Chapter 10: OWWWWWW

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Set about 2 months after the last chapter.

Impatience was sitting in her bedroom, thinking about Chase, like always. She waited and waited for him to call, but that call hadn't come, it had been almost three hours now. He hadn't called in almost three hours? Why?

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"Impatience, it's me."

"Chase, what's wrong, I thought you were dead."

"No, but I'm pretty close to it at the moment."

"No time for questions, just get over here now. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

"Chase, what's wrong."

"Just get over here." He repeated.

"Okay. I'm on my way, hold on!"

Impatience burst through the door at Mark's apartment, Chase wasn't there, neither was, Gary or Mark.





"Is there anybody here?"


Suddenly there was a scream, then a very sarcastically evil laugh.

"Huh, gasp." Mark sniggered.

"Don't make jokes, you ass-hole, where is Chase."

"Having some fun, with your Gary." Mark said sarcastically
"What? What is he doing to him?" Impatience was starting to get quite worried.

"Don't worry, sugar," Mark sneered, "He won't hurt him, too much."

"What? Is? He? Doing? To? Him?"

"Nothing much, but, he won't be able to sit down properly in a while."

"He's gay raping him? I have nothing against you guys but, that is gross, he's my boyfriend!"

"What? No! He is taking skin off his ass cheek, he fell from the second story window here in the building, scraped his arm up pretty bad!"

"Oh... I thought he was raping him... how did he fall?"

"He was trying to buy you a necklace for your birthday. At that new five storey jewelry store in town."

"That still doesn't explain how he fell."

"Some fuck head decided he would try to loot the place in broad daylight. He tried to take the necklace from Chase so he fought back and got pushed through a window... Luckily it was only on the first floor."

"Ohhhhhhhh, baby!" Impatience cried, running into the bathroom, where she saw him bent over the basin with his bare ass poking out toward Gary, who was working at shaving a layer of skin off.

"Babe, I'm okaaaaaaayyyyy... Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Gary. Careful!"

"Baby, no you're not... Gimme a look at your arm."

"It is right here, connected to my shoulder... barely."


"Yeah, didn't Mark tell you it was almost cut right off?"

"No, he said it was cut up pretty bad... By the way... why in hell were you buying me a necklace at the dearest jewelry store in town?"

"How do you know that?"

"Mark told me. Duh!"

"That bastard! I wanted it to be a surprise!"

Impatience spent the rest of the time throughout Chase's 'surgery' in the living room fuming. She was completely naked because she had morphed into a man eating beast five times already and from the way her body was shaking, it was about to become six. She was fuming over two things, one: Her boyfriend could have been killed by a desperate, wannabe douche bag. And, two: Chase was in surgery without anesthetic!

When Chase came out of the bathroom he was being carried by a very happy looking Gary. Impatience, who, would have usually ran straight to Chase, kept her seat, mainly because she covered in a sheet to hide her naked body. Chases was still asleep so Gary set him down on the day bed in the corner until the anesthetic wore off. Mark walked straight to him, and the two walked into their bedroom to 'talk'. As soon as they left the room, Impatience let a few tears roll down her cheeks. She couldn't handle it. She felt as if her life was ripping apart at the seams and all she could do was sit there, paralyzed by her grief, and watch the her life come crashing down.

One by one her tears finally stopped rolling, what she thought would be a few tears turned into three hours of wailing. Mark and Gary had left two and a half hours ago. Impatience was now curled up on the day bed beside Chase, still sobbing while he comforted her, every so often a muscle in his body would spasm and he would wince with the pain in his arm and ass. Whenever this happened, Impatience was thrown deeper and deeper into a spiral, believing that Chase being hurt was her fault and wanted to move, but her body was weak and felt very heavy, so all she could do was lay there beside her boyfriend and sob.

Another hour passed, Impatience had fallen asleep, Chase, had managed to fish Impatience's phone out of her pocket and had called Mark to tell him that Impatience had settled down and it was safe to come back. Once they arrived they sat down near the day bed to ask Chase how he was feeling. Obviously he retorted with "How the bloody well do you think I feel? My ass hurts, so does my arm!"

"Well, would you have rather lost your arm?" Mark asked.

"No, Thanks, for fixing me up."

"It's all good... I enjoyed it." This time, Gary answered him.

"You are sadistic bastard! How could you enjoy making me scream in pain?"

"No idea, it was just fun."

"Not for me!"



"Why the hell are you laughing?"

"Cause, causing you pain is really funny."

"No... It's not. Let's just get off the subject."

"'Kay. Whatever you say boss... What did you and Impatience do after we left?"

"She bawled her eyes out."

"And you?"

"Tried to comfort her, what else could I do?"

"No idea... Fudge muffins! Mark, what was that for?" Gary rubbed the spot on his shoulder where Mark had just bitten him.

"I dunno. I was bored."
"So you decided to bruise my shoulder?"

"Yea pretty much."

"Okay! Guys, can you take your senseless bickering somewhere else, please?"

"Sorry, Mister Grumpy Pants!"

"I am not grumpy!"

"Yes you are."

"Am not."

"Are to." Gary retorted.

"Am not."

"Are to."

"Am not."

"Are to."

"Guys, just stop this crap." Mark said.

"Fine." The two said in unison

Five hours later, Impatience finally woke up to the boys eating K.F.C. (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

"Where's mine?"

"Microwave." Chase answered, eating with his good arm.

When Impatience went to get her dinner, she found a little more than she bargained for. When she opened the microwave she found not only her dinner, but a little note saying;


I love you so much, and I will for the rest of my life.


-Love always, Chase.'

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