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When we last left the story, Kari came to her senses, and later combined with Salamon (much like TK did with Patamon). Devimon was also defeated. Now (what you all wanted), TK and Kari are together, and are deeply in love with one another. Yet, amidst all the happiness, one lone figure is not so happy. How is Davis dealing with his heartbreak? You'll be surprised as you read on.


Davis and DemiVeemon left the party celebrating the demise of Devimon a bit early. When he was asked why, he gave the excuse that he was feeling rather tired. As he trudged on home, there was a cold chill in the air. His digimon tried to talk to the boy, but he did not answer. Davis put his hands in his pocket and continued home sullenly. When he got to his apartment, his sister opened the door and let him in. Jun noticed that her brother looked a little under the weather, and gave a look of concern. Sure her brother could be very obnoxious at times, but she cared for Davis very much.

"Davis, what's wrong?" She asked. "Did something not go right at your party?"

"Nothing's wrong, Jun." Davis assured her. "I'm feeling kind of tired, I'm going to sleep." Jun was not convinced, but she did no want to pry at the moment. Her brother seemed to need some alone time for now. Davis and DemiVeemon went to their room, and the boy shut the door behind him. Jun gave him a final message.

"Alright then, but remember, our grandparents are coming over tomorrow morning, so be sure to clean up your room in the morning before you go to school." Jun yelled through the door. There was no response on the other side. She sighed and slowly shook her head as she went back to watching TV.

When Davis climbed into bed, his partner was already fast asleep. He pulled the covers up to his face and just stared at the ceiling. The brunette began to speak to himself.

"Why doesn't she love me?" He asked as tears began to form. "What is it that I'm missing? What is it that TK can offer her that I can't? It just doesn't make any sense! I loved her with every bit of my soul. Ever since we were in grade school, I simply adored her. I think I was making progress, too, but then he came. Right from the start he outclassed me. He had already known Kari longer than I did, and the two of them had been through so much already. She would listen to him more than she would me, she would hang around him more than me, and she would follow him more than me. Even when I improved, I was till a few steps behind TK. He always had the stronger digimon, he always had more experience, and he always had the support of others. How could I have competed with that? Why did the Digital World call upon me, when they had TK as a perfectly good leader to select? I'm just weak and useless! I...just don't know anymore." He yawned the last sentence as drowsiness took over him. DemiVeemon heard everything. Davis had woken him up with all the commotion. Slowly but surely, DemiVeemon slinked out of Davis' room and hopped out the window. He headed off in the direction of The Kamiya residence. Meanwhile...Davis cried himself to sleep than night.

When he opened his eyes, he was in a void of darkness. Davis walked around aimlessly as he tried to forget.

"Why should I be so bitter?" He asked himself. "Kari made her choice. TK was able to accept the fact when she was with me, so why can't I do the same in turn?" Unbeknownst to him, a mist was gathering around his feet. It was thick, yet dry. Soon enough, Davis was completely enveloped by it. A voice whispered out to the boy.

"So, even now you try and match the Child of Hope...even in your time of defeat." The voice spoke in a deep and ominous tone. Davis darted his eyes around the fog, but saw no one.

"Who's there?" Davis asked. "Show yourself!" The voice chuckled.

"Who I am is no concern of yours." It said. "Besides, you should not be afraid, child, I am not here to harm you, but to help you instead."

"Help me?" Davis questioned. "Why would I need any help?"

"I can feel your pain and suffering, child." Said the voice. "You do not need to hide it from me. I feel the anger you feel towards the friends that have wronged you."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Davis denied. "I have no reason to be angry at them."

"You're wrong." The voice boomed. "You have every right to be mad at them. They destroyed your spirit, and they are at fault for breaking your heart. They know that they have done this, but they do not care about apologizing to you, nor do they want the responsibility of mending your wounds." Davis thought about the little comment. Some of the words were falling into place, and started making sense. Davis' eyes started to water.

"Maybe you're right, and maybe you're not..." Davis replied. "...but how do you fit into all of this? Why do you care?"

"It is simple." The voice responded. "Like you, I know what it is like to reach new levels - to evolve if you will - and still fall short. I know what it is like to try your hardest at something, but still end up disappointed, with shattered pride. I know what it is like to be wronged by the children of Hope and Light. Most importantly, I know that the only cure for such suffering...is revenge." The mysterious voice began manipulating Davis' thoughts, as if it had a predefined power to do so. The boy's eyes went stale, and lost their shine.

"Could you help me then?" Said Davis in a monotone fashion.

"Of course." The voice sneered. "I shall help you attain the revenge you seek on every uncaring individual that wishes you nothing but pain who gets in your path, but I require you to do one thing."

"What would that be?" Davis asked indifferently.

"Relinquish your soul!!" The voice yelled. At that instant, the fog entered Davis' mouth violently. Through the remainder of the fog, a pair of familiar red eyes glared at the boy. When the last ounce of mist was swallowed, Davis' eyes went wide.

Davis snapped out of his dream and woke up in a start, and was panting furiously. When he finally calmed himself down, he saw that he was in his room. Davis convinced himself that it was just a nightmare. When he looked out of his window, he noticed that it was morning. As he got dressed and left his room, he did not notice that his partner was missing. Davis went to the kitchen to fix himself breakfast. He could hear his sister getting ready in the bathroom.

"Davis, I hope you cleaned your room." Jun called out. Davis scoffed at his sister's nagging.

She doesn't care. She doesn't know what I'm going through. She gave no thought to my feelings whatsoever. Davis thought...at least...he assumed that it was his thought. Then, something came to mind. He opened the third cupboard drawer in front of him and withdrew a sharp, butcher's knife. He studied the blade carefully, and then looked around to see if anyone was watching him. Davis' face was devoid of any emotion and his eyes were glossed over as he walked slowly toward the bathroom door...

An hour later, the doorbell rang. When Davis answered the door, his grandparents were facing him. Davis cringed when he noticed what they were wearing. It was their usual outgoing attire. His grandmother wore a pink scarf around her neck, and his grandfather wore a white fisherman's hat. The pair had their arms around each other in a romantic gesture. Davis growled softly as he led them to the family room.

How dare they mock me! He thought. Nobody seems to care, so I won't care about them. He went into the bathroom and retrieved the knife, which was now stained a deep red. A limp hand poked out of the room onto the carpeted floor. Davis walked over the figure to get out of the washroom and then headed towards his grandparents.

"Where's Jun?" They asked from the sitting room. "Did she leave for school already?"

"You'll see her soon enough." Davis told them as he entered the same room...

At school, TK and Kari had just gotten out of class and were in the cafeteria eating lunch. They were constantly getting odd stares. Partly because people were perplexed on why they looked the way they did, and also they were surprised that TK and Kari had finally come to their senses and were now an item. All the time now, TK and Kari were virtually inseparable. They walked walked with their hands clasped together, they were constantly in an embrace, and pretty much everyone had seen their lips meet on several occasions. At the present moment, they were sharing each other's lunch and wore content grins on their faces.

"How long do you think it will take before the entire school stops staring at us?" Kari asked her boyfriend.

"I hope it won't be long." TK responded. "It's rather annoying having no privacy. Anyway, on another note, I'm sure your parents are back from that business trip." Kari sighed and slowly nodded. TK chuckled at her misfortune. "Well how did they take it?"

"It would be an understatement if I just said that they freaked." Kari said, repeating TK's words when situations were reversed. "Luckily, Tai was also there to help me explain it to them. It took us a good three hours, but they finally accepted it, though I doubt they understood any of it. Then again, the Digital World is a confusing subject."

"Speaking of confusing subjects, I wonder where Davis is today." TK mentioned. "I haven't seen him ever since the party."

"Yeah, I know." Kari agreed. "He might be lazy at times, but he's never skipped school before." Then Kari came up with something. She was afraid to realize it. "TK, out of curiosity, when I was going out with Davis and I asked you how you were at times, how did you truly feel?" TK looked confused at the apparent topic change, but he shrugged it off.

"To tell you the truth, I was devastated." TK answered. "It was like my whole body shut down from the shock...I couldn't bear the whole situation, but I tried to be strong for the sake of your happiness."

"Then we have a problem." Kari said. TK looked confused. "This confirms what DemiVeemon was talking about when he stopped over to talk to me early this morning. I have reason to believe that maybe Davis is going through the same thing. He told me he loved me, but I didn't feel the same way. TK, he must feel awful!" Kari's eyes started to get moist. TK leaned in close to her face to comfort her.

"It's not your fault, Kari." TK assured her. "Your feelings cannot be held against you, so you can't blame yourself. However, we cannot sit idly by while Davis is in pain. He's our good friend, and it's up to us to make him feel loved and appreciated." Kari wiped her eyes dry.

"You're right, TK. How about we pay him a visit after school?" Kari proposed. TK nodded at the idea. Just then, the bell for the next period rung. TK kissed Kari goodbye as they went to their respective classes.

Davis was sulking in his room when the doorbell rang. When he answered it, his parents were at the door, and they had cross looks on their faces. They motioned for him to go into the kitchen for a discussion. Little did they know, their son had a stained knife hidden behind his back.

"Daisuke, why weren't you in school today?!" His father yelled. "We got a call from the school today saying that you didn't show up." Mr. and Mrs. Motimiya always used Davis' full name whenever he was in trouble. Davis was about to say something, but his mother stopped him.

"What kind of a silly excuse do you have for doing such a foolish thing, Daisuke!" Mrs. Motimiya joined in. Davis just sneered.

Is this whole world against me?! Davis thought. I'm all alone in a vast sea of pain. I have to free myself of it. Davis had an inhuman expression on his face as he revealed the item that he was hiding...

When school ended, TK and Kari met up and headed off to the apartment complex that Davis lived in. When they got to the front of the building, Kari thought of something.

"Maybe I should go in alone." She stated. "It might be difficult for Davis to see you, too." TK nodded in agreement, but he had a bad premonition about the outcome. Kari also felt the same way. When she got to the front door, she was about to knock on the front door, but she froze. "There's nothing to be afraid of." She assured herself. She then proceeded to rap her wrist on door. When Davis answered the door, he was surprised to see Kari there. He barely poked his head out the door as he shut the door as far as it could go. Kari was confused at the boy's antic disposition.

"Kari, what are you doing here." Davis said coldly. Kari was taken aback from the reception she received, but she held firm.

"I've come to apologize, Davis." Kari said quietly. Davis' eyes flashed to life once more. "I think that you're not telling me everything - that you're hiding something from me." Davis darted his eyes around, fearing that she might be getting suspicious. He tried to close the door quickly, but Kari stopped him as she tried to continue. "Davis, I'm truly sorry for hurting you. You must realize that you'll always have a place in my heart, but it is TK that I truly love." Davis' eyes quickly flashed back to their dead state.

I knew it. He thought. She really doesn't care about me. I was just used...used as a tool for humour - the butt of their jokes. For the first time, Kari peered into the apartment. What she saw, horrified her beyond all belief. There were several bodies on the ground that were very still. There was also a great red stain on the carpet. Kari just stood there, petrified. She blinked a few times, but her eyes were not deceiving her. Kari darted her eyes back to Davis, who saw where she was looking. He opened the door in a quick action and clasped his hands around her neck. Kari was too afraid to move. She silently called out for help, praying that TK would hear her plea. The struggle then was moved into the main room of the apartment. When she came to her senses, she used her newfound strength to try and push Davis away...but something was wrong. He was still able to maintain his strangling of her. Kari was startled at the boy's strength as she wondered in terror as to why she was not strong enough to hold him back. Davis kept one hand around her throat as he reached for the crimson-edged butcher's knife. He brought it high above her face and readied to kill her. Just as he was about to bring the weapon down, the windows of the apartment shattered. Davis looked up at a glowing TK, with wings deployed. TK was not prepared to see what he saw. All of Davis' family members lay there slaughtered by the twisted boy's own hand. He looked back at Davis in disgust.

"How...could you." TK murmured. Using the diversion that TK created, Kari kicked Davis away from herself. She released her wings from her body and flew to TK's side. When Davis picked himself up, he threw the knife at the pair. TK and Kari backed away from the window area to avoid the weapon. The two of them hovered in the air. Davis yelled in rage as purple energy gave him an eerie glow. He sprouted his own set of angel wings, but they were a perverted form of the pure white ones that traditional angels had. His were blackish-purple in colour and had traces of skin membrane. Davis quickly flew out of the building and brought both of his arms up. With a great speed, Davis guided himself towards TK as he brought his arms down with inhuman force. TK plummeted towards the earth. Kari dove after him and grabbed onto his arm just as he was a few metres away from colliding with the ground. The looked back up at their aggressor. He was being consumed by purple energy. Then the dark voice within Davis shouted out.

"Devimon Dark BioMerge to..." Electricity crackled as the figure flashed images between Davis and Devimon. The figure was draped in black leather. A bandana formed on the left arm, two magnums formed in the holsters, a third eye was formed on the forehead, and a helmet was placed over it. Finally, a pair of goggles materialized on top of the helmet. The figure stretched its wings and broke through the energy field, and the evolution was complete. "...Beezlemon." TK stared up in horror as the figure from his nightmare came into being. The dark digimon spoke with Devimon's voice. "As you can see, you will never be able to defeat the powers of darkness! I will always prevail!" TK and Kari could not believe it.

"You sick monster!" Kari yelled as she shuddered. "You manipulated Davis into murdering his family! Never before have I felt such a presence of evil as foul as yours!"

"Guilty as charged!" Beezlemon laughed. "Ever since I was reformatted all that time ago from the first battle between Angemon and myself, I retained the memory of what had happened - the failure, the shame - it was too much! The anger grew as I grew. I trained myself to become stronger, with the thought of revenge being the sole thing that kept me going. I even trained my powers far enough to that of a mega, but I forced my body not to digivolve. I wanted to make sure that I retained my shape, so my revenge would be more significant. When I was defeated by you a second time, my anger just grew greater, and it was the power of my anger that allowed me to survive. However, I was without form and could not do much of anything, but I was not about to give up. I will do anything for the sake of revenge, even if it meant commandeering a pathetic human's body. He was quite easy to manipulate, but his stubbornness and emotions were his strength. I had to destroy those he loved to break his spirit so I could fully control my host. You should have heard him! He is trapped inside here..." Beezlemon said, pointing to his head. "...a prisoner of his own mind. His crying is like energy to my being, so all I had to do was increase his sorrow to become strong enough to evolve into the mega digimon with enhanced strength you now see before you. If you two had not have interrupted me, I would have had the boy, Davis, devour his family members' corpses!" The demon let out a great laugh. TK and Kari felt like they were going to be sick. The two of them had tears streaming down their cheeks, as they felt sorry for what Davis went through.

"How could something like you exist!" TK screamed furiously. "You must be destroyed before your evil spreads to anyone else!" TK rushed at his adversary in a blind rage. As he charged, he remembered the prophecy. "'and vengeance yet another' you shall pay!"

"Pathetic." The demon scoffed, as he withdrew his weapons. "Double Impact!" TK tried to dodge the bullets as fast as he could. The first grazed his elbow, causing TK to grab his arm in pain. The next one should have hit him in the chest...but it never hit. He looked down and saw Kari using her energy to shield him. Beezlemon was not amused. With a speed faster than the angels could see, the demon appeared behind Kari and raised his arms. "Darkness Claw!" Kari arched her back in agony as she felt the claws cut through her skin. TK rushed down to her in a flash as he gave Beezlemon a swift kick to his side. He then shot a quick blast of energy at the digimon. He set Kari down elsewhere and looked at her wounds. She was slashed pretty badly, and was losing blood. She staggered to her feet as TK helped her up. Beezlemon got up from where he fell and looked at them with rage in his eyes. TK stared daggers right back at him. The two rushed at each other as if they were jousting. TK had his fist ready for connection to the scoundrel's face, but Beezlemon was quicker. With a mighty blow, the digimon's fist connected with TK's abdomen. The boy bent over in pain. Beezlemon took this opportunity and drove his knee upward to hit the same spot, which made TK spit out blood and straighten his body. Finally, Beezlemon's elbow connected with TK's back, sending the boy crashing into the ground. TK strained to slowly turn himself face-up. As soon as he did, Beezlemon flew down and held his foot up to the boy's neck. "I shall enjoy this, filth!" The dark creature said as he spat on TK. He was about to bring his foot down, but he stopped when he heard a small voice cry out. The three fighters looked to the origin...it was DemiVeemon.

"DemiVeemon, get out of here before he deletes you!" TK strained in a hoarse voice.

"No, TK." The little digimon replied. "I heard everything that Beezlemon said. I want him to pay for what he did to Davis!"

"Beezlemon's a mega digimon, DemiVeemon, you won't stand a chance against him!" Kari yelled as she clutched her sides. Beezlemon looked down upon the small, blue creature who had hopped up close to him.

"Your friends are right." Said the demon. "You stand no chance of defeating me, but I shall delete you anyway! That should increase my power by increasing your human's sorrow!"

"I don't care if I am deleted." DemiVeemon retorted. "One way or another, you will be stopped!"

"Such an annoying waste of space!" Beezlemon scoffed as he aimed his gun and cocked the trigger. "Double Impact!" The little digimon was blasted several feet away to where Kari was standing. The girl picked him up and had tears in her eyes.

"Promise me." DemiVeemon groaned. "Get him for me...and for Davis. He must not win, you are our last hope." The battered In-training digimon started to dematerialize. "Use the last of my energy to heal yourselves a bit. It's not much, but it should at least give you and TK enough restored energy for a good shot. Goodbye..." With those last words, the brave DemiVeemon was deleted.

"DemiVeemon, no!!" Kari cried out with tears flowing. His data scattered and its energy was sprinkled over TK and Kari. TK pushed Beezlemon's foot away and got up. He noticed that the demon stayed still as he flew over to Kari. All of a sudden, Beezlemon clutched his head and writhed in pain.

Inside the mind of the demon, Davis was bound by some force that he could not see. He could see and hear everything that went on, though. His heart cried out as he witnessed the deletion of his friend. His eyes were puffy from prolonged crying. Right now, Davis was tired of crying. Something brewed within him...

"That was the last individual alive that loved me." He cried out. "You took them all away from me...my family. The screaming was too much, and the blood...oh God, there was so much blood! You left me all alone, now with nothing, nor no one left to live for. You have to be destroyed...no matter what the cost!"

TK and Kari watched on as Beezlemon's agony continued. Suddenly, the beast cried out, but it was not Devimon's voice...it was the voice of Davis. He cried out to them.

"TK...Kari..." Davis called out. He was obviously using up a lot of strength to take control over the body, and the angels knew it. "I'm trying to fight his control...you have to strike now!"

"What about you?" Kari asked. "What will happen to you?"

"That's not important!" Davis screamed in pain. "You have to attack him now before he regains control!"

"We can't let you die, Davis!" TK yelled.

"Please..." Davis said in a quieter tone. "You have to do this. You have to protect both worlds. You have a responsibility to them...and each other. If you do this, I can ensure that Devimon will never appear again. I've sensed this power inside of me. He is bound to my body, and he will not escape this time. I'm afraid there's no other way...I'm sorry...for letting you down earlier."

"You never did, Davis." TK responded. "You truly are a courageous person, and I've always been proud to call you my leader." TK concentrated and brought forth as much energy as he could.

"No matter what you may think, know that you will always be a part of us." Kari added. "You have a special place deep in our hearts." She followed TK's lead and focused her power. Davis forced Beezlemon to smile.

"Thank you...my friends." Davis replied. "I love you all." With a great force, TK and Kari released their awesome power. The two colourful energies intertwined as they hit their target. When the dust settled, the two saw the body of Beezlemon fragmenting.

"No!" Screamed the voice of Devimon. "I was so close! This cannot be! I was supposed to get my revenge...I-" His voice was silenced forever.

"I knew I could count on you" Davis whispered contently. "Goodbye..." With that, Daisuke Motimiya was gone.

When the data had disappeared, TK pulled Kari close to him and held her in a warm embrace. She leaned on his chest as they looked upon the scene. Davis' goggles were all that was left. The pair walked over to them and TK picked it up off the ground.

"'where there will be twelve to start, but there will not be twelve to finish.'" TK uttered the final line of the prophecy.

"Looks like the prophecy is complete now." Kari added. "I wish that it never happened. The taking of innocent life is too much for me...it's just too much." She began to weep. TK ran his hand through her hair.

"I know Kari...I know." TK murmured. "Thankfully Devimon will never return to cause more misery, and the Motimiyas will be reunited with Davis, so they can be happy...forever with each other...forever with the ones they love."

They held each other closely as they heard police sirens approaching the tragic view before them...

Epilogue (five years and nine months later):

In a busy hospital downtown, a baby boy had just been born. TK took the small infant in his arms and carried him over to Kari's side. The little guy was so well behaved, as he was not crying. TK brushed away a few thin strands of brown hair from the child's face. Both parents stared at their new child in adoration. When the baby finally opened his eyes to gaze upon his parents, TK and Kari were shocked to find out that the boy had blue eyes.

"Now that's an odd combination." They both said in unison. Immediately they looked at each other as they came to a realization. The boy in their visions...was their own son! Kari leaned over and kissed his forehead.

"Thank you for believing in us, little one." She whispered gently. A few moments later, everyone else entered the room. Izzy propped open his laptop, to which both parents gave a quizzical look.

"Gennai says that your son is going to be the first of a new generation of Digidestined." Izzy said. "So consider this a gift from the Digital World." Izzy's laptop began to glow brightly, and out of the light came a small creature. Everyone gasped at who it was. It had been so long.

"Hi, everyone!" DemiVeemon greeted. "It's good to see you all again." The little guy had been reformatted and was now ready to protect his new partner and future best friend. He jumped on the nightstand next to the parents and stared at the child in wonder. "What's his name?" DemiVeemon asked. TK and Kari looked at each other and smiled. They silently agreed on the proposal. TK caressed the baby's face.

"We're naming him after one of the strongest people we have ever known." TK uttered as he took out a pair of familiar goggles from the nightstand drawer. "His name is Davis."



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