Will Pope had always hated notifications. No matter how much you tried to mitigate the news it was never easy. The reactions varied. Some people cried, screamed, begged for the news to be wrong. Others became quiet, withdrawn, turning in on themselves in an effort to guard against complete collapse. Witnessing as families are wrenched apart and lives upended was the worst part of the job.

Will walks silently through the halls of the LAPD with two FBI agents trailing in his wake. Those he passes can sense the heaviness of his mood and move out of the way. As he turns into the corridor that leads to Major Crimes Will pauses, gifting a few more precious seconds of peace, of normalcy. As he enters the room he is not surprised to see the squad sitting at their desks working on the paperwork to complete their case, which had been closed late that afternoon. As the officers hear him enter they look up. They are confused to see him here this late and even more perplexed given his companions.

Will does not acknowledge them but continues walking towards the back of the squad room. He sees her through the glass, hunched over her desk reading a file. Despite the shift in their relationship over the years he still finds her beautiful, will always love and care for her just a little more than he should. He knocks on her door and opens it.

"Chief Pope" she says as she looks up, surprised to see him intruding into her office at this hour. "What can I do for you?"

"Brenda." He uses her first name. A clear sign something is not the way it should be. The look in her eyes shifts the tiniest bit as curiosity and concern take hold.

Will walks further into the room with the agents following close behind him. "This is Agent Rickert and Agent Thompson. They have some information they need to share with you." Will sees her smile at the agents and hears her offer a hello. He immediately feels guilty. Feels like he has weaseled out setting her up for an even harder fall. He pulls the blinds to her office causing Brenda's curiosity to pique once again.

"I'll be outside" he says and escapes before Brenda can stop him.

The rest of her squad looks to him expectantly for an explanation to the late night visit and their FBI guests. Will steps to the front of the room, clearing his throat. Once he says it, it's real but he must tell them before the agents are finished in Brenda's office. "At 4:00pm this afternoon there was an FBI raid, which included Agent Howard, on a local club whose owner is suspected to have ties to a South American drug cartel. Somehow the owner was tipped to the raid and a gunfight ensued." Will paused but he could see the beginnings of understanding in the officers' expressions. "During the course of the gunfight, Agent Howard was shot in both the neck and head. All attempts were made to . . . he was declared dead upon arrival at the hospital."

Nobody spoke, not even Flynn who normally wanted to talk about everything. All worked ceased and everyone's attention was fully focused on the office behind them. After what seemed like an eternity the door to Brenda's office opened and the FBI agents exited. Will looked at them expectantly.

"She asked us to leave. She wants to be alone for awhile," said Agent Rickert. "We will be contacting her further in the next few days to make arrangements."

"I don't know how wise it is for her to be alone right now," stated Will.

"She told us to get out," said Thompson, shrugging his shoulders in defeat. "People cope in their own way. You know that as well as we do."

Will and the rest of Major Crimes watched the FBI agents leave and returned to their silent vigil for the woman alone in her office.