- "Whaa..?" Naruto spun around and looked towards the Hokage monument in wonder. When did they get rid of Baa-chan's face? And why did Sasuke look like a little kid. Heh heh, uh... Genjutsu?... Kai? Time-Travel, SasuNaruSasu

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Naruto groaned, his limbs aching, as he rubbed his eyes with the back of his palms. He glanced towards the sky, recognising the forest trees of those on the outskirts of Konoha. He yawned tiredly as he regained his senses, pausing momentarily as he felt another's invading chakra. His eyes stopped short on a small figure that was in the distance, not too far away from himself. Suddenly, his eyes widened as his memory overcame him.

Naruto walked up towards a tree, pushing chakra through his right hand. Wood was needed in large quantities after the destruction of Nagato's wrath. The tree cut evenly, several logs appearing as though created out of thin air. Knowing that the load would be too heavy for one to carry, Naruto summoned a Kage Bunshin to help even the load on their trek back the village. Unfortunately, before Naruto could move any step further, a shadow intercepted his gaze, causing him to backtrack, unwilling any confrontation. The blonde frowned before dropping the logs and dispelling the his clone, trying to recognise the white haired man before him. Naruto's eyes lit up in recognition as he looked towards the other's large weapon.. Zabuza's weapon.

The man – or was it boy? – grinned at Naruto, unnerving the blonde with his shark-like smile. Before the blonde could make any move, two other people chakra dashed down to where Naruto and the white-haired person were. A woman stood next to the white-haired man, fingering her glasses with her right-hand, her left on her waist. She stood daintily with her red-hair shining in the sunlight, before scowling at the white haired man.

Naruto inspected the other visitor, a tall, orange-haired man, with muscles that would scare any sane man. The man eyed Naruto warily, petting a squirrel that sat on his shoulder, his muscles tensed in preparation of battle.

"Suigetsu! What did I say about rushing ahead? You never lis—" The red-head was cut off by the 'Suigetsu' character.

"Karin... we have a guest, don't be rude in-front of our guest," He grinned with his shark-like teeth at Naruto. The red-head that Naruto concluded as Karin looked at Naruto before she huffed.

"I knew that he was here! Of course I did!" She growled at him whilst blushing. "Besides, why aren't you guys attacking him? Go for goodness sake!" The temperamental red-head growled. "I know Sasu—" She was cut off by a voice that was once very familiar to the blonde.

"Don't attack, I told you guys to keep low. Besides, the dobe is mine to fight against," Sasuke Uchiha appeared from up the trees.


After years of chasing down the rogue Uchiha, it would be him that would find Naruto. Go figure.

Naruto bit his lip to stop his trembling. It wasn't the right time for him to see Sasuke. His chakra levels were low, and his muscles ached just from cutting down pieces of trees. Naruto was sure that he would not be able to fight the powerful Uchiha.

"Sasuke-kun..." Karin said in surprise, "you know him?"

"Unfortunately yes, go on with our quest, I'll be there soon." Sasuke said, drawing out his sword and holding it in front of him in a basic Kendo style. His team mates nodded at him, following his orders before dashing away, allowing the Uchiha to deal with his own matters.

"Sasuke..." Naruto said weakily, "please... don't," before Sasuke ran up to him as he drew his sword down. Naruto barely managed to dodge his attack as Sasuke smirked at him.

"Why Naruto? You always wanted to fight against me," he said before he pivoted on his foot, trying to slice Naruto again. He then started to channel his chidori through his blade before slashing it once again at Naruto. The blonde managed to dodge it, but wasn't able to block the next attack that hit him in the shoulder.

"Sas... uke. Stop... this... right... now," Naruto said before doing a combo with his clones to back Sasuke off. Sasuke looked towards Naruto with something akin to disgust.

"You're tired already? You're weaker than I thought..." Sasuke exclaimed before stepping back into a resting stance as he waited for Naruto to approach him. Little did he know, Naruto was actually channelling the chakra from the Earth as he tried to regain his Senjutsu mode once more.

Sasuke wiped his blade on the grass, before whispering, "Goodbye Naruto," and made his strike down into Naruto's shoulder. A hand shot out and caught Sasuke's blade before pushing him away. Naruto's hand bled as the blonde looked up at Sasuke with yellow eyes.

Sasuke rose an eyebrow towards Naruto's new appearance and beckoned Naruto to come towards him. Naruto suddenly shot off towards Sasuke, so fast that only Sasuke's sharingan could see his movement before he was suddenly behind Sasuke and whispered in his ear,

"Sasuke, I don't want to fight you," he said as Sasuke breathed. Sasuke tried to elbow him in the face but Naruto was too fast for him.

"Chidori Senbon," he said as fast lighting 'needles' started to attack Naruto. Naruto, once again managed to evade the attack sloppily, tripping slightly on the grass below his feet.

Getting frustrated with the endless fight, Sasuke decided that he wanted to finish this. Keeping his Mangekyo under a tight grip, knowing the worsening effects of using the technique, Sasuke decided to end the battle ironically, powering up an ultimate Chidori as he faced his opponent. Naruto's hands quickly created a Rasengan as he stepped into the firing line.

Naruto literally didn't want to hurt Sasuke, as he still was placed deep inside Naruto's heart. But the two of them still ran towards each other with their respective jutsu's in their hands.

And that was all Naruto remembered before he 'woke up' from the after effects. But to what Naruto was seeing, why did Sasuke use a genjutsu to make him look like his old 12-year-old self? Was this his idea of a sick joke? Wanting to verse Naruto as what he looked like when they were best friends? Not past tense, that is.

Naruto flinched when he heard Sasuke groan and cocked his head up. Suddenly, Sasuke reached around as he realised something was off. He tried to grab the area of which his sword usually resigned. Confused, Sasuke blinked almost spastically as he recognised the blonde-haired ninja who was only a few feet in front of him. What was going on? No sword.. Naruto looked like a kid again.. What the heck was going on?

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Naruto asked, his voice hoarse as he tried to take in the settings of the oh-so-obvious genjutsu he knew he was placed in. "Why did you do this? Why are you trying to mess with my mind as well?" He yelled. Sasuke looked towards him in confusion, he then realised that everything seemed larger as well. He trailed his eyes towards his hands and wondered why the heck they looked so small and why was he wearing the old blue Uchiha shirt he used to wear before he betrayed Konoha.

"Whaa-?" Sasuke inwardly smacked himself for betraying such emotions towards Naruto. However, with the situation that was unfolding, he wasn't sure if he could stop himself from portraying such emotions.

"Such a realistic genjutsu..." Naruto mused yet his guard was still up. He still didn't want to hurt Sasuke but he had to be safe than sorry.

"Dobe..." Sasuke said. Naruto looked up. "I didn't do this... This is not a genjutsu... or at least, I didn't create this genjutsu," Naruto looked towards him puzzled. Sasuke had such a serious voice that Naruto couldn't help but believe him.

"Then what the-" Naruto noticed a scroll on the floor beside him and scrunched up his eyebrows. This was the forbidden scroll; he remembered taking it when Mizuki told him that he would become a genin if he took it and learnt the jutsus or something.

"What dobe?" Sasuke said irritated and confused.

"This... was the forbidden scroll I took before I became a genin!" Naruto exclaimed. He had no idea how the scroll was here because he knew that the Sandaime doubled the guards around it since Naruto took it and Baa-chan kept the same guards as well.

"What?" Sasuke said confused but stiffened as they both felt another's chakra coming towards them. Naruto frowned as he tried to place the familiar chakra.

"Naruto! I can't believe you! This is the last time you're going to do something like that because you are probably going to go to j—Sasuke?" Iruka said as he gazed upon Sasuke who was staring at Iruka with his mouth open. "Sasuke? You helped Naruto with this?" Iruka looked shocked. Naruto looked towards Sasuke and mouthed WTF towards him.

"Ano... Iruka-sensei, what are you talking about?" Naruto said before he looked up towards the Hokage Monument as he waited for Iruka to speak. Wait a second, where the hell was Baa-chan's face? What did they do to it? Or was this also a part of the scarily accurate genjutsu?

Iruka looked towards Naruto suspiciously, "you stole the Forbidden Scroll," he said before he looked towards the opened scroll on the ground.

"I learnt Kage Bunshin from that scroll..." Naruto mused. Sasuke then proceeded to elbow him in the mid-section before he spoke.

"Yes Iruka-sensei, I was walking around Konoha Highway before I saw the dobe with the scroll, but he kept telling me that he managed to do this jutsu called Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and now he can make solid clones," Sasuke said before he glared at Naruto and eye-beckoned him to agree.

"Yeah! Mizuki-sensei told me that if I learnt some jutsus, I would become a genin!" Naruto said as Iruka's eyes bugged out. Wait a second; maybe Naruto shouldn't have said that. He knew that Mizuki was now dead and that Iruka had cared a lot for him as they were friends or something similar. He didn't want to make fun of Iruka-sensei.

"M-Mizuki... told you?" Iruka paled. Naruto frowned.

"What? I though you—" Naruto was cut off by another sharp jab in the side from Sasuke. Oh yeah... he was still in the genjutsu thingy magigy. Naruto then decided to play along with the genjutsu as he thought of meaningless words to say.

"I can now do Kage Bunshin even though my Bushin was really bad before! All I had to do was to add more chakra and now it's easy peasy japanesey," Naruto babbled like a young child. Sasuke smirked a little and shook his head before retaining the stoic mask he had on just before.

Suddenly, Naruto and Sasuke felt another chakra pulse, Iruka soon after. Once again as Naruto predicted, Mizuki threw a large shuriken at Naruto. Iruka once again jumped in front of the blonde and took the hit in the back.

"Good Naruto! You've got the scroll, just hand it back over to me and you will become a genin!"

"No Naruto! Don't do that, Mizuki is lying to you. Give it to me, Naruto!" Iruka pleaded.

Naruto just frowned, still confused to WTF was going on.

"Hm. Naruto, do you know why the whole village hates you?" Mizuki grinned evilly at the blonde boy.

"No Mizuki! That's an S-Class secret!" But his pleads went onto deaf ears.

"Mizuki... dead? The... tiger thingy... Snake bastard... WTF?" Naruto whispered to himself.

"It's because, you've got the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed right inside of you, you demon!" Mizuki laughed at him whilst Naruto stared back at him curiously.

"Obviously. Why the fuck is there a seal on my stomach every time I try to mould some chakra otherwise..." Naruto replied to the Mizuki look-alike. Iruka and Mizuki gasped. Sasuke just had one of his eyebrows raised the entire time.

"Wait... you mean, you knew?" Iruka asked. Naruto frowned.

"Of course, I kn—" Naruto continued but stop when he recognized the faint flaring of Sasuke's chakra before looking back at him. Sasuke glared at him and Naruto realised that he was supposed to act oblivious towards the genjutsu. "Wait... you said the Nine-Tailed Fox? You... you... mean the Kyuubi? The one that the Fourth killed?" Naruto's acting was so genuine that all the previous mistakes were instantly forgotten and the show continued on as Naruto picked up the scroll and bounded off into the forest.

Naruto didn't know what happened after he left his two former sensei's but landed with Sasuke behind a large tree. He felt Mizuki and Iruka's chakra coming towards them and hid sneakily behind the tree, waiting with Sasuke.

Mizuki taunted Iruka for awhile whilst the young blonde wasn't really paying attention. But just before Mizuki hit Iruka with a fatal blow, Naruto stepped in and smiled at the brown-haired chuunin.

"Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu," Naruto said before he created hundreds of clones and launched them on a scared Mizuki, effectively knocking him out. Naruto wanted to kill him as well since he knew that the guy was working for the Paedophile Snake Bastard but couldn't do anything without alerting something. Or maybe he could kill him and pretend he did it by accident.

"Naruto..." Iruka stood up with tears in his eyes (AN: Super Uke!) and smiled at Naruto, "you have mastered the clones; you have passed the test, Naruto..." Iruka said as he put his protector on Naruto's forehead. Only then did Naruto realise he didn't have his hitai-ate on. "I think it's time for some ramen, don't you think?" Naruto wanted to agree but the subtle flaring of Sasuke's chakra obviously didn't want him to go, after all, they were still in the genjutsu.

Naruto grinned, "Sorry 'Ruka-sensei, but Sasuke-teme and I were gonna go get some onigiri... with extra tomato!" Iruka blinked as he remembered that the lone Uchiha was there with them.

"Oh okay, yes, I have to bring Mizuki to the Sandaime anyway. Ja ne, Naruto, Sasuke," Iruka said before he brought Mizuki into his arms and hurried off. As soon as he was gone, Naruto turned towards Sasuke with a serious expression on his face.

"So yes, what the hell has happened, Sasuke?" Sasuke sneered at him.

"Go ask that demon fox inside of you, I would've done that immediately, if I was you," he huffed and folded his arms. Naruto started to chuckle at the odd picture whilst Sasuke glared at him once more.

"Whoa, whoa, no need to get your duck ass hair in a twist and okay, good idea, I'll go ask Kyuubi," Naruto said.


"Oi! Furball you there?" Naruto asked inside his head.

"Damn gaki, don't call me that!" The kitsune growled back at him.

"You know what's happening?" The blonde asked, completely ignoring the tailed-fox.

"Time-travel you baka," The Kyuubi said, irritatingly.

"Wait.. what?"

"You and the Uchiha brat, somehow managed to travel back in time. When we got here, your two other selves from this timeline seemingly disappeared and I didn't do anything to them,"

"Wait... time travel? You're kidding me aren't you?"

"I don't... kid,"

"How is this possible? This is not possible! This only happens in books!"


"Wait a second... why is it that I can feel all my chakra coils unlocked, aren't I a young kid again, why is it that I can use all my coils? Is Sasuke able to use all his chakra as well?"

"From what I gathered, the jutsus and all your chakra reserves seemed to come with you back in time,"

"... No seriously, Kyuubi. What the fuck is happening? Don't joke with me that we travelled back in time, because that seriously isn't possible!"

"Damn gaki! I told you, I do not joke! I don't know what happened, but I am absolutely sure that we travelled back in time!"

"... How far back did we travel?"

"You just versed that old sensei of yours didn't you? Doesn't this tell you that you just became genin?"

"Oh my goodness, that far back?"

"Don't ask me... besides, go back to the world of the living, your aibou is getting annoyed..."

"Aibou? What the fu—?" But before Naruto could reply to the great fox, said great fox retreated back into the wasteland of Naruto's mind; chuckling.

"Urgh... teme," Naruto said as he refocused back onto the ever-brooding teme.

"What did you find out?"

Naruto smirked unsettlingly. "Well, this is no genjutsu..." Sasuke frowned.

"Then wha—"

"—It's the real deal. We've gone back in time. Whoopee! We're genin again!" Naruto exclaimed.

Sasuke then turned to look at Naruto and smirked, "dobe. Weren't you always a genin?"

"Shut up, Sasuke..."

End Chapter 1

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