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Percy's POV

I sat on a bench on the boardwalk, staring at nothing. Unfortunately, I started fighting with my mind again. 'Dude! How could you be so stupid?' 'Well, I love Annabeth AND Monica.' 'Has Monica saved your life countless times, or been in battle with you? I DON'T THINK SO!' 'But Monica is so beautiful…' 'Uh hello? ANYBODY HOME? Annabeth is gorgeous. Blond locks, stormy grey eyes. And Monica has wavy brown hair and brown eyes. BORING!' 'Well now I lost both of them!' 'Whose fault is that? Taking her for pizza NEXT TO ANNABETH'S APARTMENT?' 'It was a mistake. I should have taken her for coffee downtown…' 'Okay, NO COMPRENDO? You are missing the big picture here! Let me tell you this slowly. You. Are. A. Stupid. Idiot. YOU LOST ANNABETH!'

"What do I do?" I muttered as I put my head in my hands. Part of me loved Annabeth, part of me loved Monica. Someone sat next to me. "What the heck?" I shouted. Rachel Elizabeth Dare smacked her gum as she sat across from me. "Percy, why are you ruining your life?" She asked simply, looking at the ocean. Rachel was wearing ripped jeans, a simple blue tee, and converse. "I didn't ruin my life! I was going to ask Monica to marry me. Annabeth is the one who ruined it!" She rolled her eyes."While you were dating Annabeth? Please." "Well, it's just that…." I trailed off. "It's just that you only like her because her daddy is rich, she's hot, and….oh yeah. You hate Annabeth!" "I do not!" Why would I?

"Then tell me, Percy. You don't hate her, only you're cheating on her. Yeah. She's a lucky girl!" Rachel said sarcastically. "Your just confused Percy." "Am not! My mind is perfectly in order." At least I thought. "Really? " She stood up. "Then why were you fighting with your mind, and why am I here? I'm not real, ya know. Just your imagination acting up." "You are real!" I shouted. But when I looked around, she was gone, and people were looking at me strangely. "I'm losing my mind," I muttered.