Forever Virus By AthEnA1999

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon, never will.

A/N: This is sort of a combination of stuff.  I'm even trying out a new writing style.  Everything's less frivolous and more dramatic, and I refer to the characters as what they are.  I don't usually do that when I write.  It's partially a sequel to Enter: Team Rocket Mon (hereafter known as ETRM) and also an AU fic based on 01 as well.  The way it's related to ETRM is that I was typing Wizardmon's life story in chapter 16 and thought "Hey, this gives me a great idea!"  And this could sort of follow up to it in a way.  As most of you know, ETRM takes place during 01, sort of an AU fic in which the Digiworlds and Pokeworlds combine and merge.  And also as some of you know, Wiz appears as well as another one.  His life story is told.  So I decided to make an entire separate AU fic based on the life story.  What if the dark-digivolving potion had been used on Wiz during 01?  And what if Myotismon were still alive and was able to use Wizardmon's dark digivolution?   OK, in this AU fic, Wiz and Myo are both alive.  Wiz is able to dark digivolve.  He has a brother whose partner is a digi-destined.  Dedicated to Kyer, Sabrina Black, and any other Wiz fans out there.

Oh and BTW all of Wiz's digivolutions are characters of my own creation, and if you want to use em in ur fics just ask me, ok?

Here are Wiz's digivolutions: In-training: Magemon Rookie: Auramon Champion: Wizardmon Ultimates: Incantemon (vaccine) or Necromamon (virus)

Prologue: go to

Chapter 1: The Transformation

  One night Wizardmon woke up.  Something just didn't seem right.  Then again, he was excited to see his brother Auramon for the first time in a year, and so excited he couldn't sleep.  His human partner Erika was extremely nice as well.  But still, even if they hadn't been coming, things wouldn't have been right.  It started when he had drunk the potion that made him digivolve, but also made him dark digivolve as well.

  Drinking the potion also made him loyal to Myotismon, and he didn't like that when he wasn't loyal, but he was in debt for the potion.  He didn't know about the error in it, so the wizard worked off his debt every day for a long time.  But after he had dark digivolved to Necromamon by accident, he knew the repaying was completely useless and left.

  Then he vowed that he would never digivolve, even when danger came.  No matter how big of a danger it would be.  After that happened, he was being roughed up by so many dark digimon slaves to even darker digimon.  He was tempted to digivolve, but he told himself he would never do it otherwise he'd turn evil.

  Then Gatomon befriended him, but after she left with digi-destined Kari Kamiya, Wizardmon was condemned to walk the digiworld alone and wait for his friends to return.  The worst part was, his archnemesis Myotismon had never been completely defeated, but temporarily removed.  Possibly.  But he'd never find Wizardmon in such a vast digiworld, would he?

  Wizardmon tried to fall back asleep, convincing himself that no one out there would take him.  Of course, he thought too soon.  That was when a fluttering sound was heard near him.  It sounded very familiar.  The small wizard opened one eye.  "Demidevimon!"

  The bat digimon flapped its wings around and sneered.  He flew around Wizardmon, who opened his other eye and stood up.  He grabbed his staff and brandished it.  Seeing that Wizardmon was prepared, Demidevimon took out a Demi Dart and held it in front of him.

  "What are you doing here?" asked Wizardmon.

  "Orders," replied Demidevimon. "Besides, Wiz old pal, I know what you want!  Seeing you dark digivolve was oh, so painful!  I know how you can make yourself back into a completely good guy who can just digivolve normally!"  Wizardmon did not see him mouthing "He'll believe anything!"

  "Nice try, little imp," said the wizard.  "I know that it's going to make me worse."

  "But the master's back as a good guy, you know," lied the imp, still holding the Demi Dart.  "He's no longer Myotismon.  He's now MoonAngemon, the Angel of the Night!"

  The wizard reconsidered this.  He started to put down his staff.  And then he remembered that Demidevimon was a big liar.

  "He's now a good guy," said Demidevimon.  "Believe me, he can change you back into the good Incantemon.  Your friends will be so proud that you did!"

  "No," said the wizard firmly.  He grabbed his staff.  "Now get the hell out of here!  THUNDER BALL!"  A ball of thunder shot out of his staff and hit Demidevimon so hard he fell onto the ground.  "That's better."

  "No, please," Demdievimon pleaded.  "I'm one of the good guys now!"

  "I know your lies when I hear one," said Wizardmon.  He held up his glowing sun staff.

  "That's it!  If you want to attack me, then so be it!  DEMI DART!"  He shot the dart right into Wizardmon's arm.  Wizardmon tried to attack again, but he just started to feel weak and considerably heavier.  Everything just swirled in front of his eyes before he fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.  The imp cackled and dragged him away to a carriage…

  The wizard awakened later in a totally different place that reminded him of an angel's castle.  Everything was bright and had the silvery glow of the moon and more heavenly.  Demidevimon was grinning at him and an angel was grinning as well.  He had very long blonde hair, pale skin, a silver helmet, silver robes, and silvery-white wings.

  "See?  MoonAngemon," said Demidevimon, motioning at the angel.

  "Can you help me?" the wizard asked.  "I want to be completely good again.  The potion that was given to me makes me dark digivolve and I wish to digivolve to Incantemon."

  "Of course I can help," said MoonAngemon, holding out a vial of dark brown liquid.  It looked quite toxic.  "Drink this and you will be a good digimon again."  The angel grinned and held it out at Wizardmon's level.

  The wizard looked at the vial of liquid suspiciously.  It looked extremely unappealing to him, but he shakingly took the vial of potion and drank it down in one gulp.  Its taste was unbearable and it smelled just like a Numemon.  As Wizardmon gulped it down, he started shaking as his entire body started tingling.  He got the strange sensation that this was not the right liquid.  And then he saw his staff glowing this dark color, and the color spread over his entire body.

  "Wizardmon, dark digivolve to… NECROMAMON!"  Where Wizardmon once was, Necromamon stood.  He saw his dark robes and floor-length black hair, and the moon staff.  He gasped in terror and started shaking.  "Wh— what have you done to me?  This is the… wrong potion!  I wasn't supposed to dark digivolve!"

  "MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" MoonAngemon laughed.  "Things aren't what they seem, aren't they?"

  "You fell for it!" Demidevimon exclaimed, flying around the dark sorcerer's head.  "YOU FELL FOR IT!  HA HA!!!"  Then he started laughing his head off.

  As that happened, the castle décor changed from from heavenly to the hades-ish appearance of Myotismon's castle.  Even the smell and the temperature changed.  There was a rushing sensation of coldness that overcame the dark sorcerer.

  But the biggest shock happened next.  "And now for my true form!"  MoonAngemon had spoken in Myotismon's voice instead of Angemon's voice.  His hair grew slightly darker and a lot shorter.  The robes changed into a black cape and a blue bodysuit.  The silver helmet became a red mask.  Even MoonAngemon's face had changed from the hidden angelic face to yet another handsome one.  And sharp white fangs were seen as well.  MoonAngemon had completely changed into his true form, Myotismon.

  Necromamon looked at the staff, then at his former master.  His eyes narrowed in indignance and fear.  "Myotismon… I didn't know it was you.  But only you could fool me into thinking you were an angel!"

  "Yeah, you should have seen the look on your face when he tricked you like that!"  The imp perched on Necromamon's shoulder.  Necromamon tried to swat him off.

  "What did you do to me?" asked the dark sorcerer, still shocked from the change that had taken place.  What was going to happen to him?

  "I merely changed you to be more to my liking," replied Myotismon.  "You are a dark digimon, and that is how you will stay."

  "No…" Necromamon gasped.  "I want to change back to Wizardmon.  At least he was decent."  He dared not tell the vampire that he wasn't trying to be a dark digimon and he wanted to be good, otherwise he'd be attacked.

  "What, living on the dark side isn't good enough for ya?" asked the imp, flying around Necromamon extremely fast.  "Come on, you'll love the life!"

  I refuse to love the life, thought Necromamon.  I can't be a bad guy.  What's my brother Auramon going to think?  Auramon knew nothing, never will, except Wizardmon would be gone for good.  I must de-digivolve, and fast.  Or at least make a run for it.

  So Necromamon was trying with all his might to de-digivolve to Wizardmon.  Unfortunately, he just couldn't.  He stayed Necromamon, and he would be forever virus.  The only choice he had was to run.

  "BLACK SPELL!"  Necromamon blasted a hole through the wall using a blast of dark magic.  It led to another room, and even if the hole didn't lead outside he would be free eventually.

  "You can't escape me," said Myotismon.  "CRIMSON LIGHTNING!"  He used a whip of crimson lightning to force the sorcerer to hit the ground and then bleed.

  Necromamon felt pain as he hit the ground, both on his back and where he hit.  His staff also slid across the floor where he couldn't reach it.  His robes got soaked with warm blood.

  Despite this, the sorcerer wouldn't surrender.  "I will never serve you," he said.

  "Yes you will serve me forever," said the vampire, advancing on Necromamon.  "You are an all-powerful virus!"

  With the heart of a vaccine, thought the sorcerer digimon.  I will never serve a virus.  "I AM NEVER GOING TO SERVE YOU!!!  I WORK ALONE!!!!  BLACK THUNDER!!"  He used his second attack on Myotismon, who was hit and forced back against another wall.  He wasn't fazed, despite him being an ultimate like Necromamon.

  "No one defies me and gets out alive," said Myotismon.  He was extremely furious at Necromamon for standing up to him like that.  "CRIMSON LIGHTNING!"  he sent out a bolt of lightning, which hit Necromamon and forced him to slide across the stone floor.  It burned from the kidding and the blast of lightning.

  The sorcerer weakly attained his balance and clutched his staff for more balance.  Then he pointed it at the vampire demon, ready to use it against him.  "Let me return to my Wizardmon stage," said Necromamon.

  "You will never return to your Wizardmon stage," said Myotismon, evilly grinning.  "You will remain forever virus, serving me with the loyalty you should have shown five years ago!"  He prepared to attack.

  Forever virus… Forver virus… what Myotismon said echoed in Necromamon's mind.  Even if he had a Necromamon's body, he was still Wizardmon inside.  What if the viral appearance masked the gentle soul within?  What if all digimon saw him as completely virus?  Myotismon thought so, that was for sure.  And so did Demidevimon.

  "Oh boy, I love a cat fight!"  Demidevimon flew out of the way so he wouldn't be attacked.

  "I WILL NEVER SERVE YOU, MYOTISMON!"  the sorcerer was enraged at the way he had been attacked for his own good.

  "YOU WILL SERVE ME, NECROMAMON!" the vampire was equally enraged at the way Necromamon was defying him after he made him what he was.





  Both attacks shot through the air and then hit each other in a huge ball of dark energy, going off in huge blasts.  One hit Demidevimon and made him just go SPLAT against the wall.  More hit the walls, and one hit Myotismon.  Necromamon thought fast and formed a shield around himself.  Each blast bounced off, but since he was already weak from the lightning, the shield grew weaker and weaker until it just disappeared.  Three large blasts hit him one by one, making the pain even worse than before.

  He collapsed on the ground from the pain.  He wished to de-digivolve, and that would make him de-digivolve for sure.  The sorcerer weakly raised his hands in a wave of pain.  He saw the battered-up and dusty grayish hands of Necromamon instead of Wizardmon's.

  In the midst of all this, he looked up and saw Myotismon holding a bolt of crimson lightning.  "Will you serve me?" he asked threateningly.

  Necromamon looked at the lightning bolt and felt like he had no choice at all.  "I will serve you," he declared weakly, and then blacked out.

To be continued…