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12 years later…

Dave was hungry. Work had been tiring as always and now he was looking for a hearty meal. Turning his house key, he pushed the door open. He loved his suburban house on the outskirts of the city. It was the only place to be after a long days graft.

"KURT! What's for dinner?" Dave dropped his bag in the hallway knowing that Kurt would reprimand him for it in the near future.

The smaller man appeared in view, complete with a frilly apron. "And why do you automatically assume that I'm going to be the one making dinner?"

Dave couldn't help but grin. Kurt hadn't changed a bit since high school. He strode over to him as kissed his forehead. "Because my dear, you said you would. I cooked last night remember?"

Kurt linked his arms around Dave's neck trying not to get too much white sauce on the larger male. "In that case, dinner is in fifteen minutes. You've got time for a quick shower." He gave Dave a chaste kiss before unlinking his arms.

But Dave held his waist and deepened the kiss. "Why don't you join me?" he said seductively.

"David Karofsky, this is hardly the time," said Kurt. Looking at Dave's disappointed expression he added, "how about after dinner?"

Dave circled his arms around his waist again as Kurt went back to the cooking. "I'm going to hold you to that," he said murmured against the back of Kurt's neck.

Even after twelve years, Kurt couldn't believe how much Dave's voice affected him. "You know, sometimes I think you only married me for my body."

"You better believe it, Kurt Karofsky," said Dave smacking Kurt's bottom mischievously before heading to the bathroom.

Kurt hummed to himself happily as he put the finishing touches to dinner. Sometimes he wanted to pinch himself and make sure this wasn't a fantasy. After all, there was a time when the Karofky-Hummel Wedding was nothing more than a pipe dream. Kurt remembered back to Dave's last day in Lima. He had received a football scholarship to University of Alabama, Birmingham and Kurt still had another year left of school. They had vowed to stay together, do the long distance thing, call, email and text each other as often as they could. Glee club was a great distraction from Dave's absence but it wasn't enough. Soon the calls became less frequent and the emails a little too short. By the time Christmas came around they both knew it was over.

Kurt remembered that he had cried for days. Not having Dave as a boyfriend hurt in a way that he never thought was possible. When Mercedes suggested that he get back in the dating game only month after, he had nearly bitten her head off. But after a while it hurt less, Kurt started laughing again, cracking jokes with his friends. He even managed to watch some of the Birmingham Blazers games, on cable, without tearing up when Dave came up on screen. He was happy Dave was living his dream.

So Kurt started to try again. He fought for solos with Rachael and pursued his dream by studying performing arts at NYU. He even started seeing other guys. First there was Sean and then Toby. Both great guys but it was never like it had been with Dave. Because with Dave he'd felt real love, and it was hard settling for anything less. Contrary to what Dave thought, Kurt never dated Blaine. They had remained good friends but Blaine reminded him of home and that in turn reminded him of Dave.

It was Rachael Berry Kurt had to thank for his reunion with Dave. Her marriage to Noah Puckerman to be precise. Kurt was surprised that he had even gotten an invitation. After all, it wasn't as if he had kept in touch with her after they had graduated. But a note that came with the invitation explained that she wanted a New Directions reunion wedding. When Kurt had inquired if Finn was going, his step-brother was a little unsure. After all, he was dating Puck's ex, Santana. But Kurt had managed to persuade him and Santana, and all three returned to Lima for the wedding.

It was standing at the alter with New Directions and Mr Schue singing 'Don't stop Believing', that Kurt got the shock of his life. David Karofsky was less than fifty feet away. It was a miracle that Kurt even managed to finish the song knowing that Dave's eyes watching him. He didn't speak to Dave in the church though, it would have been too weird. It should have been a given to Kurt that Dave was going to be there. He knew Noah and Dave had become fast friends. But he just hadn't put two and two together.

The first time they spoke in over five years was when Dave Karofsky was seated next to him at the reception table. He knew this was Rachael's doing and at the time he wanted to strangle her, wedding day or not. Kurt remembered thinking Dave looked completely different yet at the same time completely unchanged. After a fair amount of small talk, they fell into the usual pattern of teasing and off-handed comments. Kurt learnt that in his final year at university, Dave had torn his Anterior Cruciate, which killed his chances of playing in the NFL. But he had picked himself up and decided he wasn't going to give up on football. Dave had even managed to secure a job as an assistant coach for the Ohio Buckeyes. Kurt was impressed. He was happy that Dave was doing so well. After all, he had only managed a few small theatre productions and hadn't made it big like Dave said he would. But then again, he was only 22.

As the dance floor began filling up that night, Kurt felt like a nervous school boy. He didn't even know if Dave had brought date. Incidentally, Dave had just broken up with his boyfriend Mark a few days earlier. Mark was far too clingy. And when Dave asked Kurt to dance, it felt almost surreal. Like they were back at their high school prom. Dave was still clumsy with his footwork, but it was nice.


When it was time to part, Kurt knew he had fallen completely in love with Dave all over again, unsure of whether he had actually ever fallen out of love with him. Consequently, Kurt Hummel woke up in a hotel room the next day in bed with one naked David Karofsky.

A year later, they bought a small apartment together. Kurt had just got his first regular gig at a small theatre company performing six nights a week. It was hard work but Kurt was determined to make it work this time. Second chances were rare. Another two years later and Dave proposed. Kurt wasn't even that bothered the diamond wasn't a princess cut because his man had proposed with twelve dozen roses dressed like the navy guy in An Officer and a Gentlemen. To top it all off, Ohio had finally accepted same-sex marriages so Kurt was free to marry to man he loved for the entire world to see.

"What you thinking about?" Dave asked picking up a breadstick and taking a bite. His hair was a little damp from the shower and sticking up in awkward angles.

"Just about how much I want to go see that knew Taylor Lautner movie with Emma Watson. I think it's like a remake of One Fine Day or something."

"Taylor Lautner again?" Dave said rolling his eyes. "I thought you got over that obsession years back."

Kurt shrugged and smiled at the note of jealousy in his husband's voice. "What? I can't help it. He gets better looking with age. He's like the new George Clooney." Kurt leaned over and gave Dave a peck on the cheek. "But he's not a patch on you."

An hour later and Dave had just finished the dishes. He had just sat down with his husband to watch some evening television when the front door burst open.

"DADDIES!" Screeched a four-year old, blonde headed, girl. She leaped onto the couch and sprawled between Kurt and Dave.

Emily walked in a moment later. She kissed Kurt and then Dave on the cheek in turn. "Sorry we're late. She didn't want to leave the party. I don't think you'll get her to bed anytime soon, she's had a shed load of candy."

Kurt smiled at his sister-in-law and offered her a drink. When Dave first told Emily he was gay all those years ago, she had merely said, 'finally, that took you way longer than I thought it would to figure out.' Dave had to laugh; his older sister was always the smart one.

As Kurt and Emily headed to the kitchen, Dave stayed with his daughter. They had adopted the Abigail Joy Karofsky two years after they had married when she was just three years old. It had been a big step what with Dave's short temper but it had been the best decision they ever made. Shortly after the adoption the Karofskys had sold their apartment and moved into the suburbs where Kurt took up teaching. Specifically, teaching performing arts at McKinley High. It was no surprise Kurt had revived the failing Glee club.

"So how was your day, Sweetie?" Dave asked his daughter, fixing a pigtail that had just come loose.

"I went to the park with Grandpa Burt and Nanna Carole. That was so much fun. I went on the swings and Grandpa Burt pushed me really high. I nearly touched the sky, daddy!" Abby's eyes were wide with excitement.

"But then Auntie Emily came to take me to that stupid party. Why did I have to go?" she whined and then pouted.

Dave couldn't help thinking that even after only a year with the Karofskys Abby had could mimic Kurt's pout perfectly. "But you stayed late. Didn't you enjoy yourself?"

"Yeah…but it was Tyler's party."

"So?" Dave inquired knowing to well what Abby would say next.

"I HATE TYLER!" she said bouncing of the couch and stomping her foot. Her hands were scrunched into tiny fists.

"You do?" Dave smiled secretly all too aware of Abby's feelings towards Tyler. She never stopped talking about how much she hated the boy.

"DADDY! I told you. He's the guy that always pulls my hair and picks on me and he stole my chocolate milkshake!"

Kurt and Emily entered the den again with two full wine glasses. Kurt ruffled his daughter's hair. "What are we talking about?"

"Tyler," said Dave instantly.

"OH! Tyler…" said Kurt knowingly. His expression matched Dave's. "You know Abby, it's not nice to hate people."

"But he's so mean to me!"

"When I was in school there was a guy that used to be really mean to me and I hated him too." Kurt said looking directly at Dave. Dave shook his head. Trust Kurt to bring it up all these years later. Hadn't Kurt punished him enough? Now he was going to turn their daughter against him too.

"What happened?" asked Abby fascinated. Her Daddy Kurt was the nicest Daddy in the world. He didn't hate anyone!

Kurt looked at Dave smugly. "I married him."

Confusion was clearly visible on Abby's face. "But you married Daddy Dave."

"He was your Daddy Dave," Kurt explained.

Finally Abby understood. She screwed up her face. "DADDY KURT, HOW COULD YOU?"

Kurt was taken aback. Abby lunged across Dave Karofsky protectively. "How could you hate Daddy Dave?" She glared at her other father before turning back to Dave. "It's okay Daddy Dave, I'll never hate you." Abby stifled a yawn with her fist.

Emily took this as a sign to leave.

Kurt got up and tried to take hold of Abby's hand. "Come on you. Let's get you to bed."

"NO! I want Daddy Dave to tuck me in. I'm still mad at you." Abby jumped away from Kurt and grabbed the larger man's hand. Dave grinned at a stunned Kurt. How he turned out to be the bad guy was a mystery.

Kurt said his goodbye's to his sister-in-law before heading to the bedroom. Dave wondered in half an hour later while Kurt was sitting up in bed reading the latest Vogue magazine. Dave looked at his husband expectantly until Kurt turned to face him. "What? I'm trying to read here."

"So read," said Dave innocently while dragging his hand up Kurt's thigh under the sheets. Kurt tried to focus on the article on 'boots verses stilettos' but Dave's fingers were slowly creeping higher and higher. Kurt cleared his throat determined not to give into his husband. Dave Karofsky needed to learn some manners. Dave kissed Kurt's bare shoulder and then neck did that thing with his tongue that drove him insane.

Kurt was angry. Trust Dave to turn him on when he had to get up early the next morning. He flung his magazine on the bedside table and kissed his husband. "Fine. Let's do this."

Dave shuffled away. "Well that's not very sexy. If you don't want to, then just say so. Sorry for wanting to spend time with you." Dave lowered himself down onto his pillow and turned away from Kurt in a huff.

Kurt felt bad. "Dave. Don't be like that." Didn't his husband know how much he loved him?

Dave refused to turn back around to look at Kurt, even when he felt Kurt's arms trying to wrap around him. He couldn't trust himself to keep a straight face. Kurt didn't like being ignored. Besides, Dave had completely turned him on just seconds before how was he meant to go to sleep now?

Kurt pouted. "I love you David Karofsky. Please make sweet love to me all night long. Let's make a baby," he said dramatically flopping himself on the larger man.

Dave faced the younger man, giving up on the going back a smile that was threatening to emerge. "I hate to break it to you Sweetheart, but two men can't make a baby together. Surely Burt told you that."

Kurt smirked. "Really? Well, I guess we can have fun trying…" he said before pulling his husband in for a deep kiss. Dave finally gave in; but who could blame him? His husband was the definition of sex-on-legs.

Kurt pulled back.

"What's wrong?" Dave asked, concerned that something was seriously the matter. Kurt never willingly stopped mid-make out.

"We can't do this," he said flinging the covers off.

Dave sat up. "Why not?"

Kurt looked at Dave sternly. "It's a rule."

"Not the rule," Dave groaned. He hated the rule. Why did Kurt have to be so picky?

"No socks during sex." Kurt said immediately as if to say Dave should really have known better.

Dave rolled his eyes. "Kurt…" he tried to protest.

"Get them off!" Kurt said trying to grapple with Dave's feet. Dave kicked out not wanting to remove his precious socks.

"It's cold!" he tried to reason.

"OFF!" said Kurt finally getting hold of one of the pair and yanking it off.

Dave stopped his struggling. What was the point? Kurt was always going to win. "I hate you!"

Kurt smiled nevertheless and lifted the second leg up so he could remove the other sock. "I hate you more," he said endearingly.

There was a soft gasp from need the door. "DADDY KURT! GET OFF DADDY DAVE! You're going to hurt him. You still hate him?" Both men froze and then turned to look at their daughter. They had forgotten to lock the door. Abby looked visibly upset by Kurt's attempts to 'kill' Dave. Dave suppressed a chuckle.

Reluctantly, Kurt got up and put on his dressing robe. He ushered Abby out of the room and tried to explain. "I don't hate him anymore; that was in school. And we were just play fighting. I love your daddy Dave so much. I wouldn't have married him otherwise…"

Dave couldn't help but smile as Kurt went to put Abby back to bed. He linked his hands behind his head and sunk into his fluffy pillow. He had to admit, life in the Karofsky household was good.


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