Title: Soul of My Soul

Author: Supernaturaldh

Characters: Sam and Dean

Rating: PG-13 (Gen/Angst)

Disclaimer: Sadly, no ownership here.

Summary: What do you do when your brother's soul is missing? A hunt set during season six, just after "Family Matters". Sam is without his soul, and Dean is on a mission - to keep his baby brother safe and human until he can get this big mess figured out.


Intense green eyes dart across the bench seat of the Impala gazing indiscreetly at the darked haired stranger setting idly on the other side of the car. Who the hell is this guy and what'd he do with Sam?

The older brother sighs and chews unconsciously on his lower lip. He attempts to focus on the road as anger at the situation bubbles up just beneath his skin. Can't we ever get a freaking break? He watches his little brother from the corner of his eye wishing it felt normal riding next to him in the car. First its demon blood, then Lucifer's vessel and now, well shit, Sammy doesn't have a soul? He grimaces slightly, this stranger still looks an awfully lot like Sam.

It's probably the way the kid's extra long legs are squished up against the dashboard and forced into the too small, tiny space. It also the gangly arms that are crossed against his stomach lying loosely on his lap, and for sure, it's the bony fingers that are fumbling with the loose string on the leg of his blue jeans.

Dean watches Sam for a minute. See's his little brother yawn, stretching his arms up and over his head like he's extremely tired, like he really wants to go to sleep. And then Sam closes his eyes and leans his head against the frosty window glass.

And Dean could almost cry.

He glances back out the windshield, 'cause it hurts too much to look at this familiar stranger. From where he sets, everything looks like normal it, but he knows better and that just really freaking the older brother out. He grips the steering wheel tighter as the conversation with Castiel plays over an over inside his tired head.

"Sam, do you sleep."

"No, I haven't, not since I came back."

Dean blinks back the tears that have suddenly pooled inside his eyelids and stares blankly out the windshield at the empty roadway in front of them. The white line is a blur. He's not really sure where the hell they are, and right now, well, he really doesn't care. He just knew that he; that they'd, had to get away from the compound, away from their grandfather, and away from the damn demon Crowley. If not, Sam might've killed them both, and unfortunately, Dean knows that they need them both. The magnitude of that fact really pisses the older Winchester off. The fact that Campbell, their grandfather, was working with a demon, and that he and Sam were being forced to do the same thing in order to get Sam's soul back, well that just made him sick.

He hears an almost weary sigh from the other side of the Impala and he cocks his head slightly to take another look at Sam. It looks like Sammy? But, Dean knows it's not. Not the Sam that he remembers, not the Sam he wants riding beside him in the car.

He swallows convulsively. It's some Robocop version of Sam.

He chews on his lower lip until he can taste the tang of blood. He wants badly to get a grip on his wrung out emotions. Sam is still his brother, soul or no soul. Hell, they've been through worse, much worse then this, they can do this. I can do this, I can do this, I can be his soul.

He sucks in a large gulp of air, shores up his shoulders, and fixes a fake smile back against his face, "Hey Sammy?" he says in his best big brother voice.

Sam opens his eyes. The shaggy haired head rises from the passenger window where it's been resting, hazel eyes staring almost Sam like back at Dean.

"Where're going to fix this." Dean says reassuringly.

Sam almost smiles at that, but it doesn't quite reach his eyes. There is no emotion on his face, his once vibrant green eyes are now empty, blank, and lost.

For a minute, Dean thinks he sees a bit of fear there, and then, it's gone.

It almost breaks the older brother's heart.

"I hope so," Sam says softly, "'Cause I miss being me."

Dean does smiles at that. Sammy is in there somewhere. I just know it.

He pushes the gas paddle harder against the floorboard and the car lurches forward into the darkness of the night. He doesn't know how he's going to fix this yet, but he does know he's going to. He's been fixing his baby brother his whole life, and he's not about to quit today.