There Will Always Be Darkness.

Chapter 1: Night Always Falls.

"Imam! Wake up!" she begged. "Please wake up. Don't leave me alone." Kyra's tears fell freely for the first time in her life as she cradled her guardian's cold hand in her lap.

She had come home to find the front door of Imam's house kicked in. She had rushed through the house calling his name, until she found him lying crumpled on the floor in the library. It looked as if a pack of wild boars had come through the room, destroying everything in their path. All his books, his beautiful books were torn and scattered on the floor.

She knew he was never going to rise. That he was never going to wake up. She had known that when she smelled the blood soaking the floor. When she had seen the execution style double tap to his chest. All she could do was kneel beside him. Her silver dress soaking up both her tears and the blood she was kneeling in. She didn't move for what seemed like an eternity. She only stirred from her despair when she heard voices calling her and Imam. But Kyra didn't respond, she couldn't find her voice. They would find her in a few minutes she knew. And they did.

"Kyra? Imam?" A matronly voice called from down stairs.

Kyra heard the sound of people rushing into the house, but she didn't care. She couldn't care. She had nothing left in her.

"In here." The same voice called from the doorway. A slight breeze followed that voice into the room, stirring up the smell of Imam's blood drying on the floor. Kyra still didn't move. Not until she felt Aereon's feather light hand rest on her shoulder. "Come my child. You must leave this place."

Kyra woke to darkness. Nothing felt right. Nothing smelled right. In a fraction of a second Kyra crouched in to a defensive position, searching for the dagger strapped to her calf. Finding her calf bare she began to panic. She had no idea where she was or how she had gotten there. The last thing she could remember was being escorted to a transport by some of the council. She heard nothing in the dark, no sounds of life. She slumped against the wall behind her. She was defeated. Imam was gone. The only thing she had left to live for was now gone. She was lost and alone in the dark, but this time he wasn't coming back to save her. And this time she was not plagued by hope.

The darkness around her seemed to suffocate her. She felt as though she was drowning, and she didn't fight it. She didn't want to.

"We need her out of cryo!" A voice whispered through the fog harshly.

"Can we afford to take on that responsibility?" A second voice asked. "What if something goes wrong? It will be on our heads, and there will be extreme consequences to pay."

Kyra didn't open her eyes, her brain instantly registering what they were saying. However she was not as "under" as they thought she was. She was groggy and felt like her head had been used as a punching bag, but she was awake. She concentrated on her eyes and her eyelids. She needed to get her bearings without giving way that she was awake. She slowly cracked her eyes open, but the sterile white walls and bright overhead lights were making it extraordinarily difficult to adjust without scrunching up her face to squint. But she managed to adjust with her eyes barely open. As she let her eyes wander through the limited vision she had, she took stock of her surroundings. She realized instantly that though she was waking up from cryo she was not in a stasis tube, but lying on a table. And she was restrained. Knowing full well that it was useless to struggle against the auto adjust restraints binding her wrists and ankles, she tried not to panic.

She turned her mind to other things, trying to figure out just where she was.

1. The not quite right gravity: she was on a ship.

2. The com system announced "all geological personnel to level 4": she was on a survey ship.

3. The size of the infirmary she was in and two registered attendees: she was on a small frigate with a crew of at least 30.

4. This was a good sign and a bad sign. Good because she was in no immediate danger. Had this been a merc ship there would be a round the clock guard and she would have to fight for her life minute to minute.

5. Bad because it meant that she was headed away from Helion Prime, most likely to a low inhabitant area outside of shipping lanes.

Before she could register anything else the two men stopped arguing and abruptly left the room. That gave her the opportunity to open her eyes fully and look around the room for a way out. "What would Riddick do?" The thought ran across her mind before she could stop it. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply going over her options. There weren't many to choose from. She could wait and let them "wake her up". (Fat chance) Or… She could force their hand. As long as they thought she was in cryo she had the upper hand. She liked having the upper hand.

Slowly she flexed all her muscles, checking to see if she still in one piece. When she decided she was, she began twisting her wrists and pulling them up against the restraints. As the restraints tightened just slightly the twisting began to rip at the skin. She didn't stop till she felt and heard blood trickling onto the table. She did the same with her ankles, only stopping when there was blood. It was a little uncomfortable but it didn't hurt. Her goal was to convince them that the restraints were malfunctioning. They would be forced to release her restraints to inspect her wrists and ankles, seeing as how they seemed to want her in one piece. If all went as planned she would be able to arm herself with a scalpel before they even registered that she was awake.