Changing Yesterday

By: A Villainess Foul

Title: Changing Yesterday

Author: Villainess Foul

Rating for overall fic WILL be 'M' for mature for future sexual situations and violence.

Rating for this chapter: OT (for that crazy chill you'll get down your spine.)

Summary: AU!DARKSPER! The Cullens left, leaving a broken Bella behind, What happens when she suddenly gets thrust back in time and comes face to face with the Major and a horde of newborns? How will a human like her survive getting home while in the midst of a vampire war?

Pairings: Jasper/Maria (only for a lil bit), Jasper/Bella (Main), Peter/Charlotte, Rosalie/Emmett, Carlisle/Esme, Edward and Alice are my wild cards. They may or may not be together.

NOTE: That while this fic starts off pretty mild, for the most part it WILL get graphic so if you're a teenager under 17 with a healthy sense of moral values, I will advise you not to get too attached to this fanfic because lets face it the rating will go up, and when it does, it will psychologically mind fuck you bend you over and then viciously rape everything you have ever known.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Twilight, or it's franchises. Stephenie Meyer does. If I did own Twilight however, Jasper Whitlock would be the main character instead of that pussy Edward.

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(Galveston, Texas 1863)

(Jasper's PoV)

"Major! Sir!"

"Yes, Captain!"

"The Lieutenant has sent me to tell you to make one more trip back to Galveston to make sure all civilians have made it out of the city sir!"

"Please inform the Lieutenant that order has been received and I'll be heading back as you speak!"

Captain Larwell saluted me, "Sir!Yes sir!" before directing his horse into the other direction. I watched him leave before I turned my horse around and started heading back to Galveston. It was a blistering hot day and with the sun setting over the horizon now it was letting me know that tonight wasn't going to be much better. The air will be warm and dry... perfect weather to burn a city.

It was a long and grueling process but as soldiers in the confederate army it was our duty to the civilians to protect them in the best way possible. Us Texans were proud southerners and we would rather burn our city to the ground before the Union could get their dirty Yankee paws onto it. Which was why we were evacuating the city now.

The Captain and the Lieutenant will make sure the civilians make it to Houston and I'll make sure any stragglers make it out of the city before we torch it.

I was trotting at a decent speed making it to just a mile outside of Galveston as night fell. Texas at night was always a beautiful sight to see with the millions of stars that came out in the clear country air. In the distance I saw something that caught my attention. Three figures walking on foot out of the city. When I was squinting through the darkness in an attempt to make them out I could see that they were young women. They must be stragglers and looking closer at the one furthest on the right I could almost make out a dark spot staining the front of her dress.

Startlingly, I recognized it as blood. Fearful that these women might have been hurt I quickly directed my horse in that direction and made my way over to them.

"You three there!" I shouted as I dismounted my horse. "It's too dangerous to be hangin' round these parts!"

They seemed to glide as they walked and when I got close enough to see their faces illuminated in the moonlight I froze. Any words I meant to utter died instantly on my lips as my eyes fell onto the most beautiful women that walked the earth. They were ethereal, graceful, and I half wondered if they were goddesses of death because they had such a dangerous air about them.

They were speaking to me then and my brain couldn't seem to process anything that they were saying. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end and my instincts screamed for me to run, but my brain couldn't seem to get my body to move. It refused to believe their words.

"Look at him girls, he's absolutely delicious. I say we eat him."

"His scent is mouth watering, How erotic would it be to bath in his blood?" The one on the left spoke, her cherry red lips parted as she ran a hand over her body, seemingly turned on by the thought of bathing in my blood.

"Lets fuck him and eat him." The one on the right spoke eying me with her crimson eyes speculatively and licking her lips. "I bet his cock would taste as good as his blood."

"What do you say Maria?" The one on the right asked, turning to the beautiful Latino woman that was in the middle. Until this point she hasn't spoken and now I realized it was because she was sizing me up.

My instincts were screaming for me to run, run now! But my judgment quickly overruled them. All my life I was taught not to fear women, I was taught to protect them. Therefore I wouldn't leave three defenseless women alone no matter how chilling I found them to be. I am a man of honor and my mother would have gave me a good whack to the side of the head for leaving these three alone in the dark, especially during times of war.

"Girls-" The one known as Maria began, "we shouldn't eat him... He looks right – young, strong, and an officer..." She paused and I tried unsuccessfully to speak, "and there is something more... do you sense it?" She exchanged glances with the other two. "He's... compelling..."

In a blink of an eye the others had me. One holding each arm, their crimson eyes boring into me with intensity. I jumped as I could feel my fear spike... I hadn't even seen them move.

"W-What are you?" I finally choked out nerves fluttering in my stomach.

The one known as Maria looked down on me, her lips tugging back into a wicked smile that sent chills down my spine. Walking over to me she stopped merely inches away from my body, her hand reaching out as she gripped my chin hard in her grasp and jerked my face so the left side of my neck was exposed.

She snarled and brought her teeth down to my neck as I cried out in pain. When she pulled back blood dribbled down her chin and I was screaming... the burning pain in my neck was nearly crippling as she leaned down to whisper in my ear,

"I'm your worst nightmare."

My world went black.

A/N: Oh my, I was bit hard by this little plot bunny. I wouldn't have posted it at all because I haven't finished Instinct yet... but the plot bunny was persistent and kept gnawing at the back of my brain and I couldn't seem to write another chapter for Instinct until I got this out there. I apologize for the shortness of this chapter. It's really just a prologue to set the scene the story doesn't REALLY start till the next chapter so it should start to get a little more lengthy soon.

Some things I really want to mention about this particular fic that are relatively important...

1.) There is going to be A LOT of darksper! I mean A LOT! He's going to be nasty. And I'm going to go clear out of my comfort zone writing massacres, violence and all the other good vampire stuff. So lets be nice to me eh! This is going to be hella new to me and I'm a little worried on how this is going to turn out. Seriously I'm actually nervous, how weird is that?

2.) This fic is actually going to be a Time Traveling fic. Whoa! Did I just blow your mind? I think I did! In fact I have such an insane concept on how this will be done I'm actually going to have to research for it! OMG! THE HORROR! SO MUCH WORK! Luckily I have a few philosophy and theory books that relate to time travel. So lets see what I pull out of my ass, hm?

3.) This is my attempt to try something I haven't seen done yet! so lets see if I can pull this shit off! Anything that seemed familiar were either taken out of Jasper's story which was told In Eclipse (can't remember exact pages) or researched online. *cough* Civil War crap *cough*

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