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Rome rubbed his eyes, scowling slightly.

Everywhere he looked he saw the blonde hair. Those ice blue eyes that had always sent a thrill through him. The careful mask that always had hidden every emotion. The structure of the face he knew as well as his own.

He had lost track of how many years it had been since he had last seen Germania.

And something horrible was happening. He was starting to forget her voice. It was barely a whisper in his mind now.

And now he was terrified of losing the image in his mind of her. When he realized he was forgetting her voice he had ran to obtain appear and paints before he carefully and precisely etched her face in the canvas.

Rome stalked through the land with ease. For the first time in years his head was clear of all thoughts as he focused on the task at hand.

His leader had been right. He had been cooped up far too long in his home and he desperately needed to get out into the fresh air once more.

The hair on the back of his neck suddenly rose slightly. Rome stopped walking and immediately drew his sword. He turned in a circle slowly.

His eyes scanned the tress. From what he could tell there was no one hiding behind the trees.

A small battle cry came from above suddenly, before Rome had a chance to look up a small body landed on him effectively shoving him to the ground.

Without thinking he reached forward and grabbed the man by the ankle, it felt strangely small and soft in his hand, and brought it upward as he stood. When he saw his attacker he felt his jaw drop.

He held by the ankle a small boy who had red eyes that were glaring at him and short sliver hair.

"Alright kid, where are your parents?" Rome asked.

In response the boy glared at him and yelled a single sound, his voice echoing throughout the forest.

Rome frowned before he repeated the question, this time in the language Germania had taught him.

The boy continued to squirm in Romes grasp calling out the same sound over and over.

"What are you-" Rome started to say only to stop when he felt a long sharp knife pressed against his neck.

"Put. The child. Down." a familiar voice said.

When Rome tried to turn his head the knife was pressed deeper into his neck.

"Move again and I will bleed you dry." she promised.

Rome let the child go causing him to fall to the ground. The boy rubbed his head where Rome had dropped him before he quickly went to the others side.

The knife was slowly taken away from Romes neck. Rome relaxed and turned. Germania stood there talking with the child.

"You and Roderich split up?" she seemingly repeated. "You allowed Roderich to leave your side. Have you conveniently forgotten that Roderich cannot for the life of him understand directions?"

The boy whimpered lightly and bowed his head.

"Go and look for your brother." Germanias voice left no room for argument.

The boy immediately ran off to the side and into the trees. Germania sighed and glanced at Rome.

"What are you doing here on my land?" she asked.

"I didn't realize that I had walked as far as your land." Rome said. "I was lost in my thoughts."

"They must have been quite a thought." she said.

Rome wanted to launch himself at her, something he barely restrained from doing.

"Who was that child?" he finally asked. "And Roderich?"

"The boy is named Gilbert." Germania said. "He and Roderich are my sons."

Rome felt his insides freeze. "You're…sons."

Germania nodded before she rolled her eyes. "Wipe the jealousy from your eyes, I haven't slept with anyone."

Rome felt his body relax. "So they…are like us?"

She nodded. "Either parts of my own land or neighboring countries."

Before Rome could ask another question the silver haired boy, Gilbert, had come running to them dragging by the arm another boy, Roderich.

"I found him father!" Gilbert exclaimed proudly.

Germania looked both boys over before she nodded.

"Roderich." she said slowly. "What did I say about leaving your siblings sides?"

"Not to because I'll get lost." Roderich said quietly.

"So why did you leave his side?"

"I thought I wasn't going to get lost." he said even quieter.

Germania sighed before she pushed Roderich slightly. "Until I say so you are not to leave your siblings. It is time to go home."

She glanced up at Rome. "Do you want to come with us?"

Rome nodded before he could even think it through. "Of course I want to."

The two adults walked in silence that even Rome was amazed that he was able to uphold. The two children did all the talking while occasionally throwing a suspicious look towards Rome who was following them. Germania didn't say much, only the occasional affirmation to a question.

They soon came to a clearing where Rome was able to see a modest house was built with a river flowing a few feet away. A small child was sitting beside the river and looked up excitingly when it had heard the others.

Gilbert ran to the child and picked it up exclaiming loudly "Sister!"

The girl laughed and embraced her brother. "Welcome back."

Germania walked past the two children and said "Gilbert put your sister down, it has only been two hours at the most since you have last seen one another."

"But I missed her." Gilbert whined.


Gilbert pouted however he obeyed and placed his sister on the ground. Rome froze when the girl looked at him; she looked exactly as a miniature Germania minus the expressions.

"Who are you?" the girl asked gripping the back of her brothers shirt tightly.

"Calm yourself Louise. He is not someone you should be afraid of." Germania said.

Rome rolled his eyes before he took a closer look at the blonde haired child. The childs blonde hair and blue eyes. The similarity comparing her to Germania. And if he concentrated hard enough he could feel the life pouring into the child and Germania the one giving it to her.

He was about to yell something when Germania shook her head to the left sharply.

"Children, go and play elsewhere. I wish to talk alone." Germania said. Obediently the children left, Louise threw one more look towards Rome before she followed her brothers.

"Germania." Rome whispered. "That girl…"

Germania nodded as she gripped Romes arm and dragged him towards the house where they sat in front of it. "I know what she is."

"She's killing you."

Germania shrugged. "Survival of the fittest."

Rome knew what to do and how to do in a situation as this. He himself had once been faced with this, let another child take his place and die or kill the child and live. His hand curled around the sword at his side once more.

"Germania." he said quietly. "If you need me to do it I shall."

Germanias eyes narrowed. "If you even think of touching my daughter I will take your own sword and kill you with it."

"But she's the one who is killing you!" Rome exclaimed.

"If my death brings my child strength then so be it." Germania said. "Now leave this topic, I no longer wish to discuss it."

Rome was silent for a moment before he said "Your children call you father."

Germania nodded. "That they do."

He couldn't hold back the smile on his lips. "They don't even know of your true identity."

Germania kept as straight faced as ever. "No they don't, I don't see a reason to tell them if they continue to see me as their father."

"In your letter." Rome said suddenly. "You said that you loved me."

"It was heat of the moment in which I had believed I would never see you again." Germania immediately said. "I did not mean anything to it."

"You said you loved me." Rome said smugly. "In both different languages. Yours and mine."

"I meant nothing for it." Germania insisted.

Rome leaned forward towards Germania and said "What would you do if I tried to kiss you?"

"I would punch you hard enough to ensure you would fall into unconsciousness and then drag you into the forest so that my children wouldn't see and allow the animals to eat you." Germania said with no hesitation.

Rome sighed. "So mean Germania." He smiled then. "I'm glad to see that you haven't changed one bit."

"You haven't changed as well." Germania said.

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