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So. Have fun. I hope you enjoy this. Doesn't everyone love the rain? Especially warm rain.

They were just walking hand in hand down a wide sidewalk; listening to the occasional chirp of crickets and inhaling the warm night air. Their voices would interrupt the crickets' mating song every other second, but the crickets kindly allowed it.

Eli pulled Clare into him with a swift pull. His arms wrapped around her small frame protectively as he looked down into her eyes. They were illuminated by the poor light provided by the street lights, but they shone with a bright intensity all the same.

"Why hello there, Mr. Goldsworthy," she tried to say without giggling, but inevitably failed. He smiled sincerely down at his gorgeous girlfriend. Giggly as she might be, he wouldn't exchange her for a more serious female in a million trillion years

She stood up on her tiptoes and placed a sweet kiss on his lips, while keeping her eyes open. His were open too. It was a kiss filled with naivety, and genuine trust. It wasn't pushed for anything more. Eventually their eyelids fell shut, and shared their embrace for a few seconds longer before breaking the kiss, maintaining their proximity.

As they held each other close, he leaned down to kiss her forehead, and swayed her back and forth. Just as she was lifting her chin upwards to look him in the eyes, a drop of water fell on her nose which caused her to jump back.

"Crying, Eli? Whatsoever have I done to invoke this from you?"

He laughed and gave her a puzzled expression. "What in the world are you talking about, Edwards?"

Eli quickly fixed his face into one of exaggerated understanding once two drops of rain hit his face simultaneously. He shook his head and gave her a knowing smile.

"I believe its called precipitation, Clare."

They broke apart for a moment to look up at the sky. It didn't really seem like it was raining at all. It hadn't even reached the level of drizzling.

"It doesn't seem like it to me!" She said, pointing up to the sky, and sticking her tongue out at him. She didn't get to prove him wrong that often, so this was her own moment of glee. But she had spoken much too quickly. For a mere ten seconds after her statement had been said, a loud crack was heard all around followed by a rushing sound. They were automatically soaked head to toe by the time the rain reached the ground.

Eli couldn't help the outburst of laughter that soon followed. He clutched his sides, trying to suppress his laughter, but only succeeded at resting his hands on his knees to regain the balance he lost from the lack of air reaching his brain.

"Don't laugh at me," she said rather half-heartedly, and then began laughing herself. They stood there, decently close to each other, laughing and beaming like children.

"Well, we should probably get a move on," Eli finally said after a few minutes; his laughter starting to die down. The rain was still pouring heavily.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," she started walking without him. "What are you doing, Clare?"

He just about caught up to her when she blurted, "Race me, Eli!"

With that, she bolted off down the sidewalk through the resistance of the rain. He laughed, shaking his head, and then took off as well.

He was easily a good two or three times faster than Clare, but instead of flat out outrunning her, he took a more strategic plan of trailing behind her all the way until they reached the parking lot where Morty was waiting for them.

He was directly behind her when he opened his arms and grabbed her around the waist from behind.


He himself could not believed he had chosen that phrase, but he laughed anyways; picking her up and twirling her around.

The sounds of Clare's hysteric laughing, Eli's low chuckles, and the steady rhythm of the downpour filled the surrounding area.

As he slowed his velocity down, Clare steadily let her feet rest on the ground. He let go of her, and she wobbled a little before turning around to face him, laughter now gone.

She brushed the wet hair that had fallen into her face to the side and shifted her weight.

"You know, Eli, one of the things every girl wants is to be kissed in the rain."

"I think I've vaguely heard about that in a few sappy movies, yes." He smirked and shifted his weight, slowly walking closer to her.

"Sooo," she said, looking up at him through playful lashes.

"Are you hinting at something, Clare?" He was acting as oblivious as possible. He liked to see her get worked up before she got what she wanted.

She pouted and narrowed her eyes, not wanting to deal with his caustic humor. He could be so stubborn.

"You might want to be careful, Clare. That look might just stay on your face permanently. Then what?" A grin was creeping up on his face; threatening to replace his smug smirk. Teasing her was by far one of his favorite recreational hobbies.

She frowned, and then stomped her foot before yelling, "Elijah Goldsworthy, just shut your mouth and-"

Clare didn't have time to finish her sentence before he swooped down to capture her lips with his, holding her close, then leaning her back while still keeping his balance.

He slowly eased her up from the tilt and let her regain her balance by stepping a foot back. She blinked a few times over, opened her mouth in an attempt to voice her current thoughts, but was only met with a silence that spoke volumes.

He walked around her so that he was directly behind her once more. He continued inching closer until her back was flush against his chest. She turned her head to the side, only revealing the profile of her face to him. Her breathing was still trying to recover from before, and her body shook as he moved his lips gently over the tip of her earlobe.

His arms eased their way up and down her arms, dragging his finger tips over her wet skin. She closed her eyes, basking in the tingling sensations he was giving her. Her body was already feeling non-existent from the pleasant buzzing.

"Clare," he breathed softly against her ear, "Let me make love to you."

Her eyes would have shot open, but she was too deeply entranced with his voice and actions. Instead, they slowly fluttered open. She didn't turn around, but he knew she must surely be blushing.

"E-Eli…We're in public…and…soaking wet…and where would we even do it at?"

She never once said no, nor could she formulate a reason to not give in to him. He moved his hands to the sides of her waist, repeating the motions of grazing his finger tips over her transparent off-white blouse.

"And? You wanted a passionate embrace in the rain…Well, Blue Eyes, this would certainly top the charts on every level…as for location…we'll have to make do." He moved his lips down to the crook of her neck and began leaving multiple kisses there, and occasionally sucked on her skin in the slightest to elicit another careful sigh from her.

He knew he'd have to take this extremely slow. Ease her into this. It wasn't their first time in public or in general…but this was different. He wanted to fill her with the same feelings she constantly gave him.

She turned around to face him once he had given her the physical cue of twisting her by her sides. He placed his middle and index finger under her chin, tenderly lifting her face up so that he could look her in the eyes again. She looked at him, wide-eyed and fully full of want and love.

Clare wrapped her arms around his neck, and brought herself closer to him, but still not answering anything. He loved her quiet consent.

He tilted his head, and leaned down to envelop her in a kiss. His mouth moved languorously over hers, his tongue running swiftly across her bottom lip. Her lips parted, wanting to better accommodate him. His tongue entered her mouth and savored the taste of her tongue against his and the new sensations it provided.

He caressed her chin with his right hand and gently played with her soaked hair with his left. He began back pedaling at a slow pace, and Clare walked forward; following his lead. He continued back until he bumped into Morty. They both opened their eyes; questioning who would make and what the next move being made would be.

Carefully directing her body to turn around again, he pushed her up against Morty. She gasped as he brought his hips up to hers. The rain had made their clothes heavy, but also more skin tight, allowing their bodies to feel even closer. He lifted her up by the back of her thighs and set her down on the hood of Morty, with himself in between her legs, still standing. She rested her feet on the bumper of the car, and kept her arms wrapped around his neck as he made sure she didn't slide off.

He undid the buttons of her blouse, keeping complete eye contact with her. He could clearly see what was under her shirt already before he opened it, but he still took a special moment to take in the sight of her. He pushed the fabric open so he could properly see her heaving chest, glistening with the still falling rain.

Eli's hands started a path down her sides, taking careful mind of every curve her body presented to him. When he reached her thigh, he snaked under the wet fabric of the skirt, and then to her hips that were still covered. After finding the sides of her panties, she raised her bottom a bit to allow him to pull them down. He slid them down at a teasingly slow rate. She shifted as she saw her light pink panties at her knees. She extended her legs out, and he removed the garment off of both legs until it reached her flexed toe, where they soon dropped into a puddle afterwards.

He kissed his way back up her leg, but stopped at the hem of her skirt and went back to her lips; kissing her much more urgently. Her hands went to hold the sides of his face, drawing him closer in anyway possible. His right arm supported her by holding onto the small of her back, while his other worked in undoing his soaked pants.

Once he had gotten himself free from the constraints of his pants, Clare grasped his dick softly, and then let go, giving her true consent in a time where words failed to register or process. He moaned into her mouth, and began kissing her even more passionately.

He stopped kissing her for a moment to properly align himself against her. He groaned soon after feeling she was even more wet than the rest of her body was.

Her swiftly entered her, and she gasped, and went to cling to his back in the tightest embrace she could muster Eli let his surroundings inspire him and entered her at the rhythm of the falling rain around them.

She tossed her head back, feeling the rain fall directly on the planes of her face, as she moved her arms behind her to support herself as she arched her back. Eli ran his hand in a linear line against her torso, and respected the curves with a sincere reverence.

She moaned his name and closed her eyes as he increased his pace. The rain began reaching it's peak as they did as well.

Her breathing became choked between trying to allow more air into her lungs, but trying not to swallow the now violent rainfall. Clare tried to keep her feet steadied on the bumper of the car as best as she possibly could. The rain threatened to wash her clear off the hood of the car.

"Clare…Oh God…You are so…beautiful." He didn't have to constantly murmur dirty words to get her to her end. It was whatever the situation called for-this was certainly one of love, not just wanton lust.

"Eli," she called out as she felt the tell-tale signs of being close to release: Moving her arms to be able to get a hold on him to bring him closer, no control of breathing, and the inability to feel pain. Every and any thing felt like perfection.

He lifted her hips up a little more and commenced a sporadic pace that cued his imminent climax. He groaned, and gripped her hips tightly as he felt her tighten around his dick.

They both screamed each other's name, and let themselves ride out the rest of their peaks with a few more lazy thrusts. He rested his arms on either side of her hips on the car.

He looked up at her as he heard her laughing again. An eyebrow cocked in confusion.

"And what's so funny this time?"

"Oh, nothing. You were just right. This was definitely an experience to be had in the rain."

"Oh, Edwards…I'd have you anywhere."

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