Dog Days of Summer

Chapter 3: Dogs just DON'T Like Cats

"YOU!" Seira and Kyo hissed.

"Uh, uh, eh?" Tohru stuttered.


"Funny, I saw YOU first, YOU TELL ME!" Seira snapped.

"Oooh no. I was in this HOUSE first! YOU TELL ME!" Kyo retorted. Tohru could see two red vein marks popping in and out of the two's foreheads.

"Well! At least now I know you haven't changed, Runt!" hissed Kyo, taking a step closer.

"I could say the same about you, Moron!" Seira spat, repeating his actions.



With every word, Tohru's head snapped back and forth between the two, holding up her hands, as if to ward off the bad vibes.

"Go choke on a Milkbone!" he snapped.

"Go snort catnip!" she spat back, and with that they charged at each other.

"Eh-eh! Please, you two! Don't fight!" Tohru said weakly. Right before their fists could connect with the other's cheek, they screeched to a hault.

Their feet touched the ground, and they looked away from each other, Seira rubbing one arm and Kyo scratching the back of his head.

"Sorry, Tohru..." Kyo mumbled, turning away from the pretty girl.


"Oh no! It's ok! It's just... you two shouldn't fight like this. You haven't seen each other for a long time, I'm guessing, and it's good to see family again, so-"

Kyo snorted, cutting her off.

"I wouldn't mind if I never saw her again. Hell, that would be the greatest thing ever."

Seira tilted her head to one side and smiled, but there was a throbbing vein in her forehead as plain as day.

"It's too bad you still haven't learned any manners from Yuki, what with you two living in the same house all this time." she said "sweetly."

"I DON'T NEED TO LEARN ANYTHING FROM THAT GIRLY RAT!" Kyo hissed instantly at the mere mention of the silver-haired boy's name. At that same instant, a book collided with the Cat's head.

Kyo clutched his now aching head in his hands, spitting profanities, and Tohru could have sworn she saw smoke. Yuki stood behind him, book in his right hand.

"Stupid cat, picking fights the first chance you get..." he sighed exasperatedly. Kro growled and straightened up, raising a fist.

"Why you-!" he began, but all he got was the book smacking him right in the face as Yuki temporarily silenced him once more. Tohru looked at Yuki questioningly. He smiled gently back at her.

"It's way too early in the morning for him to be making such a ruckus." he explained. "All this commotion woke Shigure up, and the first thing he did was pester me to the point I couldn't work."

Tohru gave a small "Ah." as she remembered that Yuki had been working on Student Council papers, and Shigure had been sleeping due to a headache. She made a mental note to check on the mischievious, older Sohma as soon as she finished making breakfast.

Kyo staightened up again, with a red face (courtesy of the hardcover book) and sneered at the Rat.

"And since when do you care about that stupid dog?" he asked, ducking this time when Yuki made another swipe at him with his literary weapon. He stood up again and pointed a finger to say "HAH," when Yuki managed to slap him in the face with the book once again.

"Since he decided that interrupting my work is fun, tuna-brain." Yuki snapped.

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