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Kurt turned to face the booming voice of Sue Sylvester. It was almost the end of the week and he was ready for a girly night in with his Step Up DVD collection. With Mercedes and Tina standing next to him, he had the courage to ask the cheerleading coach the simple question. "Why?"

"Because I said so. Now get in," said the teacher, pointing at the almost empty classroom.

"Is this something to do with the fact I'm gay?"

Sue put her hands on her hips and lowered her face so she was parallel to his. "No, this has something to do with the fact that this classroom only has one other student in it and Principal Figgins will have my nuts if I'm sitting in detention with just one student. NOW GET IN!"

Kurt rolled his eyes and adjusted a strand of hair that had fallen across his eye before strutting into the classroom with his bag swinging behind him. As soon as he saw the other student in the room, his momentum was lost and he just about managed to stumble into the nearest chair.

"Scared are we? Relax, I ain't gonna hit you with Sylvester standing there." the larger student snarled.

Kurt regained his composure. "No offence Karofsky, but I'm more scared you'll attempt to kiss me again with those fat ugly lips."

"Shut your mouth homo…"

"Or what? You just said you weren't going to hit me." Kurt wasn't scared as much as he was having a little fun. He finally had the upper hand over the boy who had been making his life miserable since he came out.

But unfortunately the teacher had to go and interrupt. She hadn't even entered the classroom yet and only stuck her head around the door. "I'm off for an hour, but you boys better be here when I get back with all your work done or so help me God I will castrate you both with my bare hands. Got it?" Sue death glare scared them into their seats and she was confident that they would stay there for the duration of their punishment.

The next few minutes were silent. Dave Karofsky attempted to focus on his homework but knowing that Ladyboy was sitting in the room with him was just too much of a distraction. He kept trying to tell himself that he had just had a moment of insanity in the locker room. The kiss hadn't meant anything. But everything came down to Kurt's lips, how it just felt right and how he knew that deep down he had wanted to kiss that fag for as long as he could remember. "Screw this!" He suddenly exclaimed and headed to the door. He needed some air. He didn't want to think about Kurt. He didn't want to think about how much the boy occupied his thoughts, especially at night. And he couldn't think about how Kurt's small frame would fit perfectly in his. He felt sick. This was wrong. Liking guys was wrong. He wasn't a fag. He wasn't one of them.

Kurt's voice broke into his thoughts. "That's it. Run away. Hide from the fact you're just as much of a queer as I am."

Dave hated how much he let Kurt wind him up. It was as if the smaller boy knew just what buttons to press. He snapped and lunged across the desk grabbing Kurt by his cravat and rammed him against the wall. "I told you not to push me."

"So hit me." There was no fear in Kurt's eyes as he held his gaze with the bigger boys.

"Don't…push me!" Dave's words came out in a deathly, low grumble but Kurt's expression just changed to one of disgust.

"What are you gonna do next Karofsky? Rape me?" Kurt spat out.

Kurt saw a flash of hurt in Dave's eyes before he automatically let go of the Hummel boy and headed to the opposite side of the classroom before sitting on a desk. The football player rubbed the back of his neck in frustration while Kurt straightened out his now dishevelled clothes.

"How...could you even…I could never…I wouldn't…" Dave managed to choke out. He couldn't believe that Kurt could ever think he would be capable of doing something like that.

Kurt swallowed. He didn't mean for the rape comment to come out but he wasn't about to forgive so easily. "You stole my first kiss; I figure you wanted to steal my first time too." Kurt managed to keep the harsh tone to his voice.

Dave looked up and gazed at the boy he undeniably had a crush on. In this whole screwed up situation a small smile played on his lips. "I was your first kiss?"

Kurt's facial expression showed repulsion rather than reminiscence. "Well one that counted. And I really thought it was gonna be Blaine."

Dave was confused. Who the hell was Blaine? "Blaine?"

"The guy you nearly pummelled for trying to help you out yesterday." Kurt scoffed. Karofsky was really as dumb as he looked. Dave mumbled something under his breath that Kurt didn't quite get. "What did you say meathead!"

"I said it figures. You and pretty boy. He your boyfriend?"

Kurt folded his arms over his chest. "What's it to you?"

"Nothing. It's just a little too convenient. The beauty and the beauty. That's a story everyone wants to read," said Dave, his words ripping with sarcasm.

"Again, what's it to you?" Kurt asked and sneered when he didn't get a reply. "Like I'm gonna take dating advice from a dough-ball like you."

Dave winced at the insult, hoping that Hummel hadn't noticed. He couldn't let Kurt see how much his words affected him. "All I'm saying is opposites attract."

"I don't have that luxury. I only know two gay guys. Blaine and you. Do you seriously want me to pick you?" Kurt asked half-joking, but his smile dropped when Karofsky took a little too long to reply.

"No…" Dave knew that even to himself his voice sounded shaky and unsure.

Kurt gasped and flung his hand to his mouth. "Oh my gosh! You want me to pick you."

"SHUT UP!" Dave held his head in his hands. He couldn't believe this was happening. Kurt was never meant to find out. That wasn't part of the plan.

Kurt took a step closer to the jock. "Is that why you've been shoving me against the lockers! You like me?"

"Don't..." Dave was almost begging. He couldn't stand the humiliation of being rejected.

"It's just…" Kurt's head was in overdrive. How could a homophobic bully like him? It didn't make sense.

Dave felt like he was suffocating. "Look forget it. I need to get outta here." Grabbing his bag he headed to the door yet again and yet again Kurt stopped him.

"What am I meant to tell Sylvester when she gets back?"

Dave twisted his face back into a snarl. He wasn't friends with Hummel and Hummel better know it. "Tell her that I wasn't going to sit in a room for an hour with a fag like you."

Dave hadn't slept in three days. He wanted to call Kurt. Hear his voice. Explain everything to him. But he couldn't. And not just because he didn't have his number. It was now Monday. He prayed he wouldn't have to see him. He was too scared of what Kurt had told his glee-freak friends. But he was ready for the torment from the football team to begin. He had to be ready.

But it didn't come. Like every other day Puckerman and Azimio fist-bumped him as he approached his group of friends and everything seemed ordinarily wrong. Kurt had the biggest mouth in school. Yesterday's events should have been viral by now. But it hadn't. And there was nothing Dave could do apart from nod at the right time as one of the guys talked about his explicit night with a random girl.

But the small talk didn't last long as Azimio caught sight of Kurt. "Looks like your favourite punching bag is right behind you."

Dave held his breathe as he turned to look at the one boy in this world who made him completely insane. He wished he was somewhere else but the guys were watching him. His heart was thumping as he put on his game face and thundered towards the gay-boy. Shoving Kurt against the lockers he locked his gaze onto picture of Blaine inside Kurt's locker. Blaine was what Kurt wanted. He was the guy Dave could never be. Heaving his arm across Kurt's neck to pin him down, face twisted with anger he uttered six words. "Thank you for not saying anything." Reluctantly, he let go of the boy he could never have and went back to the team high-fiving them as they powered through the hallways.

Kurt watched him go as Rachael Berry asked if he was alright. Kurt smiled and nodded while getting the remainder of his books out of his locker. He wasn't going to think about the fact that Karofsky had slammed his fist into the lockers at the same time as he gently pushing Kurt against them. He wasn't going to think about the fact that the larger boys arm across his neck felt warm and was hardly pinning him down at all. And he was definitely not going to think about the fact that Karofsky had been stroking Kurt's shoulder with his pinky finger in such a way that it sent shivers down his spine.


He was perfect. Kurt knew it. He was everything Kurt imagined his boyfriend to be.

So why couldn't he get his blueberry blast, cheeto and burger kiss with Karofsky of his mind?

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