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Buffy stepped out of the car, her eyes looking warily around the enclosed car park that belonged to The Order of Aurelius, her Order now… Buffy glanced over at Angelus as she heard his door open and he stepped out of the car, her gaze lingered despite herself. The car ride down had been awkward for her at least. Angelus had seemed to be in a chipper mood and had had no problems ignoring her sullen silence. As soon as she'd hoped into the car she'd wanted to get out, but now that she was out… she preferred to be back in the car, it may have been a far more confined space, but at this moment it seemed safer by far to be travelling here then to actually be here. She smoothed her hands down her shirt, feeling uncomfortable as she looked about the garage, her body stiffening as she felt Angelus' hands close around her sides and his chest pressing against her back.

"Are you ready, for this?" Angelus asked, in a low murmured whisper in her ear.

Buffy frowned and stepped out of his embrace, relieved when he allowed her to easily step away from him. "What do you think?" She muttered darkly, her hand self-consciously going to the unwanted mark on the left side of her neck.

"I think," Angelus said huskily, his hand reaching out to her once again this time taking her hand and tugged her back towards him, pressing her up against his chest. "That ready or not, we're going in." He told her with a smile curling up his lips, before brushing his lips over hers before walking towards the entrance to the mansion from the garage entrance, his hand still tightly clasping hers to ensure that his newly bonded mate didn't try to go anywhere on him.

Buffy reluctantly followed him, her arm outstretched before her as she tried to force Angelus to walk slower, her free hand fiddling with her blond hair, doing her best to get the long blond strands to cover the scar on her throat, despite knowing that she was only delaying the inevitable. Angelus was determined to let The Master of Aurelius and every other member of the Order know that she was now his… completely irreversibly his! There was nothing anyone could do to help her out of it… no matter how much fury The Master felt over Angelus' disrespecting the rules of his Order by making her part of the Order without the tests and mating her before she was officially part of the Order. Buffy ducked her head slightly as they walked into the main hall of the first floor from the doorway of the garage.

Angelus sensing her increasing discomfiture glanced back at her and seeing her bowed head came to a stop, causing Buffy to almost walk into him, her thoughts focused internally. "Hey." Angelus said firmly, his free hand coming up to rest under her chin forcing her to lift her chin. "Chin up, Buff. You're my mate nothing's going to happen to you. I promise." He assured her.

Buffy scowled up at him and jerked her chin out from under his hand. "Something already has happened to me." She growled, her eyes flashing an angry amber at him. "Yo…" Buffy was cut off by Angelus as he lowered his lips down to hers, his tongue slipping past her parted lips. Buffy made a surprised sound in her throat and her free hand fisted in his shirt intending to push him away from her. Her tongue coming up to try and force his tongue out of her mouth, hating the arrogance of him! But her effort was short lived as her body relaxed and her tongue instead of fighting him, massaged his passionately and her hand instead of trying to push him away tugged him closer.

Angelus pulled back a smirk tugging at his lips as he took in her kiss swollen lips and the passion that darkened her eyes as she looked at him, her unneeded breathes coming rapidly as she tried to catch it. "There, now you looked more like the well-loved mate that you've become." He said with a smugness that made Buffy scowl again, but before she could say something in response he was leading her by her still captured hand once again. Heading towards a door where she could feel the presence of a fair few powerful vampires. Her gaze glanced somewhat anxiously to Angelus before settling on the open doorway once again. Angelus squeezed her hand once as they made it to the door, offering her silent comfort sensing her nervousness through the bond.

His entrance made the entire room stop and Buffy shifted her feet, hoping that Angelus would just let her hang back outa sight. It was a hope that was dashed though when Angelus tugged on her arm forcing her to step up beside him and she couldn't help but straighten her shoulders and hold her head up proudly as she was brought into full view of the room, her eyes flicking about the occupants nervously, her eyes coming to rest on The Master as he sat in his chair, a petite blond that was shooting daggers at her with her eyes sitting beside him, her hand resting comfortably against his arm. "Angelus," Nest spoke after a moment of taking them in. "I'm glad to see that you found your prize safe and sound." His words making Buffy scowl at him indigently, a look that she couldn't completely wipe off her face when his amber gaze flicked to her. "Ah, Buffy. It's good to see you upright. I hope, Angelus didn't treat you too roughly during your retrieval. I understand that you're having some trouble adjusting to the idea of becoming a part of the glory of The Order of Aurelius."

Buffy glanced over at Angelus, slightly surprised that Angelus hadn't called ahead whilst she was under the shower to let them know that he had secured his 'prize' and their newest member, before she turned her gaze back to Nest. "Somehow, I don't think that'll be much of a problem anymore." She muttered a little sullenly.

"Oh," Nest enquired curiously as he sat forward in his chair. "Why is that?" He asked, sensing something more behind it as he glanced over to Angelus who stood their looking just as smug… if not a little smugger than normal.

"Angelus," Darla cut in, having finally torn her gaze from the little bitch that had turned her favourite Childe's head, and her gaze had almost immediately settled on the mark that was partially obscured by the flaring collar of the leather jacket he was wearing. "What is that on your neck?" She asked, her voice pitch higher than normal as she stood from her chair, intending to move closer to him to get a better look, her gaze flicking to Buffy and back, her stomach coiling in knots as she had a bad feeling at what she was seeing… sensing between the two that was standing before the room.

Angelus gave his old Sire a cruel smirk, his gaze on her cold as he stared at her. "I thought you would know, Darla." He said cuttingly. "You have been wanting it for a long while." Darla growled an angry screech building in her throat, that she let rip from her throat, before she moved to lunge at Buffy, only for two other vampires in the room to stop her advance. He turned his gaze to Nest as he released Buffy's hand, she tried to step away from him to move towards the door they had just come through wanting to leave the room, sure that her heart would be beating an unsteady rhythm of fear if it was still beating in her chest, but Angelus' hand came to rest on the back of her neck stilling her before she could even take a step towards the welcoming doorway. She felt his fingers moving the strands of hair that she had used to cover his mark on her throat and she fought the urge to squeeze her eyes shut as blond vampiress and The Master of Aurelius' gaze fell to her throat and mentally put the pieces together. Angelus' fingers stroked gently over the mark making her shiver against her will and making her want to step closer to him, to snuggle into him like he meant something to her… like he was her world.

Angelus turned his gaze back to Nest, his brown eyes confident and firm as he met The Master's angry ones. "Nest, I'd like to introduce you and The Order of Aurelius to my mate, Buffy Summers." He introduced her, using the formal words that had been used since before his time. Dipping his head down towards his mate's neck he nuzzled her mark.

"You know the rules." Darla growled, her voice shaking with her anger. "She is not part of our Order. Your mating is against our Order's rules." She said, her gaze going to her own Sire for support.

Nest stood to his feet, his gaze still angry as he flicked his tongue out over his blood stained lips. "Darla, is correct, Angelus. As well you know. No member of our Order can mate with anyone outside of our Order." His voice calm and steady despite his anger.

Angelus lifted his head from his mate's neck and turned his gaze back to Nest. "I was angry with my girl, here, not mentally impaired." He said a little scornfully. "I took care of that little detail too." He turned his gaze back to Buffy and gave her a look that clearly said 'show them'.

Buffy glared at him mutinously for a moment, the bond between them urging her to just comply with what he wanted from her. In the end though it wasn't the bond that made her move her hands to the buttons of her jacket, it was the look in his eyes that promised retribution if she dared to embarrass him here. She stepped away from the hand that was still touching her neck. Mutinously she undid the buttons of her jacket shoved the material down her shoulder enough to reveal the mark of The Order of Aurelius that marred her pale arm. Turning so that Nest could see the mark that Angelus had forced on her she shrugged the jacket back. "There! Happy now." She grumbled at Angelus moodily.

"Much." Angelus commented calmly, finding himself more amused than annoyed with her show of annoyance and anger at being shown off and admired by the Order.

Nest couldn't help the smile the curled up the corner of his lips. "I see that you still haven't tamed her."

Buffy stiffened at that and Angelus wrapped his arm around her slim shoulder pressing her against his side, in an attempt to sooth her prickled pride. "Buffy, is still adjusting to her new status." Angelus explained.

Buffy growled in her throat not being able to take it anymore, despite what Angelus had told her about keeping quiet as was tradition. "I wouldn't have to be adjusting to anything if you could just learn to take a hint when a girl doesn't like you." She grumbled angrily.

"You like me just fine." Angelus assured her. "You just don't want to admit it yet." He said cockily. Buffy's hackles rose angrily and she opened her mouth to retort angrily, only for Nest to speak before she could.

"Enough the both of you." Nest growled, causing Buffy's mouth to snap shut. "The Mating is binding there is nothing that I can do about that." He said, his gaze glancing over at Darla as she growled angrily, her eyes glaring at him, but beneath that there was hurt, hurt that he wouldn't take her side in this, that he would make it possible for her boy to mate another. But he wasn't all that fussed, Darla in his opinion was far better off without the annoyingly arrogant young buck that she had brought home over two centuries ago now. "But bringing her into the Order…" Nest's gaze went to Angelus, his eyes knowing. He may be old, he may hate Angelus for his arrogance and disrespect, but he knew his mind, knew that he had acted in haste to prevent the possibility of losing the strong willed girl beside him again. "Is not so binding."

Buffy turned her gaze from Nest to the floor at her feet. She wasn't sure what she had been expecting, but a part of her had hoped that The Master of Aurelius would be able to help her. A stupid vein hope she realized sullenly. Nest wouldn't help her, his priority was Aurelius, not a young Childe that a powerful member of his Order had set his sights on, no matter how much he hated that particular member. "Buffy, will have to take the tests?" Nest stated firmly.

Buffy's gaze snapped back up to The Master, a sudden flair of hope filling her… a hope that didn't go unnoticed by Angelus who's hand tightened around her shoulder warningly. "And if I refused to take them?" Buffy asked, trying her best to keep the hope out of her tone and make herself sound as neutral as possible, whilst ignoring the way Angelus' hand silently warned her by squeezing around her small shoulder.

Nest smiled slightly, not missing the way Buffy's thoughts where going, it didn't take a genius to figure out that she wasn't all that happy with the entire situation that she had found herself in since Angelus had come into her life, but if she couldn't stop him from doing it, Angelus had every right. It was just the way their society worked. "You would be caste out." Nest told her without preamble. "No vampire who cannot pass the tests will be associated with The Order of Aurelius."

Angelus could barely hold back the snarl that wanted to escape from him, his dark eyes glaring angrily at Nest for putting such ideas in her head. He was trying to make progress, progress which Buffy was heartily shoving back in his face with every attempt she could… and now Nest was putting up another obstacle for him to getting the affection in her eyes to be real and not just a by-product of the bond between them. "We've had a long night, so we'll be heading up now." Angelus ground out, his gaze giving Nest a last scathing look before he walked himself and Buffy out, who moved with far more zest to get out of the room then when she had been forced to enter, glad to be leaving all the vampires who were supposedly her new family behind in the room.

Her sensitive ears picking up the excited whispered mutterings of the vampires, mutterings that were undoubtedly about her and her new Mate. There was one voice though that was full of rage, and she just knew that it had to be the other blond that had been staring at her like this was all her fault, that she had deliberately set out to get Mated to Angelus. Angelus' hand slide from around her shoulders to grip her hand once again and she growled in annoyance. Wasn't it enough that he had succeeded in taking everything he wanted from her, but now he had to go dragging her around, as if rubbing it in that she now belonged to him. With an angry jerk she jerked her hand from his grasp. "Would you stop dragging me around! I can move on my own." She growled, causing Angelus to turn back around to face her, his dark eyes meeting her angry hazel ones.

"Of course you can. I just don't trust that you won't try and make a break for it." Angelus said darkly.

Buffy glared at him, but didn't speak for a long moment. She couldn't deny that she would dearly love to get away from him, but what was the point! He had mated her in the eyes of every vampire, rules of Aurelius or not, she belonged to him. There was nothing she could do to get away from him completely and sooner or later he'd find her and be even more pissed then when he had found her this time. "Let's just go." She muttered sullenly, her shoulders once again feeling heavy with not only the weight of her anger, but the weight of the knowledge that she couldn't do a thing to get out of it. She was stuck with it, the only thing she had left was… small pointless rebellions that would only serve to annoy him.

Angelus reached out and grabbed her arm pulling her back and turning her to face him. "Buff, things will get better." He told her as he brought his lips down over hers kissing her once again.

"Yeah well, I don't want things to get better. I don't even want there to be an us. I never wanted anything to do with you." Buffy let out a slightly startled cry as Angelus pushed her back against the wall next to the stairwell they had almost reached.

Angelus met her hazel eyes with his darker ones as he stepped in towards her crowding her with his taller frame. Buffy's gaze glared up at him with the defiant gaze that drove him crazy. "Yes, you do." He murmured, his voice soft but intense, his hands stroking down her arms, before they settled on her waist, his fingers tracing the curve of her hips over the jeans he had chosen for her to wear, before he slid them up under her shirt causing her body to shiver in pleasure at the sensations his touch was causing throughout her petite body. "If you didn't would your body ach for the touch of mine?" He murmured, his eyes focused on Buffy's face as she gently bit her lower lip, her eyes falling closed as her head began leaning back against her will as his fingers moved over her flesh, moving up to her breasts caressing them through the lace of her bra. Angelus couldn't help the self-satisfied smirk that curled up his lips as he felt Buffy's pebbled nipples beneath his fingers. Tracing his fingers around the sensitive buds he tweaked them gently when Buffy moaned, her teeth releasing her previously captured lower lip.

"See." Angelus groaned, his body responding to the scent and feel of her arousal, his hands tightened on her breasts for a moment, before he slid them back down her sides, sliding them around her back so that they rested on her ass, his strong hands squeezing the rounded globes of her ass, bringing her up against him, pressing her against his erect cock, showing her just how much he wanted her. Buffy gasped the heat pulsing through her escalating at the feel of him pressing against her stomach. Angelus lifted her up against the wall, his hands sliding down to cup the backs of her thighs. "You do want me."

Buffy gasped again as she felt the hardness of his erection pressing against her femininity, and she moaned heatedly, her legs instinctively wrapping around his waist. "Angelus, we're in the stairwell… we shou… can't do this… anyone could walk by and see us." She hissed as he pressed closer pinning her against the wall with his body so that he could use one of his hands to caress her wet sex through her jeans, loving the shiver that ran through her at his gentle touch.

"Shh." Angelus urged, before his lips caressed hers. "We're newly mated, and by now the entire Order knows about it. They won't be surprised to see us." He assured her huskily, before he brought his mouth down on hers. Buffy moaned in protest, having wanted to voice another half-hearted protest only for her moan to become one of pleasure once again as his tongue slipped past her lips and invaded her mouth, tantalizing her tongue into joining the primitive age old dance with his. He undid Buffy's jeans and slipped his hand inside, his fingers caressing over her clit through the lace of her panties. His fingers worked her clit with teasing touches that made her wreath against him urgently wanting the release that he was offering her. Buffy's hands buried themselves in Angelus' hair, pulling them closer so that she could kiss him once again, her tongue slipping past his lips to play with his in a passionate dance, that had the hand that he still had resting on her ass squeezed the firm cheek.

Buffy's body arched and strained against his for a drawn out moment, her mouth leaving his as she panted heavily. Her body slumping against his as the crashing wave of her orgasm road through her body leaving her limp in his arms. Arms that held her, caressed over her as she tried to collect herself. After a moment more Buffy unwound her legs from around Angelus' waist and wiggled determinedly to get Angelus to let her down, which he reluctantly did. Buffy shivered as her body rubbed against his still erect cock. Side stepping past him up onto the staircase they were beside. Straightening her pants and redoing them with an embarrassed hastiness that he couldn't help, but feel amusement at. "Do you see know? Your body craves mine. Needs mine." Buffy gave him a scathing look, before turning and heading up the stairs moving towards the room that only a couple of weeks ago she had wanted nothing more than to escape and now… it was the room that she had to call her own… along with Angelus.

Buffy shuddered uncontrollably, in what she told herself was not fear! A fear that the bond immediately tried to sooth, which made her scowl hard, her hand coming up to scratch at the mark that told one and all of her bond with him. She inhaled sharply as she felt Angelus' hands circle around her before she was lifted into the air and pressed against his strong chest. "I can walk!" Buffy grumbled moodily.

"Obviously." Angelus replied simply, not making any move to release her as he walked. Buffy stared up at him for a moment, wishing that she could completely squash the warmth that rose inside of her at the fact that he wanted to carry her.

From her spot not too far outside of the door that was the entrance to Nest's most favoured throne room. Her eyes narrowed dangerously, her eyes promising pain and retribution on the petite blond her darling boy had been entranced by. She would see to it that the little bitch regretted the day she set her sights on Angelus!


Buffy stepped away from Angelus as soon as her feet touched the ground her eyes taking in the all too familiar room Angelus called his own as she straightened her clothes a little self-consciously well aware of her mates gaze on her. Unable to help herself she shot a glance at Angelus from under her lashes, confirming that his dark gaze was on her. She tore her gaze away a moment later when she realized that she was appreciating his handsome face. Scowling at herself for the traitorous feelings that were now more prominent than ever. Looking around the room though she found that she was at loss as for what she could do. The room didn't really feel like hers and she was all so conscious of the fact that Angelus was there, just standing behind her, watching her with his smug brown gaze, gloating without words over his triumph over her!

Buffy glanced down herself to see that her hands were fiddling with the hem of the shirt she was wearing and she grimaced at the nervous action, something she hadn't done in years… a human habit she thought that she had kicked. Releasing her shirt like it had burned her, she moved feeling a little more self-conscious now, feeling that Angelus would have somehow known that she was giving away just how uncomfortable she was with the action, after all she had no idea just how long she had been abusing the material of her shirt. Her steps carried her towards the window, reaching out she grasped the thick lush material of the curtains and for a moment she imagined that the sun was up and that pulling the curtains open would expose her to the deadly rays… putting her out of her misery… the thought sent a sharp jolt of pain through her almost causing her to jolt and let go of the curtain like it had stung her, but she managed to contain it a scowl darkening her brow. It seemed that not even her thoughts were her own anymore, the bond would not allow her to even imagine a way out of her dire situation.

Pulling open the curtain, she looked out over trees that were smothered in darkness. Trees that hid most of the town of Sunnydale from her view at this angle, but she could still see some city lights. The view from Angelus' room wasn't as good as the one she had had in her family home. Buffy closed her eyes tightly as she felt the new bond trying to sooth away her anger and hurt, sooth it away with a promise of happiness and a new family. She was drawn from her thoughts as she felt Angelus moving towards her, his long strides quickly demolishing the distance she had put between them. "When?" Buffy asked, just as Angelus came up behind her, a part of her hoping that the word would cause him to not touch her, but it was a vein hope as there wasn't even a hesitation before his hands were once again upon her, causing her traitorous body to warm and her unneeded breath to hitch in her throat. She cleared her throat before trying to speak again. "When will I have to undergo the trials?"

Angelus gave a little shrug. "Well, everything is still ready."

Buffy sighed a little despondently. "So not very long."

Angelus pressed a kiss to her neck, delighting in the shiver of arousal it caused to run over her spine and to press closer against him. "I'd say tomorrow night. Now that we are mated, Nest will want to get things moving." Buffy took a deep breath trying to steady herself and let it out as a soft sigh. Angelus slid his arms around her waist, his head resting beside hers and Buffy closed her eyes at the feel of him so close, enjoying the feel of him holding her… a predicament that had to stem from the mating bond that he had forced on her! There was no way that it could be otherwise! She thought, stubbornly ignoring the fact that her body had been betraying her to the tall dark painstakingly handsome vampire before the bond. "Don't worry, kitten. You'll do fine."

Buffy growled deeply in her chest and shrugged out of his grip… glad despite herself when Angelus didn't fight her on it. "That's not what I'm concerned about! And you know it!" Buffy almost snarled, shooting an annoyed look at him. A look that disappeared soon after as she couldn't quiet keep her grasp on the emotion.

Angelus forced back his own sigh as he watched his young mate stalk away from him. He continued to watch as she flopped herself down on their bed, before she tugged the covers up around herself as she turned onto her side being sure to put her back to him, silently telling him just how upset she was. This time Angelus let his sigh escape his lips as he moved towards the bed, stripping off his clothes as he went. Walking around to the free side of the bed, he slid under the covers joining her. Buffy frowned at him annoyed, before turning around once again giving him her back, no longer concerned about showing it to him… there was very little else that he could do to her. Angelus shimmied across the mattress disregarding the logical knowledge that Buffy wouldn't want him anywhere near her right now as he snuggled up to her, curving his arm around her waist. "Don't you want to slip into something more comfortable?" He asked her.

Buffy gave a small shrug. "Don't really feel like it." She muttered moodily. Not bothering to try and shift out of Angelus' embrace, not feeling like the struggle it would lead to… it had absolutely nothing to do with how nice it felt to have Angelus so close…

"Just don't make a habit out of it." Angelus softly grumbled. "I much prefer my mate sleeping with much less clothes… none would be best." He gently teased.

Buffy couldn't help the upward twitch of her lips, before she smothered it, forcing her face back into a neutral expression despite the fact that Angelus couldn't see the small smile. She shifted slightly in Angelus' grasp. "What would you do if I failed the Trails?" Buffy asked and winced a little despite feeling no pain as his arm tightened around her waist.

"I would follow you, of course." Angelus stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. He tightened his arm around her slim waist once again. "I would not be happy with you though…" He said lowly, his voice no less threatening. Buffy remained silent understanding the unspoken threat in Angelus' voice. She could deliberately fail the Trails, but Angelus would exact retribution from her for it.

Buffy couldn't stop the cold shiver that shuddered down her spine at that knowledge! She knew his reputation, she doubted that very few vampires didn't know it… but she hadn't really experienced it to its full extent… and she really didn't want to! But if she deliberately failed the Trials like she was contemplating… she had no doubt that Angelus wouldn't hold back this time… or get distracted by other diversions like he had when he had found her in Los Angeles. Angelus sighed softly having felt the shiver of dread that had run down Buffy's spine at his implied threat. Loosening his arm around her waist once again, he leaned up slightly and slid his arm from her waist bringing it up to her head, he began stroking it through her soft locks, hoping to ease some of the fear he had instilled in her, not liking that he had felt the need to threaten her. "You know, Faith is back in town." He murmured, and he felt Buffy freeze as she held her breath waiting for him to finish. "If you do well… I may consider letting you spend some time with her?" He offered, uncaring that he was blatantly bribing his young mate into being compliant.

Buffy swiftly turned around to face him anger and hope colliding within her, the bond seized in on the hope making it hard for her to hold onto her anger… or rather impossible as her anger melted away completely despite herself. Her eyes met Angelus' searching for anything in his gaze that would tell her that he was lying, she opened her mouth to ask him if he meant it, but she snapped it shut, refusing to ask the question. Her pride bruised enough as it was without giving Angelus the satisfaction of knowing that his bribe was a serious motivator in getting her to do whatever he wanted… really not something that she wanted! He already had enough power over her! Turning back around as swiftly as she had turned to face him, her back a little stiffer then before as she warred with the bond that wanted her to just be happy that Angelus would let her see her friend…

Angelus leaned back down and wrapped his arm around Buffy's waist once again, his face nuzzling against her neck. "Just think about it, Buff." He murmured, before placing a kiss to the juncture where her neck met her shoulder.

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