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It was a normal February school day. A month had passed since the Digidestined had defeated MaloMyotismon and their lives had returned to normality. It was cold outside that day and nobody had even the slightest idea that a new threat was nearing earth…

Kari's apartment:

"Good morning Kari! Have you slept well?"

"Yeah, but I really gotta go…gotta do something at school with TK!"

After the breakfast she grabbed her bag and left for school.

TK's apartment (later that day):

"TK! Wake up! You're late for school!"

"Whoa…what don't shout mom…WHAAAAT! I'll be late for the first day of the new semester! And I told Kari, I'll meet her earlier! Shit!"

With that TK ran out of his bed, brushed his teeth and grabbed the bagel which his mom made him for breakfast and left the apartment.

Odaiba School:

"You're late TAKERU TAKAISHI!"

"Sorry bout that…stupid bus takes always too long…So how's it going, haven't seen u in weeks?"

"I'm fine, my parents are still fighting with Tai about his football team and that he doesn't study that much"

"The usual…so what did u wanna talk to me about, Kari?"

"Well, you know how the school is gonna introduce these new extracurricular activities, so I was kinda wondering if u would maybe like to join with me the glee club?"

"But I'm already in the basketball team…[Kari's face saddened] but how can I ever say NO to you…so I'm in, where do I have to sign?" Kari suddenly hugged TK and smiling she said "Thank you so much! You don't know how much it means to me! [blushing, then trying to make her way out of it] I mean having the captain of the basketball team in the club would be so great and all!"

"C'mon Kari we'll be late for class, plus we got math and a new teacher!"

"Sure let's go!" With that the two friends went to class…TK could not think of anything but Kari's face when she blushed (She looks really cute when she does that). Kari was thinking of how she could not control herself in front of him (Get a hold of yourself Kari, it's TK). Their thoughts were soon interrupted, however when the two entered class and a very mean looking professor was staring at the two. If looks could kill, then that was one. "You're 10 seconds late! WHY? Explain yourselves?"

"The bus was very slow, traffic…" TK said in a casual tone.

"My question was rhetorical. Sit down!" Kari and TK went to their respective seats without saying a word, but they looked at each other and both new what the other was thinking…THE DUDE WAS NUTS!

"The two late-comers come forth. I have 2 exercises which will blow your minds and you'll never come late again!" The two went upfront and each took a piece of chalk. "Now do these exercises!" TK had no idea, but Kari seemed to get through her exercise fast and finished in a few minutes. TK was still struggling and looked at Kari with begging eyes [Help me Kari, I'll be screwed]

[I'd love to help u but I can't….WAIT did I just hear your thoughts?]

[I can hear you too…darn what's happening u gotta help me!]

[Ok] and after a few seconds where everybody was wondering why the two were staring at each other TK started writing.

"Correct it sure took you some time boy! Are your brain cells on pause or something? Sit down!"

The two friends sat down and both grinned at each other. Meanwhile Davis was so fired up about them smiling that he was almost about to jump at TK, but his fear of not being able to solve math problems soon cooled him down.

As the hours passed and the end of school neared both Kari and TK were wondering about how they could hear each other's thoughts and why it had happened today for the first time.

A few hours later, Training hall:

"Hey! I didn't know you joined the cheerleading squad! Congrats Kari!", TK said.

"Thanks, try-outs were yesterday, and now I can come see all your matches!" she said smiling.

"Yeah…hey, do u think we could talk about what happened earlier, like later today, or are u doing something important?"

Kari didn't know exactly herself what had happened, but she answered casually "sure, but I gotta babysit these two kids, maybe you'd like to help me?"

"Definitely! I'll see you at your apartment then?"

"Yeah! Now I have to go. Bye!" And so Kari left, but what had happened between the two was something none would expect would prove to be life saving.

Meanwhile on a very far away planet:

"He's awake!"

"Master you finished your slumber? Are you alright, do you know which planet we are to attack next?"

Moving very slow the disciples master said "It's called earth…and it will take about 3-4 years to get there. Prepare the troops and get me my armor. We shall go to war once more…"