Author's Notes: Written for the glee_angst_meme, the prompt: "Azimio sees Kurt and Karofsky in the locker room. Up to anon what happens." This fill is a bit short and actionless, but whatever.


Fucking hell.

That fag.

Azimio doesn't even know which one of them he's talking about.

Hummel's still leaning against the locker, holding his mouth in shock. He looks like he might cry. Seriously? Even if Dave's homo-osity came right the fuck out of nowhere, what kind of girl cries over a kiss? Azimio wouldn't freak out like this if Dave laid one on him, and he's not even queer like Hummel. Why isn't the guy jumping for joy at having turned one of them already anyway? Wait, it's Hummel. Faggot to find an excuse to cry at anything.

They didn't know he was even there. He just came in via the backdoor to get that homework Yakman was meant to have left in his locker for him, and somehow got to see his best friend putting the moves on the resident fudge-packer. Dave's run off, but Hummel still doesn't know he's there. Azimio kind of wants to burst out and kick Hummel's ass for somehow turning his best friend into a–

Okay. He can't blame Hummel for that.

He didn't see this coming, that's all. He's been best friends with Dave since they were like, four; the guy's not a–

Okay. Azimio can't really say he's never had thoughts. Never thought Dave took a bit too long in the hockey room showers. Never thought he liked torturing Hummel a bit too much. Didn't think that whole obsession with Hudson back when they were ten just because the guy made fun of him for getting pubes was bit much – especially how crazy he went about Hudson even knowing that. Azimio called Finn a total homo for that too, but Dave went nuts.

Fucking. Hell.

He hears Hummel choke out a sob on the other side of the lockers, and he vaguely wonders if he should go over there, apologize for Dave being a psycho and tell him he so didn't know about the secret homo thing, and promise to kick the guy's ass for dropping it like this when Hummel really didn't seem to want–

Dude. No way. Azimio's not going over to comfort a faggot. If he's going to be that obviously a cocksucker, he should expect the closet cases of this school to be...

Azimio resists the urge to punch the lockers – because if Hummel catches him spying, it's gonna get weird. This isn't fair. He's known Dave since kindergarten, man; they've lived like, their entire lives together, and Azimio never asked for a homo for his best friend.

Azimio sighs and walks out the back door again, as quietly as he can. He doesn't know what to do. He knows he'll never be able to look at Dave the same again, knowing exactly how low kicking Hummel's ass was on the list of his priorities for it. And yet...

Dude, twelve years being that guy's best friend. That's a fucking long time, okay? Fruit or not, Azimio doesn't really know how not to be.

Maybe if he ignores it, it'll just go away. Or maybe he'll learn shit about himself and all that tolerance bullcrap they put on nineties sitcoms.