Title: Shadows
Word Count: 274
Prompt: You are invited to write a smutty, smutastic drabble between any characters from any SM universe you like. The catch? The drabble must be PG-13.

A ficlet written from the LJ community Sailor Moon Land. It's amazing, and all of you should join.

They slipped into each other's arms in a little-used hallway on the far end of the palace. Her hands slid along his jaw, burying in his hair as he pressed her to the wall and wrapped one of her legs around his waist. Their lips met, parted, opened and pressed together. Breath mingling, they clung to each other, and they shook from the heat rising between them.

His hands slid up her legs, caressing her thighs, drawing circles on her skin with the pads of his fingers. The light touch made her skin prickle, and she arched into his hands. His mouth dropped to her breasts, and the heat of his mouth closed over her, burning her through the cloth. With a whimper, she slid her hands into his shirt, her nails digging into his chest.


Her whisper was all he needed. He caught her other leg in his hand and helped her wrap it around his waist. As she peppered his neck and face with open-mouthed kisses he undid his pants, and—

Pressing her face to his neck, she smothered her moan of pleasure with his skin. Weeks of pent up tension unwound in a heartbeat as they moved together, the shadows consuming their forms and hiding them from the one serving girl who passed them by. She saw the girl's cheeks flush anyway; the girl would have needed to be blind and deaf to not know what they were doing.

A sudden gasp punctured the relative silence, and he groaned against her neck. Slowly, he lowered her to the ground, lips lingering.

"I miss you, Serenity."

But she was gone.