'I'm having trouble making decisions.'

'Am I supposed to care?' Sue sniffed, examining her nails and doing her best to agitate her latest in a line of complaining staff.

Caroline ignored the snide remark and continued. 'I can't seem to make up my mind about anything. Not even the most trivial little decisions. Like…like today, when I was trying to figure out which chocolate to have, you know, dark or milk. Something so simple, it…it just—'

'Oh for fuck's sake. The whole fucking hospital knows your sad little story about being torn between Mac and Guy, lady. Give it a rest. Take your decision making issues and trade them for a box of tissues and a sad dvd because no one's listening anymore. Christ.'

Caroline's mouth hangs open in silent shock at the mad woman's outburst. Attempting to hide this, she tries to appear nonchalant and, twirling her hair around her fingers, says coyly, 'You're just jealous that Mac would rather spend his time with me.'

'Jealous? Jealous? If anyone's jealousdear, it's you. Jealous McJealousy.'

'And just what do I have to be jealous about?' Caroline asks, a little too hurriedly. She watches as Sue's face changes from one of abject disdain to one of pure malicious delight.

'About the fact…that I, Sue White, know Mac's real, true, actual first name. And you,' she leans forward and pinches the end of Caroline's nose, 'don't. Ha.'

Forgetting her cool act, Caroline grasps the desk before her. 'You? But…why you?'

'You forget, my pretty little doctor,' she says, motioning towards the badge pinned to her tailored navy jacket. 'Sue White – Staff Liaison Officer. It's my job to know these things. I've got access to every teeny bit of staff info and gossip on file. I know everything.'

'Yes well you've got to resp—'


'You can't just—'

'E-ver-y-thing. Now get out.'

Sue's time alone is shortly interrupted again, and she swears loudly as she hears the next complaining staff member approach her door.

'What do you want?' Sue's tone is fierce as she watches the anaesthetist sidles through her office door, his arms crossed defensively across his chest.

'Er…nothing,' he replies with the awkwardness of a lying child.

Sue is patient, even though she can see that he is up to something. This is just her sort of game. 'Then why are you here?' she asks coolly.

'Why are you here?'

'This is my office, Dr Secretan.'

'Yeah, well… good point,' Guy stutters, his eyes scanning the room nervously.

'My, my. We do have some terrifyingly witty comebacks this morning.'

Guy's face betrays his mounting frustration. 'Shut up woman. I have to get you to sign this.' He hastily flashes some crumpled papers towards her, but doesn't stop searching the room with his gaze. If he had noticed the evil smirk of pleasure on Sue White's face he may have thrown something pointy at her.

'What?' she purrs, playing innocent as best a manic deviant can.

Guy thrusts the papers under her nose as he continues to study the room. 'This.'

Sue grabs the scrunched papers and examines them carefully, before looking at Guy with an exasperated grimace. 'This is just the canteen menu.'

'Yeah they told me to get you to sign it for...for your lunch order.'

'They got an anaesthetist to do that for them, did they?' Sue's smile spreads wider as she realises just what Guy is after.


'Dr Secretan.'


'That's not why you're here is it?'

'Yes it bloody is.'

'Then why do you keep looking for it?'

'I don't know what you mean.'

'Yes you do.'

Guy's cool façade is beginning to fade under his frustration. 'No I really...Alright! I know you keep it in here!' He leans across the desk, hands supporting him just centimetres away from Sue's pouted face. 'Just tell me where it is, and we'll never talk about it again. I just have to know where you keep it. I know it's in here.'

Sue leans in slightly, bridging the distance so they are nose to nose. Neither flinches from the contact, but the veins in Guy's neck begin to strain against his skin in fury. Sue strokes his chin with her finger. 'Maybe I took it home,' she purrs. 'Framed it. Sold it on ebay.'

Guy falls backwards in defeat. 'You mad Scottish bitch,' he says. 'I'll get it back. I know you've still got it.'

'Doctor Secretan,' smiles Sue. 'I've always had what you want.'

Lunchtime in the hospital, and Caroline sits next to Mac with her nose screwed up and a smile on her face, laughing at a rather agitated Guy.

'It's not.'

'It is.'

'It's not!' Guy sniffs at his collar. 'It's just a bit more…floral.'

'It's perfume.' Caroline adds a triumphant hum and Mac grins, both with amusement at her little victory tune, and also at the fact that Guy is wearing perfume. Lunchtime is always an amusing affair to Mac.

'It's cologne,' Guy sulks. 'Yves is a man's name.

'Sorry, what century are you from that a designer's gender determines what they can and can't produce?' Mac chirps up, picking at his plate of pasta.

'Shut up git. Just because you wear Eau de Gingre.'

The boys continue to bicker, but Caroline catches sight of Jake, waving politely from a nearby trolley as if to ask permission to approach. She still had a soft spot for him, even after they broke up. She is adamant it has nothing to do with the shoes he bought her, or the fact that he was almost killed by a flying pocket knife while they were going out.

All too suddenly, Guy catches her line of sight and scowls. 'What are you doing here, Farfallini Man?' he snipes as Jake strides up to their lunch table. 'I thought I told you to stay away from her.'

'I thought we had established that farfallini was an inaccurate term in this case,' says Jake, hands in pockets, entirely seriously. 'Anyway, Doctor Todd, could I have a word with you?'

Caroline smiles and attempts to get up from the table, as Guy, far from subtle, grips her white coat and snarls through gritted teeth: 'Sit down!' Mac is quick to help Caroline out by grabbing the anaesthetist by the ear.

'Ow! Twat!'

Caroline sidles away from the wrestling doctors. 'What can I do for you?' she asks, trying to ignore the commotion back at the table where Guy is trying to shove a teaspoon up Mac's nose.

'I need a favour,' says Jake.

'You name it,' Caroline smiles sweetly. 'Because I need you to do something for me, too.'