Ok, here's part 2. This is entirely smut. So, enjoy!

My heart skipped a beat at the music blasting throughout the apartment. It had that seventies/disco flair to it, the trumpet flairs pounding in my brain.

Did she know? But how? No, no, no!

My eyes shot open and my jaw dropped once Ino twirled out and pressed her back to the wall.

She was dressed just like her. It was perfect down to the last detail. The grey boots with gold trim, the maroon loincloth made of what looked like silk ending just below her calves, the gold belt that hugged on to her hips nicely. Then there was the long gap of her perfectly toned abdomen, leading up to the brown bra with the gold embellishments covering her perfect breasts, her lips were a neutral, natural pink, and some light eye shadow around her closed blue eyes. There was a serpent shaped cuff around her bicep, and a golden collar, a silver chain dangling off of it. Finally, her golden hair was braided into a long ponytail, which was draped over her shoulder, complete with the gold bun holder and clip at the bottom.

I felt an uncontrollable heat begin to rise in between my legs as I gaped at her. Her blue eyes opened as she pushed herself off of the wall and sauntered over to me, the loincloth swishing as her perfect legs moved around it.

My hands tightened on the arms of the chair as she climbed on top of me, straddling my hips, her eyes locked with mine and her husky voice broke through the music, "Sakura-chan, it's been so long since we've been together, too long. I need you, I'm not afraid to say it. I need you, I want you, and I love you. Our whole relationship has been on the rocks lately, and I can't save it by myself."

Then she said the words that sent me over the edge: "Help me, Sakura-chan; you're my only hope."

My hand shot up and grabbed the chain. I jerked her down a little quicker than intended and smashed our lips together in a heated kiss. Her fingers interlaced in my hair as I moved down to kiss and nip at her neck.

I moved my hands from the chain to just under her bra and began to slide my fingers up underneath it.

I growled with frustration as she pulled away and stood up. I stared at her with lust and impatience in my eyes as she giggled and started to back away, gesturing to me with her finger to follow and disappeared down the hallway to her bedroom. I shot up to chase her a little too quickly and got my foot tangled with the leg of the chair. I fell with a yelp onto the hardwood floor, but instantly shot up and chased after her, hastily yanking my shirt off over my head.

No sooner had I turned down the hallway and tossed away my shirt, Ino lunged out of nowhere and pinned me to the wall, her hand darting under my white bra and began to kneed my breast. A light moan escaped my lips, followed by a squeak as she bit the skin on my neck.

As Ino played with my chest, my hand worked its way down under the loincloth to her uncovered and shaved slit. My fingers grazed her clit and a shudder ran through her. I flipped us around to she was pinned to the wall and slid a finger inside of her. She let out a moan as I moved in and out of her.

Her beautiful blue eyes were glazed over with lust and her body began moving in a rhythm with my finger. She let out a growl of what sounded like disdain before flipping us again and pulling away from me and darting towards her bedroom. She always liked to tease, but I wasn't in the mood for games. I grabbed for the chain around her neck, but she yanked it away and she disappeared behind her door.

I ran after her, my loins on fire and tired of waiting. I burst through the door, only to be tackled by her. I contorted my body so that when we landed on the mattress I was on my back. Instantly, her mouth found my left nipple and her hands started feverishly fiddling with the button on my jeans. As soon as she completed her task, she shoved a hand into my panties and began to rub my sex vigorously, while her other hand went to the breast not currently occupied by her sweet lips.

The intensity of her movements and the feeling of her bra's framework on my bare skin was driving me insane. She briefly stopped her rubbing to yank my panties down around my thighs.

"Oh, god, yes!" I cried out as she slid two fingers inside of me and slowly slid her body downwards, trailing butterfly kisses down my abdomen, and came to rest in between my legs. My insides did cartwheels once her tongue flicked over my clit once, then twice, and then in a nonstop stream of licks and kisses.

I grabbed her head and held her there, "Yeah, baby, right there!"

I could feel the orgasm coming hard. My moans became louder as Ino's actions became more intense.

"Oh, Ino!" I practically screamed as my orgasm hit, my body shaking and convulsing as I rode out the waves of pleasure. Ino pulled away from my still throbbing slit and licked one of her fingers clean, before presenting the other one to me. I eagerly licked my juices off of her digit and grabbed her chain again, slowly pulling her down for another heated kiss.

"Thank you." I almost whispered. "Don't thank me yet," she replied, "We're not done playing." She reached over to her nightstand and opened a drawer before pulling out a green double-sided dildo.

"After all, I haven't gotten off yet."

I knew what it was she wanted me to do. My eyes widened as she slid one end into her mouth, thoroughly wetting it, and then repeated on the other side. Once it was wet, she slid one end into me and turned around so that her back was facing me and bent over so that she was on all fours.

"Give it to me, baby, do to me what I know you want to do to her."

I started to salivate as she glanced back at me. I crawled forward and positioned myself behind her. I moved the cloth out of the way, her glistening sex was beautiful. I poked and teased it with the dildo.

Ino giggled as I teased her, then moaned as I slid it into her as deeply as I could before pulling out a little and going back in. I eventually found a nice steady rhythm such that I didn't have to worry about holding onto my cock.

I grabbed her braided hair and pulled on it as I fucked her, "Yeah, that's it, pull my hair, make me your slave!" she groaned as I started to plunge in harder and faster.

The feeling was amazing, the dildo sliding around inside of me, my hips smacking against her ass, and all the while Ino wearing that outfit. The orgasm hit us both at once, Ino fell forward, the dildo going with her, and I fell backwards, my head narrowly missing the headboard.

My breathing was ragged, and my eyelids were heavy as Ino crawled back up and draped an arm over me.

"Was that everything you fantasized about?" she asked as she rested her head on my shoulder.

"That and more." I smiled and kissed her. The music was still playing. The track must've been on repeat.

"I love you, Sakura-chan." She said as she kissed my shoulder.

"I love you too, Leia."

Ok, if you didn't figure it out, she's slave Leia from the beginning of Return of the Jedi. Oh, and the music is the disco mix of the Star Wars theme by meco. It's not a sexy tune, or even a sensual one, but, well, I like it. Anyway, drop a review, and I'll see y'all next time around!