Greece had been incredible, and Lucius promised more to come. He was reminded his husband was not self employed, he could not take off when ever he chose, but he would have plenty of vacation time. Lucius joked John should take over for Poppy, so they could have all the school holidays, but John knew he was kidding. John was considering it, he liked the idea of returning to the school that was his home for five years, but not because of vacation time. He knew his fiancé would be more then supportive, if he made that choice, but it would not be for three years or so. As it stood he had weekends off, and he had five weeks vacation time, which would open up a lot of travel time. There was no doubt John would spend some of those weekends in France, with his dad and the twins.

Draco and Hermione went to London, two weeks after his birthday, to settle in. John would be joining them, he'd not live with Lucius till they were married, they had not had sex yet either. But for now he was in France, continuing training with the veela, and waiting for the birth of the twins.

John was with Fleur and her grandmother when he spotted someone. "Silver? Is it my dad?"

One of his first friends among the pack smiled. "He went into labour not long ago, and I am told to bring you quick."

Fleur moved to come with him. "They may want a healer on hand just in case. But don't worry; werewolf labours are usually pretty easy."

John nodded. "My dad told me that a number of times, but I think he was trying to assure himself, as much as me."

Silver laughed. "From the noises coming from the hut, I don't think he is believing his own words, right now."

Fleur just shrugged. "It is worth the pain, when you hold the baby in your arms. I am sure your dad will more then agree."

Fleur and Bill had learned only a few days ago they were pregnant again. Their newest baby was due in the end of April; over six weeks after Beau turned two, as they were hoping. They were happy in France, Bill promoted at the bank recently, but John knew he would see plenty of them back in the UK. They were close with the twins, and with Charlie who was finally dating seriously, and would come a lot. Arthur it seemed had Charlie for full time company, the house so empty with him alone, so Charlie took over the top floors. Ginny who graduated a year ago, was now a reserve chaser for the harpies, and had a flat in Diagon with friends.

John was not surprised when he got back to the village, to find most of the pack outside of the hut. They were all anxious for the birth of the twins, not simply as heirs, but for the couple. Family was so core to their lives, and they were happy to see their alpha finally married, and having his own children.

John was allowed into the sitting room but no further. He could hear labour was still going on. "I'm happy I have not missed it."

He was surprised to see his own fiancé; he had not thought Lucius would be back yet. Lucius kissed him. "I wouldn't let your dad hear you say that."

Fleur shook her head. "No it is just our husbands we hex for such comments; after all they are the ones who put the babies in us."

Lucius saw the look. "I more then learned my lesson last time around, or at least I hope I remember it."

John kissed him. "When we have kids, I may not hex you, but you may be on diaper duty for a long time."

Lucius laughed. "Diapers? I thought that was what we had house elves for?"

John was reminded Lucius would not have been joking, if he had been talking when Draco was little. Draco had been raised by a house elf nanny, why he was so close to Dobby, as the elf had been it. Lucius never shared a pregnancy before, he and Narcissa never got along, and he had no desire to be close. She was temperamental before the hormones, and she had hexed more then one, in nine months. Lucius was joking about elves; he was looking forward to being hands on when John and he had babies, diapers and all. John could not help but smile, at the thought of Lucius with a little boy, and maybe a girl, in his arms.

Severus eventually appeared, he had come down, to act as the nurse. Andromeda was the midwife of them, but she had never been to the pack, and Severus was much closer to Remus. He had been happy to deliver the twins, and when he came out, he assured them the twins and their daddy were doing amazing.

John led the way when an hour later he was let in with Lucius and Fleur. He smiled at the two bundles in the men's arms. "Brothers or sisters?"

Remus smiled and handed his son the baby in his left arm. "Two little brothers for you."

John took the little one from his dad, told it was the younger of the two. "They are so cute, though it would have been cute if you had a little girl."

Lucius shrugged. "It seems more fitting this way, after all your dad is named for one of the twin founders of Rome."

Fenrir laughed. "We hope for another down the line, but perhaps it will be you two giving us a granddaughter soon."

That left them both blushing, and their attention turned back to the babies. John could see his husband with a daughter, Lucius he could see being totally wrapped around a daughter's finger in no time, but he liked the idea of a son. He knew Lucius had his first son, but he didn't, and he wanted his own. His two little brothers were adorable, and thanks to John removing his blood adoption, they did share a few traits. These two little guys were definitely Lupins, they had all Remus' features except for Fenrir's nose, and his dark almost black hair. They had to no surprise amber eyes, both Fenrir and Remus had them, as all pureblood werewolves had.

Fenrir did the honours of introducing them. "Our eldest is Eric Faolan, and the younger is Ash Romulus."

Though he was a bit reluctant, his little brothers were only two weeks old, John was off to London. He was reminded he could visit the twins all the time, and when they were older, Remus and Fenrir would bring the twins to the UK as well. He was excited to start his new job, and even though it would only be a few months, live with his old roommates again. They had both settled into their new home, and were about to start work as well, and would be happy to have him around again. John knew Lucius wanted him to move in, even if his own bedroom, but for now he was set on staying in the townhouse till married.

He left a week before September, after a long goodbye not only with his dad and brothers, but the Delacaurs. The family reminded him they knew they would see plenty of him, when he came to see his dad, he had promised. John finally set off for England, to live for the first time since he was sixteen years old.

Lucius kissed him when they arrived. "How does it feel to be back in the UK for good?"

John shrugged. "I don't know really. I mean other then when dealing with Albus, the longest I have been back in the UK is a weekend, and that was for Neville."

Lucius was reminded when they had come to Neville's wedding for a weekend, before they had gone to the house on the coast. "I am sure you will soon be happy."

John laughed. "I have no doubt I will be, or I would not have taken the job here, and would have stayed in Paris. I will settle in, as I get into work, and a routine."

Lucius pouted. "Only work? Here I thought one of the reasons for moving back was a certain blond."

John had a little smirk on his lips. "I don't know, I guess I'd miss Draco as a roommate, but he does tend to snore a lot, can hear him through the walls."

Lucius pulled him into his arms and snarled. "There better be only one blonde on your mind, or son or no son, I will not be held responsible."

Laughing John kissed his fiancé, assuring him there was only one blonde on his mind that way, and that was him. He had a number of important blondes in his life beyond the two blond Malfoys, including the Delacaurs and Luna, but only one who owned his heart. He knew Lucius was once again being patient, he did not understand why John wouldn't move in with him, when he offered his own room. John knew it was foolish, he knew Lucius was not asking for sex, but for some reason he felt wrong. Hermione and Draco were, and they were not even engaged, but it had more to do with practical reasons at the moment. Hermione had just started out as an attorney, and for financial reasons, it made sense.

Lucius led his fiancé into the townhouse, reminding himself he'd see John all the time, besides he had a room here. He knew he could not camp out, even his son would protest, they were adults now. He could not even point out it was his house, he had signed it over to his son, as part of his trust fund.

Draco smiled when they came into the house. "Good thing we planned to take you out for dinner, and not lunch, we were expecting you an hour or more ago."

Hermione kissed him on the cheek. "Ignore him, we know you likely had a hard time parting with your adorable twin brothers."

John had of course sent them photos of the twins, as they were back in the UK when they were born. "I was reminded I will be able to go visit soon."

Lucius sent John's bags up with an elf, the rest of his things had been unpacked for him. "Plans for my fiancé? I am not sure I like the sounds of that."

Draco smirked. "Oh just a few of the hot gay strip clubs, with some of his other friends, you know we have to get out his wild side before he marries you."

Hermione saw the look of jealousy flash in Lucius' eyes. "Perhaps we lay off, before he makes John move to Grimmauld, or have an armed chaperone."

John saw his fiancé, and had a bad feeling Lucius liked the sounds of that far too much. He grunted. "Don't be giving him any ideas, thank you."

Even Lucius smiled at that, and he could admit he was being a bit foolish, well not out loud. He knew how much John loved him, and that he would never cheat, but old habits died hard for him. He was reminded of his own insecurities when they began dating, that John would never want to be with a middle aged widower, and they never went away fully. He had from time to time had a nagging doubt, when John put off getting engaged, or moving in with him, he might back out in the end. He knew again he was being foolish, John was just young and wanted to wait till done school, nothing else. John was nothing like his former wife, theirs had been a loveless marriage and she had cheated on him constantly, the only joy was their son. He would not have given up Draco for anything, even to erase the horrific marriage.

John was happy to hear the plans for tonight, he knew one upside to living in the UK, was being close to his friends again. He had made plenty in France, but the twins, hid old quidditch buddies, Neville and Luna were all here.

Hermione mentioned though she was not sure, before they had some lunch. "I ran into Charlie the other day, when I was picking up some food."

John did not mind hearing about him, he was not close like Bill, but on friendly terms with Charlie. "How is he doing? I know he is living with his dad now."

Hermione nodded. "He knew from Bill you were moving back, and he told me to pass on, an invitation to come to the Burrow for dinner one night."

John still had rough memories of when he had been in the house before. "I will perhaps ask the twins, or maybe have those two come here."

Draco made a comment about Weasleys, and this was his house, but it was good humoured. He had got to know the twins quite well, they had come to France often, especially since they opened a third shop down there which Lee now ran for them. George and Angie who were to be married that fall, ran the shop in Hogsmeade, Angie was the new flying teacher at school. Fred and Alicia married last winter, and lived in London, Alicia worked for the paper and was pregnant.

Later when they went out, they met the others at the Leaky Cauldron to start. Oliver spotted him first. "There he is, our prodigal seeker has finally returned."

John had sent word to the Burrow, that perhaps in a few weeks when he had settled into work, he'd be happy to have dinner. He had not been sure about going to the house, but the twins offered to come to dinner with him, which was rare for them. The twins had made peace, but like John and Bill, Charlie was the only one they had any real contact with. Percy and Ginny, as well as their dad, they saw on some holidays, and were civil with. John sometimes felt bad, but he was reminded the problems between the twins and their family, were not all linked to him.

John was happy to start his job, working Monday to Friday, and no shift work. He had his dream job, working with kids, as he hoped when he decided to become a healer in the first place. For a moment he thought of when he was a child, and he only ever saw a doctor for shots, and it was the only time he got sweets.

John had an amazing shift, and was nearing the end of it, when he saw a red head. "I am just seeing things."

He thought he said it under his breath, but one of the nurses spoke up. "Is there something wrong Healer Black?"

John shook his head. "I just thought I saw someone who I once knew, down that way. I must have been wrong."

The woman looked where he was looking. "The room is one of the locker rooms, it is used mainly by volunteers or people doing community service."

John was about to shake it off but he stopped. "Community service?"

The woman nodded. "You know we get a lot of people who have been sentenced to community service, in here, to help with bed pans and such."

John did not want to worry her. "I should be getting on with the last of my rounds."

He did just that, but he kept thinking of the red head, and was filled with concern. He was reminded Molly and Ron both got community service, and while Molly could have no wand, she was not banished from this world either. He knew there was a chance that Molly and Ron were doing their service here, he had never bothered to ask where they were assigned, he had no need or desire to know before now. He reminded himself there were plenty of red heads in the world, he had not seen a face or anything, and he was just jumping at shadows nothing else. Or so he truly hoped.

His mind kept going back to it, and though he loved his first day of work, he was happy when it ended an hour later. He was meant to have dinner with not only Lucius, but Tonks and Moody, as well as her parents. Andromeda was a midwife and had healer training, and was one of the people who inspired him to do this.

Lucius noticed he was distracted when he came to pick him up. "Is something wrong?"

John didn't want to worry him especially since he had no idea if it was even a Weasley he had seen. "No, I am just starving."

Lucius laughed and pulled him in close. "I should have the elves bring you lunch, I remember how bad the cafeteria food is around here."

John more then agreed on that. "One of my colleagues pointed me to the safest bets, but I think I may turn into a rabbit in no time here."

Lucius nudged him. "Then I must really see to having you bring a lunch from home, you are already skin and bones as it is."

John heard his stomach rumbling. "Well I think my stomach is speaking for itself, and I have no doubt, my family is waiting for us."

They had chosen a nice restaurant in London, one right off Diagon alley, to meet at. He had not realized when he was a kid, the alley was actually a number of different streets and alleys, he had only ever paid attention to it and Knockturn. There were plenty of restaurants, hotels and other businesses along the way, well more since the war ended, as well as the residential areas of course. The Cauldron was just busier because it was the entrance, one had to come through it to get to any of the different streets, unless they knew the passwords to floo. One could not apparate in and out, there were wards, to make it more secure.

They were not the last to arrive, Tonks and Moody came in behind them, when John was greeting his Aunt and Uncle. He had got to know the couple a lot over the past few years, Andromeda always welcoming to him before, but even more now she knew he was real family.

Moody was a bit surprised when John asked before they sat down, about where the red heads were doing service. "Why do you ask?"

John did not want to let on. "I just wondered, I am hoping not to have to see them of course, I am sure you understand."

Moody nodded. "I am not aware, Madam Bones' office handles such, but I can look into it for you. As their victim, you have the right to know."

John looked at the others. "Please don't mention it to them I am asking, I don't want to worry them."

Moody stopped. "I will, but only if you agree if there is some reason they should be concerned, you at least tell me."

He may be twenty and an adult, a healer about to be married, but he was still a child to them sometimes. They had all been involved in keeping him safe from Albus, and before that during the war, and they wanted to make sure he was safe. John assured him he would, but was hoping he had nothing to worry about.

Lucius broke up the talk and motioned to the table. "Oh fiancé of mine, what happened to being so hungry you could eat a horse?"

Author note: I hoped to update sooner, but with only 3 votes on sex, and no name ideas, I had trouble coming up with the perfect name. I know two votes were for one of each, but it was not over whelming, and I thought this more fitting. Remus is of course named for one of the twin founders of Rome, male twins, suckled by a wolf.

Eric Faolan Lupin-Greyback: Eric (Scandinavian) means great ruler. It is a variation on Arich, a star in Virgo. They chose a star to honour John, as well as the other members of the Black family (John's middle names are a star and constellation for Papa and Grandpa). Meaning is also fitting, as older twin, he likely also the future alpha. Faolan (Irish) means little wolf. Since he is not only the son of two wolves, but a pureblood himself, is fitting, but also honour to Papa.

Ash Romulus Lupin-Greyback: Ash (English) ash tree. I picked a nature name, many of the wolf names taken from nature, the woods they live in, as are the veela names. Romulus (Latin) the other twin founder of Rome. Like Faolan, was meant as an honour to one of the dads, just not the direct name.

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