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Chapter 12: Forever Virus

  The digital vortex, rotating slowly, was closing in on Little Edo, sucking data out of the digital world like a powerful vacuum and leaving barren patches of black data where it went.  Its roar aroused every last citizen of the city, and screams uprose from every building as everyone rushed outside to the city square.  They could still see that the vortex was not going to change its course.

  Even Shogun Gekomon was beginning to panic as he ran through the halls, vibrating the ground and calling out his servants.  "Help me!  Save us!" he shouted.  "Our end is coming!"

  "Wake up!" shouted the Mushroomon that served the guests, pushing Incantemon, Erika, and Kari awake.

  Kari was still curled up at the window.  She struggled to open her eyes.  "What's wrong, Mushroomon?"

  "A digital vortex!" shouted the mushroom digimon.  "We must evacuate!"

  "Should we save them?" wondered Lady Myotismon.

  "Possibly…" Necromamon began.  I mean, they treated us like dirt since we arrived, and I doubt they'll ever stop it, so why must we save them?  They wouldn't do the same for us.  But saving them is a way to earn their respect, and even if we weren't in these forms, we'd still save them, right?  The dark sorcerer's eyes were fixated on the vortex.  He looked at Lady Myotismon's vibrant blue eyes and knew they were thinking the same thing.  "We must stop the vortex."

  "But you're wounded!" demured the vampire lady.  "If you fight something this potent and deadly you surely will die!"

  "A digimon," reminded Necromamon, "almost never dies.  He will get reconfigured in Primary Village.  If I get reconfigured, I will be reborn."

  "But the potion…" chastised Lady Myotismon, as the implications of the potion flew through her mind.  "It's for permanent digivolution, and you can never return to your champion, rookie, in-training, or baby stage ever again!  If you die… you die forever!"

  Tears started welling up in the dark sorcerer's eyes as the excrutiating pain in his chest spread through his entire body.  Damn, this is terrible! he thought.  If I don't fight, the digital world will think I'm a callous digimon who lets other cities get destroyed but if I do fight, I could die forever without getting reconfigured.

  "Wizardmon!"  A familiar voice rang out.  Suddenly Incantemon leapt over the fence.  Erika and Kari, fully dressed, ran over to the gate and clutched onto the bars, not averting their eyes from the scene that was unfolding before their eyes.  "Wizardmon.  Gatomon.  I will fight the vortex.  I know exactly what you have been through, for I saw the ordeal you faced in my dream.  Please rest and try to heal, Wizardmon."  He grabbed his staff, the entire population of Little Edo monitoring.  He ran as fast as his legs could carry him, clutching the precious staff that had assisted him in nearly every fight possible.  "INCANTATION: FIRE!" he shouted when he was within a short distance.

  "Good luck!" shouted Necromamon.

  The blazing flames shot out of the staff and right at the vortex, swirling around it and becoming larger.  All of a sudden, the flames were absorbed into the giant column and disappeared.

  The good sorcerer wouldn't give up even as the column drew closer, tearing the ground right off the fields of data and leaving immense patches of black data.  He attempted a more powerful approach.  "INCANTATION: SHIELD!!"  He attempted to produce a crystal-clear barrier around the city, which resembled a thick bubble that was large enough to span Little Edo.  As the sorcerer fell to the ground, listless from the amount of energy the shield required, the vortex tore the shield out of the ground and sucked it up like a powerful vacuum.

  "It's not working," said Lady Myotismon.  "Stay here, Necromamon.  I must help your brother fight."

  "Please be careful, Gatomon," admonished the dark sorcerer, grabbing Lady Myotismon's hand and tugging on it, causing her head to turn and look at his pleading eyes.

  "Don't worry, Wizardmon," said the vampire lady.  "I know that our attacks together will blow the vortex away."  She quickly walked towards Incantemon, her long blonde hair flying behind her.

  Suddenly gasps arose from the crowd.  "Look!" a Mushroomon pointed out.  "Lady Myotismon is trying to keep Incantemon away from the vortex!"

  "RAGING NIGHTMARE!"  Lady Myotismon sent out a cloud of bats that zoomed towards the vortex, but were sucked into the vortex immediately.  "Let me help you, Incantemon," she offered.

  More gasps arose from the incredulous crowd as they witnessed Lady Myotismon, whom they had thought to be their adversary, was assisting their friend in battling a deadly force.

  "So she does have a grain of righteousness in her after all," mumbled Shogun Gekomon.  "She is allowed in the city, but NOT HIM!"  He pointed a webbed finger right at Necromamon, who hung his head in shame.

  "CRIMSON LASH!"  She let out a small bolt of Crimson Lightning, which was absorbed into the data.  She pulled a very weak Incantemon's arm, and they ran back a few feet so they wouldn't be destroyed either.  What to do? she thought.  Should I fight with my Violet Tempest and try to destroy the vortex?  Possibly, because they both have the attributes of a tornado.  She extended her arms, summoning purple clouds that flashed with lightning.  "VIOLET TEMPEST!" she shouted.  Suddenly more purple clouds whirled through the sky, blanketing everything in a bright purple light.  Rain rushed down from the clouds, soaking everything.  Wind blew through the area in a spiral shape, drawing clouds together to form a funnel.  The vampire lady kept her arms extended as the funnel dropped down from the cloud and touched the ground, forming a large purple tornado which was about half the size of the vortex.

  The vortex kept rotating and tearing the ground out of the digital world as the tornado ripped the grass and rocks out of the ground.  Suddenly both monstrous vortexes clashed in a whirl of wind, data, and debris.  Data and debris spewed all over the place and shot through the air.  And then the tornado was sucked into the vortex as more debris was blown out, hitting Incantemon and forcing his staff to fly out of his hands into the vortex.

  "MY STAFF!" cried the good sorcerer as the staff let out one final blast of magic, hitting him in the chest and forcing him to hit the fence around Little Edo, knocking the wind out of him.

  I need to do something NOW, despite the pain, thought Necromamon.  Despite the immense pain in his chest he planted his staff in the ground and stood up on it on trembling legs, clutching the wound in his chest, feeling the makeshift bandage get soaked with a fresh flow of his own blood.  He was feeling very dizzy and felt excruciating pain beyond belief, but he kept moving until he reached the vortex.  It was closing in.  Lady Myotismon was petrified and out of ideas.  He couldn't reach them in time, but maybe he could blow the vortex away not by attacking, but by a spell.  He had never performed the Time Freeze Incantation or even got it done correctly, but if he could freeze the vortex in place and perform a spell on it, he could destroy it.  I don't know the words!  I need to know the words to the Time Freeze Incantation… I need to get it right or else it will be the end!

  "What's the Myotismon-in-training doing?" wondered one of the digimon.

  "Contemplating suicide, I believe," replied another.

  "No," shouted the dark sorcerer.  "I am here to save the digital world!"  Suddenly the incantation ran through his mind at lightning speed and the words escaped his mouth as if they knew their way.  "Ori knovlusi morid farron té eone suràn oru!  EONE, FARRON!!"

  A blast of icy blue light shot out of the dark sorcerer's staff right at the vortex, freezing it in its position.  He ran up on a burst of energy, giving the vortex the full effect of his attack.  The bandage around his chest came undone, spilling blood down his chest, but he kept going on the sharp waves of pain.  There wasn't much time left to destroy the vortex.

  "Lady Myotismon!  I need your assistance!" he shouted.

  The vampire lady rushed over to Necromamon, and they both grabbed his sword and pointed it at the vortex.  "CRIMSON SWORD!" they both shouted, letting out sharp blasts of Crimson Lightning, breaking pieces of the vortex away and making those pieces disintigrate, but it wasn't nearly enough to completely finish it off.  Incantemon dragged himself over and laid his hand on the sword, contributing the last of his energy.  All three of them yelled, "CRIMSON SWORD!" letting out the largest bolt of Crimson Lightning at the vortex, with it spreading all over the vortex, about to explode.

  Suddenly, in a wave of blinding crimson light, there was a large boom of an explosion as the vortex exploded and disintegrated, sending out bursts of energy at the three digimon.  Necromamon let out a huge cry as the waves forced him back into nothingness of a blackout…

  He woke up in a bed with the soft white sheets, his head supported by a pillow.  He had been stripped of most of his robes down to his waist, and a large white blood-stained bandage was wrapped around his chest.  He was being surrounded by digimon, including Shogun Gekomon, Kari, many Gekomon, a myriad of Gazimon, all the Mushroomon, a few Gotsumons, and even two Monochromon.

  "Huh?" he asked listlessly.  "What happened?"

  "You and your friends have successfully destroyed the digital vortex," boomed Shogun Gekomon.  "Congratulations.  Your friend Lady Myotismon is in the bed next to yours."

  The dark sorcerer turned his head to see Lady Myotismon in the bed next to his, stripped down to her waist, with her arms and chest covered with a white blood-stained bandage.  She was minus her mask and cape, and the dark sorcerer could see the radiance of her lovely face that was hidden beneath the mask for a long time.

  "We made it," she whispered.  "We have made it through so much…"

  The dark sorcerer's lips curled into a weak smile as tears formed in his eyes.

  "But, I am afraid that Incantemon was not so lucky…" confessed the vampire lady, a tear rolling down her pale cheek.

  The second after Necromamon had blacked out, the entire population of Little Edo, along with Erika and Kari, rushed outside to see if the vortex had completely been gone.  As the sun began to rise, they laid eyes on their three saviors, two of which were viruses.  Necromamon's eyes were closed and his mouth was wide open, blood spreading all over his chest and robes, staining them dark red.

  "We need him to be healed!" shouted a Mushroomon.  "We need bandages!"

  Kari rushed over to Lady Myotismon and knelt by her, taking her hand in hers.  Her own dark red blood stood out against her pale blue skin, and her mask had fallen off.  She had been battered up a ton by the final blast that the vortex had emitted before being destroyed.

  The vampire lady bared her fangs in a weak smile.  "Don't worry, Kari," she assured her as she saw tears staining Kari's cheeks.  "I'm fine."

  "Now I don't care whether you're Angewomon or Lady Myotismon!" cried the young digi-destined.  "I know you're all Gatomon to me!"  She cried even harder.  "I'm sorry!" she shouted.  "Forgive me, Gatomon!"  Kari turned to Necromamon.  "You too, Wizardmon!  Wizardmon, Wizardmon, WIZARDMON!"

  That was when Erika broke yet another silence with a gasp.  She ran over to her digimon partner, who was lying limply on the ground.  His feet were gone and his legs and robes were beginning to break up.  "INCANTEMON!!!" she shouted, crying.  "NO!  Don't leave us now!"  She held the good sorcerer's hands in her own.

  "Erika…"  Incantemon forced a weak smile as he squeezed Erika's warm hand.  "I'll come back… remember, I'll be in Primary Village."

  "NO!" she cried, tears welling up in her eyes..  She took her other hand and held her digimon partner's robes.  "DON'T DIE!"  It was then that he had disintigrated up to his waist.

  With what little energy he had left, Incantemon took his sword out of its holder and placed it on the ground in front of Erika.  "Even if I do die, you will still have a part of me."

  Erika picked the sword off the ground and stroked it.  The metal felt extremely cool in her hands.  She held her digimon partner's hand.  "Please, just stay!"

  "I can't…  I'm dying…  I'm weak…"  The light sorcerer was beginning to cry as well.  "Still, you will see me again… goodbye, Erika… Kari… Gatomon… Wizardmon, my brother."  Incantemon closed his eyes and took his final breath as his head began to dissolve into air and he had entirely disappear.  Only his sword remained.

  "INCANTEMON!" cried Erika, rushing over to the dirt.  Burning hot tears were streaming from her red-rimmed eyes down her cheeks.  She gasped, then cried her eyes out, burying her face in her hands.  "NO!!!!  THIS CAN'T BE!!!!!!!!  INCANTEMON, COME BACK!"  She wailed even more as she clutched the sword to herself.  Kari rushed over to Erika, attempting to comfort her, but she was also crying.

  "NO!" shouted Lady Myotismon, reaching out to where the good sorcerer once was.  She was crying as well.  "AURAMON!  Oh, Auramon!  Why did it have to be so soon!  Oh… you… you could have… you could have lived one more day!"  She pounded the ground in fury and cried into it.  No one had wanted it to happen, but Incantemon was extremely weak, and the blast of magic that his staff produced had hit him directly and made much of him beyond repair.  With what little living energy he had, he utilized it to assist his two friends in destroying the vortex.

  Shogun Gekomon let out a small sniffle, and said, "Let us pay our respect to Incantemon, who risked his life to help our friends Necromamon and Lady Myotismon destroy the digital vortex…"  He began to cry.

  All the residents of Little Edo gathered around them in a circle and bowed their heads in respect.

  "So he… died?"  Necromamon could barely utter the words after he heard the story.  "Is this true?"

  "I'm afraid so," said Shogun Gekomon.  "Come in, Erika."

  The crowd of rookie digimon solemnly parted to reveal Erika walking in, Incantemon's long silver sword in her hands.  She was still crying, but trying to hold it in.  She set the sword into Necromamon's hands, and he thought he was going to cry.

  "My brother," he whispered, bowing his head.  "And I never got the chance to say goodbye… the last thing I said to him was 'Good luck.'"

  Erika buried her head in her hands and cried.  That caused sensitive Kari to cry, which made Lady Myotismon and Necromamon begin to cry as well.

  "You have saved us all, despite the… loss you have experienced," declared the portly frog digimon.  "And if you wish to be vaccine and data again, we shall take you to Azulongmon, and he shall grant your wish when he hears the news."

  The news that three ultimate digimon, two of which were viruses, had willingly saved Little Edo had traveled like wildfire over the digital world.  Azulongmon had received the news and permitted the two virus digimon to come and have a reward bestowed upon them.

  Azulongmon's palace was at the top of the mountain, and was made of shiny blue marble and surrounded by white clouds.  It was the largest palace of light Necromamon had ever seen in his life.  They had ridden on two Monochromons' backs, with clean robes and a clean dress and cape.  Lady Myotismon was still without her mask.  Shogun Gekomon led them over the rocky ground to the mountain, and much of the digimon who had witnessed the battle had come along.

  They reached the summit of the mountain late that afternoon, and they could see the palace up close.  It was much larger than it had seemed from far away.  It was three stories high, not including the round tower on top with a moon minaret placed on it.  Intricately-patterned glass windows covered the blue marble exterior walls.  Tall blue glass doors led to the interior.  It appeared to be a larger and more heavenly version of Myotismon's castle.

  "There it is," pointed out a Gazimon.  "Azulongmon's palace."

  The two front doors opened to reveal a brilliant white hallway that led directly to the throne room.  Necromamon breathed in awe, trembling, hesitant to enter.  It was as if he was fearful of a digi god's palace.

  "Let's go inside," said Lady Myotismon, laying her hand on the dark sorcerer's shoulder.  "Don't worry; he's not Myotismon.  He's a digi god, and even though he is possibly more powerful and at a higher level, he won't give such a fierce punishment.  He's proud that despite the unorthodox treatment these rookie digimon have given us, we have willingly saved them."

  "With the help of Incantemon…" said Erika, on the verge of tears.

  Led by the dark sorcerer's steps, the party entered the palace.

  The interior of the palace was like a church: silent and peaceful.  It was so resplendent and pure, it was almost haunting.  They were afraid to speak; the silence was such a profound silence that shouldn't be broken.  Small, silent steps led the crowd to the throne room.

  "Enter," boomed a regal voice as the two blue glass doors parted to reveal a gigantic blue throne room.  Inside it was a bluish-white dragon covered with silver chains.  Azulongmon.  "Ah, Necromamon and Lady Myotismon.  I have been expecting you.  Come with your humans."

  The dark sorcerer glanced at the vampire lady, who glanced at the two digi-destined girls.  The four of them entered the room, and the doors slammed shut behind them, entombing them and Azulongmon in silence.

  "Ah, I have been expecting you," boomed the guardian.  "And I know what you want.  You wish to change back to the ways you were, do you not?"

  Lady Myotismon bowed her head reverently.  "Yes, I wish to change back to Gatomon."

  "I have wished for an anti-virus so I can transform into Wizardmon again, and then digivolve to mega," began Necromamon.  Suddenly his brother's sword caught his eye.  "But, there is something I wish for even more than having this toxin of a viral form washed out of my system.  That is, to have my brother return."  He extracted his own dark sword.  "Please, Azulongmon.  Bring him back so he's not dead, but only reconfigured.  I will give you my own sword in exchange for bringing my brother back to life.  This isn't just for me, but for Erika, and Kari, and Gatomon, and the entire digital world."

  "You are a very unselfish digimon," commented the guardian.  "Unselfishness is an attribute of a good digimon.  And I noticed you gave up your own sword instead of your brother's.  That is yet another sign of unselfishness: giving up something you treasure just for someone else.  But you need not give up your sword, for Incantemon has not died.  He has been reconfigured into a digiegg in Primary Village.  He will hatch when you come to him."

  Erika beamed, knowing her digimon partner had only been reconfigured.

  "Here, this sword is yours," said the dark sorcerer, handing the teenage digi-destined the sword.  "It belongs to your partner.  Besides, you should be the one to find him instead of me."

  "Do you still wish to change back into a vaccine?" asked Azulongmon.

  "Yes," replied Lady Myotismon.

  "Of course I do," replied Necromamon.

  "I do have the anti-virus for this, but the transformation is quite inordinate," said Azulongmon.  "You see, you have earned the respect of all your fellow digimon.  They all see you for who you are.  And I only have the anti-virus for only one of you, I'm afraid."

  Kari gasped.  "Gatomon, I'll never see you as Gatomon!  We all know how much Wizardmon wants to see himself as Wizardmon again, so he's who we'll give the anti-virus to."

  Erika nodded silently in agreement.

  "It's your choice to take it," said the vampire lady.  "If you want to be Wizardmon on the outside, then so be it."

  "No," replied the dark sorcerer firmly.  "I want Gatomon to be Gatomon again.  She was led into this because of me, and she should not be punished for something beyond her or my control."

  "Are you sure?" asked Azulongmon.  "You might remain in that form forever, and you might die."

  "But it was her choice because I changed into this," said Necromamon.  "She shouldn't suffer because I do.  That's just wrong.  Even if I have to suffer alone, at least I don't have to watch others suffer because of me."

  "But you'll die!" shouted Erika.  "I don't want any Wizardmons to get reconfigured, much less die!"

  "Erika, I'll be fine," assured the dark sorcerer.  "Even if I do die, the entire digital world will remember me, and at least I get to see my friend happy."

  "Is that your final decision?" asked Azulongmon.  "It can't be changed back."

  "I'm sure," said Necromamon.

  "As a matter of fact, I would like to be a Gatomon again.  But not for me.  For Kari," said Lady Myotismon.

  An Angemon flew in through another door on its six wings, carrying a golden vial of a bright pink bubbly potion.  It had an enchanting aroma, much like the opposite of Myotismon's stenchful viral potion.  He handed it to Lady Myotismon, who shakingly took it, looked at Necromamon, then put the glass to her lips, tilting it.  The liquid tasted sweet, flavorful, and strong and bubbled like soda as it was poured down her throat.  As she took the final swallow and returned the empty glass to the angel digimon, her entire body began to glow a gold color.

  Her fangs retracted into her mouth.  Her lips, face, and skin all took on her normal glowing skin tone.  Her blonde hair grew lighter and much longer.  The blue outfit changed into a revealing white outfit, the accessories turned into white and pink ones, and the cape disappeared to make way for six white feathery wings protruding from her back and spreading into the air.  The crimson mask she had worn as Lady Myotismon changed into a silver helmet, which she produced and placed over her eyes.  She was Angewomon again.

  "Thank you for the anti-virus, Wizardmon," acknowledged Angewomon before she morphed back into Gatomon.  Gatomon leapt into Kari's arms, and she hugged her affectionately.

  "For being unselfish and honest in your choice, Wizardmon," said Azulongmon, "you will be granted the ability to flush the virus out of your system.  But there is a catch.  You will need to digivolve to mega."

  "That doesn't sound so hard," said Erika.  "I hope it happens soon."

  "And you and Kari can return home," continued Azulongmon.  "Would you like to go home now?"

  "That would be wonderful," said Kari.  A white portal opened in front of them.

  "This leads directly to the real world," said the guardian.  "Something tells me you will see your friends again."

  "I will," said Erika, respectfully bowing to her two friends.  Kari did the same, and they traveled through the digital portal.  Erika had left the sword, knowing that Necromamon deserved it more.  Necromamon picked up the sword and placed it in where he kept his own.  The dark sword was hung from the rope that went around his waist.

  "You are dismissed," said Azulongmon.  "Good luck in digivolving to mega."

  The dark sorcerer and the cat digimon left the palace, where they were greeted by the curious crowd.  They were all wondering why Necromamon hadn't de-digivolved.

  "You all know I'm Wizardmon, don't you?" asked the dark sorcerer with a slight smile.  "All we need is time, and I will return to that form.  And we will see Incantemon again.  He hasn't died; he's just been reconfigured.  Lady Myotismon is once again Gatomon, and I am still Wizardmon, as I have always been.  I just need my body to return to that form.  You know, I'm actually beginning to like this form."

  Gatomon and Necromamon had come back together near a cliff to watch the sun set a few days later.  They had departed Little Edo and had been congratulated by hundreds of digimon.  Now they were by the ocean, where they could watch the tide roll in.  A brilliant sunset bathed Server a vibrant vermillion color as the golden sun sank into the ocean.  The champion and the ultimate digimon were sitting on a cliff that was towering over the beautiful sun reflecting into the ocean below, content that not only Gatomon returned back to normal, but Necromamon was seen as Wizardmon throughout the digital world.

  "Yes, someday I will be Angewomon again," sighed Gatomon.  "And we will see your brother again."

  "I don't know what it's like to be Incantemon," added the dark wizard digimon.  "I will know, but if we defeated Myotismon, what evil digimon is out there to fight us and cause us to digivolve?  I wish to reach my mega stage someday, to be a data and vaccine outside."

  "But you never defeated him completely," the cat digimon reminded him.  "So you don't know what Myotismon has in store for you."

  "Yes, Gatomon, I know Myotismon is still out there, and he has plans for me," said Necromamon.  "Yet I am not worried, but happy, for now everyone sees me for who I really am, both outside and within.  And to defeat Myotismon, I will have to digivolve to mega."

  And then he reflected on the events of the past few weeks.  And he knew that he would almost never again feel the angst and the torture he had experienced the previous few weeks.  And somehow, he was happy though he was what he never wanted to be: Forever Virus.


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