Well here comes another story by yours truly (Oh no! Run!). After going through the turmoil of writing five exams, as well as projects, presentations, etc, I finally have time to write again! This is another Digimon fic of mine (which I don't know if I rated properly - PG-13 for violence). This time, the story's completely original, and the children's digimon are in this, too. I've had the basic concept of this story in mind for some time now, but it needed more body. Well lo and behold, it has started to take form. Huzzah on my part! Again, I have the audacity to start the story out as a Daikari (don't flame me!). I just like putting TK through misery (even though he's my favourite), so he can earn his love. Rest assured he will! In this new fic of mine, the story takes place about five years after the defeat of MaloMyotismon. It should follow the concepts of the show pretty closely this time.

Disclaimer: I need 1% more shares invested to control the corporation of Toei so I may own Digimon, but they won't give it to me!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brave Hearts

A cold wind brushed by in the Digital World as a small group ran through a lush forest. Behind this small group was a much larger figure who was far away, but was quickly gaining ground. The figure had a dark aura about it. The first party looked at each other with fear in their eyes. They tried to devise some sort of plan as they kept forging on.

"We've got to hurry, he's catching up! The television should only be a few miles from where we are." Kari stated, looking at her D-terminal as she carried Gatomon in her arm. The champion cat was battered and bruised as if she had been in a losing scuffle. In fact, the digimon of the other children were in no better shape. Each of them found some way of carrying their partner as they ran as fast as they could.

"Even more bad news, guys." Ken said. "I can't call Tai and the older kids to help. The D-terminal isn't able to send any messages right now, there's too much static." Wormmon was using his remaining strength to cling onto Ken's shoulders as he ran.

"How come that creep attacked us, anyway?" Davis inquired. "What did we ever do to him?" Veemon was snoring as Davis carried him. Davis felt nothing but pity and admiration for his weak, yet courageous friend.

"Honestly, Davis, I wonder if that head of yours will ever function correctly!" Scolded Yolei. "He's evil, Davis, he doesn't need a reason to be a creep - he just is!" Hawkmon grabbed onto her arm with all his strength as he was pulled along. Even though the group had matured over the past few years, some things - like Yolei and Davis' quarrelling - never changed.

"Who was that digimon that attacked us, though?" Cody asked thinking of the past events. "I didn't get a chance to ask the digimon, because of their eagerness to fight." Armadillomon was draped across his back as he ran. The mammal digimon groaned in pain. Cody had become much taller, and kendo kept him in good physical condition, so carrying his friend wasn't much of a problem.

"That was a digimon I thought I'd never have to see again." TK growled. "That, Cody, was Devimon." He looked at the tired Patamon in his arms. The demon digimon angered TK more than anything else in the world. The cold monster that nearly destroyed him and every one he held dear. The same evil entity that Angemon had to sacrifice himself to beat. TK sneered as he recalled these events. He never fully forgave himself for the incident. Cody looked at him in surprise, as he finally realized that he bore witness to the origin of TK's hateful side when they were about to DNA Digivolve.

Of course, since Gatomon had received her lost tail ring, the ability to DNA Digivolve was lost, thereby disallowing Digivolution past the champion level. Sure Gatomon regained her champion strength, but it was no match for the powers of darkness that surged through the devil. TK forbade Patamon to digivolve into Angemon, fearing that last encounter the two titans had would end the same way. The champion and armour digimon fought bravely against the threat, but he overpowered them. Pegasusmon and Nefertimon restrained Devimon with a golden noose attack to allow time for escape. Much to the group's reluctant nature, they complied and fled. The band of chosen had put a lot of distance between themselves and their aggressor. The two armour digimon's attack was soon overpowered by the evil digimon. With a feral rage emitting from Devimon he blasted the two away with dark energy. As the others ran through the woods, they saw two figures above them, engulfed in purple flames. They landed like two shooting stars that burnt out with a great thud. They all winced as the noise became audible. TK and Kari knew who they were and rushed to the smoking craters, where their partners fell. They had reverted back to their default forms. The both of them held their brave digimon closely as they started to run again. (A/N: This is where we now come in at the start of the story!) Now they were just a mile away from safety with a very angry antagonist closing in.

"I think we'll have to split up to increase our chances of escape." TK proposed. The group nodded at the idea. TK thought quickly. "Yolei and Cody, you're with me. We'll meet up at the television." Normally, he would have made it so that way Kari was with him so that way he could be sure that she was safe. Over the years and adventures that the group had had, he felt more strongly about the girl that was his best friend. He dared not tell her, for fear of rejection and/or ruining their friendship, but he still hoped that one day they would be together. Right now, Patamon and Gatomon were the weakest digimon of the group, so he felt that Davis and Ken should be with Kari since their digimon were the next strongest and weren't as badly beaten up as poor Patamon. So they divided and went off in different directions. TK hoped that Kari would be safe, and cursed himself for allowing Patamon to still fight against Devimon. He knew he had virtually the strongest digimon as his partner, but he was too bruised to do anything because TK let him go and fight. He worried about her constantly as he raced towards safety with Yolei and company in tow.

"Where are those pitiful humans?!" Devimon bellowed. After the group divided, they became much harder targets and were able to hide in the scenery much easier. The black being began destroying the environment around him in an act of frustration. His dark energy blazed around him. At the same time TK and Kari shuddered, much to the confusion of their group members. Devimon was at the epitome of anger. "When those children are finally in my clutches, I shall begin a very agonizing torture session. I shall dismember them all one by one, with the Child of Hope going last so he can watch in horror as I take his loved ones apart and devour them before I do the same to him!" The evil digimon licked his lips at his gruesome plan, and went back to searching - or in actuality - hunting.

"The gate is not much farther, we can't give up now!" Ken shouted as he ran. Kari and Davis were close behind. As they got in the immediate vicinity of the television (which was in a clearing), they waited by some shrubs until the other group met up with them. Ken decided that they should patrol around the area so they could look out for danger and their friends. He knew that Gatomon was badly beaten up, so he proposed that he would search around with Wormmon while Kari, Davis, and their digimon search elsewhere. There were no objections, so they set about their tasks. Davis could kiss Ken right now. Even though he was older and was less obnoxious then what he used to be, he still was madly in love with Kari, or was it just a crush? Nevertheless, he was finally alone with Kari.

"I hope the others are all right." Kari stated. "I couldn't bear anything happening to them." She looked down at her defeated friend once again and stroked the digimon's head gently. Davis nodded in sincere agreement. He thought about how the other group was fairing, even TK. He still couldn't believe how they turned into such good friends lately. They had put their childish rivalry behind them, and Davis even learned how to say TK's name! Of course he sometimes uses a random combination of letters now and then...just to tease him. Davis looked at Kari and saw that she was a bit shaken up still. He put his arm around Kari to comfort her. The girl looked back at him and smiled in appreciation. At the moment, Kari's adrenaline was working overtime. Here she was running for her life from an evil being with only one way of escape. With so many things hanging in the balance, she lost herself in Davis' kind gesture. She wondered where TK was and what he was doing. The blonde meant so much to her, but she wasn't quite sure in what way. He said that he cared for her, and she returned the expression, but did he mean it in a sense beyond that of a best friend? Then there was Davis. She always knew how he felt about her, since he made it publicly known every chance he had. Davis was never afraid to express how he felt about her, and had been very sweet to her, but was it love, an obsession, or just some silly crush? Kari was very confused and, given the circumstances, very vulnerable. She wasn't sure if it was just passion, feelings that she held back, or the need to feel alive, but she leaned over and kissed her comforter fully yet gently. Davis was taken aback at this, but he quickly regained his composure and kissed back.

Unbeknownst to the pair, a solitary figure watched on in shock and despair. TK was utterly devastated as he gazed at the scene before him. He let a single tear fall freely from his eye, but quickly wiped it away. He never wanted to be thought of as a cry-baby, so he did his best to regain his composure. Him and his group had met up with Ken a few minutes ago. After being informed about Ken's plans, he volunteered to go look for the missing members. However, he never thought that he would see this. He assumed that Davis had gotten over Kari, since he never made a fool of himself anymore by stating that Kari was his. Apparently he was gravely mistaken. He called out Davis and Kari's names in a fashion as to make it appear that he was searching for them. The pair departed from their short embrace and answered TK. As they walked towards the rest of the group, TK noticed how Kari and Davis were constantly glancing at each other. This hurt TK even more, but he made sure that he didn't show any emotion. He didn't want to compromise his friendship with the two, and he wanted them to be happy...even if it was at the cost of his own happiness. Finally the group rejoined and left for the real world together. TK cursed himself for his initial plan on the way back to Izzy's room via the Digiport.


To be continued...

Do you know how hard it was for me to write those last two paragraphs?!?! You have no idea! Never fear, dear readers, this is a takari, but I like to make TK fight/earn Kari's love, even if it means throwing her into the arms of Davis (*shudders*).

Soon enough you'll see why I gave the story the title, Brave Hearts. So you must be patient! I'll probably update soon.

Coming soon: TK learns how to cope with Kari and Davis' newfound closeness towards one another, and Davis learns how TK truly feels about her (Oooooh, the tension!). As well, this fic will have more action. You can probably tell, because of the appearance of Devimon. The action will be more spectacular then it is now. Please review and share your thoughts/predictions/etc.