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CHAPTER 20: From the Top

John: Kari, do you take Jack to be your husband?

Kari: Ye…

TK stormed in at that moment "KARI! DON'T SAY YES!"

Kari: …NO!

Kari's face lightened when she saw him, she almost had said yes to someone she didn't love at all. She was very happy to see him. She then rushed towards him and hugged him.

TK: Are you ok? Did he hurt you?

Kari: No…no he didn't! How are you alive…I thought you died?

TK: I've got no time to explain, we gotta get out of here!

Joanna: You! I thought you were dead! You are not going to ruin this wedding! Kari get up there and marry Jack!

Kari: NO! No I won't marry you!

TK: He is not what he seems to be! C'mon Jackie! Tell everybody the truth!

Jack (laughing as evil as one could): Well, well…there comes the hero of the day. So, was it so boring being dead that you had to return? Let me guess…the Archangel Michael brought you back...or better Raphael? Hahaha those brothers of mine always like to play me tricks! So which one wants me back in hell?

The entire room was looking confused. Only TK knew what Jack was talking about, and he was firmly convinced to protect Kari from Jack.

TK: I wasn't completely dead…I met Goku! He sent me back!

Jack (almost exploding of anger): Always that guy…a mere Sayian…having more power than an angel! (He must have had a reason)…how's he liking that place I banished him to? Quite nice isn't it?

Joanna: Will anyone explain what the hell is going on!

Jack: Just shut it you hag!

Joanna: You can't talk to me like that!

John: What is wrong Jack? Why are you acting like this?

Jack: I can talk and behave however I want! I don't take any orders from anyone! Forgot daddy…your little pact with Lucifer, when I was just a little baby?

John: …how do you know about that?

Jack: Well daddy…I AM Lucifer! Your son died a long time ago…and now it's your turn!

Jack raised his hand and shot an energy ball at John, but TK interfered and save him.

TK: I will not let you kill anyone. I will banish you to wherever you came from!

Tai: Hey TK! Leave some for me! Agumon?

Jack: Oh please…you fool.

Before Agumon could digivolve, Jack snapped his finger and all the Digivices were destroyed. All of the Digidestined were in shock. How were they supposed to defeat Jack without their Digimon being able to digivolve.

Jack: I shall now destroy you all!

Jack turned towards the altar and opened a gate to hell, but before it could open up completely, Gabriel came and teleported everyone out of the church, to Kami's palace.

Jack was left alone with Chimpmon in the church. "Well…that gives me more time to play with them…"

Chimpmon: Master…is your body able to sustain you any longer?

Jack: Her light could have made me invincible in this body…don't worry…I'll soon get another one…a stronger one and I just might have someone in mind! Now prepare…we are going to start the apocalypse!

Kami's palace:

Kami: TK! Are you all ok? Did anything happen to you?

TK: No…we're alright, but Jack…Lucifer he...he destroyed all our Digivices! He is way too strong for us to tackle him…I don't think we'll be alright…and Goku…

Kami: Lucifer...he's back! And, you met Goku?

TK: Yes. He's been banished by Lucifer a long time ago in that strange dimension…he can't get out.

Kami: Did he teach you how to fight Lucifer? He's the only one who would have known…I have trained him a long time ago, but he never told me how he has defeated Lucifer…

TK: He didn't tell me either. He just told me that he wanted Kari's light in order to gain his true power. He also wants to start the apocalypse!

Izzy: I think I may have a theory on how to defeat him. Gennai sent me an e-mail. He says there are some Code Crowns, that we can use to make our Digimon digivolve to a super-strong level…but he didn't say where we can find them…what do you guys think?

Joanna: No…no…how is it possible…where am I! Kari we must get away from here!

Kari: Just relax! We'll deal with it. You are the safest here!

Tai: Yeah…we are safe, but we must find a way to defeat him, before everyone is killed!

Everyone: YEAH!

Matt: Well, our chances of success are quite small, we are going to certain death…what the hell are we waiting for?

As they were discussing how to defeat Lucifer and to counter the apocalypse, TK turned to Kari. He kissed her and both knew, that no matter what would happen now no one could destroy their moment.

Mimi: So we still don't know how we should defeat him!

Voice: Maybe WE can help!

Everyone turned and saw three tall figures, with an extraordinary bright aura surrounding them, standing in front of them.


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