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I pulled my long, dark hair into a messy knot as I stood withering in the humid Texas heat, waiting for the bus. Late August in Texas was always brutal, but I'd chosen to go to college here. I scanned the hill, impatient for the West Campus Loop bus to appear at the top. My first day of classes were over and I was anxious to get home and into the air conditioning again. Normally, I'd have hiked across campus, but the one-hundred and two degree temperature with the seventy percent humidity was just too much.

My phone buzzed and I looked to see my best friend and roommate, Alice, was calling. "Hey, Ali," I answered.

"Bells! You coming home soon?" her chime-like voice ringing out over the phone.

"Just waiting for the bus. Why?"

"Perfect, I want to go shopping!"

I groaned into the phone. "No, Alice. I am not going shopping with you. I'm not into masochism."

"But Bella, I need to go and we need to find you an outfit for Saturday," she whined.

I suddenly grew wary, it was never good if the pixie wanted to dress me up for something I didn't recall planning. "Outfit? What outfit? What's happening Saturday?"

"For the first football game, silly!" she laughed.

I snorted, "Again, no, Alice. I'm not going to some stupid football game. As if I give a fuck about football." She started to protest, but I cut her off. "I'm serious, Alice. I have zero interest in going to a crowded stadium of screaming, drunk students in one hundred degree weather to watch a bunch of guys throw themselves at each other over a ball. It's pointless. And boring. I realize everyone else at this school thinks it's the greatest game in the world, but not me."

"But Bella-" Alice began, and I interrupted again.

"The bus is coming, I need to go. I'll see you when I get home" We hung up and I put my phone in my backpack as the bus stopped in front of me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a guy smirking at me. Glancing at him, my breath caught. Damn, he was hot. Really, really hot. Panty-wetting hot. Fuckhot. Brown-ish, red-ish...bronze-ish...crazy sex-hair with the most beautiful green eyes I'd ever seen, like fresh-cut grass. A perfectly straight nose and jaw that were a sculptor's dream and his perfect, totally kissable lips formed that smirk that made my lady parts sit up and take notice.

He lifted an eyebrow to go with his smirk and I quickly looked down, blushing. Fuck, I'd been caught staring. I bit my lip, immediately regretting pulling my hair up so I couldn't hide behind it. I climbed onto the bus in front of him and headed for the back. The bus was only half full so I took an empty seat in the back corner. Looking out the window, I reached up and released my hair and ran my fingers through it. I peeked through the strands and saw Smirkhot-Sex-Hair Guy chatting with someone before making his way further back. I hastily looked away to avoid getting caught staring again. I heard someone rather noisily take a seat in the row in front of me and I turned my head. Smirkhot-Sex-Hair Guy was sprawled across the row of seats and smirking once again at me. Now I became defensive, "What?"

He chuckled lowly and a shiver danced down my spine. His smirk deepened and he asked, "So, going to the game on Saturday?" Oh dear God in heaven, that voice! That smooth, deep, velvet voice. Just that one sentence had my stomach, amongst other things, quivering. What the hell was wrong with me? I'd never reacted like this to any guy before. I was practically panting over him like a cat in heat.

I mentally shook myself and pulled out my trusty friend, sarcasm. "Oh, yeah. I dream of nothing else." I rolled my eyes. "Don't tell me you're going to lecture me on the wonders of football too? I get enough of that from my father. He thinks I'm un-American."

Smirkhot-Sex-Hair Guy laughed again and smiled, shaking his head. "I wouldn't dream of it." He cocked his head to the side, "You're an interesting girl. You don't like football, so I'm guessing you're not much of a tomboy. But you don't like shopping either, so you're not a princess. I can't quite figure out what kind of girl you are."

I bit my lip, trying to fight off my blush. He was trying to figure me out? This gorgeous sex-god had noticed me? I was as plain as you could get. Brown hair, brown eyes, with that wholesome girl next door look. Not exactly the kind of girl guys would beat down a door to get to. I glanced back up at him, hating to ruin the conversation this early on, but fearing it would be best to end it before I was too caught up in my fantasies. "I'm the nerdy kind of girl. You know, the librarian type, always reading or studying. Kind of quiet. Boring. So, do you always listen to other people's conversations?" I tried to deflect his attention away from me.

He looked a little embarrassed for a moment, then recovered with a small smile, "No, not always. Just the girls who are too beautiful to look away from." I felt my blush from the top of my hair to the tips of my toes and quickly ducked my head to hide behind my hair. I heard his chuckle again, "Sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you."

I glanced outside; thankfully the bus was arriving at my stop. I stood hastily, almost falling over, but catching myself on the back of my chair. I flushed again; sure he wouldn't have missed my graceful near fall. "Well, this is my stop," I mumbled and walked as swiftly as I dared off the bus.

"Lucky me, it's mine, too," that smooth, velvet voice said behind me and I turned, stopping on the sidewalk.

Nervous about walking with some guy I didn't actually know and wasn't completely sure I wanted to know where I lived, I stalled. "Which way are you?"

He nodded his head in the opposite direction of my place. "I'm that way." He stepped slightly closer to me and I was suddenly aware of how tall and rather well built he was. He wasn't body-builder huge, thank goodness, but he definitely worked out. I could tell from the way his t-shirt hung, he had a hard, very toned body underneath. My pulse raced, and I didn't quite know if it was out of fear or desire. Maybe a little of both.

"I-I'm that way," I squeaked and gestured behind me.

"Too bad," he murmured. "Well, it was nice meeting you..." He held his hand out to me with a one-sided smirk.

"Bella. I'm Bella. It was nice meeting you, too..." I answered and lifted my hand to his.

"Edward," he said as our hands touched. A jolt of electricity ran through me at his touch and I let out a small gasp, looking up into his eyes. He was staring at me intently, still holding my hand. I wondered if he felt it too. Then he smiled, really smiled. This brilliant, crooked grin that literally took my breath away. He softly stroked his thumb across the back of my hand, before releasing it. He leaned close suddenly, his lips close to my ear. "Just so you know, I love the quiet, librarian type. I'll see you around, Bella." He pulled back, grinning again and turned to go.

I stood there, staring after him until he looked back over his shoulder, catching me staring again.

On Wednesday, I once again found myself waiting for the bus. Though I hated to admit it, if I was being honest, I was hoping Edward would be on the bus again. I'd tried not to think about him on Tuesday, so of course, he was all I thought about. I was pulling out my iPod as it seemed Edward wasn't going to show, when I felt someone behind me. "Hello, beautiful girl."

I fought against the shiver his voice sent through me and felt the unbidden desire to lean back against him. It was a startling sensation and I forced myself to take a step forward and turned to face him. "Hi."

He smiled at me, that same crooked smile and once again I was left breathless. And turned on. "How's your week going?"

I stared at him for a moment longer, before blinking and replying. "Fine. Not too bad yet, although I'm pretty sure I'll spend all semester reading or in the library. What about yours?"

"Not too bad. I'll be busy for sure. Why will you be spending all of your time reading or in the library?" Edward asked as we climbed onto the bus. I noticed people staring as we walked to the back. I figured it was because everyone was trying to figure out what this gorgeous Adonis of a man was doing with plain old me. I shrugged off the looks, excited to just talk to him again. This time, he sat next to me instead of in the seats in front.

"I'm an English major, so there's always lots of reading and writing papers. What's your major?"

"Biology. So, not as much time writing papers, but more lab work to keep me busy. What year are you?"

"I'm a junior, you?" I was fairly certain he was either a junior or senior. I was leaning toward senior given his size and the epic confidence he displayed.

"I'm a junior too. I'm actually taking my first real English class this semester. Writing component and all. My professor said she's easing us in by letting us read Pride and Prejudice first. It's supposed to be easy or something. I'm pretty sure that one's been made into a movie, right?"

I laughed, "Let me guess, British Lit?" He nodded. "There are a couple movies of Pride and Prejudice, actually. They're pretty good, but I'd recommend you read the book. Something is always left out of the visual interpretation. Although, there is an 8 hour BBC miniseries, that's fairly accurate, but I doubt any guy would sit through it without being held at gunpoint. I love Austen, she was a great writer. I prefer Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion as my personal favorites of hers, but I do love Mr. Darcy. He's the male lead in Pride and Prejudice." I glanced over at Edward, who was looking at me with a very amused expression. "What?" I asked, realizing I was rambling nervously.

"Nothing, you were just so animated when you were talking about those books." He flashed me his smirk and I blushed.

"Told you I was a nerd," I murmured and he chuckled.

"It was cute. And I might just need a tutor with this stuff. I'm good with science, but English might be a bit more of a challenge." He waggled his eyebrows at me and I shook my head at his teasing. We disembarked from the bus and once again stood facing each other.

"So, I'll see you around," I said, nervous with his staring.

He nodded, "Definitely. Have a good afternoon, Bella."

I couldn't help the small smile that crossed my face when he said my name. I loved how it sounded with this amazing voice of his. "Bye, Edward." His lips lifted into that bright, crooked smile that made my heart flutter and I bit my lower lip. This time I was determined not to be the one caught staring and turned to head home first.

Thursday night found me out with Alice and my other best friend, Rosalie. We'd opted to go down town to the popular bar area on 6th Street. We were frequenting one of my favorite bars, The Library. Since it was the first Thursday of the year, it was fairly crowded but we were able to find a small table. Alice and I sat at the table while Rose picked up the first round. She made her way through the bar, stopping traffic as she did. Rose was gorgeous and she knew it. A blonde bombshell with dark blue eyes and curves that didn't quit. Add her signature red lipstick accenting her full lips, she was a man eater who reveled in it.

She winked at a group of guys as she passed and they followed her like lemmings. She laughed as she set our drinks on the table, shooing them away. Alice grabbed her cosmo and handed me my vodka gimlet while Rose picked up her martini. We toasted to the new school year and the two of them immediately started in on me. "Bel-la," Alice sang, "It is my mission this year to get you laid."

I stared at her with wide eyes. She might be a tiny faerie-like creature, but I also knew when she decided something, she didn't back down. Her outside appearance with short, spiky black hair, cat-like green eyes, and a very misleading innocent smile, made everyone underestimate the ferocious beast hiding underneath. "Alice, I do not need you to get me laid."

"Oh, really?" Rose jumped in. "So did something happen over the summer we're unaware of? Please just tell me you didn't let that dog Jake worm his way into your pants while you were at home." She pretended to shiver and made a face.

I rolled my eyes, "No, I did not let Jake into my pants. I'm just saying, I don't need help getting laid!" I knew I was being snarky and couldn't make myself care in the slightest.

Alice eyed me. "You met someone," she accused. "You met someone and didn't tell us!"

Perceptive bitch.

"No, no, no. I didn't meet anyone," I stammered, blushing and avoiding both of their gazes.

"Oh. My. God. You did! You so met someone. Who is he? How did you meet? Better yet, when do we get to meet him?" Alice asked questions rapid fire, both she and Rose waiting anxiously.

"N-no. There's not, I haven't... I mean... there's this guy from the bus... but he's not- we're not. I just, shit. Shut up. Both of you shut up. We're changing the subject. Now." I stuttered, blushing furiously and downing my drink.

They both stared at me, stunned. Then the two of them started grinning like mad. "Oh, you totally like this guy!" Rosalie teased. "You are not getting away with this. Tell us everything!"

I glanced at my non-existent watch and jumped up, "Wow, look at the time! I have an early class tomorrow; so I really have to get home. See you later girls, Alice try not to wake me up when you stumble in." I took off out of the bar, not yet ready to share anything about Edward. Because, really, there was nothing to tell. Yes, he was beautiful and I'd thought about him non-stop since we'd met a few days ago. And yes, he had flirted with me on the bus, twice. But that was it and I had to keep my expectations in check; in all honesty, there really was nothing going on between us. I heard Alice and Rosalie yelling at me as I left, but I didn't stop. I ducked out onto the sidewalk, ready to hail a cab and ran smack into someone. A very hard someone.

I would have fallen if strong arms with amazing reflexes hadn't caught me. "Whoa, easy there," an amused, velvet voice said close to my ear.

I gasped and looked up, "Edward?"

He brushed my hair back from my face, "Bella?" His face transformed as he beamed at me. "This is a surprise. Didn't think you would be out on 6th, seeing as you are a self proclaimed librarian."

I blushed, thankful it was dark enough he wouldn't be able to see it. "Oh. Um, some friends of mine made me come out, celebrating the start of the year. I was just going to catch a cab and head home." He hadn't yet released me, and I found myself dreading when he would. I felt comfortable and safe and warm nestled inside them.

His brow drew together, "Taking a cab home by yourself? Did your friends abandon you?"

I smiled softly, "No, I have an early class. I'll be fine."

He shook his head, "I'm not letting you get in a cab alone." I opened my mouth to protest, but he wouldn't let me. "I was heading home anyway, we live close enough to each other we can share a cab. My mother would never forgive me if I let you go on your own."

"Edward..." I sighed, slightly exasperated.

He shifted one hand up to my cheek, softly stroking his fingers along it. "Please, Bella?" he whispered. I nodded weakly, praying my knees wouldn't give out. I may have kind-of-sort-of whimpered. Gah, how was a girl supposed to think when he said and did things like that? All I could do was hope for the strength to not jump him in the cab, because heaven knew my panties were completely soaked at this point. His face turned intense, with an almost predatory look to it and he leaned slightly closer. I held my breath and felt my heart beat double time, pleading in my mind for him to kiss me. Just as his face took on this determined look and his gaze shifted from my eyes to my lips, my phone buzzed, startling us both.

"I will fucking kill whoever is calling me," I muttered under my breath as Edward released me and I fumbled with my phone. I answered it, unknowingly hitting the speakerphone button.

"Isabella Maire Swan! Is that bus guy out there with you? Did you ditch us for him? Although, from what little we can tell, he is pretty hot." Alice's voice rang out loud and clear for both of us to hear.

"Shit," I hissed as I frantically pressed buttons to turn off the speakerphone. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" I abandoned the idea and simply ended to call, putting my phone back in my pocket. I then turned, without looking at Edward and waved a cab over. I slid into the backseat, giving the driver my address and not waiting to see if Edward would follow. I felt him climb in next to me and heard his low laugh as I adamantly refused to look in his direction.

"So, you told your friends about me?" he asked in a smug voice.

I turned to look out the window so he wouldn't even have the chance of seeing the ridiculous blush I had going on. I was kind of afraid I might actually glow in the dark, I could feel so much heat coming from my face. "Nope, no idea what you're talking about." I prayed for the driver to go faster and put my out of my misery. I was definitely not taking the bus tomorrow.

He laughed, "I must be missing the greatest blush of all time. Too bad, it's so becoming on you."

I groaned quietly as I felt my face heat up again. I buried my face in my hands, trying to quell the sense of mortification. I both loved and hated that he noticed how often I blushed.

"Hey, I was only kidding. I didn't mean to embarrass you this much," Edward said in a more serious voice and reached over to pull one of my hands away. He kept my hand in his as I turned my face toward him. He smirked at me, "But you did tell your friends about me." Smug bastard. I narrowed my eyes at him and tried to pull my hand away, but he held on. "So, Isabella Marie Swan, I'm finally going to get to see where you live."

Great, he'd most definitely heard everything Alice had shouted, including my full name. I simply nodded and smiled, with my own reasons to be smug now. "Yep, but if you think you're somehow going to sweet talk your way into getting invited in, you are sorely mistaken."

He lifted one eyebrow at me and I wished the dark didn't hide so much of his expression. "That sounds like a challenge."

I laughed, "I couldn't let you in, even if I wanted to." Edward tilted his head to the side and I sensed his confusion. "You'll see when we get there," I told him. "So Edward, since you know my middle and last name now, what's yours?"

He contemplated my question for a moment, "I'll tell you if you agree to go to the football game on Saturday."

I shook my head, grinning at him. "Not that interested in your last name to subject myself to that torture. Besides, I doubt I could get a ticket this late, even if I wanted to go."

"Would you go if you had a ticket?"

"Probably not. Why are you so interested in my coming to the game?"

He shrugged, "I think you would have more fun than you think." The cab pulled up to my house and I reached for my cash, but Edward captured my other hand, shaking his head at me. Then he glanced out at where I lived. "A sorority house? You are in a sorority? I have to admit, I didn't see that one coming. You truly are a mysterious girl."

"I told you I couldn't let you in even if I wanted to. House rules. No boys past 10pm on weekdays and 11pm on weekends. Sorry, stud. Besides, I'm not your typical sorority girl anyway." I flashed him a mischievous smile.

He gave me that killer crooked-smile and I felt the trickle of wetness between my thighs turn into a river. I needed to get out of this cab and quickly, before I could throw myself at him. "Typical you most definitely are not, Isabella," he quietly murmured and released my hands, sliding his fingers along them as he did. I shivered and his eyes suddenly smoldered. He leaned close to my ear and I held perfectly still, afraid of ruining the moment. "Sweet dreams, Bella," Edward whispered and brushed his lips against my ear. I whimpered, again.

I turned my face slightly to his. "Good night, Edward," I answered, licking my lips as I stared at his before dragging my eyes up to his. We locked gazes for a heavy moment, until I had to look away or risk spontaneously combusting. I fumbled with the door and unsteadily walked up to the front door. I punched in the key code and pushed open the door, looking back over my shoulder one last time to see the cab still waiting there. I lifted my hand in a small wave and went inside. Once the door shut, I heard the cab leave and I smiled that he had waited until I was safely inside before leaving.

The next day I was practically buzzing with anticipation at seeing Edward at the bus stop again, only to be disappointed. He didn't show. I was crushed and pissed off at myself for feeling that way. It wasn't like I had any real claim on him or his time. I vowed to rein in my fantasies and get a hold on my expectations. I didn't need to be pining away over some guy who was obviously just stringing me along and probably had countless girls at his beck and call.

I stomped into my sorority house, grumbling to myself and planning on going to my room and sulking, when one of the other girls stopped me. "Hey, Bella! This came for you," Charlotte said, holding out an envelope with my name written in neat script across it. I frowned and took it from her. I lifted the flap and pulled out two tickets. Furrowing my brow further, I examined them. They were football tickets. For tomorrow's game. What the hell? I looked in the envelope to see if there was a note, but there was nothing else.

Suddenly, a piercing screech rang in my ear. I cringed and jerked away, seeing Alice right behind me. "Oh my God! Bella! How did you get those? Do you have any idea how fantastic those seats are? You are taking me with you, and no, you are not going to pass up those seats!" She began jumping around excitedly. I just stared at her, then back at the tickets in my hand. Who sent these to me? I had one guess, but swiftly squashed that hope. I didn't want to end up crushed all over again when they weren't from who I thought. I sighed and let Alice drag me upstairs to our room to begin digging through our wardrobes to find me the perfect outfit.

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