What is SHE doing here?

She doesn't belong here!

Just like the Cat!

Maybe worse.

No. No one could have a more miserable life than the Cat.


She's not as special as the others.

At least THEY have a gift.

Yes. Definently

A figure was walking past two maids at the Main House, then stopped. The shadows hid his face, but his words were still coherent. The rain made his hair plaster to his head, bangs covering his eyes.

"How strange. Someone who does not bear the curse saying such things about person who does."

One of them, the oldest by far, pulled something out of a sleeve, and pulled the trigger.



"I hate weathermen when they're right! I HATE THE WEATHER!"

"Don't worry about the stupid cat, Miss Honda. There's no sense in beating a dead horse."


Just another day at Shigure's house. Interesting? Quite. Peaceful? Not so much. Thunder boomed outside, making Tohru jump up and let out a small yip, but she tried as best she could to remain calm. Kyo groaned as he lie on the couch, trying to wrap himself more in a thick blanket.

"I said I once and I'll say it again: DAMMIT ALL."

Tohru kneeled down and handed him a glass of water, as he had requested.

"Do you need anything else?" she asked, worry showing in deep turquoise eyes. Kyo gawked for a minute, then blushed ten shades of red when he realized what he was doing and flipped on his other side, facing away from her.

"N-n-no. I'm fine." He managed to sputter.


"Nn? Who could that- OH MY GOSH!" Tohru cried out as she opened the door, to reveal:

A person leaning against the door frame, holding on to one side with and arm, and a blood stain blooming beneath.