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Buffy stretched, before she locked up the doors to the quaint little café/lounge she worked part time at. She'd stayed way past her knock off time, not something unusual for her. The café was popular, so popular that her boss Geraldine a short woman, with straightened dark red hair cut so that the length of it hardly reached past her ears, with a slightly heavy build, really needed to hire on extra staff, but she never seemed to get around to it. Not that Buffy minded, she needed the long practically fulltime hours the lack of employees afforded her. She was saving to pay for her college intuition. She was going to Northwestern, if she could ever earn enough money… if not UC Sunnydale was still a good school and much cheaper to attend.

Initially her parents were going to help her pay, but then her mother got ill… it happened suddenly… out of the blue. Shocking their entire small family to its core. Who really expected persistent headaches to really be brain cancer? You heard stories, but it was never supposed to happen to you. But what made it worse was that it was inoperable, the tumour was too large by the time her mother had finally supposed that something had to be wrong as the headaches got progressively worse and worse. So her mother's money now went towards the expensive chemo treatments, wigs, and cool bandannas.

Buffy walked back through the café switching off the light and the 'open' sign. Plunging the small café into dim darkness, a couple of lights, behind lamps fixed to the walls lending light to the inside of the café. Walking out the back door Buffy locked that to, before she started walking, heading for home. The petite blond smiled as she thought about walking into her family home. Her little sister Dawn would be asleep in the lounge by now waiting for her to come home. Buffy sighed and looked down at the watch she had taken to wearing since starting her job. It would be her birthday in fifteen minutes. She'd be eighteen before she walked through the door. Buffy frowned her mother better not have gotten anything for her that money was needed for more important things then getting her a present.

Buffy drew her jacket around her, goose-bumps forming on her bare legs as a cool breeze blew over her, ruffling the skirt of her work uniform. Shifting the strap of her handbag on her shoulder Buffy continued to trudge along the footpath heading towards home. Buffy paused as something caught her eye, and she looked over the slopping grass field that eventually led to a park. A person with greying hair lay on the grass unmoving. Buffy hesitated for a moment, she wanted nothing more than to get home and check on her mother, make sure she had everything she needed during the night, water, her pain meds...

Buffy looked at the still figure lying on the grass, but she couldn't leave a person just lying there, what if they were in pain, or dying, or something? What if by going over she could prevent a family from feeling the loss of one of its members? Cautiously Buffy walked towards the figure stepping off the path and onto the grass, her shoes sinking slightly in the soft blades, the cool edges tickling her ankles. "Sir?" Buffy asked cautiously, her voice concerned, and soothing not wanting to startle the man if he was really alright. Buffy frowned when she got no answer. 'Perhaps he had fallen asleep?' "Excuse me? Sir, are you alright?" Buffy called to him as she continued to move closer, praying for an answer.

Buffy reached him and saw that his eyes were closed, his chest not moving up and down with his breathes like it should. "Old man?" Buffy asked reaching a hand out to touch his neck in hopes of finding a pulse, her other hand clutching her handbag preparing to go for her phone should she not find one. Buffy let out a startled yelping scream as in a sudden blur of movement the willowy looking middle-aged man pulled her to the ground rolling on top of her pinning her with the weight of his body. Her eyes were wide as she stared up at the hard ridges and amber eyes that stared down at her. "Oh God!" Buffy exclaimed fearfully her breathing erratic, as her heartbeat wildly in fear, as the instinctual knowledge that the man she had wanted to help was planning on being her murderer. "No, please! My mother's sick, and my little sister needs me." Buffy pleaded, as she stared up at him. Her words seemed to make him pause for a moment, before he proceeded.

With a firm movement he took hold of the petite blonds chin, and forced her head to the side baring her throat to his gaze. His eyes on the wildly beating pulse. The sound of it filling his ears. Her words had shocked him to say the least. In his experience humans cared for themselves first and foremost, but her words had been for her sister, her mother, and this from a young woman not yet reached her majority. Buffy let out a fearful cry, her hands coming up to push against his chest trying desperately to hold him away. When she felt his sharp fangs scrap against her neck, she pounded her fists against his chest, and kicked at him as best she could, but her efforts didn't seem to faze him. It didn't make sense! She may not be the strongest kid on the block, but he was a man in what looked to be his late forties early fifties, his body mass beginning to decrease with age. And even if he wasn't, she still should at least be able to hurt him, but it seemed as if her punches were having no effect on him whatsoever! Giving up on punching him away Buffy raised her hands to press against his throat trying to hold him back. She heard a deep growl that shot terror through her, and she felt tears fill her eyes, before she cried out as sharp searing pain lanced through her from her neck as his fangs pierced her skin sinking into the thick artery.

The man held her firmly as she struggled under him, cries of protest still sounding from her lips as she kicked with her legs and attempted to push his mouth away from her neck, where he drank the thick blood greedily, sucking at the wound to force the blood out faster. Beneath him Buffy's world began to dim the pain fading to a dull throb that was in time with the man's… demons sucking of her neck. Her hands fell from his neck as she lost the strength to hold them up. 'So this is what dying feels like? It's not so bad. I just wish I could see mom, and Dawn again.' The man retracted his fangs from her neck and pulled back to look at her. The wound on her neck still bleeding freely.

Buffy looked back up at him with unblinking eyes as the world continued to fade around her. She dimly heard another growl coming from the demon above her, his weight still effortlessly pinning her, not that she could muster the strength to even try to dislodge him from her person and make a break for it. She watched confused as he bit deeply into his wrist with her blood still staining his fangs. He lowered his wrist over her parted lips. Buffy tried to close her mouth getting his blood over her lips, before her mouth parted again her body to slack and weak from blood lose to keep the muscles working in her jaw. His blood dripped into her mouth making her gag for a moment, before her body relaxed letting the blood slide down her throat. The demon lowered his arm so that his wrist was pressed against her mouth and automatically she began suckling drawing deep pulls of blood into her mouth. The preternatural properties in the blood, making her desire the new life giving blood, giving her the strength to work the muscles in her throat and mouth.

When she had taken enough for her to make the change the vampire removed his wrist the wound closing stopping the flow of blood, and the girl beneath him closed her eyes as she slipped into death, her heart giving one last stuttering beat, before giving up the fight to keep beating.

Rupert Giles, more commonly known as Ripper amongst friends and enemies stood from his position on top of the girl. He licked his lips as he shifted his face back into smooth features of the human. He looked down at the girl he had just given his blood to. He hadn't intended on turning someone tonight, just feeding. Giles bent down and picked the girl up in his arms, taking the time to grab the handbag that slipped down her lax arm and onto the ground. His mate would be happy at least, they had been talking about making a childe, and Jenny had always maintained that she wanted a girl.

Not wanting to draw suspicion on himself, Giles took off in a burst of preternatural speed, heading for his estate.

Giles entered his home, the home that had once been home to the entire Order of Cardonis. Before the once great and mighty Order was reduced to a mere footnote in vampiric history as the Order of Aurelious came to power. He walked through his home quickly, his mate Jenny catching him up on the stairs, and following him into one of the spare rooms, that would soon belong to the girl in his arms when she woke. "What have you done?" Jenny asked her arms crossed over her chest as she watched her mate place the petite blond girl on the bed, the sheets on them old and musty from lack of use and cleaning.

"I've made us a daughter, just like you wanted." Giles told her calmly as he turned to face his mate.

Jenny gave him a look her eyes narrowing. "And what happened to picking one out together Rupert?"

"Jenny," Giles murmured soothingly. "I didn't plan on this. I just went out to get a meal." He looked down at the young woman lying on the bed unaware of what was going on around her. "She came to me. She fought me for her life."

"They all fight Rupert. Nobody really wants to die." Jenny told him her eyes still narrowed.

Giles shook his head musingly. "Not after you bite them, they feel their life draining away and they give up, but she-she fought me tooth and nail until her strength gave out on her, and she had no choice, but to let me continue." Jenny looked at her mate musingly, before turning her eyes to the motionless girl on the bed. Her small face pale beneath the tan that would soon fade from lack of exposure to the sun. Giles looked back over at his mate. "If she doesn't please you, my dear. We can always just kill her. But I believe that she will make a great addition to our Order, she has a strength about her."

Jenny nodded, and stepped towards the bed sitting herself down on the edge of the bed to take a closer look at the girl that could be her childe. There was something about the young girl that called to her, and couldn't help, but silently agree with Giles' choice, although she was still rather put out that she hadn't had a say in the matter before hand. "I'm going to put her into something more comfortable." Jenny stood. "Try to find something that'll give us a clue as to who she is." Jenny said, before stepping from the room, her mind running through what she had that might even moderately fit the girl. She was a completely different build to the petite blond.

Giles set her handbag on a small table under an old looking glass, carelessly pulling it open revealing its contents. His eyes took in the small tube of lip gloss, the mobile phone, the unused tissues that had been stuffed in there, the purse and scrunched up receipts that she had obviously stuffed in her bag at some stage but never took out. Reaching in he pulled out the purse and flipped open the press stud that held it closed, just as Jenny walked back into the room, holding one of her white night gowns in her arms. She walked over to the girl hardly sparing her mate a glance as she asked. "Anything?"

"No licence," Giles eyes settled on a card tucked into the purse. "But there is a student ID card." He pulled it out and looked it over. "Her name is Buffy Anne Summers, born in L.A. She's was in her last year of High School, and her birthday is today."

Jenny smiled down at the dead girl. "How fitting. To be given the opportunity of new life on the day you entered this world. Hmm, my Buffy."

Giles dropped the purse and ID card into the bag, and stepped over to Jenny. "Sounds like you've decided to keep her." He said placing his hands on her shoulders affectionately.

Jenny nodded. "Yes, yes I have. She feels like she ours Rupert, and there are precious little left of our Order. It's gotten rather lonely around here during the centuries without having anyone else, but us." Jenny stroked her hand over the top of Buffy's head, before she lifted her up taking her hair down from the bun she had put it in, before going to work. She paused and looked up at her mate. "I think you should leave for this, the girl has gone through enough tonight, without having her new father gazing at her naked flesh." Giles nodded slowly and with a last look at the girl, he turned and left the room, to leave Jenny to her business. He didn't go far however, not wanting to be too far away from the girl they had taken as their daughter. It was hard to tell when a new vampire would rise… no one really seemed to know why, but it varied with each person. It could take hours, or it could take nights. One could never tell.

Jenny unbuttoned the jacket and pulled it off her soon to be daughters limp body, tossing the blood stained article of clothing to the floor. Before starting on the buttons of her work dress. Jenny pulled away with a hiss as she undid a button that revealed a cross hanging on a chain around her neck. She frowned if Buffy had been wearing it on the top of her clothes she might have managed to get away, and she wouldn't be here now… it was a scenario that made Jenny's frown darken. Reaching over her daughter, careful of the cross Jenny undid the clasp at the back of Buffy's neck and pulled away the cross before standing up and walking over to a metal hand basin that had been left in a corner of the room. She dropped the necklace in there with a soft clang silently vowing to throw it out.

Walking back over to the bed Jenny continued to undo the buttons, before easily lifting the girl's upper body up off the bed to slide the shoulders of the dress down the girl's arms. Lowering her back down Jenny slid the dress the rest of the way off. Folding the dress Jenny lay it on the floor before returning her attention to the petite blond on the bed. Lifting her upper body off the bed once again Jenny unclasped her bra and pulled it away dropping in on top of the folded dress. Taking up the old night gown Jenny slipped it over Buffy's head. Lowering her back down, she pulled the hem of the night gown down so that it extended to its full length. The hem almost covering her still shoed feet. Moving to her feet Jenny slid off the black comfortable work shoes, and set them on the ground, before pulling off the small sockets that Buffy had donned. "You can come in now Rupert." Jenny called with a smile, knowing that her mate was waiting outside the room to be let back in. As Giles walked in Jenny was scooping up the dress and bra placing them on the dresser in the room out of the way. They both froze as Buffy's mobile rang loudly in the room, lighting it up as it continued to ring.

Curiously they walked to Buffy's hand bag to see that a person called 'Dawn' was calling, a small picture of the long brown haired girl to the side of the ID telling them what she looked like. Giles picked up her purse again, remembering seeing a photograph in there. Once open he held it so that Jenny could see. "Her sister." He said pointing to the young brunette smiling up at him from the arms of an older woman with curly blondish brown hair. "Her human birth mother." He said pointing to the older woman. Accurately assuming who the two in the photo were.

Jenny turned away as the phone stopped ringing as it went to voice mail. "They're of no consequence. If they cause trouble there easily dealt with." Jenny said coldly, as she sat back on the bed, tucking hair behind the petite blonds' ear. Buffy was her daughter now, and nothing and no one was taking her from her!

A night later Jenny and Giles stood in the room they had placed Buffy in, new sheets under her now, and a new deep green bed spread resting over her as they waited, hoping that she'd wake soon. "You didn't take too much of her blood did you? I know you can get carried away sometimes." Jenny murmured dubiously.

"She was still semi conscious when I gave her my blood." Giles assured her. "And look," He said walking over to his yet to awaken daughter, grabbing her arm, where a brown intricate triangular marking had appeared. "She bears the mark of our Order. She'll rise, love. She'll rise." Giles promised again, just as Buffy's eyes shot open, and her face shifted beyond her control as a sharp thirst burnt in her throat.

Seeing a stranger standing over her, and another standing in the doorway, Buffy shot out of the bed she had been placed in. Standing by the wall on the opposite side of where Giles stood, the both of them watching her with keen expectant eyes. Buffy turned her eyes back to Giles, a frown drawing down her brow ridges. She recognized him from somewhere? Buffy looked around the old fashioned room they were in and turned to the side. 'How had she gotten here?' Buffy thought as she took in the unfamiliar room. She had been on her way home from work, but how did that equal waking up in a strange room with people she didn't know.

Buffy eyes went to the dark haired olive skinned woman standing in front of the open door, before she turned her gaze back to the middle-aged man. Buffy's eyes widened after a moment as she remembered walking off the path to see if the older man needed help of some kind. Buffy's hands flew to her neck, and she felt two puncture wounds, that were beginning to heal over. Her eyes widened further as she remembered blood… blood falling into her open mouth sliding down her throat… Buffy's hands flew to her mouth only to jerk away when she felt the sharp points of her fangs.

Hesitatingly Buffy reached up to touch her mouth again, slowly feeling her fangs, before moving on to feel the hard ridges of her once smooth cheek bones, and up to the ridges of her protruding brow. Buffy dropped her hands away and turned accusing amber eyes on the man she remembered biting her. "What did you do to me?" Buffy demanded, a growl rumbling in her chest, surprising her for a moment.

"I made you my… our daughter." Giles said simply.

Buffy scowled at Giles an image of her biological father flashing across her mind. "My father is a cheating bastard who lives in L.A." Buffy tilted her head to the side. "I think I'd know if you were him." She sneered. "I'd kill you if you were." Surprising herself for a small moment, long had she desired vengeance on her father for hurting her mother, but never had she voiced it to such an extent, before she shrugged it off he deserved it.

Jenny stepped towards her newly awoken daughter, moving slowly knowing that when you first woke… it could be very disconcerting… especially if you woke some place you didn't remember, or recognize. "Buffy," Buffy turned her amber eyes on the dark haired woman. "I'm Jenny, and this is Rupert Giles. We're your new family."

Buffy gave her a calm look, her face suddenly changing back, shocking her and she felt her face again, just to make sure. Buffy looked from Jenny to Giles. "What did you do to me?" Buffy asked again wanting an answer to her question 'cause the answer her mind came up with… was crazy? There was absolutely no such thing… right?

"You are a vampire Buffy, of the Order of Cardonis." Giles told her seriously.

Buffy sank down on her bed, a part of her told her it was crazy, vampires were myths! Myths! But at the same time she knew it to be true. He'd fed off her, and given her his blood, basic human turning vampire 101. Buffy looked up a new question plaguing her. "Order of Cardonis?"

"We'll go over that later." Giles promised. "Right now,"

"We have something for you." Jenny finished with a smile, before clicking her fingers and a minion walked in bringing a terrified human male with him.

Buffy looked at him curiously, the burning in her throat increasing dramatically, as the scent of the human hit her, plus the wave upon wave of stark terror that was coming from him tantalized her senses. "Go on," Giles urged. "We can't very well take you out for a hunt if you just attack the first human you see."

Buffy stood her face shifting again the change beyond her control as she walked towards the terrified now struggling boy. Buffy looked at him for a long moment, before reaching out and jerking his head to the side. Her gaze locked on the thundering pulse in the boy's neck, and she growled before lunging forward sinking her fangs into his neck gulping down his blood, before letting the body fall to the floor. Buffy licked her lips getting the smear of blood from her lips, the burn in her throat easing to a dull throb. Buffy turned to her Sire her amber eyes flashing eagerly. "So, when do we go for a hunt?"

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