SYNOPSIS: The Doctor and Amy meet the Doctor and Rose - with unexpected consequences.

This idea had been bugging me for ages, I hope I can do it justice!

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Amy watched and stood back apprehensively as the Doctor once again began to fiddle and mess about with the central console of his TARDIS. A new TARDIS, was what he said on the night he first took her away on it - he took her to the stars and she floated among the dead space, saved a beguiling space whale from certain death and erased her own memories - and all in her nightie. The fact that the TARDIS was so "new" meant that the Doctor was having some troubles in the way of controlling it. Apparently, it didn't come with a manual; the Doctor simply felt his way around its knobs and levers, occasionally pulling or pressing one on a whim. While Amy always eyed him with trepidation when he did this, she had always thought of herself as safe in his hands. She had to admit, the Doctor was brilliant, even if he knew it too. But at this very moment, she doubted whether the Doctor had any sense of what he was doing at all.

"I can't get the shields up!" He yelled, pulling lengths of wiring from a detached control panel.

"Is that bad?" Amy asked, grabbing tightly to the railings as the TARDIS was hurtled about through time and space.

The Doctor shot her a look which seemed to say "a-duh". Amy rolled her eyes. So she was new to the life of a time-traveller. She wasn't the one who couldn't control her own vehicle.

"Ngahhhh!" The Doctor let out a frustrated yell as the TARDIS suddenly threw them both into the air and heavily onto the floor. A large crash was heard around them; they both stared dazedly up at ceiling as the spinning began to die down.

"What was that, Doctor?" Amy cried, rubbing the places which would surely spring bruises.

"Did she mean you?" An unfamiliar voice sounded. Amy and the Doctor suddenly scrambled to their feet - knowing all too well that security on the TARDIS had been breached. They stood up to see two figures standing opposite them. One was a tall and gangly man with a shock of brown hair, wide (almost manic) brown eyes, wearing a brown pinstriped suit which was oddly coupled with white trainers. The young woman next to him clutched onto his arm defensively - she had shoulder-length blonde hair and brown eyes, and was wearing a pink hoodie with blue jeans and sandshoes.

The Doctor let out a groan of recognition. "Oh, no. This is so very very not good."

"Who are they?" Amy inquired, moving in closer to the Doctor.

Then the Doctor sort of smiled. "They're us... well they're me and my... my Rose."

Amy raised an eyebrow. "Your Rose?"

The Doctor ignored her. "That's me, that one in the suit. Me from another time. The TARDISES must have collided in the Vortex... hello! Old me! Rose! How I've missed you both!"

Next chapter: Amy and Rose get head to head to a fight for the title of Doctor's best companion!