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April 22nd, Age 777

Dusk was settling on a solitary house nestled between great valleys, far removed from West City. Inside the home was Cilan, as he sat on a couch watching television. He was dressed in dark blue sweat pants and a gray sweatshirt. His only company was the TV remote, the beam sword at his side, an empty tumbler and an open bottle of bourbon on the coffee table in front of him.

It had been almost a week since the battle with Broly, and he hid from everyone in that time. After he blinded the other fighters, he went straight back to his apartment to gather his belongings. He had to go though the bedroom window to avoid Kei. By the time he left, the Z-Fighters showed up.

Cilan had wanted to go back to his ship and take off, but he'd sense that Vegeta and Trunks were there waiting for him. With nowhere else to go, he hid out in the sticks. The minute he reached his second home and powered down, his body passed out from sheer exhaustion. He slept for thirty straight hours.

The home was a capsule house, but the land belonged to the ex-soldier. Earlier in the year, after he lost the use of Capsule #3, he found and purchased a few acres of rural land. After seeing the quiet life Goku had out in the mountains, Cilan had wanted something similar. It was wooded terrain, and had a nearby lake for fishing. He liked living in the city for the convenience, but there were times he felt he needed to be away to meditate in peace.

Cilan had kept the purchase a secret; he felt he needed to attain complete focus of his mental powers without any distractions. He hadn't sensed anyone searching the area, so he knew he was safe. What helped the most was the ki blocker he was currently wearing. Unlike the bulky unit he was first issued many years back, it was now just a small microchip embedded inside a wristband. He wore it on his right wrist opposite his watch on the left.

The blocker was a fifth generation design the GF issued before he retired; it could block his ki even if he was in his first super saiyan form. Cilan had to bribe a contact of his in the supply depot to smuggle one out for him, it would have proved useful in future fights. He hadn't worn it on Earth much, as he didn't really saw a use for it until last week. It was one of the things he needed to retrieve from his apartment, as well as his personal belongings.

He left his phone behind as he knew Bulma would use it to track him down. That also prompted him to shutoff the computer on his combat suit. Though he'd only worn the gear a few nights before to scope out Capsule Corp. He planned on getting access to his ship and taking off, but it was still being guarded by the other fighters. So he could only bide his time until an opportunity presented itself.

Cilan had spent most of the time trying to train as much as he could without going over the blockers limit. He couldn't train his mental powers as that would alert Piccolo on his whereabouts. His only other highlight of the last few days was going to a nearby village to pick up food and liquor.

'Might need to go on another booze run soon,' Cilan mused as he looked at the half-empty bottle of bourbon. The illustrated turkey logo on it just stared back at him. He smirked, before he poured a shot into the glass. After this bottle, he'd be down to only five left. Taking a sip from the tumbler, he drew his attention back to the television.

It was tuned to an evening news broadcast. Cilan had been watching closely to the media outlets, to see if there was any mention of the battle with Broly. What he found in both broadcasts and online, was passing references to the 'earthquake' that was felt and some disturbances in the forest region. It was quite odd that they didn't dig deep into the causes, but he figured it was better this way. With more media scrutiny, reporters would no doubt stop at nothing to harass the Z-Fighters.

The only other thing of interest was stories about Bulma not being seen in the past few days, and more activity at CC. The reports speculated it was related to some new project the genius was working on. Though the ex-soldier knew it was because she was doing her best in tracking him down.

Tuning out the broadcast, Cilan sat back and brooded again on his best attempt at escaping. From what he saw, Vegeta, Trunks, and Gohan were on a rotating schedule in watching the Arkbird. Even if he did manage to sneak on board; it was still housed in that domed structure, which he'd need to figure out how to override the roof mechanism.

It was then he remembered that the Capsule #3 had the new engine on it, and it was still space capable. Its control systems were similar enough to the Arkbird's, so he could pilot it without too much trouble. All he needed to do would be to wait for Vegeta to stop using it for the day, and takeoff when they least suspected.

As he finally settled on a plan of action, a tiny part of his mind reminded him that he'd be leaving without ever seeing Kei again. For the past few days he'd done his best on not thinking about her, as he knew he wouldn't think clearly. That meant he'd distract himself with whatever he could do. He hit a snag as he had already trained the entire day, nor could he work on his telekinetic powers. And there was nothing to watch on TV to distract him either.

Cilan gulped down his drink, as his mind turned to the green-eyed redhead. He remembered there last conversation they had, and her confession about her feelings. The ex-soldier had told her they'd talk about it after the battle, but the aftermath prevented him from doing so. He considered if he should go back to the apartment and talk with her before he left.

That thought was quickly shot down, as he knew the others would be there waiting for him to show up. There was also the possibility of Kei not wanting to hear from him again, if she heard what Cilan had been hiding.

'She's probably more worried than angry with you,' the tiny voice argued.

'She was furious after she found out I went to a strip club,' his cold side argued back.

The small voice countered, 'But she forgave you eventually.'

"I hate having a conscious," Cilan muttered to himself as he poured another drink. It didn't help that the tugging feeling in his chest returned when he thought about Kei again. The confession about her feelings for him was coloring his judgment; the saiyan couldn't trust himself if he saw her again. If he needed to escape, he would need to avoid her.

His conscious reminded him that she felt safe with him around, and he would be breaking her heart if he never saw her again. The ex-soldier let out a heavy sigh over his internal conflicts. He was about to chug down his drink when there was a knock on the door.

The ex-soldier was alert as he slowly went to the door, as he tried to sense who was visiting him. His face was full of surprise when he recognized the ki signature; it wasn't any of the Z-Fighters. Upon opening the door, he found Kei waiting at the threshold.

Hours earlier…

Kei was in her air car driving to Capsule Corp. Bulma had called earlier in the day, asking her to come over to look over a new engine design; the redhead agreed, she needed the distraction. As she swerved around the city traffic, her thoughts flashed back to the last few days.

It had been only a little over an hour after Cilan had left, when the other fighters showed up to their apartment. She grew worried that Cilan wasn't among them. They didn't explain much, only that they had fought Cilan's father and that the ex-soldier ran from them. They didn't elaborate further, but from what she could tell, they didn't know much either. Searching the apartment only led them to discover that he had beaten them there, and managed to sneak off with his belongings, without Kei knowing.

Part of her was hurt that he avoided her, but she was also very worried about him. She knew he was a soldier and could adapt to be on his own, but she also knew that he was having problems and didn't have anyone to talk to.

Kei had waited patiently for Cilan to show up that night, but he hadn't. She still had classes to go to, but had hoped she would find him there once she got back from campus, but was disappointed each day. The redhead wished he took his phone with him; at least she could have called him and talked reason into him.

She hadn't heard from her cousin until today's call. The engineer in training knew Bulma was busy trying to track down Cilan. Her aunt told her as much, whenever she called the apartment to check on her niece.

After turning a corner, the redhead slowed the air car down and landed outside of the CC campus. She capsulated the vehicle and let herself into the main building. Kei was greeted by some of the workers that recognized her. Bunny had given her a hug and told her to come to the kitchen later on for some supper. She also saw Gohan and Goku there, apparently they were discussing with Vegeta, on how to track down Cilan.

Walking the labyrinth that made up the labs of CC, Kei found the doors to her cousin's personal lab and pressed the door bell. The doors opened and she stepped through. Inside she found Bulma, hunched over a work bench repairing the motor of a dirt bike, while smoking a cigarette. The blue haired scientist looked up, giving her cousin a tired smile, "Glad you could make it Kei."

The redhead stood in front of the work bench, looking at the engine, "You need help with this?"

"No, I needed a reason to get you here without raising any suspicions," Bulma rolled her chair back to a large monitor and terminal, and began to type on it.

"Suspicions? What's this about then?"

"It's about Cilan," her cousin replied.

Kei's eye's shot wide open, "You found him!?"

After a few more keystrokes, the display then lit up showing a blinking red dot on a map of the globe, "Keep it down, no one else knows."

The redhead lowered her voice, "How did you find him? He left his phone behind."

"I know," Bulma responded between puffs. "He also got clever and shutoff the computer on his battle suit, but he didn't think of ditching his watch."

"You put a tracer on it?"

"It has a transponder, but it's normally deactivated. The watches I made for Cilan and Gohan are calibrated via radio signals to keep accurate time. The first day he disappeared, I put in a command on the signal to activate the transponder. When that didn't work, I knew he wasn't in any city, as I have broadcast towers at each city.

"I had to use my satellites to broadcast globally at specific regions. It finally activated early this morning when one of my satellites made a pass in this area of the world," the display zoomed in on a satellite photo of the house Cilan was staying in.

"Why are you telling me, and not the others?"

The blue haired scientist put out her cigarette as she faced Kei, "I tell them, they're going to confront him and start a fight. Vegeta is ready to kill him, because he sees him as a threat. Right now Cilan needs a friend and you're the only person he trusts."

The redhead considered it, and could only nod, "Where is he?"

"He's in the northeastern part of the continent," Bulma printed out a map of the location, and handed it to Kei, along with a capsule. "It should take you an hour or two if you take my hover car."

Kei took the items, then gave her cousin a hug, "Thanks for your help."

"Not a problem, now hurry. Go out the back so the others don't see you."

With one last nod, the younger woman left the lab via a side door, while Bulma lit up another cigarette and went back to work on the motor.

Cilan and Kei stared at each other for a minute. The saiyan's mind was racing try to figure out how he was found. She was waiting on him to say something. It was then a slight breeze picked up, causing her to shiver. The redhead was only wearing a red blouse and blue jeans. She decided to speak first, "May I come in?"

That made him snap out of his thoughts. He nodded and moved to one side to let her in. Kei took in the surroundings, noting the bourbon bottle on the table. "Nice place."

"Thanks," the ex-soldier stood at the door as he regarded her, trying his best to clamp down on his heart. "Do you want anything to drink?"


Another awkward silence descended between the two. Neither one knew what to say to the other. The saiyan let out a breath, "How much did the guys tell you?"

Without pause she replied, "Only that they fought your dad, and you ran off after killing him."

When there was no response, she continued, "Didn't you say a man named Shalot was your father and he was dead?"

"I did," Cilan looked away. "I lied."

Kei crossed her arms, "Why?"

He looked at her with his stony face, but his eyes were sad, "It's a long story."

She saw his eyes and lowered her arms, then moved to the middle seat on the couch. "We got time."

"It isn't a pleasant story."

The redhead patted a seat next to her, "Doesn't matter, I want to know."

The saiyan moved away from the door and took the offered seat. He laid his head back against the couch, looking up to the ceiling. After closing his eyes, he started, "It began over thirty years ago…."

Cilan revealed Shalot did die protecting his mother, but ten years before he was born. He then told Kei, that Cinna was lured to New Vegeta and was captured by Paragus. Where she was experimented on to make more super saiyans by using Broly's DNA to impregnate her. Once he was conceived and in Cinna's womb, she had managed to escape from their clutches and had been on the run ever since.

The saiyan didn't look down from the ceiling as he finished the story; he didn't know what Kei's reaction would have been. There was a sniffle, which made him look down to his side. Tears were streaming down the redheads face. Before he could say anything, she threw her arms around his neck.

"I'm so sorry," she said between sobs.

"Kei, please…"

"I know, 'don't apologize', and it's not my fault, but I can't help it. It's just so sad. I feel sorry for all you've gone through."

"Just don't cry, please," Cilan asked as he put an arm around her. She cried into his shoulder as he patted her back. It was then he realized he was comforting her, even though he confided his past to her. He mentally shrugged it off and waited for Kei to calm down.

The redhead did so after a while, and they held each other after that. Around that time, Kei noticed the black band around his right wrist, "What's that?"

"Hm?" Cilan followed her line of sight, "Ki blocker. I've been wearing it to hide from everyone else."

"So that's how you did it!" she exclaimed. "You've had everyone worried."


"Yes. You had me worried, along with my aunt and cousin. Why did you hide anyway?"

Cilan scratched the back of his head, "Thought it was a good idea at the time. After the battle the others looked like they were ready to fight me."

"They were just confused, I'm sure they wouldn't have attacked you…. Well, maybe Vegeta."

The saiyan only grunted in response.

"What was your plan anyway, just waiting until everything calmed down and talked with them?"

"No, waiting until they let their guard down and escape on a ship."

"What!?" Kei pulled back from him then, with a shocked expression. "You were planning on leaving all of us behind!?"

He mentally cringed at the pitch of her voice. The ex-soldier put on a stoic face and used his most detached voice he could muster, "It was a tactically sound plan given the circumstances."

Kei crossed her arms and glared at him, "Bullshit. That's the coward's way out. You're better than that."

It dawned on Cilan at that moment, that while Kei said 'us', she really meant 'me'. A pang of guilt hit him, as he didn't intend to hurt her, "You're right, it was a stupid plan."

Her face relaxed and scooted next to him, "So you're not going to leave?"


"Are you going to talk with the others?"

"In a couple of decades," that earned him an elbow to his ribs. "I'll talk with them tomorrow."


They sat in silence again, a comfortable one, as they watched the TV. However, neither of them was really paying attention to what was onscreen, as they were lost in their thoughts. Kei still had some questions about Broly.

"Why'd you kill your father?"

Cilan still looked at the television when replied, "How much did you know about him?"

"I was told he was a saiyan who was insane and wanted to kill Goku."

That elicited a snort from the ex-soldier, "Insane is putting it mildly."


"He destroyed planets for his amusement," he reached for the neglected glass and sipped on the bourbon.

Her face dropped at that, "Really?"

"Broly nearly wiped out every living thing in the southern galaxy," he took another sip as he remembered his exploration there. "My ship was almost destroyed navigating the asteroids he turned those planets into."

"Do you know how many people he killed?"

The saiyan shook his head, "Not an exact figure, the Arkbird estimated it into the hundreds of billions; the surviving species said it was more than that."

She sat silent as her mind took in what she heard, after a pause she turned to him, "He could have destroyed the Earth."

He nodded as he took the last drink from the tumbler, "I had to put him down. He would have killed you."

"Along with everyone else," Kei's mind could only imagine how close the planet was to being destroyed.

Cilan looked at her then, "Yes, but I couldn't let him destroy you."

The redhead noticed the intensity of his stare, "Are you saying you killed him to protect me?"

There was no response, but she caught a flicker in his eyes, giving her an answer. "Why?"

The ex-soldier turned away from her then and reached for the whiskey bottle to empty the last of its amber liquid into his glass. He sloshed the liquor in his cup as he stared into it for what seemed like minutes.

'If I tell her, there'll be no going back,' he told himself as one final warning. Kei was about to give up and look back at the television when he finally spoke.

"A week ago, you wanted me to be honest with you," he began, not looking at her. "When I first met you last year, I didn't know what kind of person you were. In the months since you've become a great friend and are one of the few people I can trust in the universe. You're kind, smart, and you're not spoiled like the rest of them.

"Lately, I've been having feelings, ones I haven't felt in years. Emotions I didn't think I had the capacity to feel anymore; a 'fondness' of sorts."

He took a sip from the tumbler then, not looking at Kei. "It was during the fight that I realized this, and I didn't want you to die. I had to kill my father to protect you."

Kei was stunned at what she had heard, and if she understood correctly, he just admitted his feelings. She was elated, but she couldn't show it.

"I don't understand? What are you trying to say?" The redhead had been through a lot in the last week, and she wanted to hear him say it, not just allude to it.

That response made the saiyan nearly drop his drink; he put down the glass and looked at her incredulously. Rolling his eyes, he stated bluntly, "I like you too, ok?"

Cilan was about to go back for his drink, when Kei put a hand on his arm and was face to face with him.

"That wasn't so hard, was it?" She then pressed her lips to his. The saiyan was caught by surprise, but he didn't resist. The kiss was warm, and both felt a jolt go through them. They parted moments after; Kei had a smile on her face, while Cilan was still surprised.

"Wow," was all she could say.

"Yeah," he replied after a breath, looking into her shining green eyes. They looked at each for a moment before they kissed again, more hungrily than the first. He tasted the sweet lip gloss she wore as he ran his tongue across her warm lips. That caused a moan to escape from her as she opened her mouth to him.

By that point, Cilan ran a hand through her auburn hair and cupped the base of her head to deepen the kiss; his other arm was embracing her back. Kei had her arms wrapped around his neck, and her eyes closed as she explored his mouth. He tasted of bourbon, which seemed to excite her more, and pressed herself more into him. They were at the edge of the couch, the arm rest digging into Cilan's back; though he didn't seem to notice.

His body did notice how warm her body felt against him, especially her breasts pressing into his chest and her taught tummy against his abdomen. Those sensations stirred something primal in him, and it was close to shutting down his higher brain functions. Kei's heart was racing as her body heated up; she nearly lost her train of thought as she kept making out with the saiyan. She then felt Cilan's hand snaking down her back towards her rear end, and felt his desire poking her. The redhead broke off the kiss then.

"We gotta stop," she was trying to catch her breath.

"Yeah?" Cilan was taking deep breaths.

"Moving too fast," was all she could say. She caught the flicker of disappointment in his eyes, but he nodded in agreement. Cilan moved from the arm rest and sat normally again, but he kept an arm draped around Kei, while she still embraced him; she rested her head on his chest and heard his rapid heartbeat slow.

The pair sat like that for nearly a half hour, the saiyan was watching the television while being hyper-aware of how Kei' s warmth radiated into him.

"What else do you like about me?" The redhead asked ending the silence.

Not breaking his attention from the monitor, he replied with a smirk, "I guess you're decently looking."

She pinched him in the sides for that one. That caused him to chuckle, "You're very beautiful."

"More beautiful than Stacey?" She referred to the stripper that had a crush on Cilan.

He broke into a small smile at her jealousy, "Much more."

Kei rose up and kissed him lightly on the lips, "Good."

She settled back down and watched the TV, but after a few minutes Cilan had asked her how she had managed to find his hideout. The redhead revealed about the tracker on the watch and how Bulma used her satellites to find him.

"Should have tossed it back at the apartment," the saiyan muttered as he glared at the timepiece.

"Are you mad?" She looked at him with guarded eyes

Cilan caught that look and relaxed his face, "Not at you, or Bulma for that matter. Just that I didn't think about the watch. If I was still in the military, first thing I would have done was to get rid it.

"I'm just getting rusty," he said with a shrug.

"It's ok, you're a civilian now." Kei wanted to make him feel better, "You did slow her down by leaving the phone behind and turning off the computer on your suit. So you're still pretty sneaky."

The saiyan didn't respond, but gave her a light squeeze and his normal smirk. He reached from the remote and began to channel surf until he landed on a crime drama movie, with cops having a shootout with robbers. Kei didn't say anything, so he left the channel there and watched it with her at his side.

The movie ended at ten, and Cilan found Kei fast asleep.

'She probably had a long day,' he surmised internally as he gingerly picked her up and took her to bed. The capsule house only had one bedroom, so he planned on giving her his bed and he'd sleep on the couch. He laid her down on the bed and put a blanket over her, then kissed her on the cheek. He smirked remembering doing this just a week before.

After that, he went into the personal bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth for the night. He turned off the light and stepped back into the room, giving the redhead one last glance. The saiyan was about to step out into the hallway when she called after him, "Cilan."

He turned around and found Kei sitting up from the bed, starring at him. "What's wrong?"

"Can't sleep," she said simply and turned on the lamp on the night stand.

"I think there are some sleeping pills in the medicine cabinet."

She shook her head, "Don't need those, I need you."

"What?" He replied with a raised eyebrow.

"I won't be able to go to sleep without you next to me."

"I don't think that'd be a good idea."


"It's been a very long time since I've slept with a woman."

"So you think you've forgotten what to do?" Her voice was tinged with humor.

He smirked at her, "Didn't you say we were moving too fast?"

That caused her to shrug, "Changed my mind."

"Are you sure?"

Kei laughed, "Is the big bad saiyan scared of a girl?"

He didn't respond but he moved away from the door.

"Do you want to be alone tonight?" She asked as her green eyes sparkled in the dim yellow light. That did him in, and he took a seat next to her on the bed. He moved his face close to hers as he replied in a hushed tone, "No."

Their lips met again as they embraced each other.

Overseeing the entire Earth, Dende stood at the edge of the Lookout. The young guardian had fulfilled his role for nearly ten years, not a lot time compared to Kami before him. However, in those few years he had learned the perks that came with being a guardian for a planet. One such perk was being able to locate a certain crafty saiyan.

Cilan might have held off the Z-Fighters, and slowed down the blue-haired genius, but the young namekian had been following him since the end of the battle with Broly. Piccolo had asked him if he knew where the saiyan was hiding. The guardian had indicated that he did, but refused to tell him where he was.

Dende had reminded the older namekian that his first assessment of Cilan was correct. He wasn't evil, but was a conflicted person. If he told the Z-Fighters where to find the young saiyan, all it would accomplish was more strife. He assured Piccolo that Cilan will answer their questions when he was ready and they'd know in due time. Piccolo grumbled at his decision, but the Kami part of him was proud that the young guardian had made a decision on his own without their advice.

The namekian had watched the conversation between Cilan and Kei, and knew the saiyan would be coming back to the fold by the next day. He turned away from the edge when he saw the young couple had become intimate, and let them have their privacy.

'It's going to be a good spring this year,' he thought as he walked back to the palace.

It was a quarter past eight in the morning when Cilan had woken up. Kei was clinging to him as she rested her head on his chest, while her hair draped his body. Her face wore a satisfied smile. He ran a hand down her back, which elicited a low moan from the redhead. Her body was soft and warm, and he relished how good it felt. It was much better than in his dreams.

'Guess I'm stuck here now,' he told himself as the previous nights activities raced through his mind. When they were nude, he was surprised at how she reacted to his scars. It made her more passionate as she ran her hands over them. He hadn't experienced anything like that since Milla, other women tended to ignore them or in some cases were repulsed by them. Not Kei, she was fascinated with each one asking how he received them between their kisses.

He shook those thoughts out his mind then. If he kept lingering on them, he'd be tempted to wake Kei again and go for more. After holding her for a moment longer, he carefully extracted himself from her embrace. She murmured in her sleep once she lost the feel of his warmth. He located his tossed pair of boxers and his sweatpants. Putting on a clean white muscle shirt, he went into the bathroom to clean up.

Before he left the bedroom, he put a blanket over the redhead's body and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. He turned away and quietly closed the door behind him. Cilan walked through the small home and went out the front door, and walked a few paces from the house. His watch told him it was eight thirty-seven in the morning, and everyone else should be awake by now.

He looked back at the house, and figured he was far enough away so Kei could sleep in peace. For what he was about to do, he knew the redhead would want to be there to provide moral support. But she had been through enough already and needed some rest. It was also something he needed to do on his own.

Looking at the black wristband that he still wore, he let out a small breath and pressed the small button to deactivate the ki blocker. Then he powered up to his second Super Saiyan level and stood there waiting. His actions had been immediately noticed by several people around the globe.

Unsurprisingly, Goku had shown up first wearing his orange gi and prepared for battle. He had teleported to Cilan's location in just under five seconds after his transformation. The older saiyan left behind a surprised Chi Chi, Gohan and Goten during the middle of family breakfast. Expecting a fight, he instead was surprised by finding Cilan transformed, but only wearing his training clothes and looking at his watch. Further confusing him, the ex-soldier powered down to his base form and crossed his arms, giving him a grim stare.

The younger saiyan felt the other fighter's ki signatures moving to his location. By their speed, they'd reach him in about five minutes. With Goku now there, it'd be pointless to stay in his new super form.

Still confused, Goku looked around and saw the house behind the younger man, "That your house?"

Cilan nodded.

"It looks nice."

The produced a small smile on the ex-soldiers face, "Thanks."

"How long have you owned it?"

"Not long, I purchased the land months ago, before I got a capsule house."

The surprised the older saiyan, "You bought land?"

Nodding again, "I was out here training by myself one day and found this spot, liked it a lot so I bought it."

He gestured to the lake behind the other saiyan, "That lake is great for fishing."

That perked up Goku's ears as he looked over his shoulder at the shimmering blue waters. He turned back excited, "Can I fish there later?"

"Go ahead," Cilan tried his best to suppress a grin. Goku had shown up ready for a fight, and less than five minutes wanted to go fishing. The other arrived one by one shortly thereafter; though instead of a confrontation between two mighty saiyans, they discovered Goku asking questions about the lake.

Goku's sons were the first arrive, Piccolo was second, Krillin and 18 were third. Things were relatively calm until Vegeta showed up at full power and flew straight for Cilan. Goku and Gohan had to hold him back.

"Let go of me! He's that psycho's son! He's too dangerous to live!" Vegeta yelled out, causing spittle to fly from his mouth.

The ex-soldier took up a fighting stance, and regretting on leaving his beam sword inside the house.

Goku tried to talk down the former prince, "Come on Vegeta, we don't need to start a fight."

That only caused Vegeta to get angrier, "How can you trust this asshole? He's been lying to us ever since he arrived here."

"I'm sure he has good explanation for that," Goku replied while looking back at Cilan.

The situation was tense, but Cilan felt he could explain. Until more fuel was added to the fire in the form of Bulma's helicopter arriving and landing near the assembled group. The blue-haired genius and her son stepped out of the machine. As impossible as it was, Vegeta's tempter increased ten-fold at the sight of his mate. He would have arrived sooner to battle Cilan, but he had to make sure Bulma didn't know where he went.

The spikey-haired saiyan glared at his son, "Boy, didn't I tell you to stop your mother from coming here?"

Trunks held up his hands in defeat, "She told me she'd take away my allowance."

Before Vegeta could yell at Bulma, she had walked straight to Cilan and poked him in the chest and gave him her trademark glare. "Where have you been? You run off for a week and have all of us worried? You better explain yourself mister!"

The ex-soldier grimaced at her tone, and was about to say something, but he was cut-off.

"Woman, what are you doing here? This is none of your business!" Vegeta growled out.

That only caused her to glare back at him, "Cilan's my employee, so it is my business, jerk!"

Cilan was hit by a sense of déjà vu, and felt he needed to step in. However, a sleepy voice from the door of his house called out, "Cilan? What's all the noise about?"

All the shouting stopped and all eyes turned to the doorway to find Kei, who was wearing nothing but Cilan's sweatshirt that stopped just below her hips. Once she realized she was being seen by nine sets of eyeballs, her pale skin turned a deep shade of red, and tried to make sure the shirt didn't rise up.

The ex-soldier had to suppress a chuckle, but spoke, "We have guests, dear."

They turned their attention from her to Cilan with raised eyebrows, except for Bulma who had a grin on her face. The ex-soldier scratched the back of his head, "Would you like to come in?"

They did so, with the Z-fighters taking seats in the living room; Bulma dragged Kei to another room to talk in private. Cilan had asked the kids be sent away as he didn't want them to hear. Goten and Trunks protested, but a death glare from Vegeta cut that short, and they decided to go play in the woods.

The ex-soldier sat on a chair in front of the TV, while the others looked at him expectantly. He stared at them for a few moments before he finally spoke, "What do you want to know?"

Vegeta spoke up first, "Is Broly your father?"



By that point a small silver case had floated its way to Cilan. He opened it up and pulled out a faded yellow envelope, which he handed to the former prince. Opening the packet, said prince found two sheets of paper inside which he unfolded and read quietly.

"That should explain it. It's written in Saiyan, so you should be able to read it," Cilan looked at the others, "It's a letter written by my mother. She included it along with some other personal items when she sent me away from the pirate attack. Shalot died about a decade before I was born, so she was left to fend for herself in the eastern galaxy.

"Word of her had filtered down to the southern galaxy, where Paragus had established New Vegeta by that time. With his son being the legendary Super Saiyan, but insane, the old bastard figured he could make more super saiyans using my mother and conquer the universe. So he had rumors spread in the eastern galaxy about surviving members of saiyans establishing a colony. She took the bait and made the journey there.

"When she arrived on the planet, she was subdued by Paragus and Broly. She was examined and experimented on by a scientist named Krang, though he failed to discover her telepathic abilities. They took Broly's DNA to fertilize several of her eggs, many of which died. I was conceived in the twelfth batch and placed back in her to gestate," Cilan's kept his voice detached.

"After that, she was kept prisoner. Using her cunning and her mind reading, my mother managed to free herself and escape via her space pod. She decided to keep me as she made her way back to the eastern galaxy and had hid as best as she could with me. I was told Shalot was my father and didn't find out about the truth until I read that letter."

The group sat in silence, soaking up what they had just heard. Vegeta decided to voice his thoughts, "An interesting story, but how do we know you didn't make it up?"

He had his arms crossed as he looked to the letter he had tossed on the coffee table, "For all we know, you could have written that yourself."

Cilan was not fazed by that accusation, "Given what happened last week, I don't blame you for doubting me." He turned to Goku then, "You can read my mind, that can prove to you if I'm lying or not."

The older saiyan nodded, and was about to get up, when Piccolo's voice stopped him, "I'll do it. Kami knew how to read people and knows when people hid the truth from him."

The namekian stood next to where the ex-soldier sat, and placed two fingers on the saiyan's forehead. Piccolo closed his eyes as he looked into Cilan's mind. Lasting several seconds, the namekian opened his eyes and looked at the others; stating bluntly, "He's not lying."

Piccolo said nothing else as he sat off to the side of everyone else. Aside from the former saiyan prince, the group was stunned and looked back at Cilan who had his normal glowering face.

Krillin ran a hand through his hair as he looked at the ex-soldier, "That means you were created…"

"To be a weapon," Cilan finished for him; his voice had an edge to it. "Considering how my life turned out, it's probably the only thing I'm good at."

"Don't say that." 18 said loudly. Her normal blue cold eyes were fiery, "You're more than that."

The saiyan was bewildered by her outburst, but shrugged it off and said nothing.

"Why didn't you tell us truth before?" Gohan asked. "When you first landed?"

Cilan snorted, "That would have gone over so well." His voice changed to a mocking tone, "Hey guys, I'm a saiyan that you've never heard of. I'm the son of Broly, the guy that destroyed most of a galaxy, and nearly killed you all. But I'm not a homicidal maniac like he is, so you can totally trust me."

That caused Goku to frown, "We would have taken your word for it."

"Maybe you, but he would have blasted me in a heartbeat," the ex-soldier pointed a thumb at Vegeta. Said saiyan only smirked, as the others stayed quiet.

"Were you ever going to tell us?" Gohan asked anew.

"Not really. I was planning on taking that to the grave to be honest." He noted the look of hurt on some of their faces, "It's nothing personal, but I've grown up to not trust anyone. "

Gohan could only nod in understanding, "What are you going to do now?"

Cilan sat back in his chair as he crossed his arms, "That would depend on you guys."

"What do you mean?" Goku raised his eyebrow at that.

"I'm seen as a threat by Vegeta, if the rest of you feel that way, I'd be willing to pack up and leave," the ex-soldier responded.

The older saiyan scratched the side of his head, "Despite what he thinks, we don't want to force you out. But what do you really want to do?"

"I have nowhere else to go," Cilan responded honestly. "I've grown to like it here and I'd rather stay then go back out into space."

A warm hand was placed on his shoulder then. Looking up, he saw Kei next to him. She was dressed in her red blouse and blue jeans she wore the day before, and her hair was tied in a pony tail. Her eyes were warm and gave him a smile that could ease his mood. The corners of his mouth upturned slightly, and his own eyes lost its edge they usually wore.

Vegeta rolled his eyes, while Goku smiled at the scene, "You can stay Cilan. I know you're a good kid."

"Besides, I don't think his girlfriend would like him leaving," Gohan cut in chuckling.

"Thanks," relief washed over the ex-soldier, but he didn't show it.

They talked for another hour, with Cilan answering question about his new powers. He answered as much as he could, and revealing to them about the voice that told him he could tap into them. As well as that he could only go into that mode under extreme rage. Goku seemed the most interested in Cilan's new abilities. The ex-soldier could only guess that the older saiyan was looking forward to having more challenging sparring matches.

After some idle chit-chat, the assembled group decided to head back home. Goku teleported back as he was told by his older son that his mom vowed to never cook for him again. Gohan left to find his little brother, and Trunks to tell them a sanitized version of Cilan's connection with Broly. Krillin and 18 left as well, though they invited the new couple over for dinner.

Vegeta gave him one last glare, his eyes still full of distrust, before blasting off to CC. Cilan could only look forward to the coming week at the compound. Piccolo left soon afterward, but not before he commented on the ex-soldiers use of his mental powers last week. The namekian was impressed, but told the saiyan he still needed to practice more.

Bulma was the last to leave. She gave the saiyan a smile, but he saw the pity in her eyes. He knew Kei told her cousin the truth.

"So I'll be seeing you on Monday, Cilan?" The blue haired scientist asked.

The ex-soldier gave her a nod in affirmation.

"Good, you're lucky I'm not docking your pay. Don't worry about Prince Jerk; I'll make sure he doesn't bother you."

Bulma gave her cousin a hug, then left the home to her helicopter. They stepped out on the porch as they watched her take off and head in the direction of West City. Kei held his hand as they looked at the lake, marveling at how the sunlight reflected off of it. The quiet moment was short-lived when familiar noise of a growling stomach was heard.

Cilan raised his eyebrow at Kei, whose pale face was again turning red.

"I haven't eaten anything since lunch yesterday," she said meekly.

The saiyan could only chuckle at her, "I still have some food in the fridge, or do you want to go out into town for breakfast?"

The redhead thought about for a beat, "I'd rather stay in."

He nodded and went inside; she followed him after she took one last look outside and smiled at how her fortune had changed in less than a day.

To be continued.