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Chapter Thirty:

By Rosa241:

Virgil's POV:

"So he's going to be okay?" Scott queries for what has to be the hundredth time in the last fifteen minutes.

"He's not completely out of the woods just yet but he's definitely on the mend. Right now he's going to need plenty of rest and relaxation. I'll have the nurse come in and check on his vitals every fifeteen minutes." The doctor flashes us a reassuring smile before heading out of the door.

"Where's everybody else?" I croak out, damn ventilator!

"Well, John is trying to calm down Gordon – he's kind of freaking out about everything." Wait what? "Stop. I can feel you worrying so just stop. He'll be fine, he's just not...its taking a little time to get his head round everything. Alan is sleeping – once again, quit worrying he's fine. And dad is picking up Grandma from the airport."

"So..." My question gets lost as I yawn, God I'm tired.

"Get some sleep's going to be fine."

Lady Penelope POV:

"Anything yet Brains?" He shakes his head. Right now he looks so tired, the poor darling.

"I hope your right about this milady." Parker says as he breathes a sigh of exhaustion. "I really do."

"I know I am Parker. Since he first entered our lives the Hood has been determined to bring down international rescue. It's all he's been trying to do for so long." I know I'm right about this...I have to be. "Whilst the family is busy dealing with all of the fallout from this nasty incident with Alan, there's no one left here to protect the 'family business'. It would be the perfect opportunity to destroy them."

It takes a few more moments before Brains finally has the answer.

"Looks like you were right." The speed at which I run over towards the computer is almost unheard of. "S-S-someone is t-trying to hack into the islands s-s-system."

"I knew it. That man..." The anger filling my body right now is so strange; I've never found myself to be so angry before. "Can you put a stop to it?"

"Of c-c-course." It takes only a matter of minutes before his job is done. "Done. A-A-and I've managed to t-t-track them down."

"We know where the hood is?" Brains' smile could light up a thousand cities right now. Quickly pulling out my phone I dial the number I know so well.

"Jeff...we've got him."

Gordon's POV:

"So can I get out of bed now?" Alan questions with more enthusiasm than I could imagine. He's not only eager to get out of bed but he's more than desperate to see Virgil. It's hardly surprising. The last time Alan saw him Virgil was passed out on the floor, blood seeping from the bullet wound to his shoulder. Last time Alan saw Virgil he was dying so its hardly surprising that he's keen on seeing him.

"Yes. BUT you must take it easy, I don't want you over doing it. Understand?" Alan merely nods, rather vigorously I might add.

"Well someone's looking mighty cheerier than yesterday." Once again the paramedic finds herself in Alan's room. She seems to be a permanent fixture in here. I don't know why I do it but the question flies from my lips before I can stop it.

"Why are you always in here?" Instantly I regret the question as her face drops slightly. She seems to steel herself slightly before turning towards me.

"My sister was in an accident when she was a kid. The ambulance never got there in time...whenever I work on kids I'm reminded of that day." Oh! Now I feel like a complete idiot.

" can rest assured that I'm going to be just fine." Alan shouts after her as she leaves. "You are a total moron you know that?"

"I'll find and apologise after we've seen Virgil, alright?" He merely glares at me as I help him out of bed.

"You better apologise." What the hell just happened?

Jeff's POV:

I can only imagine the look on Scotts face when Virgil finally woke up. Whilst its true my boys all have a close bond, the bond between Virgil and Scott is particularly strong. I've always supposed that it was due to the bullying Virgil received. It was Scott that protected him, Scott that he turned to when things got really rough. And then there was Jason...

Jeff don't go there...Even thinking about that boy gets my blood boiling.

My heart tightens as I think about the sufferings that have befallen my boys. Losing their mother was hard, especially so on John, but it made them only more determined to care for each other. The bullying Virgil suffered made him stronger, more protective. The hydrofoil crash served only to make Gordon wiser and more determined. And Scott...Scott has suffered along with each of his brothers. youngest has suffered more than any of them, unfortunately most of that suffering has come from our own hands. But no more.

"Jefferson Tracy! I have a bone to pick with you." With my mother standing in front of me, her hands on her hips and tapping her foot...I feel like I'm a teenager again. Oh boy!

Thankfully my phone ringing distracts me from my current situation.


"Jeff...We've got him."

And that's chapter three of three.

So they've found the hood but will they get to Fermat in time? What's Virgil going to say when they fill him in on everything that they've learned? But the most important question, what will Grandma Tracy say?