We fought together when we purged the planet Arkaria."

Cinna nodded and look at the compound asking, "So is Prince Vegeta here?"

"No, we don't know his whereabouts. But we hope we can find him soon so can claim his title. In the meantime we can show you where you can accommodate yourself," Paragus gestured her towards the opening of the building. She followed wondering if other Saiyans will show up, not sensing when Broly raised his fist and struck her in the back of the head. Cinna crumbled to the floor completely knocked out.

Paragus turned around with an evil smile on his face, as he gazed on the prone body of Cinna. He was pleased his plan worked as expected. After conquering this planet, he had heard rumors of a female Saiyan being seen in the East Galaxy. It would have been impossible to track her down there, but would be easy to lure her here.

"Broly, take her to the lab down below so Krang can look her over."

His son silently picked her up and carried her down a set of stairs. Paragus followed, still smiling, as he planned out his next moves to get revenge on Vegeta, and conquering the universe with a renewed Saiyan race.

One month later

The night was moonless so the countryside was shrouded in near total darkness. Cinna silently exited the compound and flew to the space port a mile away, that's where her space pod was kept. She knew it was there, as she read the minds of the guards.

Cinna had a rough month. When she awoke from the knock to her head; she found herself restrained. A purple octopoda named Krang, was running scans on her while Paragus watched. She was lucky Krang failed to discover her telepathic abilities, though she was troubled when he told Paragus that she was healthy and fertile.

Her fears were confirmed when she read Paragus' mind and discovered the truth. He and his son were ordered dead by King Vegeta for fear that Broly was the legendary Super Saiyan. Shortly before Freeza destroyed the planet, Broly used his infant powers to save himself and his father. She also discovered his plans on seeking vengeance on Prince Vegeta, and his plans on creating an heir to Broly so he could have more Super Saiyans in his quest to conquer the universe. Those plans were hinged on her, as she was the last female Saiyan.

Cinna also found out that Broly was under the control of his father, because of his sociopathic mind. Despite his calm appearance, Cinna read his mind and was able to see the monster that laid dormant in his mind. His only goals were to destroy any plant he came across and kill a Saiyan named Kakarrot. She was fearful that Paragus would have Broly violate her to impregnate her. However Krang recommended artificial insemination, as they wouldn't want to run the risk of losing control of Broly.

She was heavily restrained, so she couldn't fight them off when they drugged her and performed their experiments. All she could do was bide her time until they let their guard down so she could make her escape. That moment came after a few weeks as they put her in a locked cell when they felt she no longer was a risk for escape. With her telepathic powers she knew what time and night the patrols were at their weakest. So on the 26th day since arriving on the planet, she faked an illness to draw attention from a guard. As soon as he opened her cell, she was able to grab the guard in a choke hold and snapped his neck before he called out to the others. After that all it took was skulking around the compound avoiding the guards and finding the first opening into the night sky.

Cinna silently cursed herself for not reading their minds when she first arrived; the excitement of reuniting with survivors of her race clouded her judgment. As she neared the space port, she sensed a single guard patrolling the area. That was something else Cinna learned from the two Saiyans; she discovered that they could sense ki without the use of a scouter. She self-learned the technique using what she gleaned from Paragus' mind and used it when she was sneaking out.

As she reached the port she dropped from the sky and struck the guard in the face completely knocking him out. She quickly ran to her pod and opened it quickly stepping inside. Her hands flew at lightning speed over the controls to warm up the craft and take off. After a moment the pod levitated in the air and took off into space. Once the craft was a hundred million miles away from the planet she set her destination to a trading outpost that was on the northern sector side the southern galaxy.

Cinna frowned as she really wanted to go straight back to the eastern galaxy, however that would not work out. Krang's experiments were successful, she was pregnant, which meant she had eight months until the birth. At first she wanted nothing more than to get rid of it, but a small voice in her mind stopped her. Even though what was growing inside of her was conceived against her will; that small voice told her that it was going to be the last Saiyan ever born. Despite her pride, she had admitted to herself that she had been lonely ever since Shalot was killed a decade ago, and having a child of her own would keep her company. It also wouldn't hurt to have an extra set of eyes to watch her back.

She decided to keep the child, but that would mean she needed faster transportation, as her space pod would take a year and a half to travel to the east galaxy. Not wanting to risk the pregnancy while she was in a hibernated state, she decided to travel to a local trading post in the southern galaxy to steal a faster ship. She learned of the outpost from one of the guards while in her cell. The trip there would take a few days, so she set the hibernation controls to wake her when she reached her destination.

As sleep started to overtake her, she came to a resolution to herself, that her child will not know the identity of their father. She knew her child would get curious and seek out Broly, and the last thing she wanted was for that psycho to be anywhere her child. Cinna finally fell asleep as the space pod traveled through space taking her to an uncertain future.

To be continued.